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When does come out Star War movie 2018

We all love and cherish the SW series and don’t want it to ever end. Back when we were little kids, this franchise quite literally blew our minds, and it’s still one of the most popular mass-media products out there. Today we’ll talk about the release dates of all Star Wars movies and tell you a bit about every single installment.

With several films in this universe already confirmed (including spin-offs), we’re happy to say that the Star Wars are back in our hearts and minds. So, without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember every single chapter that ever hit the theaters.

A New Hope (May 25, 1977)

This is the very first SW movie and is considered to be a classic. It came out in 1977, and, even though the effects are simple and the plot is a bit naive, it’s still quite a crowd-pleaser. George Lucas, the now-legendary director, put his heart and mind into this project and delivered a mighty blockbuster.

Back then, sci-fi movies weren’t that popular and the man was risking a lot. Thankfully, with a tiny budget of 11 million, it managed to bring the company as much as 775 million! Not bad for a space opera, right? Hamill, Ford, and Fisher became world-wide starts after this film and true international heroes.

The Empire Strikes Back (May 21, 1980)

Three years after the first chapter hit the theaters, Lucas released the official sequel. The budget was increased (it was between 18 and 33 million), but the box office result was a bit more modest (about 548mil). Still, it was a huge hit and showed the industry that the audience was happy to buy tickets to a sci-fi tale.

Vader, along with the Emperor himself, is pushing the Rebels further into the outskirts of the galaxy, hoping to crush them in a matter of days. But he could never think that Luke would turn into a master Jedi and put his plans in jeopardy. The clock is ticking, and Skywalker will have to decide whether to stick with his training or lend a helping hand to his friends. Alright, let’s keep up with our Star Wars movie release dates in order, shall we?

Return of the Jedi (May 25, 1983)

The third chapter came out in ’83 and turned Star Wars into one of the biggest franchises of its time. The CGI effects in this film still look pretty awesome. The second Death Star has only one mission: to crush the Rebels and prove that there is no match for the Empire. Again, it’s up to Luke and his trusty friends to confront their enemies and inspire regular folks to join their cause. Skywalker will have to try to help his dad – Vader – find his way out of the darkness and into the light. If he fails, everything will be lost. ROTJ grossed about 470-570mil and was another success for the distributor.

The Phantom Menace (May 19, 1999)

If you’re a fan of the series, then you already know that Episode 1 is the first movie in the prequel trilogy. Neeson, McGregor and the rest of the cast did a marvelous job with their roles. The story is set more than 3 decades before the events of the ’77 movie.

Yes, it took Lucasfilm 16 years to create a new Star Wars blockbuster. Obviously, the franchise was doing great and spawned numerous TV series, merchandise, and everything else in between. But, as far as the dates of Star Wars movies go, the gap between Episodes VI and I is more than 1, 5 decades. Oh, one more thing: this film grossed 1 billion (!) US dollars.

Attack of the Clones (May 16, 2002)

The majority of critics and fans call this chapter one of the finest ones to ever hit the theaters (while others call it an abomination). The level of the CGI effects back then was quite fascinating, and, thanks to the rising economyin America and Europe, folks were getting more and more involved with the merch and all that stuff. At the same time, while the budget was the same as 3 years ago – 110+mil – the box office result was not that impressive (“only” 650mil). Set a decade after the events of Episode 1, the second episode finds the universe on the brink of a devastating civil war.

Revenge of the Sith (May 19, 2005)

This crowd-pleasing banger was released 12 years ago. With a theatrical gross of ~850mil, it proved once again that the regular viewer was in love with SW. It’s been 3 years since the Clone Wars. The galaxy is in an even worse shape than ever before, and it’s up to a bunch of heroes to lead the forces of light into the battle and prevail.

The Republic and the Jedi are ready to do whatever it takes to bring peace and order back, but the Separatists aren’t ones to back down. Episode III broke more than one record during the opening week. You could say that the series was at its peak. Ok, let’s continue with our list of Star Wars movies in order of release date.

The Force Awakens (Dec. 18, 2015)

A decade later, Lucasfilm released the 7th chapter and broke yet another record with a box office of 2 billion dollars. The fans had been waiting for a new chapter in their favorite series for quite a while and stormed the theaters the opening week. As the 1st installment in the sequel trilogy, it opened up a lot of possibilities for the screenwriters and the directors. The company officially confirmed that it was in production back in 2012, and a couple of years later, the world finally got to see it for itself. The fine balance between good-old heroes and the new ones was greatly appreciated by the audience.

