TOP Upcoming 3D movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood 3D movies 2018

2018 is bringing lots of films of different genres. Moreover, there are several 3D animated films, as well as action and drama movies with an astonishing, also the captivating storyline.

We are lucky to represent TOP 10 latest Hollywood 3D movies 2018.

10. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

This is the third installment of a well-known 3D animated film franchise that was first released in 2012. Back there we managed to get to know a special place for monsters where they live and have fun away from the human world. But one day, a young stranger comes to the hotel and behaves as if nothing is happening around him. He falls in love with Count Dracula’s daughter and two get married afterward.

The second installment focuses on their son being raised as half-human and half-vampire. When it comes to the brand new film coming out in 2018 in 3D, it follows new adventures of our favorite characters. This time, Mavis, her husband and Dracula with his several friends go on holidays on a luxury cruise ship made specifically for monsters. There Dracula unexpectedly falls in love with the captain of the ship not being aware it is a descendant of Van Helsing.

9. G.I. Joe 3

Next film from the TOP 10 new holly 3D movies is the third installment of the action film series. The plot of the movie is still unknown and not available to the public, as well as the full list of the actors and actresses that are taking the participation in the project. The very first film from the franchise was released in 2009 and the upcoming action movie is related to it.

G.I. Joe reboot

8. Pacific Rim: Uprising

This film is a sequel to the project release in 2013 and is about a secret organization made mostly of young people fighting against dangerous monsters in order to prevent the extinction of humankind. These are the young adults born into a war – this time, they decide to change the world and destroy all the monsters that came and destroyed the cities.  They thought they finished the war by creating their own creatures – the machines – sacrificing themselves and saving the world. But, apparently, that was only the beginning of the war.

According to the plot, former pilot of Jaeger program gets the chance to unite with other young people to save the world using special robots.

7. Skyscraper

This film on the list of Hollywood 3D movies 2018 stars The Rock as former U.S. war veteran working for FBI in the past. Whilst being in China he finds out about the safest Chinese building that suddenly starts blazing. His new mission is to save the people being in that building among his family trapped inside it.

Dwayne Johnson in Skyscraper

6. Avengers: Infinity War

The events of this upcoming film are focused on the adventures of the Avengers that find themselves uniting with the forces of Guardians of the Galaxy. The reason why they join these powerful forces is to win the battle against Thanos in order to prevent him finding six Infinity Stones that allow their owner to fulfill all the desires and intentions into real life.

According to Marvel, there are more than sixty-four main characters in this film. Moreover, there is a sequel coming out in 2019 also in 3D.

5. Jungle Book

Another film being the part of our TOP 10 best Hollywood 3D movies of 2018 to watch follows the modern interpretation of Mowgli adventures based on the Kipling’s book of the same name. The production process started in April 2012 when it was the very first time of Warner Bros. Pictures announcing their brand new project. In fact, the principal photography of the film started at the beginning of March 2015 and successfully finished. Although it is unknown why the film was delayed, we can be finally absolutely sure it will come out in 2018.

Jungle Book poster

4. Arctic Justice Thunder Squad

The story focuses on ambitious arctic fox that works very hard in the main mail room. However, his biggest dream is to become a Top Dog, the best dog courier. To be able to prove the others he is worth becoming the Top Dog in the organization, he makes a decision to deliver a secret package to the secret location.

Afterward, the arctic fox discovers the fortress and its inhabitant – evil genius Doc Walrus that walks on huge mechanical legs that conjure up the worst memories of the fox. Afterward, he discovers about the plans of the doctor he has met recently and given the package – according to this intentions, the doctor’s aim is to melt the ice caps and flood the rest of the world to become its leader. The arctic fox decides to unite with his old friends and go on a trip to destroy the doctor and his army.

Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad

3. Animated Spider-Man

One of the most expected projects on the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood 3D films 2018. The movie is scheduled to be released in December the following year. The plot of this computer-animated film is still unknown, however, we are also aware of the fact that Tom Holland is not going to be the part of this project returning as Peter Parker.

Animated Spider-Man Movie mark

2. Untitled Fantastic Beasts sequel

This franchise began many years ago with Harry Potter film series. This 2018 film is the sequel to the one represented in 2016 that is also based on the book of British author that had a huge success in the whole world. The brand new film follows new adventures of Dumbledore and his new friend Newt in the dangerous world of the wizards. Together they have to face new threats on their mission to spot the wizard of the dark world. Newt is also supported by his new American companions this mission will test their friendship.

1. Tomb Raider

The very first place on the list of best Hollywood 3D movies in 2018 belongs to Lara Croft and a brand new story about her, even more, dangerous adventures to save the world. She is an independent ambitious young woman who wants to set up her own business but the life currently does not allow her to do that – she struggles with paying the rent and attending college classes working as a bike courier. She politely rejects to believe her father died and one day makes a decision to go on an island where his last trace was lost. Now she is in the fabled tomb armed with her unlimited mind.

TOP Upcoming 3D movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood 3D movies in 2017

To date, the creation of stereo films is quite commonplace and every self-respecting film company produces pictures in popular three-dimensional technology.

