TOP Upcoming Musical movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood Musical movies 2018

For some people music is more than just a word – nowadays young people wear their headphones and listen to different styles of music just to get rid of reality, get free and release their emotions. Recently, the music has become a huge part of the movies and it is not all about the melody playing in the background. Many well-known Hollywood filmmakers invite the singers who can both act and sing at the same time before directing any musical film. Therefore, today we have several musical projects created by Hollywood and the following year is not an exception. We are representing our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Musical movies 2018 that includes the romantic stories of the couples whose love story we managed to see many years ago, as well as the behind the scenes of creating worldwide famous music albums and many other ones.

10. Untitled Josh Gad / Jeremy Garelick Musical

There is not too much information about the official synopsis of the film as it has not been released yet. However, we are still aware of the fact it is not going to be just a musical movie – it is a contemporary comedy following the story of a domestic man integrating and living in the family with a single woman also being a good mother. Afterward, he manages to become the important part of her clan.

9. Sister Act

Next film on the TOP 10 new holly Musical movies is believed to be a remake of the one released in 1992 where the plot is centered on a singer who pretends to be a nun in a local convent in San Francisco.

A still from Sister Act

8. Rent Live

In 2018 we will finally see the live version of Rent. It focuses on the several personal stories, as well as biographies of a few friends spending time together in New York City. Together they have to face and experience many difficulties related to unstable financial situation hence poverty, homophobia, and rent.

7. Oliver Twist

Next film on the list of Hollywood Musical movies 2018 follows one of the most famous stories of English writer Charles Dickens. It is a story about an orphan single young boy living as a laborer and thinking it may last for rest of his days. Afterward, the boy becomes the laborer of the dangerous leader of a group of pickpockets from London. He joins the group, discovers and experiences the murders, secrets that are never supposed to be released and other hidden corners of the life.

Ice Cube & Disney Team for Updated Oliver Twist Musical

6. Dogg Pound 4 Life

This upcoming film is actually the sequel 2015 American biographical movie about the professional career of a gangsta group of rap singers. The plot represents the several stories related to music record label known as Death Row that used to be very popular among the rap singers, as well as hip-hop ones.

5. Anna and the Apocalypse

Another film on the brand new TOP 10 best Hollywood Musical movies of 2018 to watch is a Christmas musical movie following the dangerous adventures of a girl and her close friends as they are trying so hard to reach the destination – the school they attend. But everything is on verge of going wrong due to dangerous zombie wandering the city, therefore, she and her friends have to fight and sing to free the way not knowing whether their families and parents are alive or not.

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

One of the best decisions on how to spend Christmas night is to watch following brand new 3D animated film about the Grinch which is basically the second adaptation of the well-known book and the sequel to the first installment that was officially released in 2000 simply known as The Grinch.

The official production of the film started in 2013 when it was finally officially announced new 3D animated project was going to be created and directed by         Peter Candeland. Afterward, it was said British actor Benedict Cumberbatch was invited to voice the main character Grinch.

The film was supposed to come out in November 2017 but it was changed to the same month but in 2018.

Benedict Cumberbatch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

3. A Star is Born

According to the film belonging to TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Musical films 2018, it is not always all about music – sometimes it is related to love. This film follows the story of a man who finds himself falling in love with a woman – she is the definition of the success in the music industry and even leads her own music band. One day she saves the man from the sudden humiliation in front of the big audience showing and expressing all her talent and creativity, therefore, the audience leaves the concert with a big applause and appreciation.

Meanwhile, the woman releases it is truly a big surprise that someone has fallen in love with her as she has always underestimated herself. Both fall in love and experience different emotions and difficulties only to finally understand whether they are ready to be together or not.

2. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

One of the most highly excepted musical films is the second installment of Mamma Mia franchise that will be released exactly ten years after the first one. This is not just about music and dancing but also about love and funny moments with the closest people. The principal photography of the movie began in Croatia in August 2017 and continued at the studio located in the United Kingdom.

1. Mary Poppins Returns

The first position on the list of best Hollywood Musical movies in 2018 belongs to the one of the most excepted projects in a few years in a row – the sequel of the first installment following the adventures of Mary Poppins. In fact, it has been one of the longest gaps between two installments as the second one is set to be released twenty-five years after the first one.

Unfortunately, the plot follows the family tragedy that is followed by the visit of the former nanny that realizes that the family is in lack of joy and happiness and makes a decision to help them again after their mother’s death. The kids are now young adults and suddenly Mary Poppins realizes how fast the time passes by. Even though the events take place in 1935 which is basically during Great Depression in Great Britain, Mary tries so hard to bring back the old spirit of a family she loves more than herself.