Rogue One (Dec. 16, 2016)

This is the 1st chapter in the so-called SW Anthologyand got a lot of positive reviews. Rogue one grossed 1 billion US dollars and became one of the most successful movies in the franchise. With almost no familiar characters from the SW universe, it’s still one hell of an epic adventure. The plot follows Erso, the man who was forced to use his exceptional skills to develop the horrifying Death Star (yes, RO is set right before the very first SW saw the light of day). Alright, we’re discussing the release dates of Star Wars movies today, ladies and gents – let’s keep rolling!

The Last Jedi (Dec. 15, 2017)

This film is not actually out yet: it’s set to arrive at the end of 2017, and the anticipation is huge. After Rogue One proved that you can make a thrilling and successful blockbuster that doesn’t follow the fan-favored heroes, it’s safe to say that the 8th episode will be an even bigger international hit.

Luke, Kylo, Leia and the rest of the original crew will get together for one last time to defeat their mortal enemies once and for all. Personally, we’re hyped for The Last Jedi and hope that the team behind it will deliver a truly amazing experience at the theaters. It’s only two months away, so, make sure to get into your Star Wars mood!

Han Solo (May 25, 2018)

Come on, admit it: you’ve always wanted Solo to get his…solo movie, right? We know we have! With the SW franchise doing exceptionally well these days, this is actually a great move by Lucasfilm. Han Solo will take us back to the roots, so to speak, and introduce the audience to a much younger version of the iconic character.

Alden Ehrenreich in Star Wars: Han Solo

Episode IX (Dec. 20, 2019)

Yep, this one doesn’t even have a proper title yet, but the release date is already set. As the final chapter in the Sequel trilogy, we bet it’s going to be all kinds of epic. The plot is kept in secret, and that’s totally normal for a project that’s this early in development. One thing is certain: late 2019 is going to be marvelous. Oki-Doki, that concludes our Star Wars movies in order of release list! True, there’s also Boba Fett, but it doesn’t have a confirmed date (probably 2021). Stay frosty, and let the Force be with you!

Star Wars 9 poster

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When does come out Avengers 3 Infinity War movie 2018

The excitement about upcoming movies in 2018 keeps surprising producers and directors as it might be the best chance to finally introduce the project they have been working for many years. More specifically, the Internet is just exploding as the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe keep asking, when does Avengers 3 Infinity War come out?

The actual production of the upcoming in 2018 movie successfully started at the end of 2014. That year Marvel company made the announcement about potential making the sequel to Age of Ultron. Moreover, they are planning to create two parts to the mentioned film. In fact, the very first part we are discussing today is already scheduled to come out in all American theaters – the premiere is planned to be organized for the beginning of May in 2018.

Avengers 3 Infinity War movie 2018

Marvel Company gave us, even more, information – they have already set up the premiere date for the second part of the sequel which is basically planned to come out at the beginning of May in 2019. When it comes to movie Avengers 3 Infinity War trailer the fans can also easily find the first look version of the latest trailer which represents the short behind-the-scenes video. The producers, as well as other people who take the participation in creating and developing the project, tell about their new film, share their experience working on the set with particular actors and how this project basically becomes a global one.

The principal photography of the upcoming American superhero movie started at the end of January in 2017. Moreover, at that time the project had completely different name – Mary Lou. The process of filming took places in such spots as:

  • Edinburgh;
  • Durham (UK);
  • Downtown Atlanta;
  • Scottish Highlands and so on.

What do we know about the storyline of the movie?

Besides having confirmed information about Avengers 3 Infinity War movie release date in 2018 we also managed to find out about its plot. So the brand new 2018 movie follows the main events that are happening four years later after the ones shown in the movie called Guardians of the Galaxy. According to the events that the fans of Marvel Studio saw in the last movie, the Avengers still appear to be torn apart. First, a part of them makes the decision to join unexpected but very unusual forces (the Guardians) to be able to win the battle against their dangerous enemy known as Thanos.