We are glad to present you our TOP 10 best Hollywood 3D movies of 2017 to watch.

Of course, watching movies in 3D is better on the big screen in a comfortable cinema, where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the screen show. Feel the state of flight or be in an impassable jungle, where you can reach the banana bunches. It’s a pity that you cannot eat them.

Our list of best Hollywood 3D movies in 2017 will present you all good movies that were already released in 2017.

Thanks to 3D boom and popularity, many well-known companies, including “Samsung” and “Panasonic”, began to produce 3D format TVs. Today progress quickly stepped forward and you can watch 3D movies online without any problems, choosing any movie that interests you.

List of Hollywood 3D movies 2017

List of best Hollywood 3D movies in 2017

  1. Resident Evil 6

Once, Alice worked for the powerful corporation Umbrella, which conducted various nightmarish experiments, and as a result, this led to the fact that the terrible virus broke free. Infected with a T-virus, a person after a short time turns into a bloodthirsty zombie. There are almost no survivors left on the planet, and Alice is the only one who continues to fight against “Umbrella” and the consequences of its experiments. After the betrayal of Wesker, who deprived her of supernatural powers, the heroine became vulnerable, but she continues to fight because the fate of all mankind depends on her actions.

The final battle is to take place in the city of Raccoon City, from where the epidemic began. Alice and several of her associates go to a laboratory called “Hive”, in which the virus was once leaked, and where the antidote is still located. Heroes want to find an antivirus, spread it through the air and thereby stop the apocalypse. But to do all this will be very difficult, because the villains send an army of walking dead to the city, besides, they created a lot of strong bloodthirsty creatures with the help of experiments, it is almost impossible to cope with them. Alice has already gone through much and lost people close to her, so she is prepared to take a big risk to revenge and the save of the world.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Young Arthur hangs out on the outskirts of Londinium with his gang. He does not value his origin at all and is not interested in it. So he lives until the moment when fate brings him to the magic sword of Excalibur. After that, Arthur changes radically – falls in love, joins the resistance movement and unites people around him to overthrow the tyrant Vortigern – the man who killed his parents and seized the throne.

The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood 3D films 2017 because it was already released.

  1. Logan

In the not-too-distant future, Logan, tired of life, takes care of the sick Professor X, who is hiding near the Mexican border. But Logan can no longer hide his past when he meets a young mutant, who is pursued by dark forces.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Once Prince Adam was a real handsome man, but he was too narcissistic, evil and unfair. The Mighty Sorceress decided to teach him a lesson and turned him into a terrible monster, as he was inside. To remove the spell from himself and his castle, which literally became alive, Adam must heal his soul, learn kindness and, most importantly, become a beloved. All this should happen until the moment when the last petal falls from the rose, which the sorceress gave him.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

The struggle against evil goes to a new, neutron level and requires inhuman efforts in the literal sense of the word. Scarlett Johansson fits perfectly into the fantastic criminal cyberpunk drama of Rupert Sanders. “Ghost in the Shell” is a film adaptation of the famous manga of the same name, created by Masamune Shirow.

  1. Fate of the Furious

Dominic and his team face a very strong and unpredictable enemy, which becomes a big threat to them. Heroes will have to find strength again in order to once again defend themselves and rebuff the next enemy. But this time the enemy of brave race drivers will be much stronger and cunning than those that were before. Will the changed team of heroes get out of the situation?

  1. Rock Dog

The first Dog that loves Rock in our TOP 10 latest Hollywood 3D movies 2017.

Meet, the new hero is sent to conquer the city of animals! He is the dog Bodi, and he does not lose heart, despite everything. He dreams of becoming a student of a living rock legend, a cat named Angus. However, Angus has completely different plans.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

On an unknown island comes a team of scientists. They invade the possessions of the King Kong and thereby unleash a battle between man and nature.

  1. Monster Trucks

A high school student, an especially unremarkable guy Tripp wants to escape from his native, but such a sleepy and boring little town somewhere in the American outback. But for this, he needs a vehicle for which he does not have the means. Tripp is not discouraged and begins to build a small truck from the wreckage of old trucks.

At an oil rig located nearby, an accident occurs, which release a monster from the depths of the land. And besides this strange creature has amazing abilities. It can move pretty large objects at unrealistic speed. And this very creature decides to settle in a truck that Tripp manufactured himself.

Now the teenager has a real opportunity is not only to change his monotonous and hopeless life, but also to find a true and faithful friend, because under the awesome appearance of this “monster” hides a devoted and loving heart. However, there are people who want to find and destroy this strange creature. And now, Tripp will have to make every effort and talent to drive a truck to save his new friend from pursuers.

  1. A Monster Calls

It is an impressive story about the boy Connor and the monster from his dreams. At night, the monster tells Connor stories that will help him understand that even when the whole world is collapsing, you can find strength in yourself not to despair.

So our TOP 10 new holly 3D movies ends now.

Thank you for watching!

TOP Upcoming 3D movies 2019-2020

List of best 3D movies 2017

Technologies rule the world, technologies make our life better, brighter and more colorful. In the TOP 10 best 3D movies of 2017 to watch, you will find pictures of incredible beauty and image quality.

