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List of TOP 10 english Black and White movies 2017

The cinematographic art that arose at the turn of the late 19th and early 20th centuries opened a new and wonderful world to the man. Not having seen anything like this before, people admired the pictures changing one by one on the screen, and even the one and a half minute action (namely, the length of the first films) managed to bring the audience into indescribable delight.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best english Black and White movies 2017 to watch.

The first films produced were black and white. Coming to the cinematography of the color film occurred in 1922, but then released in the red-green range, without the absence of blue, did not make a proper impression on the viewer. In 1934, the picture “La Cucaracha” came out, which can be called the first “fully-colored” film. Officially, the year of the appearance of color cinema is considered to be 1935. It was then that the first full-length color film was released – “Becky Sharp”, shot by the American director of Armenian origin Ruben Mamulyan.


Progress does not stand still. Now black and white cinema is almost impossible to meet among the currently produced films. In addition, the current youth perceive it as a relic of the past and, seeing on the screen the next old film does not hesitate to reach the console to switch the channel. Perhaps, it was for this new generation that the filmmakers began to restore the good old pictures, translating them into color.

Today, we want to show you Black and White movies that will come in 2017.

There are not many black and white movies that will be released in 2017, so we are going to observe movies of 2016  and 2017 together.

So let’s watch TOP 10 english Black and White films 2017.

  1. Darling

The hostess of the chic house hired a young girl as a housekeeper. The girl thinks that this will be simple earnings. But the girl could not even imagine what awaits her ahead. Soon she notices someone’s presence in the house. And this is definitely not a person. Her life turns into a real nightmare, and she gradually begins to go crazy. Will she survive the real hell?

  1. Death by Death

Michel decided to quit smoking, although it does not save him from dying. He knows it. And his mother is to blame for this. After giving him life, she gave death. As soon as he put up a family house for sale and sent his mother to a nursing home, he began to lose his hair, and a strange lump appeared in his chest. It reminded him of his mother’s cancer. Now Michelle is sure – he is finished. And it is then that Aurelia decides to leave him and take away half of the furniture. She could not stand him anymore. And, frankly, almost wanted him dead.

  1. Frantz

The story of a girl who lost her beloved one at war is in the TOP 10 new english Black and White movies 2017.

This dramatic film was nominated for a prestigious award at the Venice Film Festival and at the same time awarded positive reviews of critics. The plot of the film carries us in the postwar years. Germany has just lost in the First World War. The movie will tell us about the inconsolable girl Anna, suffering because of the death of her lover. Frantz died on the French front in the fight against the enemy. The man’s unsuccessful wife still cannot recover from the loss – every day she comes to the grave to once again plunge into the soul-tearing memories and leave flowers in the place where her beloved now rests. Once Anna meets a Frenchman named Adrian, who is upset by the death of the heroine’s fiance.

  1. Mad Max: Black & Chrome

Max, who has passed many trials, seeking the peace of mind, becomes a lonely wanderer. However, war again captures him. In the desert, he meets Furiosa with her rebel force against the Immortan Joe. Escaping from the tyrant, Max’s new companions took something from him, and he threw everything he had to catch them.

Film Mad Max is presented in a black and white version. This fantastic action movie, filled with special effects – one of the brightest cinematographic phenomena.

  1. Dawn

It is 1960. In the center of the plot is the story of a young pioneer who lives on a farm called “Dawn” in the Soviet Union occupied Latvia. The protagonist believes that soon there will be a real utopia promised by communism. He betrays his father. His actions ultimately lead to tragic consequences.

  1. The Woman Who Left

The hard life of Horacia is in the TOP 10 popular english Black and White movies in 2017, list of which includes best black and white movies of 2017.

The film tells us about the beautiful girl Horacia. All her life, she experienced severe blows. At first her parents died, whom she loved very much. Then the husband the traitor provoked divorce, but she loved him so much.

Then she became an elite call girl slept with men for a lot of money. They paid a lot of money for the night with her, because she was indescribably beautiful and chic. Her whole life after the divorce became very vicious.