Avengers 3 Infinity War movie

Later on, the rest of the Avengers make their final decision to help the rest of the group and also join the mentioned forces of the well-known heroes with super power. Meanwhile, the task of the violent Thanos is to somehow collect all the Infinity Stones to be able to recreate the gauntlet which basically can help him to fulfill his main will on the whole reality and population of the planet. His plan is to destroy the Universe which makes the situation even more dangerous for the brand new Forces.

Interesting facts

Surprisingly, but when it comes to the cast of the upcoming film the producers have successfully managed to unite all the talented and well-known actors that are representing their superheroes. Moreover, according to the information given by Marvel Company, there are 64 main characters in the upcoming American project.

When is Avengers 3 Infinity War coming to theaters in 2018, the fans will be able to see some very unusual collaboration. They will also see all the famous Marvel characters, tons of funny moments, as well as the action, romantic and drama ones. There are even some rumors about Liv Tyler getting the role in the new American project but all we can do know is to wait for the movie to finally come out.

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When does come out Ainbo movie 2018

Tunche Films, a Peruvian film company, is in the pre-production stage of its 3D animated movie called “Ainbo,” tells the story of a girl who lives in an Amazonian tribe far from civilization. She one day sees that her homeland is threatened by deforestation and illegal mining, Ainbo along with her friends “Spirit Guardians of the Forest” (only she can see them) have to fight against the cruel invaders. In the article below, you will find all known information about the movie including the answer to the question: “When does Ainbo 2019 come out?”


“My mom opened up a world of fantasy and imagination” – says Sergio, the 49-year-old post-production director. “The story was made in honor of my mother. Our family has always been full of magic, adventures, and legends” – said José, director of the film and creator of the story. “My mother grew free, and I think there is no place in the world that better than the Amazon” – adds César. These three filmmakers will be joined by Marco and Luis Zelada, who will also participate in the production. The five brothers will be together. They were inspired by their mom to film the movie.

Ainbo movie 2019

According to the directors of the film, after participating in the Ventana Sur Festival in Argentina (November 2016) and analyzing the proposals received, the rights for “Ainbo” was sold to CMG (Cinema Management Group), a Hollywood company.

The budget for this production is $10 million. The crew includes approximately 200 post-production artists, including world-class international talents such as Luis Pages, VFX creative director (“Avatar,” “Gravity,” “Harry Potter,” “The Adventures of Tin Tin,” “Pacific Rim,” and others), Pierre Salazar, Lead Modeler (“Happy Feet,” “The Lego Movie”).

It is a family movie and directors hope to break the record at the box office previously recorded in Peru.

Finally, the brothers told us the following: “We hope that our work will be able to make a great contribution to the film industry and national economy, attract investors – producers of films from around the world.”

When is Ainbo coming to theaters in 2019?

The movie is planned for release in the end of the year.

Worldwide sales of the right

Also during the rest of the year 2017 until January 2018, CMG will continue worldwide sales of the right for the movie at the following festivals: Filmart Hong Kong International (13-16 March), Cannes Films Festival (17-28 May), Toronto International Films Festival (September 7-17), San Sebastián International (September 22-30), American Film Market Association (November 1-8) and Sundance International Film (January 19-29, 2008).


The movie Ainbo trailer is now publicly available. You can check it out right now.

Additional info

Colonia, the tribe of Ainbo, is located in the Peruvian jungle. The green-eyed girl (whose color will be explained in the film), has the ability to see “spirit guardians of the Amazon.” In the cartoon movie, we will see a lot of other characters: the legendary Chullachaqui ( a demon that has the ability to transform into another being); the Motelo Mama (giant turtle that carries on its shell a piece of the jungle).


In the cartoon movie, we will hear the voices of Hollywood artists like Samuel Jackson, Abigail Breslin, Jeff Goldblum.

Release date

In the USA, Ainbo movie release date in 2019 is scheduled for December.

Thank you for being with us!

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When does come out A Star Is Born movie 2018

Rejoice, fans of musicals, romantic stories, and dramas, because we’ll get a remake of a legendary 1937 movie next year! Mr. Bradley Cooper, one of the finest actors of our time, is directing and playing the lead role. So, when does A Star Is Born 2018 come out? Well, as the title suggests, it’s coming next year. September 28th is the exact date – that’s when it’s set to arrive in the USA and Canada. The Netherlands will get it a day earlier, while, say, the Brazilians will have to wait till November 1, 2018, to check it out. They say Cooper got the idea to make a remake back when he was involved with the 2014 Sniper movie. And, at first, the man wanted Beyonce to have the lead female role, however, for some reason, the pop diva refused, leaving Bradley stranded.