You can immerse yourself in the world of visual perfection, to give yourself the opportunity to escape from problems and reality, routine and everyday vanity for a while. You are waited by feature films and documentary programs, reconstruction of real events and unique surveys in the most inaccessible corners of our planet. Underwater and prehistoric worlds, exotic countries and unseen animals will open before you.

Enjoy this 3D spectacle!

List of best 3D movies 2017

List of best 3D movies 2017

  1. Geostorm

After a series of catastrophic natural disasters that begin to crumble on our planet, world leaders unite forces in the struggle for survival and create an extensive program of armed satellites capable of preventing natural disasters. Thanks to technology, humanity was saved from the threat within two years, but then something went wrong. The government and the secret service of the United States in the person of Secretary of State Dekkom and agent Sarah Wilson are in confusion. Two brothers, the engineers Jake and Max, should find out the cause of the disturbed functioning of the satellites before the world Geostorm will not destroy all living things.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

One day at Christmas, the old woman knocked on the door of the castle of the young Prince Adam, praying for shelter on such a cold night in exchange for a beautiful red rose bud. But as soon as the arrogant prince drove out the uninvited guest, she turned a powerful sorceress and, in punishment for his stale heart, turned a handsome man into a terrible monster, destined to remain so forever until he meets someone. Who will love him with pure love? Together with the owner of the castle, the charms were laid on all of its inhabitants: the head waiter Lumiere turned into a candelabrum, the butler Cogsworth became a pendulum clock, the musician Cadenza – piano, and the cook Mrs. Potts and Her son Chip turned into a teapot and a small teacup.

For several years the palace, lost in the woods, was in desolation, and the hope that someone would manage to find a way into this wilderness was melting every day. But Maurice came to the palace, getting lost on the way to the fair, and was taken as prisoner. His daughter Belle, after a search for her father, discovered a mysterious palace and persuaded his terrible inhabitant to release her parent in exchange for her freedom. Belle, a charming and intelligent girl who passionately loves books and dreams of real adventures, became for Adam a companion.

Gradually they begin to spend more and more time together, and now they no longer seem strangers to each other.

At this time in the village, where the Belle family lives, an entire army is gathered under the leadership of Gaston which intends to destroy the terrible beast and free Beauty.

  1. Logan

It is the cruelest movie of the TOP 10 best new 3D movies 2017.

The world of mutants fell and is forgotten. Almost lost the ability to regenerate Logan is reclusive, painfully remembering the past and not wanting to have any future. The only person who can restore Wolverine to life – Charles Xavier is in captivity of Alzheimer’s disease. However, the growing threat forces the professor to turn to Logan for the last time and persuade him to fight the Nathaniel Essex corporation, the sworn enemy of the X-Men. In the fatal battle Wolverine helps a girl named Laura Kinney – perhaps, it is she who makes the hero remember his true destiny.

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The young dodger Arthur and his gang act on the outskirts of London. The life and future of the hero change when one day the sword of Excalibur falls into his hands. The strength and power of the legendary sword forces him to make a choice.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Legendary Jack Sparrow is back on screen. Now the fearless Depp is pursued by an ancient evil enemy, known as Captain Salazar. Having recruited a group of the most notorious zombie scoundrels, he is preparing to eliminate every sea ruler who will meet him on the way. Sparrow has only chance to save – with the help of his longtime friends to find the Poseidon Trident, a powerful weapon whose owner receives unconditional control over the waters. Will Jack manage to get hold of the artifact before Salazar kills him?

  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Just knowing the world of the Avengers, fifteen-year-old Peter Parker continues to explore his new superhero essence. Shocked by the battle side by side with the Iron Man, who now becomes his mentor, Peter returns home to his aunt May and gradually enters his usual daily routine. While the guy tries to get used to the idea that now he is more than just a friendly superhero, a new threat is coming upon the city in the person of the ominous Vulture.

  1. Wonder Woman

Born of Zeus, the half-goddess Diana was an Amazonian princess and invincible warrior, daughter of Queen Hippolyta and niece of the general’s wife Antiopa. Once on the sands of paradise lands, hidden from the eyes of ordinary people, the US plane crashes. Steve Trevor, the surviving pilot, informs Diana about the war engulfing the whole outside world, and then the brave Diana decides to leave her homeland, convinced that only she can cope with the deadly threat.

  1. Resident Evil 6

The sixth part continues the story. Mankind is on the verge of total annihilation. Now Alice returns to where this entire nightmare originated – in Raccoon City. The “Umbrella” headed by Professor Isaacs collects all its power to deal a final blow. Teaming up with old friends and enemies, the heroine has to enter into battle with zombies and a new enemy – monsters-mutants. At the risk of losing her ability, because of Wesker’s betrayal, Alice and her allies must win the most difficult battle to save the planet.

It includes in the TOP 10 best recent 3D movies because it was already released.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

The action of the fantastic thriller takes place in the future when the life of people is determined by cyber technologies, and “neural implants”, inserted in the brain, have become commonplace. A unique hybrid of man and cyborg, Major works for an elite unit of the Bureau of Public Security, known as the “Ninth Division” and headed by Daisuke Aramaki. On behalf of the company Hanka Robotics, she must find the terrorists acting under the guidance of a clever hacker nicknamed Puppet Master, who discovered the vulnerability of nanotechnology, which allowed him to “crack” the consciousness of ordinary people.