  1. A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery

It is 1896. In the Philippines, there are events that will later go down in history as the Philippine battles. There is a struggle for Spain, for its freedom.

  1. The Chronicles of Melanie

Banished to Siberia are on the list of TOP 10 english Black and White movies 2017.

Melanie was an ordinary Latvian girl who built far-reaching plans for the future and tried to realize all her dreams. She grew up in a large and loving family, where she received an excellent education. The girl was very special and very knowledgeable because she loved to spend time with books. She easily graduated from school and university, and in the future, she expected to work for the good of the country and her people, but her plans were destroyed at the moment when the soldiers came to the house. The woman could not think what would happen to her, but she was simply taken aback. She and her husband were ordered to dress. At that time, she did not quite understand what was happening but did not contradict people with arms. A talented woman understood everything at the moment she was taking the train. It turned out that Latvians were being sent to Siberia.

  1. Blue Jay

It is a good story about a new meeting of people who once loved each other for a long time. After such films, you just want to shut up in complete silence.

Amanda and Jim connect the first youthful feeling, once they were the most beautiful couple. After graduation, the heroes departed to different places and did not meet for a long time. But time has come.

  1. Logan

It is the black and white film about the last adventures of the wolverine.

TOP 10 latest english Black and White movies 2017 release dates, you can know on the Internet.

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TOP Upcoming Black and White movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Black and White movies 2017

In our list of TOP 10 good Black and White movies 2017, we have collected pictures that will be able to stir even the most spoiled by colors spectators.

How many years have passed since the advent of color in the cinematography, but the black and white movies make its way onto the screens. The mean palette allows artists to talk to the viewer in some special language, turn to very different senses, rather than the usual movie, colored with all the colors of the rainbow. Black and white pictures are far from accepted, although critics note them -“Nebraska” by Alexander Paine received six Oscar nominations this year.

Death by Death

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Black and White films 2017

Before the start, we want to note that there are not many movies that will be released this year, so we have collected in our TOP movies that were out last year.

  1. Blue Jay

Jim and Amanda were the first love for each other at school. After parting, each went his own way, left the house and went to seek his happiness, and fate. But twenty years later, Jim returns to his native provincial town to tidy up the parental home before the forthcoming sale, and Amanda also came to the city to visit her pregnant sister.

  1. The Chronicles of Melanie

Early morning of the fourteenth of June, 1941. On the orders of Joseph Stalin, more than forty thousand people from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are arrested, crammed into freight cars and sent to live in Siberia. Among them is the main character of the film – a journalist named Melanie with her son Andreas, forcibly separated from her husband and father, whose name is Alexander. In a remote Siberian village, women who have no idea how the fates of their spouses have developed, are forced to live in monstrous barracks and work day and night, like real slaves.

The only thing for which our unfortunate heroine continues to live is her son and the hope to see one of her beloved men to whom she writes letters every day. The woman holds with all her might, with pride meets all difficulties, hardships, and privations. She carries heavy illnesses and the darkest days. Sixteen hard years of intolerable existence pass. The world is changing, times are too. Melanie finally served her sentence and was released from the hated camp. She immediately returns to her native Riga to reunite with her beloved.

  1. A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery

The hard life of Filipinos is in our TOP 10 really good Black and White movies.

It is an epic historical picture about the oppression of Spain over the Philippines and the consequences of a bloody revolution that did not make Filipinos freer but only added new harsh colors to difficult everyday life.

The picture won the Alfred Bauer prize for the film, which opens up new prospects at the Berlin Film Festival in 2016.

  1. The Woman Who Left

A former primary school teacher, Horacia, was sentenced to 30 years in a female correctional colony. In conclusion, she leads a humble way of life, helping other women learn the skills of reading and writing. When the true culprit of the crime is discovered, Horacia goes free and goes in search of her family. Revealing the world anew, she only makes sure of its corruptness: corruption and banditry are overwhelming the Philippines. The noble soul of the heroine is enraged and filled with a sense of revenge.

