TOP Upcoming True Story movies 2019-2020

List of best True Story movies 2018

All feature films can be divided into two categories. The first, the biggest, tells that all events and characters in the film are fictional. The second, on the contrary, tells that the stories are based on real events and claim to historical authenticity. We have chosen the best examples of such movies and put them in TOP 10 best True Story movies of 2018 to watch. Here you will find the best true story movies.

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List of best True Story movies 2018

  1. Hotel Mumbai

The movie will tell about the terrorist act – the largest Indian city was subjected to the most massive terrorist attack in its history. Groups of militants from different sides penetrated into Mumbai and attacked in several places at once. Armed with machine guns, submachine guns, and hand grenades, they broke into hotels, restaurants, railway stations and shot people there. The epicenter of the terrorist act was Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Dev Patel in Hotel Mumbai

  1. Vita and Virginia

The movie is a story of lesbian love that might be in our society. The story tells about two writers who fell in love with each other and had both love and creative relationships in their own family life. Their love affair inspired them to write a large number of books and works. Throughout the film, the viewer can see how these love relationships develop and see, on the other hand, the contempt of society for their family relationships. The film captures and keeps the viewer tense for a long time, thus, making him worry about the fate of the characters in the picture.

  1. Packs

The main idea of the movie is drug trade. It will tell about the rise of marijuana in America.

  1. The Angel

Ashraf Marwan is in the TOP 10 best modern True Story films 2018.

The movie is about Ashraf Marwan – an Egyptian billionaire who supposedly was an Israeli spy or, perhaps, an Egyptian double agent. A movie is based on a book by political scientist Uri Bar-Joseph “Angel: The Egyptian spy who saved Israel”, which tells about the life of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Thanks to this man, Tel Aviv was notified of the preparation by Cairo and Damascus of a military attack on the country in October 1973. In addition, the information received from Ashraf Marwan, allowed to prevent a terrorist act which was organized by the former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi.

Ashraf Marwan

  1. Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

This amazing story, based on real events, will not leave anyone indifferent. It is World War I. Stubby is an unfortunate wandering dog, who once was lucky to find himself a real master and friend. It was a soldier of the American army Robert Conroy. He arrives in New Haven in the 102nd Infantry Regiment of the 26th Yankee Division. He noticed a stray dog, took it to his room and gave him the name Stubby. Since then they have been inseparable. Stubby even went with his owner to France, where they have a new friend – local infantryman, Gaston Baptiste. Together they will fight and experience an incredible number of difficult moments. Stubby more than once rescued his friends, and soon, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant in the US Army. This was the first time in history when the dog was awarded such an honorary title for valor and combat merit. This is a vivid example of how an outsider, through courage, turned out to be a real hero.


It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent True Story movies.

The movie will tell about four underage girls who fell in love with a guy and decided to bet on who would get pregnant first from him. What will come from this?


  1. Prism

The movie will tell about the Sinaloa cartel.

The drug addiction in Mexico is much more than just a criminal problem. Its activities affect all spheres of the life of the state. In particular, the activity of drug cartels has become a factor hampering the development of the republic’s economy. In the depths of Mexico are about 545 trillion cubic meters of shale gas and 13 billion of shale oil. In 2013, the government passed a law to end the 75-year-old monopoly of the state-owned company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and the opening of the oil and gas sector for private investment. However, this did not bring results. On the contrary, in the last decade, the volume of raw materials production in Mexico has decreased by one third. The fact is that the most attractive for mining areais located in the eastern state of Tamaulipas and are in the hands of criminal groups. As a result, foreign companies, primarily American companies, consider the work there too dangerous.

In recent years, criminal syndicates began to develop and other types of business. Today they carry out illegal traffic of migrants and prostitutes. American analysts in the fight against terrorism predict that cartels can soon become couriers for international terrorist and extremist organizations.


  1. Broken Souls

The movie will tell about people who were kidnapped by a drug cartel. The events unfold in 2009.

Broken Souls

  1. Pep

The movie will tell about Willie Pep (real name William Guglielmo Papaleo). He invariably belongs to the top 10 best boxers of all time. Having a 26-year-old pro career in boxing, Pep spent a fantastic amount of fights even for his time, he fought in the 40-60s of the last century. The track record of the greatest Italian-American boxer totals 242 duels, 230 of which Pep won (11 lost and 1 draw). The elusive Willie was not distinguished by outstanding physical strength and power. He was simply an exemplary boxing fighter of counterattack style.

William Guglielmo Papaleo

  1. Joel

Here is the leader of the TOP 10 best new True Story movies 2018.

The events of the film unfold in the beginning of ninetieth. Its main hero is a serial killer who throughout his “career” killed seventeen prostitutes…


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TOP Upcoming True Story movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released True Story movies of 2017

“The film is based on true story” – such an inscription can be found in the initial credits of quite a few films. Most often this is nothing more than an advertising move designed to increase profits from the rental of the film. However, in this compilation of new True Story movies releases in 2017 is collected exactly those films, which in fact were based on real events.