  1. Fate of the Furious

The movie continues the race of the century along the routes of the whole world. This time the fight between good and evil will stretch from the Cuba to the arctic plains of the Barents Sea. While Dominic and Lathie are enjoying the honeymoon, Brian and Mia are out of the game to raise their children in peace. However, soon on the horizon appears a new player – a woman – criminal leader, because of which the Dominic has to betray friendship and work against his loved ones.

The TOP 10 best modern 3D films 2017 ends now.

We hope that our TOP gave you answer to question – What is the best 3D movies in 2017?

Enjoy it!

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When does come out The Great Wall movie 2017

The masterpiece presented by Legendary and Universal Pictures “The Great Wall” is waiting for the release day on the 17th of February 2017.  The film will appeal to the fans of thrillers, fantasy, action and adventure movies.

The filmmakers

The idea belongs to the winner of the “Oscar” award – Edward Zwick, who has worked on the eastern-themed movie “The Last Samurai”. Hollywood producers have rejected the idea due to the high budget. It was decided that the film would be made by the Chinese producers, who had invested 135 million dollars. Zhang Yimou was designated to operate the shooting process. Actually, it’s the first English-language film by Zhang Yimou.

The Great Wall 2017 movie

The project brought together outstanding filmmakers. The script for the film was written by Tony Gilroy (“The Devil’s Advocate”), who was nominated for “Oscar” twice. Ramin Djawadi, the main composer of “The Game of Thrones” and “Warcraft” was in charge of music accompaniment. The majority of the scenes were filmed in the Celestial Empire, and some episodes were shot in New Zealand.

The untypical plot

The plot of the film can’t be called typical. It’s a fusion of mythology combined with the elements of science-fiction story and reality, thus creating a unique breathtaking picture.

The story takes the viewer 6 centuries back when a military European expedition was sent to China. Their mission was confined to finding the gunpowder. But having arrived in China, the soldiers witness the erecting of the great construction. They get to know that the Chinese emperor made up his mind to build the Great Wall with the purpose to save the Chinese nation from various enemies, who want to invade the territory. But as it turns out, the wall hides some secrets, since behind it, the ancient evil is gradually awakening. It has been gathering its strength for hundreds of years to destroy the territory. So, the heroes are to face with the violent creatures and save the empire as well as their own lives.

The promising cast

Matt Damon will perform the lead role. For quite a long time the actor has been refusing from starring in the movie due to his busy schedule. As a result, Damon found spare time for a “The Great Wall” before starting to work on the satirical film “Down”, which will be released in 2017.

Pedro Pascal will play the second British soldier, sent to China. The actor is known for his roles of Prince Oberon Martel in “The Game of Thrones” and the DEA agent Javier Pena in “Narco”.

Willem Dafoe will embody on the screen the commander of mercenaries. Among his recent works, the best known were “Hotel ‘Grand Budapest'” and “John Wick”.

The greater part of the roles in the film are given to the Chinese actors. The main female character will play Jing Tian.

Primarily, Bryan Cranston had to join the cast of the film, but his role was given to Willem Dafoe.

The Great Wall 2017

The picture has already caused resonance at the end of 2016 when it came out in China.  The film has experienced some criticism on account of  Matt Damon, the western actor in a Chinese movie. Particularly the Chinese actress Constance Wu publicly expressed her discontent towards the director, who had offered Matt Damon to play leading role, stating that it’s insulting concerning Chinese culture to represent Damon as a mover in the building of the Great Wall, where most of the monuments were made by simple citizens of the Celestial Empire . Damon later claimed that this criticism was unjustified. However, there were people who supported Damon, like Andy Lau, who announced that Matt wouldn’t take all the Chinese glory because in the movie there are a lot of representatives of this country, who are ready to fight for their Motherland.

Movie “The Great Wall” trailer makes an excursus into the plot of the film and gives the audience an idea that the movie won’t have a lack of special graphic effects. By the way, the effects were carried out by the famous Western studio ILM and Weta.

“The Great Wall” reveals the secret of one of the greatest buildings in the whole world. “The Great Wall” is the most big-budget movie of Chinese production, implying a lot of terrific episodes and special effects with Hollywood stars playing the lead roles. The movie is coming in 3D/2D theaters, and it’s available for viewers beginning at the age of 12.

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When does come out Rings movie 2017

It took 13 years … but the memories of horrific events are still alive and turned into a terrible urban legend. A lot of people want to learn the secret of sinister cassette, after watching that everyone was going to die in seven days. Many are willing to risk. One of these brave young man is Holt (Alex Rowe), enthusiastically engaged in the study developed around a mysterious subculture cassettes. Holt deadly obsession recording is worrying his girlfriend Julia (Anna Mathilde Ingrid Lutz), who is confident that both of them are in danger if Holt does not leave attempts to get to the truth. But when it’s too late, she sacrifices herself to save her lover and makes a horrifying discovery inside the nightmarish film, there is another, which nobody has ever seen.