A Star Is Born movie 2018

Eight Decades Apart

Well, not quite: he managed to persuade Lady Gaga to take her place, and, for the majority of viewers, she’s a far better choice. Rumors claim the producers and officials at Warner Brothers were amazed by their performance and gave the project their blessing. The movie A Star Is Born trailer takes us back to the atmosphere of the original while still making it feel fresh and exciting. It’s been eighty years, and a lot has changed in the industry. Back then, CGI effects, HD cameras, 7.1 surround sound and digital distribution weren’t available, but even today, in the technological age, a moving, touching plot and exceptional acting are the most important things for a truly grandiose movie.

By the way, this isn’t the only remake: the first one saw the light of day in ’54, while the second one was released in ’76. Yes, this is the third one, and you know what they say – third time is the charm! So, along with Cooper and Germanotta (that’s Gaga’s second name), we know that Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott are also involved in the project.

A Star-Studded Cast, And A Great Story

For a movie to “bang” these days, you gotta follow certain rules, which include creating a lot of buzz around it, picking an iconic movie, remaking it, and impressing the audience with a star-studded cast. A handsome, masculine, insanely popular actor and a true visionary, a pop icon certainly do qualify for those roles :). All that’s left for them to do is deliver their acting A-game, sing, dance, smile, and get us to join them!

A Star Is Born 2018

Fun fact: back in 2011-2012, Bale, DiCaprio, and Cruise were all potential picks for the lead role, with Eastwood considering directing the movie. However, as we know now, Cooper has taken over the movie. The story follows Jackson, a famous country musician who’s slowly, but steadily losing his popularity. However, when he comes across a gifted yet unknown singer, Ally, everything changes.

Another Awesome Musical Drama To Look Forward To

The two fall in love with each other and the hard-boiled star does everything in his power to put his new woman in the spotlight and to make sure she gets the recognition she deserves. But, as she turns into a worldwide star, it becomes harder and harder for the man to deal with the fact that his days of glory are in the past. The A Star Is Born movie release date in 2018 is a year away, but you can already feel that it’s going to be epic, can’t you?

The biggest question is – will these two find a way to overcome all the obstacles on their way and get back to each other? Some critics are saying that this film feels a lot like the recent smash hit, La La Land, and that’s actually the biggest praise a musical movie can get these days. With this being Cooper’s directorial debut, let’s cross our fingers and wish the man good luck. One last time: when is A Star Is Born coming to theaters in 2018? On September 28, 2018.

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When does come out Beetlejuice 2 movie 2018

Back in 1988, Mr. Tim Burton created a masterpiece, a true classic of comedy slash fantasy films. Later, a highly successful animated series was greenlit that the man himself produced. Then, in 2012, the officials claimed the long-awaited sequel to the original movie was in the works. So, when does Beetlejuice 2 2018 come out? Next year, that’s for sure: August 17th, to be exact (some sources claim it will arrive in September). The USA and Canadian theaters will get it first; then the film will arrive in the UK, Australia, Germany, and everywhere else. Now, given the fact that it’s been three decades since the first Beetlejuice came out, it would be great to finally check out the sequel in about a year, right?

Beetlejuice 2 movie 2018

Nostalgia Is A Powerful Tool

In 2015, it was announced that the script was finished and that Keaton and Ryder would still be portraying the main characters, which is truly awesome. Later on, Ryder confirmed her involvement with the project. Furthermore, last year, Burton claimed that he wanted to do the movie more than anything else in the world, but he also noted that it has to feel right and that basically, the stars have to be aligned for the team to go forward with it and deliver a new classic. If you’ve seen the ’88 movie when it came out, then the movie Beetlejuice 2 trailer will be incredibly nostalgic for you, bringing back all the sweet memories about the time when films used to be so much different from what we’re seeing today.