Let’s begin to watch them.

  1. War Machine

General Stanley McChrystal is an odious person in the history of anti-terrorist operations. The film is based on a documentary book by reporter Michael Hastings and is dedicated to the Afghan period in McChrystal’s military career.

  1. All Eyez on Me

Chronicle of the life of the famous rapper Tupac Shakur up to the fatal shooting in Las Vegas in 1996.

  1. Stronger

The cruel marathon is in the compilation of latest movies in english based on True Story 2017.

The film tells about the terrorist attack in 2013 at the annual Boston Marathon. On this fine and ordinary day, an annual marathon was held in the city, in which everyone participates. For a large city event, a large number of policemen and doctors were involved in order to ensure order, suppress petty hooliganism and provide assistance when necessary, because in a colorful multi-mile race involved adults and children, young people and the elderly. It seemed that the whole city took to the streets, there were so many fans and participants. Nobody imagined that among ordinary people there are two terrorists who will put into action deadly devices. Panic and horror, blood and weeping, turmoil and lawlessness…

One of the victims of the terrorist act, Jeff Bauman, a 27-year-old guy, his girlfriend was participating in that marathon, and he was waiting for his favorite at the finish. Jeff suffered from the first explosion and then lost both legs. Subsequently, the guy assisted the police in the search for terrorists.


  1. Granite Mountain

A terrible forest fire is in TOP 10 True Story latest movies 2017.

There are many types of fires. One of the most dangerous and destructive, no doubt, is a forest fire. The element is able to cover a multi-kilometer area, incinerating all life on its way. Often, not only forests but also nearby cities are threatened. In 2013, a lightning strike caused a fire in a dry windfall in one of the Arizona forests. The group of twenty firemen was tasked to stop the progress of the fatal flames towards one of the settlements. As a result, the team was trapped, from which only one hero could get out, all the others were burned alive.

Granite Mountain

  1. Marshall

The movie will tell us about the life of the Thurgood Marshall. He was the first black Supreme Court judge.


  1. Alone in Berlin

It is the Golden Mean of the list of TOP 10 True Story movies recently released in 2017.

It is the beginning of 1940 of the last century. Berlin. Events affect the couple Quangel – representatives of the working class. Recently, their son went to war. Parents did not want to let the guy go, but Hitler’s machine simply did not leave them any other choice. At the beginning of the movie, it turns out that the fears of the heroes were not in vain: the postman brings them a “funeral”, from which it follows that their son was killed while performing one of the tasks. Anna falls into despair, and her husband Otto begins to reflect on the advisability of the fascist regime.

Having come to the conclusion that a man in power is a real devil, a man decides to start his own war. Modifying his handwriting, Otto draws postcards, which encourages people to rebel against the regime and overthrow the tyrant. He throws them on the streets, trying to attract public attention. When his wife finds out about this, she decides to support her husband and starts to get out to the city together with him and distribute postcards. Soon the self-made partisan leaflets are recognized by the leadership of the Gestapo. One of the Hitler’s officers is instructed to stop “criminals” by any possible means.

  1. Hidden Figures

The great mathematicians are in a compilation of newly released True Story movies 2017.

The African American team is conducting a series of mathematical calculations for NASA to launch the first space mission.

  1. The United Kingdom

The history knows a huge number of novels and unions, which rightfully can be called strange. In the film, you have to get to know one of these stories. The Prince of Botswana is the fiancé, but the bride is a simple resident of London. Already, due to the fact that the statuses of the newlyweds were different, indignation may arise. But the racial conflict that arose through the fault of this marriage is much worse. The lovers did not want such a turn, it is important for them to be together, but it seems that the whole world turned away from them.

The elders of Botswana were also opposed to this marriage, as for the government of Britain and South Africa, they also did not like this union. That’s only true sincere love can overcome any obstacles, no matter how strong they might be. Prince Seretse Khama for the sake of his love is ready for anything, even to abdicate the throne. As a result, he was expelled from the country. But the protagonist remained faithful to his Botswana and did much more than accepting the crown. He managed to achieve independence for his country. This story will introduce you to the first president of Botswana. What will end this novel, which prohibits society? Will people be able to accept the protagonist as he is?

  1. Queen of the Desert

This is the story of Gertrude Bell’s life. She was born in England in a wealthy family. However, she was not at all attracted to secular life with constant balls and proper receptions. To get away from this all, the young girl goes to Tehran to her uncle, who works as a British ambassador. Arriving, Gertrude takes a great interest in studying local culture and soon falls in love with a young guy named Henry who works in the embassy. However, when young people decide to marry, Gertrude’s parents are categorically against their marriage, considering Henry wrong fiancé for their daughter…

  1. Zookeeper’s Wife

It is the leader of the list of TOP 10 recently released True Story movies of 2017.