Rings movie 2017


The Rings is the classic movie, the third part of the famous movie in the genre of horror and coming soon to cinemas in the big screens. This film is the third part of a series and is a sequel. History of this film began in August 2014. The Paramount studio offered screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to write the script for the third installment of the trilogy. Few month later appeared news and posters and the third part of Rings was confirmed officially. The biggest fans are waiting when does Rings come out!

The director the picture decided to be F. Javier Gutiérrez, known for his previous work in the genres of horror, thriller, and fantasy. His last work was the producer center horror movie “Tres días”. Filming process began in the spring of 2015. They were held in Atlanta, USA.


In the cast, we can notice such popular actors: Johnny Galecki as Gabriel, one of the main actors from the television series The Big Bang Theory,  Vincent D’Onofryo, who recent movies were “Jurassic World”, “The Magnificent Seven” and “Judge”. Also some actresses such as Laura Uyhhyns, Emmy Tyharden and quite a lot of other young actors.

Rings classic scenario tells the story of the “film in the film” in which events occur that will not leave no one indifferent connoisseur of horror. The film itself is already a standard rating for horror – PG-13, generally nothing special.The official slogan for this Rings movie is “Evil is reborn” what you can see on posters. Movie Rings trailer shows the most exciting moments!


From the first seconds of the trailer, we can spectate that story is in the classic canon of the horror genre and begins with a mysterious story about the strange video after wich strange things happens. Also this story was presented in all the past of the series. Besides, we know that the events that will be reflected in the film take place 13 years after the events of the last part of the trilogy – Rings 2. This fact makes us think that this is a sequel, but this time cast with the new circumstances. Rings 2017 movie release date is getting closer! Don’t miss!


Rings movie

New trends in cinematography and 3D technology which are actively used to make this film stand still and hold your breath everyone who will be able to see this tape. Also, we were able to see some of new special effects and moments from the movie in the trailer. Some of them are terrifying and creepy like true fans expected.  Unique emotions will feel the audience wich are going to watch Rings in cinemas. New 3D IMAX technology and high definition sound, which is used in the best tradition of filming complete take this old fashion story to the next level, and the additional graphics effects make this horror intimidating.

Another feature of this film was much smaller budget than in previous installments. Total fees for filming and the actors spent 33 million dollars. But given the experience of the director in the genre and not big Hollywood budgets, we can be sure that this does not sport the picture. Expectations for the film are quite high. The main reason of this is that Rings is the classic remake of the story, which like all horror and thriller genre. Also, the film was held promotional campaign and withdrawn cool trailer and posters.

When is Rings coming to theaters? It scheduled for February, 2017. Looking forward we hope this movie will be great.

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When does come out Ferdinand movie 2017

There will be a large number of movies in 2017, for example family comedy movie «Ferdinand» about a bull named Ferdinand will be released next winter. This film should appeal to all without exception. Young and adult fans of good movies are interested in: «When does «Ferdinand» come out?», «What is the plot of the movie?». The answers to these questions can be found in this article.

Have to wait:

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Unfortunately, there is not the trailer of the movie «Ferdinand» on the internet at the moment, however, it must appear in the near future. It is noteworthy that the film is based on the plot of the novel by American writer Leif Monroe «Story of Ferdinand», the book was published back in 1936, and in 1938 was withdrawn the animated film company Walt Disney. Thus, so we can consider that this movie a remake of the movie of the distant 1938.

Plot of the movie

The plot based on the story of a small bull named Ferdinand, who was very good and cute, all day he did nothing that was sitting under a tree and smelling flowers. But when he grew up – he was the biggest bull on the farm, which is why he was sent to the bull’s competition in Madrid. But Ferdinand did not need to show his power or something else, resulting in opening the arena young bull instead of preparing for a fight with the enemy, he lay down on the ground and began to smell the flowers. The film shows the difficult life of a good bull Ferdinand. Everyone like this good comedy film. Slogan for the movie is: «Smell the Flowers». The film will show how to cope with various problems of life, a way out of every situation can always be found.

Release date and forecasts

The release date of the movie «Ferdinand» 2017 assigned to December 2017 year. Movie forecasts are very encouraging, analysts believe that the film will have a great popularity and high fees. Rating expectation at the moment is about 90 percent in favor of those who want to go to film premieres. The exact answer to the question: «when is Ferdinand 2017 coming to theaters?» is already known. The movie premiere will take place on December 21, 2017 all over the world. So very soon you will have an opportunity to see this masterpiece in the theaters. The duration of the film is one hour and forty six minutes. Now the film is in post production.

Ferdinand movie


At the moment, the cast of the movie «Ferdinand» is unclear, it is known only that the director of the film is a talented Brazilian director Karlos Saldana, who is the director of cartoon «Ice Age», namely second and third parts, as well as the cartoon «Robots» and «Rio». The director is really very talented and big number of young and adult people like many of his works. Cartoons of this director is always full of deep meaning, good harmless jokes and morality.

Lori Fortier produced the film, she had already had experience of working with the director on the animated film «Ice Age». This time, unlike the previous version of the film, the film company was engaged in the development of «Twentieth Century Fox» together with film company «Blue Sky».