Thirty Years In The Making

Again, with Keaton and his partner back at it, it’s safe to say that the true fans of this universe will be excited to see what happened to these characters and what they’ve been up to. Thirty years is a lifetime, and the fact alone that Burton and his colleagues are willing to bet on a movie that the modern-day generation doesn’t even know about deserves a round of applauds. So, basically, nothing concrete is being said yet, but that doesn’t mean the project is frozen or anything like that. Everything goes according to the plan, and when the Beetlejuice 2 movie release date in 2018 finally arrives, you can rest assured that the OGs will appreciate it. True, it’s not gonna be easy to get the youngens to attend the premiere, but a solid marketing plan could just do the trick. We know that Burton is directing the movie, while Katzenberg and Grahame-Smith are working on the story.

Beetlejuice 2 movie

The Original Crew Is Back – It’s Time To Make A Movie!

And, as mentioned above, Keaton and Ryder will get their old roles, while the gifted and insanely popular Chloe Grace Moretz is rumored to play Ryder’s daughter. It seems like the folks behind the sequel want to please both the old fans and the potential new audience by giving space to the elder actors/actresses and the new prodigies. Well, Keaton did win the Oscar for the Birdman role, so that makes him a “hot” celebrity, as they say these days. Alright, that’s the cast for you. We have more than enough supernatural stories about ghosts, monsters, otherworldly beings and even zombies today, but Beetlejuice was one of the first ones, and that’s what makes him special.

He’s a ghost himself, and a human “hired” him to haunt a certain house. And now he’s back for more! Sounds fun, huh? At the same time, some sources claim that it’s just talk and no action. We know that the actors, the director, the writers and some of the producers want to go ahead with it, but, for some reason, we haven’t yet seen the official sequel. Let’s just hope that everything goes smoothly this time around and we do get the chapter #2 that we deserve. August 17th – that’s when is Beetlejuice 2 coming to theaters in 2018.

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When does come out Skyscraper movie 2018

It is not a secret that action movie will always be the ones that are highly watched by most of the people, especially when it comes to the contemporary ones with the latest and the most improved visual effects. Moreover, we start opening and seeing new young actors who are slowly conquering Hollywood.

Even if the plot of the movie which represents today’s main topic is still kept under the secret except the fact we managed to get a few details about the storyline, the fans already know it is going to be directed by famous wrestler Dwayne Johnson. More specifically, the question is, when does Skyscraper 2018 come out?

Production of the film – has it already started?

Due to the existence of different social networks, we managed to catch an official information about the release date of the mentioned movie. On the official Instagram page, famous wrestler posted a personal picture at the end of March in 2017 which could potentially be the approximate date when they started developing the movie.

Skyscraper movie 2018

“Therock” posted a photo with the official scenario of the movie and even added the official release date in the description that finally gave away some information. According to it, the film is scheduled to be released on July the 13th in 2018. Moreover, they are planning to create best movie Skyscraper trailer to shortly represent the main events of the plot.

The developing of the movie started two years ago, Johnson pointed out, and the actual principal photography is meant to start this summer in August on its very first location – China. Moreover, the wrestler – and now director of the film – says that the main plot focuses on the largest skyscraper in the whole world which appears to ablaze. He also describes his main character as the actor himself also got the male lead role:

  • In this movie, well-known wrestler plays disabled former War Veteran from the United States.
  • According to the info given by Dwayne himself, the wife and a few kids of the character he represents are stuck on the top floor of the mentioned building in China.
  • Moreover, through the film, his main character appears to work in FBI in the past as a rescuer leading the team as a hostage.

Skyscraper movie

  • On the actual Skyscraper movie release date in 2018, the viewers will notice that the character of the director is inspired by many disabled veterans of war who have managed to become the heroes and pride of the United States of America.
  • Dwayne Johnson said that whilst developing brand new project he had the unique opportunity to shake the hands of many American heroes to get to know those wonderful people better.
  • Despite that fact that the movie cast is still partly kept under the secret, from the words of Dwayne himself we know that his main character represents all those people who are ready to do everything in order to save and protect the ones they love more than life.

The main researches that are necessary for the developing successful and interesting movie became number one education for the Rock. He managed to meet some well-known persons such as the architects of the skyscraper in China not to mention his long and breathtaking meetings with former American warriors and US disabled veterans.