  1. Ausma

It is an attempt to rethink the Soviet propaganda myth about the pioneer hero Pavel Morozov, who ratted on his father and was rejected by his own family for this. The picture is focused on the subconscious suffering of people living in a world of fictional characters.

  1. Darling

It is the golden mean of the TOP 10 good english Black and White movies 2017.

The young woman was aware that it was extremely difficult to find a good job, so she was looking for any option, and as soon as she became aware that a caretaker was needed in one of the houses, she immediately went for an interview. It did not occur to her to learn as much as possible about this rich house and its owners, she just needed money.

  1. Death by Death

The movie will tell us about the relationships between a man and his mother.

  1. Frantz

Germany, 1919. In a small town life goes on as usual, and young Anna cannot reconcile with the death of her beloved Frantz, who died tragically on the battlefield of the First World War. Young people were very fond of each other and even were about to get married soon, but the guy went to fight in France, where after a while he died. Anna gets a lot of support from her lover’s parents, who, like her, can hardly cope with the loss of a loved one. Everyone is very short of Franz because he was a kind, sympathetic and very bright young man who always the optimist.

Anna periodically visits her lover at the cemetery and remembers the time when they were together and thought about a bright future. One day she notices a strange guy near the grave of Frantz, who came to say goodbye to him. Soon it turns out that the mysterious young man is the Frenchman Adrian, who in the past was well acquainted with Frantz. Adrian turns out to be a very kind and intelligent guy who was not afraid to come to a German town, where everyone considers him an enemy. His appearance helps Anna survive the loss of her beloved and improve her life. Gradually, between her and Adrian there are real bright feelings.

It should be noted that TOP 10 new good Black and White movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

  1. Mad Max: Black & Chrome

Director G. Miller, the founder of the post-apocalyptic genre and the creator of the series of films about Mad Max, presents new film, bringing us back to the world of the wandering warrior Max. Mad Max haunts his turbulent past, and he decides that he can survive better alone. However, he still joins the military group under the command of Empress Furiosa. Together they try to escape from the Citadel, which is terrorized by the Immortal Joe, who has been robbed of something very valuable. In a rage, the commander gathers all his troops and begins a brutal road war with the rebels.

  1. Logan

The Wolverine tries to help little girl Laura who is chased by Nathaniel Essex. The movie is included in the TOP ten good Black and White movies 2017 in theaters, so you just need to wait for it.

So our compilation is coming to an end.

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TOP Upcoming Black and White movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood Black and White movies in 2017

We’re living in the technological age where 4K resolution and HDR TV-sets are the new normal. At the same time, for some reason, a lot of people still love those good old B/W movies from the early days of cinematography. As for our list of TOP 10 latest Hollywood Black and White movies 2017, it will help you navigate through the latest black and white masterpieces that are worth your while. Note: today we’re not going to talk about the iconic films from the past – only the fresh new releases.

Blue Jay

Jim, originally from California, returns to his hometown with only one goal: to fix and to sell his mom’s house. But, while in a supermarket, he comes across Amanda, his high-school sweetheart. The situation is a bit awkward, and he mumbles something like “I don’t want to bother you”. However, he meets her again, this time in the parking lot, and they decide it would be a good idea to drink a cup of coffee at this amazing place – Blue Jay. They start talking about their lives after the separation, and slowly, but steadily, all the buried emotions come to the surface. Next, they kiss and almost spend the night together…

Blue Jay

The Woman Who Left

Horacia is finally set free in 97 after being imprisoned for something she didn’t do. She manages to reunite with her baby girl but learns that her husband has passed away and her son is nowhere to be found. Then, she realizes that Rodrigo, a wealthy man, and her ex-lover, was the one who locked her up. Therefore, she works out a plan for revenge. He took everything from her, even though she didn’t do anything bad to him. Horacia feels like something’s broken inside of her and hopes that hurting him will bring everything back to normal. Of the TOP 10 new holly Black and White movies, this is probably the darkest one.