This comedy should appeal to all lovers of the wonderful cartoons «Ice Age» and «Rio». The film «Ferdinand» – is a good way to spend time with a young child. If you like good jokes, cute stories and happy endings –  you have to see this film.

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When does come out The Boss Baby movie 2017

Those who like animated films and sparkling humor will appreciate forthcoming movie with intriguing plot and characters. Multiple viewers in different countries are looking forward to know when does The Boss Baby come out. The great news is already up. Bright and unusual animated cartoon produced by DreamWorks Animation and Madagascar’s director will rock the screens in spring 2017.

Have to wait:

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Surprisingly bossy baby appears in an ordinary family life. According to the older brother’s opinion, it used to be the happiest family ever. New child prefers the suit, briefcase and talks with Alec Baldwin’s voice. He’s ready to kill for decent sushi and feels too self-confident for the one parents feed from a bottle. All those evident things seem to be freaky for the narrator of the story, imaginative and creative boy, whose name is Tim and whose life was jolted the most by his sibling’s appearance.

The Boss Baby movie 2017

Long story of Baby Boss release planning

Before The Boss Baby 2017 movie release date was approved, its production and premier date had been changed several times. New film, based on Marla Frazee’s book “The Boss Baby”, was reported by DreamWorks Animation in June, 2014 to be revealed in March, 2016. However, it was supplanted by Kung Fu Panda 3, with another release day yet to be informed. On the third decade of January 2015, the movie premiere was planned on January, 2017, but in September pushed further to the 10th of March, 2017. June 2016 brought some cast replacing changes, and another release date moving happened. So now The Baby Boss is being looked forward to appear on screens on March 31, 2017.

In several months after announcing the premier date of the movie, The Boss Baby trailer was presented on the official release of “Trolls”. A couple of days afterwards the trailer appeared in the global net.

The story tells about a happy family of Templetons and unexpected adventures of their older son, Tim, whose life will never run the way it used to. Enjoyable for parents, but terrible for the boy, appearance of younger brother ruins the harmony of his carefree days. The first jealousy and resentment goes away, when Tim gets to know what enemy he and his sibling Baby Boss have actually to face. The love and affection atmosphere of the whole planet will be destroyed if nothing is done. So the only way for saving the parents and proving infinite nature of love is making up with that strange stereotype-breaking baby. How lucky these family fighters are, viewers will get to know really soon, as when is The Boss Baby coming to theaters is no longer a secret.

The Boss Baby movie

The cast

Besides, the fascinating plot the audience will meet a great selection of genius actors starring Alec Baldwin with his terrific humor and intonation. He will talk for Baby Boss. Another main hero’s voice belongs to Miles Christopher Bakshi, he’ll talk for Tim Templeton. And the narrator’s voice (from older Tim’s view) belongs to Tobey Maguire. Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel were chosen to play Mother and Father roles. The main negative role, Francis E. Francis, was played in voice by Steve Buscemi, replaced firstly chosen Spacey.

This coming soon adventurous cartoon was headed by Tom McGrath and Hendel Butoy. Screenplay was written by Michael McCullers. Leslee Feldman and Christi Soper worked as the cast directors. Music created by Hans Zimmer.

Easy in watching and perception, Baby Boss movie was a compilation of two great works, original author’s and producing company crew. Inspired by Marla Frazee’s ideas, the movie proclaims timeless family values combined with hilarious humor.

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When does come out Kong: Skull Island movie 2017

Fans of the cult movie certainly agree with the statement that in the history of cinema its hard to find a monster, who sympathized with so many fans around the globe. King Kong is appeared first on screens in 1933, immediately caused consternation, and then won the sympathy of the audience, not only the film, but also film critics. And that’s why the film “King Kong: Skull Island” in 2017 predict a glorious future, suggest that it will become one of the highest-grossing films next year. When does Kong: Skull Island come out we will learn from this article!

“King Kong: Skull Island” movie in 2017

It is known that the film was conceived back in 2014, at the same time discussed the cast of the main characters, but the release of the film was moved to a year: from 2016 to 2017. The reason for this delay was the usual marketing. It was reported that in 2016 will be released on multiple screens Prime acclaimed by FOX and Marvel companies and creators of this movie are going to hit the jackpot in the first days of the show, but because it is so important to take care of that, that he was not sufficiently serious competitors. However, the film is already hit the Top Ten most anticipated premier in 2017. About Kong: Skull Island 2017 movie release date: so, for the film is scheduled for March 9 next year.

Kong: Skull Island 2017

There are rumors that the movie “King Kong: Skull Island” will be the first in a trilogy that ended his epic battle two monsters: Godzilla and King Kong. Roughly, a third film will be released in 2020, when the show will be postponed again for commercial reasons.

The plot of the movie

Today, most of the film winds around the plot secrets. While shooting the film already in full go to Hawaii and Detroit, still remains a mystery whether he will be King Kong on the screen in this film. When is Kong: Skull Island coming to theaters is already certain.