The film tells about the caretaker of the Warsaw Zoo Jan and his wife Antonina. In 1939 there are terrible times – the Second World War begins. The zoo was badly hit by bombs. As a result, some of the animals died, some fled, and some were taken away by the Germans. Jan and his wife decide to use the vacated premises of the zoo to hide Jews who secretly move to them from the Warsaw ghetto. However, the Germans begin to suspect that Antonin and Jan are hiding something and often visit them…

TOP 10 modern movies based on True Story of 2017 is coming to an end.

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TOP Upcoming True Story movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good True Story movies 2017

Do you know why films based on real-world events inspire people? Because they show us that you don’t have to be a superhero to do something great with your life. The following TOP 10 new good based on True Stories movies 2017 release list comes with just the right movies that will lift your spirit and give you the motivation and inspiration to go for greatness and never settle for anything regular. Ready to dive into a world of endless possibilities?

  1. The Lost City of Z

Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest releases of 2017, and with a cast like that, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. The movie is heavily based on the bestselling book of the same name and follows two explorers and their families on a quest towards finding an ancient city lost somewhere in the middle of the Amazon jungle. This is their one and only chance to prove that they’re not just a bunch of fraudsters and rascals. But the journey proves to be exhausting and frustrating, and the team fails at finding the mysterious city. And when one of the explorers disappears along with his son, confusion is replaced with fear…

  1. Hidden Figures

Social and racial inequality is still a big problem in the United States, but, compared to what the fine ladies from Hidden Figures had to go through, the situation today is so much better. When Glenn, a cosmonaut with the US mission in space, made it into the orbit, the whole nation was proud, but they didn’t know that a group of genius black women was behind the complex calculations. They weren’t recognized to this day, and, even though they did all the heavy lifting, NASA acted like they were never there. Thankfully, Hollywood is finally ready to shed some light on these heroes. Of the TOP 10 good English True Story movies 2017, this one will be appreciated by the black folks the most.

  1. Silence

Welcome to the 17th century: a couple of Jesuit priests arrive in Japan, probably the most dangerous place on planet Earth for Christians. The thing is – a lot of folks in the country are hiding their beliefs in order to save themselves from pain, suffering and even death. Still, the two priests continue to preach, not giving any thought to the lethal outcome of their “criminal” activities. Silence is based on one of the greatest Japanese novels in history and invites the audience to dive into a perilous world where Christianity itself was considered to be a sin. Numerous world-renowned critics are calling it the best movie of the year!

  1. Patriots Day

The United States take pride in the fact that they manage to keep the nation safe and sound. However, even the mighty Americans can’t always be one step ahead of the terrorists. We all remember the shocking act of terror during the peaceful Marathon in Boston, and Patriots Day chronicles the events that followed after the attack. Davis is the Police Commissioner of the city, and he’s doing everything in his power to locate the murderers and bring them to justice before they make it out of the country. There’s an all-out hunt for the Tsarnaev brothers and every second counts. Wanna watch TOP 10 good based on True Stories films 2017? Start with this one.

  1. The Zookeeper’s Wife

Every once in a while, we come across uplifting and inspirational true stories that make us believe in the Greater Good Again. This is the story of the Zabinskis, a lovely couple that risked their lives for the sake of hundreds of innocent victims of the Nazi regime. They put everything on the line and worked day and night to make sure these folks were kept from harm’s way. If the German soldiers were to find out that they gave refuge to the “Enemies of the Reich”, the consequences would be horrifying. Still, the Zabinskis were happy to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the oppressed.

  1. Bitter Harvest

After WW1, the world was slowly, but steadily getting back to normal, but for the Ukrainians, a new chapter of terror and horror began. Stalin, the tyrant leader, did everything in his power to keep the innocents “at bay” and to ensure Ukraine was obeying his rules. The events that took place between the two World Wars are known today as the Holodomor, and Bitter Harvest celebrates the love, faith, honor, and resilience of the strong-willed heroes that made it through the nightmares against all odds. The list of TOP 10 good True Story movies 2017 can’t be full without this thought-provoking film.

  1. The Promise

In the beginning of the 20th century, the Turks and their once-glorious Ottoman Empire were losing their might and grip over the Middle-Eastern region. Still, they were a lot stronger than the Armenians – their historical neighbors – and The Promise follows the bloodthirsty war that raged on for years and resulted in the first documented genocide in human history. Christian Bale stars as an aspiring American journalist who gets involved in a love triangle between a local medical student and an Armenian beauty living in Paris. The Promise is shaping up to be an epic historical drama, so, make sure to tune in.

  1. The Current War

Back in the day, when we had no Smartphones and/or Internet, electricity was the biggest invention in history. Edison and his rival, Westinghouse, were both trying to monopolize the huge new market by creating a reliable system for the United States. It’s safe to say that electricity changed our lives forever, and nothing would be the same without it. If you want to learn more about it, mark The Current War on your calendar. It’s gonna be one of the TOP 10 really good True Story movies.