All things considered, when is Skyscraper coming to theaters in 2018, it will have a huge success according to the feedbacks of the fans and well-known movie critics. But for now, all we can do to be able to see some more details of the upcoming project is to follow the pages of the actors on social media as they promise to post some really interesting and never shown before behind-the-scenes funny pictures.

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When does come out Sherlock Holmes 3 movie 2018

The third film about Sherlock Holmes is one of the most awaited films, millions of fans around the world are waiting for the continuation of this detective thriller about the life of the famous detective and his faithful friend Dr. Watson. If in the old versions of this story the protagonists stood out only for their analytical abilities, then in the last two films, the main characters possess incredible physical training and demonstrate this to us throughout the film. In the topic below, you will find all necessary information about the movie including the answer to the main question: “When does Sherlock Holmes 3 2018 come out?”

The intrigue – whether the third part of “Sherlock Holmes” by Guy Ritchie will continue – has finally revealed. According to the Independent, the performer of the role of the famous detective, Robert Downey, Jr., said that he is already discussing with the director when shooting begins.

“We are already doing preparatory work: if we could make a film via Skype, it would have already been done within a week,” said actor.

Sherlock Holmes 3 movie 2018

When is Sherlock Holmes 3 coming to theaters in 2018?

The movie will appear on the screen in autumn 2018.


The premiere of the first film about Sherlock Holmes with r. Downey Jr. in the main role was in 2009 and immediately the film collected impressive sums at the box office, about $520 million. Of course, the creators liked these results and they quickly shot the second film, which was released in 2011 and grossed about $ 545 million at the box office.

The authors of the films decided to take a short break after the release of the second. But there always were rumors about the release of the third film since the audience craves continuation. Robert Downey Jr., arguing about the pause in the release of the third film about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, said that the interruption is due to the fact that this film is likely to be the final in the series and therefore it must better than previous two.

Recently, Downey Jr. is buried in work on the Marvel movies. Over the past five years, three films (“The Avengers,” “Iron Man 3,” and “The Avengers: The Age of Ultron.”) have been released – they involve the ingenious inventor Tony Stark. The role of a character is performed by Downey Jr.

Up ahead, Downey Jr. still has at least two blockbusters, where he will certainly be as Iron Man – “The Avengers: Infinity War” – divided into two separate films (their release is expected in 2018 and 2019). So, the actor has very little time for shooting in the third movie about the detective.


The movie Sherlock Holmes 3 trailer is now available. Watch right now!

Sherlock Holmes 3 movie


The events in the first film take place in the late nineteenth century. The famous detective Sherlock Holmes along with his faithful friend Dr. Watson are beginning to work on one difficult task. The safety of all residents of London depends on the success of their investigation, our heroes should use their mind, strength, and dexterity to eliminate the threat. In the second film, our heroes have to enter into battle with their sworn enemy named James Moriarty. The public is very frightened after a wave of terrorist attacks that rolled through major European cities. The greatly increased number of murders throughout Europe significantly complicates the task. Sherlock comes to the conclusion that behind all of this is the evil genius, Moriarty. He understands that he will play a very dangerous game but he cannot give up.

If we talk about the plot of the third film, there is no information about it. It is already known that the script was written by Drew Pierce who is known for such films as “Mission Impossible 5” and “Iron Man 3.”


  • Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler
  • Robert Downey Jr. as  Sherlock Holmes
  • Jude Law as Dr. John Watson

Release date

In the USA, Sherlock Holmes 3 movie release date in 2018 is scheduled for fall.

Thank you for being with us!

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When does come out The Wolf Man movie 2018

Universal Studios continues to prepare a new version of the classic beasts, in which it is planned to release a number of films about Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein and other icons of the genre, all of which will be interconnected in some way. Universal took as the basis a model that helped the comic giant Marvel to achieve tremendous success with their world of superheroes, and in advance plans releases of several pictures at once. We have already heard about the premiere of the new “Mummy,” today the official date of the premiere of the new “The Wolf Man” became known. In the topic below, you will find all known information about the movie and also the answer to the question: “When does The Wolf Man 2018 come out?”

The original film was filmed in the distant 1941 with Lon Cheney, Jr., B. Lugosi and M. Ouspenskaya in the lead roles. In 2010, a remake was released, starring B. Del Toro, E. Blunt, A. Hopkins, G. Chaplin and H. Weaving. The picture was not popular. With a production budget of 150 million dollars, it earned at the box office only 142 million dollars.