The filmmakers do not spoil their fans news or even more photos from the shooting, preferring to remain silent on the direct questions from reporters, but until we know the following:

  • events of the film unfold in the distant 70s of the twentieth century;
  • The scenario of the film will take place mainly on Skull Island – the home of a huge gorilla King Kong;
  • the main purpose of the expedition, which will go on a dangerous island – brother of the protagonist to find and discover the unknown substance (the role and importance of which is also unknown).

According to the creators of the film, posts will be a kind of continuation of the original film’s 33rd year, and action remake will take place after 25 years after the events in Detroit, that is the death of the King of the gorillas. The protagonist will travel to the island in search of the long-lost brother and there is some liquid. To do this, he will gather the expedition, of which will include the most motley crowd, including – officer, volunteered to accompany desperate researchers.

It is noteworthy that the original title of the film was simply “Skull Island”, and only after some time has been added to it over the untwisted “King Kong.” None other than the proverbial marketing ploy. Because at the moment virtually no news about the movie Kong: Skull Island trailer only remains to wait for all who wish to see a movie.

King Kong: Skull Island 2017 – Cast and roles

It is believed that the success and grossing film depends not only on well-thought-out plot and the quality of filming, but also actors, approved for the major and minor roles.

Kong: Skull Island

About who got the main character became known as soon as the first news about the future of film. So, son of Charles Denhem, which is sent to the risky search for his brother to play the well-known British actor – Tom Hiddleston, which is liked by the audience thanks to his role as trickster Loki in the Marvel movie “The Avengers” studio and “Thor.” In his piggy roles have somewhat more dramatic and serious. So, he starred in the role of Thomas Sharpe («Crimson Peak,” and even King Henry V in the mini-series «Shakespeare Uncovered.»

The main female role gave Brie Larson. The young actress is not as well known as her partner for shooting, but also her behind has some interesting films. For example, a game in the drama “The Room”, she was awarded the statuette “Golden Globe” and was nominated for “Oscar”. Also, the actress starred in a film by Joseph Godon-Levitt “Don Jon”.

Another well-known actor who will play the role of the aforementioned clerk – John Goodman almost immediately signed on to shoot a movie and now is always present at the site.

The company it is Samuel L. Jackson – quite eccentric actor. And who exactly he will play in this film is not yet known. As well as the role of Thomas Mann, whose involvement in the project was also known for a long time.

There are also rumors that the project may join Russell Crowe, at least to Western media talks about it actively conducted with the actor.

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When does come out Beauty and the Beast movie 2017

A famous European tale was recorded as a story by Charles Perrault, and a familiar version was later presented to the world by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in the 18th century. To know when does Beauty and the Beast come out you should visit the theater’s website in spring — the release date of the movie is on March 15.

In 2017 “Beauty and the Beast” will be a musical!

Late winter is in the possession of the young night and the cruel prince is visited by an ugly old woman. A new guest asks to let her inside to warm up by the fire, but in return for this service she can not offer the boy anything but a scarlet rose. The greedy young man refuses the woman. For this, she turns him into a monster and the castle servants — into animated household items. The Enchanted Prince must find a mate until the last petal of the magic flower falls. Otherwise, the prince will retain an eerie guise until his death…

Beauty and the Beast movie 2017

Not far from the castle of the Beast, in a small village lives Morris and his daughter Belle. Though her beauty attracts many men, she was never interested in them because of her passion for the books and learning. Once Morris went to the fair to show the world his invention, but got lost on the road and became a prisoner of the estate of the Beast. To free her father, Belle will have to switch places with him. So the girl is in a mysterious castle and gradually falls in love with the enchanted prince.

Idea and production

A touching story is so well-liked by the readers that dozens of games and animated movies were filmed on its grounds. But the most famous and beloved all over the world is a version of “Disney”. The idea of transferring it to the big screen came in 2009. Unfortunately, work on the project was halted shortly after the start and was continued only in 2014. There was a new screenwriter chosen — Stephen Chbosky.

The creation

The screenwriting group adapted the story tale for the movie format. In January 2015, they had held the casting for the role of the key characters, and the filming has started in May. The work on the project was completed in August. The movie “B&B” is filmed with a use of the latest technology: we will be watching a fairy tale in 3D. The movie Beauty and the Beast trailer showed a beautiful work of the designers and the SGI crew.

Many famous names are on the list of the filmmakers. Bill Condon is the director. He had received an “Oscar” for his screenplay for the film “Gods and Monsters” and a nomination for this award for the musical “Chicago.” However, the filmmaker also had an anti-prize — a “Golden Raspberry”. Such an honor awarded Condon thanks to the work of the vampire melodrama “Twilight”.

The audience has also heard about the screenwriter Steven Chbovski. In 2012 he was a director and a writer of the film version of his book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. A youth drama with Logan Lerman and Emma Watson in the lead roles of the set won the hearts of the viewers. The scenario which is also in Chbovski’s portfolio is for “La Boheme” and the series “Jericho”.

Evan Spiliotopoulos (“Hercules”, “Snow White and the Huntsman 2”) and Linda Woolverton (“The Lion King”, ” Maleficent”) were invited to work on the script of the “B&B”. The music tape is written by the Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken. His creations appeared in the movies “Aladdin,” “The Little Mermaid”, “Tangled”.