The Current War

  1. A Quiet Passion

Emily Dickinson, the world-famous American poet, was just a regular kid, but, certain events led her to fall in love with poetry and start writing her own. A Quiet Passion is the story of her life, a detailed look at the author’s childhood years all the way to the big success. Her legacy can’t be overrated, and she’s inspired countless modern-day writers and poets to not be afraid and always go after their dreams, no matter what. The film is both intriguing and exciting, which means you’ll have a great time at the theater even if you don’t really know who Dickinson is.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Legend of the Sword is one of the biggest releases of the year, and it’s promising to be equally exciting and entertaining. This is a historical drama set in the Medieval England. Arthur is living the life or a regular man and has no clue that he’s got the blood of a king rushing through his veins. However, when he learns that the people that have “occupied” the throne have killed his parents, the man gets together an army and marches against the criminals. Of the TOP ten good based on True Stories movies 2017 in theaters, King Arthur is probably the most engaging one.

TOP Upcoming True Story movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english movies based on True Story 2017

When an event occurs that changes the course of history or leaves a bright trace of people’s memory, many of those who have not been among the eyewitnesses want to know how it was. And then the movie comes to the rescue.

We are glad to show you TOP 10 best english movies based on True Story 2017 to watch.

A script was written by life itself, a careful attitude of the director to the story that he tells, and, of course, a little imagination are a recipe for a good film based on real events. Watching these movies is always insanely interesting because all or almost all that is shown on the screen was in fact. And it does not matter whether it is a large-scale historical battle or a personal drama of one person – both deserve attention.

Let’s begin to watch TOP 10 english True Story films 2017.

Hidden Figures

  1. Zookeeper’s Wife

In 1939, Poland was subjected to occupation by Hitler’s troops. Violent persecution began, the victims were primarily Jews. The fascists did not spare anyone, even Jewish children, grabbing everyone indiscriminately.

But in all this hell from cruelty and fear, one family was found who was not afraid to break new orders. Antonina and Jan, then working at the Warsaw Zoo, where Ian served as director, started harboring Jews in empty cells and in their own villa, saving more than 300 lives. This mission was fraught with a really deadly risk because the Nazis killed for concealment of Jews.

But Antonina, the wife of the zoo’s keeper, could not remain indifferent, watching how innocent people were killed. The main problem in this mission of the family was their former friend, Lutz Heck, who joined the fascists and received a high post. For many years, he was secretly in love with Antonina, and now he had the opportunity to get the desired woman, who did not need the Nazi official’s attention at all.

  1. Alone in Berlin

The dramatic film is based on real events that occurred during the Second World War in Germany. The plot of the film revolves around a married couple Otto and Anna, who with horror learn the news of the death of the only son who fought for Germany, for the Fuhrer. Tragedy leads the couple to complete devastation and a complete change in the worldview. Now Otto and Anna understand the meaninglessness of the war, the numerous victims and the people’s commitment to the Nazi regime.

They decide to take action to oppose the regime and the Fuhrer himself. Otto writes true provocative postcards, which must reach the people of Berlin. Soon Otto’s messages left in public places find a response among people who are also against the war and the regime. However, such activities against the government are regarded as resistance, and therefore must be destroyed. Under the pressure of the Gestapo, Inspector Escherich is engaged in searches for the mysterious writer.

  1. Hidden Figures

The story of three mathematicians is in our TOP 10 new english True Stories movies 2017.

The biographical picture is based on the real events described in the famous book by Margot Lee Shetterly. Three amazing black women helped the US government and the entire scientific world achieve success in the space mission by overcoming all gender and racial stereotypes.

  1. A United Kingdom

The film is based on a real love story of two people from different sectors of society. Events unfold in the middle of the last century, when the heir to the king of Botswana, one of the poorest countries in Africa, meets with the lovely resident of London – Ruth Williams. Their fleeting intrigue grows into true love, which faces great difficulties. The fact is that the successor Seretse Khama should soon lead his people and a sudden marriage with a British woman will not be right. However, the protagonist simply did not see the further life without the beloved woman and suggested to Ruth to consolidate their relationship by marriage. Against their relationship, the whole world was set up, but true love can overcome any difficulties.

  1. Queen of the Desert

Gertrude Bell is in the list of TOP 10 english moviesbased on True Story 2017.

The young girl Gertrude Bell was always different from the other girls of her time. She was not interested in luxurious outfits, gorgeous balls, and courtship of gentlemen. To the embroidery and other kinds of needlework, Gertrude was also absolutely indifferent. She was completely different, she wanted to learn different sciences, but most of all she was attracted to the East by its exotic culture.