When is The Wolf Man coming to theaters in 2018?

The movie will appear on screen on March 2018.


The screenwriter of the newest film is Aaron Guzikowski, and the director of the film is already recognizable man Justin Lin.

Together, the brigade will film an interesting movie about the monster, which probably will amaze the imagination of any skeptic.


The movie The Wolf Man trailer is publicly available. You can watch it now.


The mysterious horror film “The Wolf Man” is a remake of 1941 film. The protagonist named Lawrence Talbot after the loss of his brother returns to his father’s estate. The discord in the family was partly due to Gwen who was the bride of the older Talbot, and Lawrence had a crush on her. However, upon arrival, he is faced with the fact that there are terrible murders in the town. According to rumors, there is a monster resembling a wolf. Lawrence begins to hunt for him, but soon he becomes a werewolf himself.

The police inspector does not believe in this nonsense and places Lawrence in a psychiatric clinic. Lawrence learns the truth about the death of his mother. It turns out that it was his father who killed her and his brother, making Lawrence a wolf-man. The clinic physician provokes the experiment; he leaves Lawrence opposite the window under the full moon because he does not believe in werewolves. As expected, the patient turns into a nightmarish creature and kills the doctor. By morning he finds out that Gwen loves him too. In addition, Lawrence is eager to revenge. Now Gwen is faced with a difficult choice between love and the need to kill Lawrence the Werewolf…


Universal Pictures aims to strengthen the cast of the new version of the “The Wolf Man.” According to Deadline, the proposal to play the main role is directed to Dwayne Johnson.

About the reaction of Johnson himself at the time of this writing was not known. Note that Johnson is one of the most sought-after Hollywood actors of our time, and he has a large number of promising film projects.

In particular, on June 22, 2016, it became known about his participation in the film adaptation of the still unreleased graphic novel “The Son of Shaolin,” which is produced by the studio Sony Pictures. He will also be filmed in the following parts of the franchise “Fast and the Furious,” and possibly in the spin-off devoted to his hero from this series.

Release date

In the USA, The Wolf Man movie release date in 2018 is scheduled for March 30.

Thank you for being with us!

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When does come out Anubis movie 2018

Do not disturb the ancient mummies because their punishment can be very cruel. There is a theory that such ancient burials are under a terrible curse. Perhaps it was invented to scare off simple robbers, plotting steal one or another tomb. Fans of such mythical stories should enjoy the animated full-length film Anubis in 2018. In other words, next year you can enjoy an amazing animated story about the Egyptian deity, mysterious mummies, and ancient curses.  In the topic below, you will find information about the movie including the answer to the question: “When does Anubis 2018 come out?”


The director is Chris Wedge. He is the one who shot the very first “Ice Age.” During his career in the production of cartoons, he managed to be nominated for an Oscar for a full-length movie, and also to receive this prestigious award for short animation “Bunny.” The last film he worked on was “Monster Trucks” released in the beginning of 2017.

When is Anubis coming to theaters in 2018?

The movie will appear on the screen in March 2018.


The creation of “Anubis” is jointly conducted by two studios: 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios. Their joint works give a real pleasure -“Ice Age” (including the following parts), Rio and Rio2, and Ferdinand, which will be released in December 2017. Blue Sky Studios made a contribution to the creation of the film “Fight Club” in 1999. The short films (prequels and spin-offs) about the desperate Squirrel and its nut (from the “Ice Age” series) also belong to Blue Sky Studios.

The most popular product of the 20th Century Fox Animation studio is the animated series “The Simpsons.” Judging by the number of really high-quality animations on the account of the two studios responsible for the creation of “Anubis,” we can safely count on a good-looking cartoon. The genre of the cartoon “Anubis” is a comedy. The script of animated feature-length is based on Bruce Zick’s novel “Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilight.”


The movie Anubis trailer is already available. You can watch it!


The protagonist of the cartoon is a young and brave boy, whose father – George Henry – is a doctor of science, an archaeologist and, as has become obvious, a great lover of antiquity. He loves excavations. The whole life of Dr. Henry – a series of interesting expeditions, the study of ancient mysterious artifacts and the revealing of the mystery of the history of our humanity.