This is the story of a beautiful young woman who slowly, but steadily goes nuts after taking the job of a caretaker in a huge apartment in NY. The woman that used to work there before her threw herself out of the window and Darling is kinda afraid she’ll suffer the same fate. When she finds a locked door at the end of the scary hallway, everything changes. Darling is one of those psychological thriller/horror stories that will only be appreciated by the fans of the genre. If you’re just looking for a “chill” and fun movie to enjoy after a hard day at work, Darling will probably be the worst pick for you!

The Better Angels

Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest founding fathers of the United States, was a brilliant man when he grew up, but this movie offers an insight into the man’s childhood. He went through tragedy and despair as a kid, and that’s exactly what turned him into a fearless leader for an entire nation. He had a difficult relationship with both his birth mother and his stepmom, and The Better Angels will help you better understand the events that made Lincoln into the man he was. Make sure to put this masterpiece on your list of Hollywood Black and White movies 2017 and don’t forget to invite your friends for the session!

Computer Chess

If you love those heart-warming and engaging comedies slash dramas directed by gifted and independent folks, check this one out. It’s 1980, and several teams of the biggest nerds gather around in a hotel in Cali to determine once and for all whose computer program will beat all the other ones and be victorious. An HPM (human potential movement) clashes with the geeks, generating some hilarious moments. Get ready to see big, bulky and extremely primitive computers, awful hair, ridiculous shirts and everything else from the turbulent 80s.

Escape from Tomorrow

While on a nice vacation with his family at WDW (Walt Disney World), Jim gets a call from his boss telling him that he’s fired. Obviously, the news devastates the man, but he decided to keep it all to himself and to let his family enjoy every second of the trip. The next day, the whole family takes the monorail to the park. A couple of teenage girl from France join them. And that’s when the mysterious and highly disturbing visions begin to occur, making Jim do all kinds of crazy things. Include this film into the TOP 10 best Hollywood Black and White movies of 2017 to watch list if you’re a fan of dark fantasy horrors.


A man named Woody is walking around in the busy traffic. He believes he won a handsome sweepstakes prize – $1 million – and he’s headed to Nebraska to claim it. However, his son, David, takes a look at it and immediately realizes that it’s just a part of a big scam that makes folks buy magazine subscriptions. He takes his dad home, but the man tries to get to Nebraska for the second time, and after that, David and his bruv decide to put Woody in a nice retirement house where he can relax and take some time to himself. They’re worried he might hurt himself and/or get into all kinds of trouble.

Much Ado About Nothing

Yes, you’ve guessed it – this is a romantic comedy film heavily based on Shakespeare’s classic play. The story is almost an exact match to the original, with the only exception that the events take place in the modern-day world. Furthermore, the creators of this movie tried to shed some light on Beatrice’s relationship with Benedick. Of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Black and White films 2017, this is by the far the most stylish and fancy one. It’s not a fast-paced blockbuster or anything like that, but, if you love smart, witty and challenging comedies, this movie is right up your alley.

The Artist

Like B/W wasn’t enough, this movie is also completely silent! It’s a brilliant romantic comedy slash drama about the time in history when silent movies were becoming less and less popular. The story is centered on the turbulent relationship between an older celebrity and a striving young actress who wants to make it in Hollywood. Her name is Peppy, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to become famous. She bumps into the man while he’s posing for pictures and gets into the shot. When she wakes up the next day, she finds herself on the cover of a prestigious magazine – Variety. That gives her career the necessary “boost”.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

If you’re a big fan of noir and/or neo-noir, make sure to include this blockbuster into the list of best Hollywood Black and White movies in 2017. Action, drama, and style come together to create an unforgettable journey into the world of crime. Johnny is a haughty and cocky young man, a genius when it comes to gambling. He cleans the local senator out by taking all of his money, and that leads to dire consequences. A cop tells him to escape the city, but he spends the night with his new girl. Soon, the senator’s men ambush him…

Ok, that’s it for the black and white movies! As you can see, there’s still a lot of “fish in the sea” – rejoice, fans of good old B/W movies!