A very young Gertrude goes on a cognitive journey through the Middle East, without regret, leaving a luxurious aristocratic life. It is here that she finds herself, this is her place, where every particle admires and amazes her. She happily opens this new world for herself and once again is convinced of the correctness of her own decision.

Gertrude starts dating many Bedouin tribes, and later uses these links to create some of the countries of Middle Asia. Her help was invaluable in these political issues. The love of the East enabled Gertrude to make many good deeds for the development of culture and the birth of civilization in certain regions. Here, she met her first love.

  1. War Machine

It is middle of the TOP 10 popular english True Story movies in 2017, list of which includes the best movies based on true story.

The film is based on real events and tells about Stanley McChrystal, who was a well-known figure in all the projects of the United States of America that dealt with clearing military points from terrorists.

  1. All Eyez on Me

It is a feature film based on real events, a biography of the unrivaled Tupac Shakur, an artist in the broadest sense of the word. The unorthodox and contradictory personality of Tupac continues to stir people’s minds, even two decades after his tragic death. The movie is about the life and death of the legendary rapper.

  1. Stronger

The film was based on the events of a monstrous terrorist attack that occurred in 2013 at the Boston Marathon. The protagonist helps the police to track down terrorists, trying not to focus on his personal injury, which he received there.


  1. Granite Mountain

The story will tell about a group of fighters against fire called Granite Mountain Hotshots, collided in Arizona with one of the deadliest fires in history, which took the lives of 19 team members.

Granite Mountain

  1. Marshall

It is a biopic about the young Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court judge who conducts one of the cases that determined his career.


TOP 10 latest english True Stories movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

So TOP ends now.

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TOP Upcoming True Story movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood movies Based on True Story in 2017

It’s kinda hard to come up with stories that are equally exciting, entertaining, thrilling, moving and thought-provoking, and that is why the modern-day screenwriters/directors love to make all kinds of “based on real events” films. They find the most amazing real-world tales and use their vision and skills to deliver major masterpieces. And, as always, our TOP 10 latest Hollywood movies Based on True Story 2017 list will get your acquainted with the best ones that are coming out (or are already available) this year.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

We all know Arthur from the children’s books and numerous movies, but this film is about something else: never before have the Hollywood honchos delivered such a fancy, stylish, entertaining and simply spectacular blockbuster. The story follows Arthur’s march on his enemies, the ones that killed his parents and doomed him to a life outside the gates of the kingdom. This valiant young man will lead his people into the greatest battle of their lives and will claim the throne that is rightfully his. Expect a fantastic mix of CGI effects, a grandiose setting and a fine cast of characters. If you love historical movies with just the right amount of thrill, check it out!

Deepwater Horizon

A gigantic oil rig 40 miles off the gorgeous coast of Louisiana is home to hundreds of hard-working Americans. And when the recklessness of the chiefs leads to an explosion, the lives of every single person on the rig are put in great danger. The blast kills several crewmen, and, if the rest of the team fails to stop the calamity, everything will be lost. This movie is heavily based on the 2010 oil spill – the worst one in the history of the United States. The survivors of the tragedy are real heroes; so, if you’re looking to check out TOP 10 latest released Hollywood films based on True Story 2017, put Deepwater Horizon on your list.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Sparrow is back, and he’s gotten himself into even more trouble than ever before. The legendary captain is trying to trace and snatch the Trident of Poseidon, a centuries-old artifact with enormous power. At the same time, a crew of cutthroats is coming after Jack, and all they want is his head on a plate. Furthermore, an army of ghosts is also chasing the poor fella, which means he’ll have to be swifter than all of them. Otherwise, this will be his last adventure. The ghost pirates need the artifact to obtain control over the 7 sees, and if that happens, the whole world will turn into a disaster.

Bitter Harvest

Stalin, the tyrant of the Soviet Union, single-handedly put the innocent Ukrainian people through hell in what’s known as the Holodomor. These events took place between WW1 and WW2 and took the lives of countless folks. This is the story of the resilient, valiant, enduring men and women that went through it all and survived against all odds. The Soviets were looking to expand, and they were merciless to the rebels. Of the TOP 10 new holly movies Based on True Story, Bitter Harvest is the most touching and moving one. It’s thought-provoking, poignant, riveting and heart-wrenching.

The Lost City of Z

This movie is partially based on real events that took place in 1925, even though it is heavily inspired by the bestselling novel of the same title. Two adventurous explorers, Henry and Percival, are putting everything on the line just to locate the mysterious City of Z. They believe it’s “hidden” somewhere in the Amazon forest, and the discovery of such a magnificent relic will turn their lives upside down. They’ve got their families traveling with them, and the explorers are really hoping to find undeniable proof of the city. However, they seem to be going in circles, and when Percival and his son vanish without leaving a single trace, the trip turns into a fight for survival.