The cast

A Scottish actor Ewan McGregor was added to the cast of the remake of the “B&B”. He plays Lumiere in this tale. It is the most charming chandelier, which was to spell maître d ‘in the castle of the monster. And he knows how to make a real show. You will be able to feel it yourself on the 15th of March because it is Beauty and the Beast 2017 movie release date.

Beauty and the Beast movie

But MacGregor does not only have to act like a candelabrum. He also should remember his singing lessons. In the cartoon, Lumiere performs one of his most famous songs «Be Our Guest», which was nominated for the “Golden Globe” and the “Oscar”.

Previously, McGregor was singing in the musical “Moulin Rouge” and was nominated for the “Golden Globe” for his astounding performance.

Best friend of Lumiere’s name is Cogsworth, who was turned into a watch. He has a voice of Ian McKellen in a movie.

The main characters in a fairy tale embody are Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. What a merry company they make with Emma Thompson, Josh Gad, Luke Evans and Audra McDonald, who will be a wardrobe.

Stanley Tucci will take on a new character. It will be a grand piano, which is described as a hero with a neurotic temperament of the maestro.

The anticipation level is high. Remember to tell your friends when somebody asks you “when is Beauty and the Beast 2017 coming to theaters?”

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When does come out Alien: Covenant movie 2017

Ridley Scott is back to the director’s chair with Alien franchise. After a lot of experience with science fiction, he returns to the more familiar genre. It will be the second part of a new trilogy of “Alien,” which began with the first film, “Alien” (1979).

Have to wait:

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Detailed information can be very little now, but we are regularly updated with new information and have collected what is interesting on this page. If you’re a fan of Alien / Prometheus and are looking forward to the next movie about Alien, you can find out more about this movie, for example when does Alien: Covenant come out.

Alien: Covenant movie

The word «RUN» is the slogan of the film. And it was on dark poster, it is slightly intimidating and rough, just like movie Alien: Covenant trailer. And we have to run for the tickets the day of release. It is expected to be a terribly scary movie with an alien, and you can predict you will feel ill at ease and not safe.

The storyline

A mission to colonize a distant place in space has faced a lot of dangers. They find an unmapped planet with mountains and rivers that seems harmless. Abandoned on the tail of the galaxy this planet promises to be a great area to live. But the unexplored land is fraught with incredible danger of a dark world. The Covenant crew arrive and find a scene of disaster. The main character will have to visit the planet of the Engineers to find answers to the main questions about what happened, the purpose and the reasons of this.

It is known approval of the director that there will be new information about the origin of xenomorph which has famous pharyngeal jaw copied from moray eels. Will we know in next film how they were created and why? This question on creation about the essence and nature of life has been raised. If you look deeply into the subject, like Stephen Hawking, then getting a confident answer is not so simple. Even the creator of the theory of black holes, Hawking, says he does not believe in the simplicity of the big bang.

Surviving members of “Prometheus” team are – Elizabeth and an android. We hope to find out the final part of the truth. The hero finds on the planet, whitish powerful beings with enormous growth. We also know diameter of the explosion on the set, from a photo that was available for the fans, the Covenant will be destroyed according to the plot. The director did say in an interview, that crew will arrive to the planet and land, but then try to sneak back to the spaceship.


Actors will include Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, which have been seen on the film set. Fassbender will play a role of David, but he also will play the other android with the whole body. Does he have a soul? (The filmmakers claim that he does. How will this affect the story?) Or is Fassbender an ingeniously talented actor who can play a character without a soul? But with admiration for all works of the actor we guess, that David is a much darker and more complex character. During the 10 years of its existence he has developed and achieved self-knowledge, and perhaps discovered some knowledge, about the consciousness of people.

Past actors will be in this anticipated film, but new stars are also cast. For example there is Katherine Waterston with her character Daniels. We can assume that she will be part of the Covenant crew, but it is not known for certain. Will be she the next strong female character? Also Sir Ridley has chosen the new cast members like D. Bichir, A. Seimetz and D. McBride.

Alien: Covenant

About the release

Will Sigourney Weaver leave this sequel? Let’s see what will be the interaction of the characters in this movie. The film will open during Blockbuster season next year. Alien: Covenant 2017 movie release date will be 19 of May (or even 17 of May in US). Moviegoers in Russia are waiting to watch this movie on August 3, 2017.

We will see whether the new film is able to boast having an intimidating actions atmosphere. At the time of its appearance in cinemas the “first” Alien movie produced even shock appearance. The director has used a variety of means of cinematic expression, proving his high professionalism. Let the next time he will create oppressive feeling of anxiety be a time to release our inner feelings and experiences.

Other interesting tidbits

  • Initially, it was announced when is Alien: Covenant 2017 coming to theaters in August.
  • Filming took place mostly in Australia.
  • The film’s title changed from “Alien: Paradise Lost” to “Alien: Covenant.”
  • The new planet, which will be home to engineers, called Paradise since it is, in fact, a place the gods created for mankind to live. This world that is an ideal habitat to start a fresh life and colonize was filmed in New Zealand.