In one far from perfect day, the next expedition of George Henry ended on a sad note. By carelessness, the archaeologist disturbed the oldest mummies. It seemed to Dr. Henry that discovery is curious until his work did not turn against him.

As it turned out, the legendary tombs protect from the prying eyes not only strong walls and a thick sand layer, reliably hiding the innumerable riches and secrets of the deceased. The God himself of the underworld has stood ground to the protection of his charges – no one dares to touch the mummies! Anubis, that is the name of the deity of ancient Egypt, took the doctor into his kingdom. Now George is waiting for a terrible trial. Is this the end and there is no salvation?

But his son does not think to leave his father in a difficult moment. He tries in vain to enter the realm of the inanimate to rescue his native man from the clutches of terrible monsters. Finally, he finds the only true solution that allows him to move one step closer to the coveted father’s release and family reunion. What did the desperate guy come up with? He will become a mummy! Yes. That’s how he can get to Anubis.


Actors were not selected. But for such a project, the studio is likely to hire famous artists whose voices are familiar to many.

Release date

In the USA, Anubis movie release date in 2018 is scheduled for March 23.

In the UK, the movie will come out on March 30, 2018.

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When does come out Slenderman movie 2018

If you’re a young, hip modern-day person, then you definitely know who this “gentleman” is. Slenderman is an unnaturally tall, scary entity with incredibly long arms and a face that will follow you in your nightmares. This evil spirit is believed to be haunting and kidnapping children and teenagers without a rhyme or reason. So, if the story got you all excited and intrigued, let’s see when does Slenderman 2018 come out. It’s set to arrive in the USA, Canada, and the UK on May 18, 2018, which is almost a year away from now. There’s also officially confirmed info about the Argentinean release: the movie will be available there a week later – on May 14th.

Slenderman movie 2018

An Internet Meme-Turned International Phenomenon

As far as incredibly-popular modern-day ghosts/wraiths go, Slenderman is right there among the “celebrities”, and that’s why the big honchos in the industry are paying attention to it. In fact, this isn’t the first film about him: it all started back in 2009 when an edited image that looked supernatural/paranormal hit the Internet and became a worldwide phenomenon. After that, folks started to create all kinds of short videos, full-length movies, and other art with the tall boogieman. The movie Slenderman trailer follows the tall, scary man’s story and proves that mystery thrillers slash supernatural horrors are still capable of creating suspense, tension, and forcing us to really squeeze into our chairs.

Can The Production Team Deliver On Its Promises?

It’s shaping up to be an equally riveting, engrossing, and ever-spooky film that will make you jump up more than once. That’s actually the #1 priority for any movie in this genre: to keep the audience on the edge of the seat and make sure the twists and turns explode at the very end with a strong finale. Back in 2016, a film called Slender saw the light of day, and it was as horrible as it could be. Hopefully, with the Slenderman movie release date in 2018 being 10 months away, the folks behind it will do everything right and deliver a true masterpiece. Screen Gems is the production studio, while Sylvain White is the confirmed director. The critics are already calling it one of the biggest releases of summer 2018 as far as horrors go, and we have no reasons to doubt that claim.

Slenderman 2018

Summer 2018 Is Going To Be Particularly Hot

The audience is always ready to buy tickets to see a great film in this genre, so, all that’s left for the team to do is deliver on their promises. Now, it’s worth mentioning that Slenderman will hit the international theaters a couple of weeks after the brand-new Avengers arrive and before the Han Solo project. Without a doubt, the fight for that #1 spot in the box office will be a heated one! In a movie where the “evil guy” is the main character, the actors/actresses aren’t that important. Still, the cast here is pretty solid and includes the young and beautiful Joey King and Jaz Sinclair, among other gifted actors. Who knows, maybe after the Slenderman they’ll all turn into international stars?

What started as a Photoshopped picture for a contest online has turned into a global hit, reaching its peak back in 2014. And now we’ve got a thrilling movie on our hands. May 18th, ladies, and gentlemen, that’s when is Slenderman coming to theaters in 2018. Mark that day on your calendar, read up on this fictional character and get ready for a rollercoaster. If you’ve got some horror fans among your friends, it would be best to “team up” and to go the movies together. Grab your favorite popcorn and Coca-Cola flavor and head out to the theater to face the Slenderman next year.