The Ottoman Lieutenant

Lillie, a gorgeous and noble nurse from the United States, cares a lot about people and wants to make a difference. She wants to turn the world into a better place, and that’s exactly what makes her leave her home, go to the Ottoman Empire and help those in need. Soon, she meets Ismail, a lieutenant of the Turkish Army. The Turks are fighting the Armenians, and, as the tension keeps rising, Lillie tries very hard to find her place in this ever-changing world where women aren’t considered to be equal to men. This is one of the greatest “contestants” on our list of Hollywood True Story movies 2017.

Birth of the Dragon

Heavily inspired by a real story, Birth of the Dragon follows the legendary Bruce Lee and his duel with Wong Man, the most famed and renowned Chinese martial arts master. The two men had a great fight in Chinatown back in 1964, and people are still telling all kinds of unbelievable stories about that day. Some people believe that fight made Lee a true master and an icon. The fans of martial arts and kung fu, in particular, are in for quite a delicious treat! Expect a fine mix of amazing fights, the amazing atmosphere of the 60s and two undisputed champs in a grandiose duel.

Birth of the Dragon


Mr. Wepner is the fella that inspired Stallone to create the iconic Rocky movie series. This simple man from New Jersey managed to stay on his feet for 15 straight rounds against Muhammad Ali, the best boxer the world has ever seen. He gave ten hears of his life to boxing and had his body beaten up like no other fighter out there. However, his hardest skirmish was outside the ring: he struggled with drugs, alcohol and had breath-taking ups and devastating downs. Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood True Story movies of 2017 to watch, this one is a no-brainer.

Bleed for This

Pazienza inspired countless folks from all over the world with his undying persistence, resilience, and endurance. The man broke his neck in a terrible car accident, and, even though the doctors told him he’d never box again, he proved that everything’s possible, as long as you want it bad enough. He used to be a great champ before the crash, but he became a legend after he overcame all the obstacles and returned to the ring with the help of Kevin, his trusty trainer. As far as the most impressive comebacks in sports go, Vinny is right there among the leaders.


Mahavir, a legendary Indian wrestler, dreamed of having a couple of sons to train them after his constant failures as a pro athlete. But, destiny gave him daughters, and together they made history. Geeta and Babita became the first Indian ladies to win at the Commonwealth Games back in 2010 (gold and silver medals). Their story is both uplifting and motivating, which is why our list of best Hollywood movies Based on True Story in 2017 wouldn’t be full without it. Check our nominees out and let us know what you think!

TOP Upcoming True Story movies 2019-2020

List of best True Story movies 2017

Don’t be afraid of talking about the films that were based on books or even true stories. They are always very interesting to watch and discuss especially after when you fully realize that this franchise represents the life of people that may be still alive. Unforgettable energy on a set appears whilst filming such movies that cannot be compared to any other film directed by previously written scenario. As a result of that, we are happy to introduce you TOP 15 best new True Story movies 2017 that have to watched.


The film is supposed to be released at the end of July in the USA. This is war thriller that has been co-produced between the best directors from different countries such as the UK, France, and the USA. Basically, this movie that was inspired by true events happening during the Second World War is about Allied soldiers from such different countries like the UK, Canada and also France and Belgium. According to the plot, they fought being surrounded by the German army and later evacuated from French Dunkirk coastline.

Darkest Hour

British historical drama about the war that includes such Hollywood stars as Gary Oldman playing Winston Churchill and Ben Mendelson playing King George VI. This is the story that touches the heart when you see the life of the Prime Minister of the UK back to the World War II having bad moments with Hitler’s army. That is why this historical film is on TOP 15 best recent True Story movies.Darkest Hour

A United Kingdom

This is British biographical film tells the love story between Ruth Williams – white lady and Seretse Khama who came to London in order to study law and accidentally finds his love. But the families of both sides don’t like the idea of them getting married.

Patriots Day

American thriller with Mark Wahlberg about Marathon bombing in Boston that happened in 2013. At the very beginning of the story, the plot follows a couple who are injured during the act of terrorism. They are later taken to the completely different closest hospitals where they have to get their legs amputated. Afterward, the story continues with a special agent from FBI trying to investigate who sent the bombs liaising with local Boston Police.

The Founder

As a part of our list of best True Story movies 2017, there is an amazing story about the chain of famous fast food restaurants McDonald’s. The beginning of the plot follows a salesman who travels a lot and sells milkshake makers. He finds out that a restaurant in San Bernardino orders the biggest number of milkshakes which makes him very curious. And this is how he finds the place later called McDonald’s founded by two brothers.

Granite Mountain

Upcoming American drama based on a story of a crew of firefighters. They had a difficult battle with Yarnell Hill Fire and managed to save lots of people’s lives but lost 19 their own members.

Granite Mountain

Woman Walks Ahead

An American and British film with Jessica Chastain that plays a portrait painter from Brooklyn at the end of 19 century. Her name is Catherine and she travels to Dakota in order to start painting her brand new work of Sitting Bull.

Woman Walks Ahead

The Masterpiece

The film includes two famous brothers that often star together in latest Hollywood franchises. Their new movie is also in the TOP 15 best True Story movies of 2017 to watch and follows the touchable story about the friendship of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau. The new project also includes set of young actors that took the participation in the franchises based on books.

The Masterpiece

Billionaire Boys Club

This is upcoming American biographical drama that is actually based on the real life of the club of very rich young boys during the last century in the 1980s in Los Angeles. They have some serious consequences for becoming wealthy in a short period of time.

Billionaire Boys Club

The Greatest Showman

This time, this is also biographical drama but it includes lots of music elements. The plot follows the life of American showman that is a founder of a traveling circus that became very popular. The reason why this movie is put on TOP 15 best modern True Story films 2017 is because it is rich in the cast and includes such actors as Hugh Jackman, who plays that circus founder, Zac Efron, Zendaya etc.

The Greatest Showman


Crime adventure film about a businessman who meets a geologist. And this is how they team up and go to discover the places that man’s hand has never touched before in order to find gold in jungles of Indonesia. The film includes Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez.

Beauty and the Beast

The film that is the most expected franchise in 2017 that includes such British stars as Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans. This is a famous story about a young lady that met the Beast and, despite his appearance, fell in love with him. But to be able to break the spell the Beast or the Prince has to return her his love before the very last petal of red rose falls.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

War drama movie that is actually based on a novel of the same name. The plot follows the story of the keeper of Zoo in the capital of Poland. If you ever ask what is the best True Story movies in 2017 the answer is pretty much simple – this movie will touch your heart and leave you with the thoughts about your own life.

The Case for Christ

Christian drama movie about a journalist who is an atheist. He thinks that his mission is to refute Christian faith of his own beloved wife. All this situation leads to his own marriage and family slowly scatter in pieces.

All Eyez on Me

The biographical drama that was originally called Tupac but then changed to another title. This movie plot is focused on the whole life of Tupac Shakur and the career he managed to start until the very end of his life when he was shot in 1996. In fact, this film will be released on June 16 in 2017 – the date that could have been the 46th birthday for Tupac if he hadn’t died in the fatal shooting in Nevada.

All in all, the list of new upcoming films in 2017 that are actually based on true events is very big so any viewers are able to find the one they like the most according to their own preferences and tastes. So what will be the first movie you are about to watch soon?

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When does come out Stronger movie 2017

The next movie that we are going to discuss is called “Stronger” by David Gordon Green. All information on a movie you can find in the article below. Also, you will know the answer on the question: “When does Stronger come out?” here.

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  • D. Green is a director of the movie. He is known for “Pineapple”, “All the Real Girls”, “Price Avalanche”, “George Washington”.
  • S. Bobbitt is a cinematographer.
  • S. Carter is a production designer.
  • P. Richards is an art director.
  • J. Scott is a set decorator.
  • L. Katznelson and K. Wilcox are costume designers.

Stronger movie 2017

When is Stronger 2017 coming to theaters?

There is no exact information.

Life after the explosion

Boston Marathon bombings rocked a few years before. Tsarnaev family is no longer posing a danger to American citizens. However, for the fourteen people who have lost limbs because of the terrorist attacks, now everything begins.

The most famous victim of the terrorists was the twenty-seven years old Jeff Bauman. Photo, where a young man is driven in a wheelchair, has flown all the media and sparked debate about the ethics of publishing such images. His salvation, Jeff primarily obliged to the man in the cowboy hat. Carlos arrived first to him and put a tourniquet on his leg. Otherwise, the guy will soon have died from loss of blood.

Bauman was operated on the first of the Bostonians: his legs were amputated below the knee. A few days later he underwent another amputation, after which remained without knees. The second operation was carried out to ensure the young person an opportunity to lead an active lifestyle, according to doctors, the use of prosthesis after such operation will be much easier.

To cope with the shock and feel productive, the guy helped the communication with FBI. He provided extremely valuable information for authorities and, in particular, helped create sketches of Tsarnaev brothers. According to Jeff’s father, he became noticeably more cheerful after this.

Stronger 2017

However, Jeff Bauman faced not only the amputation. In a network of hundreds of millions of people put forward and supported the conspiracy theories: about the explosions in Boston was written that this is statement and provocation of the Zionist government. Bauman himself was called as a professional actor: that he was a soldier who had lost his legs still in Afghanistan. Some even said that Bauman put in the bag the prosthesis immediately after the “explosion” and that they can be seen if zoom photo. But most of all confused “serene face” of the victim, as they called it, and that he did not die from a painful shock.

Opponents of the conspiracy theory, in turn, stated that the US has a fairly large observational experience for people with amputations and that those in similar conditions survived (in Iraq and Afghanistan up to 70% of all deaths of servicemen are due to improvised explosive devices).

However, Bauman holds very well, largely due to tremendous support from his family and the American Society.

Actor Bradley Cooper and famous football player Julian Edelman visited many of the victims of explosions, including Jeff.

Sidney’s mother amputated both legs below the knees. By the way, she also underwent charges of simulate injuries. In this post, people clearly do not understand that the behavior of the injured in such a stressful situation is far away from rational, wrote Sidney, poured out the blood through a tube in the bag.

Stronger movie

Carlos is a man with a heavy fate. Thirty years ago he emigrated to the US from Costa Rica. He got citizenship with a help of personally Senator E. Kennedy. His son was killed in Iraq, after which Carlos tried to commit suicide by self-immolation, but was rescued by a neighbor, a veteran of the Marine. Shortly after recovering from burns Carlos lost his second son. He committed suicide, unable to bear the loss of his brother.

After these events, he decided to devote himself to the service of American society, help the disadvantaged and veterans. Almost all the money that he earned as payment for his carpenter work, he gives to families in which a child committed suicide, and in the arrangement of the veteran’s graves.


The official movie Stronger trailer is not available now.


The film tells about the attack, which occurred at the Boston Marathon. The plot revolves around Jeff Bauman, one of the participants of these tragic events who lost as a result of explosions both legs.


  • J. Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman
  • M. Richardson as Patty Bauman
  • T. Maslany as Erin Hurley

Release Date

Stronger 2017 movie release date is unknown. Only known is the year of release. It is in Semptember 22 of 2017.

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When does come out All eyez on Me movie 2017

People always loved blabbering about the lives of others, collect gossip and discuss, who does who live. It is not a picture only of real life. TV also show us huge interest in gossiping, that is why there exist so many shows about people’s lives, so many reality shows, where people argue and quarrel with each other, and certainly films, in which people’s life is shown from the inside. Biographies or films, shot about famous persons, are extremely popular too. Hollywood shoots dozens of films, based on the lives of people, whom the whole world knows and loves. And this year they also decided to observe the life of one of the most popular and contradictory character of American scene – Tupac Shakur. And here we will speak about the film about his life and know when does All eyez on Me come out.

All eyez on Me movie 2017

Firstly the film got the name Tupac. But later it has been changed into All eyez on me and announced for June 2017. The film is based on real events from the life of a famous and even legendary artist. It is surprising that such a person became an idol for millions of people all around the globe. He was born in ghetto – a black boy from unfortunate family, without money and prospects. Not once he took part in street fights and showdowns, was drug addicted, had numerous problems with the law.

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And despite all this, the boy managed to rise from the very bottom and become on of the richest and most influential rap-singers of the world. Despite all his problems and bad habits and anti-human behavior people liked him, people wanted him to move further and didn’t punish him. He got and continues getting so much attention as not all celebrities get for their whole career.

All eyez on Me 2017 release date

It is an interesting fact that Tupac’s birthday is on June, 16. Producers decided to time the film premier to his birthday, that is why it is announced for June, 16. In 2017 it will be Tupac’s 46 birthday. It is expected that this day is extremely important for his fans all over the world and many of them are waiting for the tickets to be the first, who see this film. In the trailer you will see the main moments of the picture – there are scenes beginning from artist’s childhood and till his death day in Las Vegas. Film crew tried to collect all most important moments of his life to introduce this person as full as possible and the next year we’ll see if they reach a success.


Team crew

The actor, who plays the main role, looks totally like Tupac in real life. His name is Demetrius Shipp. Together with him main roles are given to Danai Gurira (known by The Walking Dead, My Soul to taking, etc.), Katerina Graham ( known by Stalker, The Vampire Dairies, etc.), Annie Ilonzeh (Rush, Beauty and the Beast, etc.), Dominic Santana ( One Tree Hill) and others. The idea of the film was born in far 2011, but every year something always changed. First producers have been named, who were responsible for financing the film. Its production, music, and script. Then it was announced that Tupac’s mother would take part in the creation of the film. By the way, in such conditions, the film had to be ready a year earlier. Later other company joined to co-produce the film and signed a contract. In 2014 it was found out that the terms of  the contract were violated and the budget was different from that, written in the contract.  That is why now they all decided finally, when is All eyez on Me 2017 coming to the theaters.

All eyez on Me

So, we strongly advise you to watch movie All eyez on Me trailer and know more about one of the most popular and interesting characters of world’s history. It’s a true life story, which shows us how a simple person, having nothing, but ambitions can gain everything he wants. Everybody judges by himself if such a life is good or bad, happy or not.  The man had everything, which most simple people can just dream about. But together will visible happiness and plenty of money the man had so many problems and finally was shot at the age of 25. Everybody thinks on his or her own, whether they want the same or what should have been done in a different way. So, visit the premier and maybe you will see Tupac and his life from the other side and some new thoughts will be born in your minds.