TOP Upcoming Musical movies 2019-2020

List of best Musical movies 2018

Watching films of a musical nature, the spectator getsa positive boost, and sometimes such sensations are not enough at the present time. This genre is considered as one of the earliest in cinema, in periods when the films were silent, and its display was accompanied by the play of the pianist.

Although this genre was created in the United States of America, films of this genre are also popular in other states. Since the moment when the American classic musical “Sun Valley Serenade” was released, which received great demand and extraordinary popularity among those who watched it, quite a lot has changed.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best Musical movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we start.

List of best Musical movies 2018

  1. Mary Poppins Returns

In childhood, a strict British nanny named Mary Poppins came to the Banks family. The woman quickly introduced its babies to the wonderful and magical world that stayed in hiding. She gave them an animated fairy tale and made them believe in the existence of any miracles in the world. And then the startling lady said goodbye and went on to travel further. The children grew up, faced the hardships of real life and stopped believing in magic.

Twenty years have passed. The Great Depression completely covered Britain. People everywhere became unemployed, lost all their savings and desperately struggled for survival. Banks still live on the same street, only now the grown-up house is inhabited by a grown-up brother and sister. Jane works in a local union and defends the rights of ordinary hard workers. Michael is an artist.

A man has a trio of good children. Unfortunately, their mother had recently died, and father had to bring them up alone. It is high time for return of the best nanny on the planet.

  1. A Star Is Born

The plot of the musical is simple: the heroine is a nugget singer, who once received a chance to become famous. The male hero is a country musician, already old and constantly drinking. And between these two people, there was a passion. But when one person finds universal popularity, it becomes too difficult for another to bear the burden of the glory of a loved one, besides, this is the most difficult when another one was a celebrity in the past.

  1. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

Meryl Streep is in the TOP 10 best modern Musical films 2018.

It is a continuation of the cult musical on the songs of the group “ABBA” about the single mother Donna who already in adulthood meets three possible fathers of her daughter. Ten years later the heroes again go on the sunny Greek island to sort out the family and love troubles.

  1. Dumplin’

The plot tells the story of a schoolgirl named Willowdean and nicknamed Dumplin. The girl does not feel sensitive about her overweight, although her mother was a beauty queen. But when she falls in love with Bo, she starts to feel sensitive about her appearance. The only way out is to take part in the beauty contest in the company of girlfriends-losers.


  1. Valley Girl

The film tells the story of a charming girl from a good family and a Hollywood misfit. They live on opposite sides of social standards but this did not prevent them from falling in love with each other. Julie Richman has an excellent family, a beautiful house in the valley, and, of course, a charm. Randy has an informal way of life, night Hollywood, in a word – a real life. She is from the valley, and he is not. The girl will not only see another life but also be able to resist the opinions of others. It is the musical adaptation of the 1983 film.

Valley Girl

  1. Broadway 4D

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Musical movies.

The movie will tell a story about a man named Curly. Once he will have to make a decision that will change his life forever.

Broadway 4D

  1. Vox Lux

It is a musical drama about the ascent of the singer Celeste – from the ashes of the national tragedy to the very tops of world glory. Her stony creative path of fifteen years has spared no any major cultural phenomenon of the 21st century.

Vox Lux

  1. Koochie Koochie Hota Hai

The animal society is not very different from ours. The company of four-footed friends, Tina, Rahul, and Anjali always and everywhere are looking for adventure. They cannot sit at the desk until the end of the lesson and often miss classes.

Like any teenager, each of the heroes has his own dream. And finally, Rahul has a chance to realize it. But he fails his screen test.

But everything happens in life, and fate presents an unexpected gift – the opportunity to return to the past and correct mistakes.

  1. Larrikins

The main characters of the film, by the will of fate, were to remain homeless; they left their own hole in order to go out into the big world! None of the main characters thought that one day they will have to go through a difficult path that will lead them to a place where they can feel safe. The way to the land of Australia cannot be without adventures, in which everyone will have to pass a test for strength.

The new world turned out to be unexplored; here rabbits expand their consciousness, make new acquaintances. The adventure will leave behind many pleasant memories and all rabbits will receive an indispensable experience that will be passed on from generation to generation.


  1. Me and My Shadow

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best new Musical movies 2018.

Stan is a shadow, a shadow of a boring and quiet, sometimes completely closed person named Stanley Grubb. Stan’s master lives very quietly, does not have fun. Boring days pass one after another, and nothing changes for many years.

Initially, Stan tolerated this way of life of his master, he obediently portrayed the boring and not interesting life of Stanley, just sullenly followed him through the narrow streets and walked around the apartment. But at some point, Stan’s patience ran out…

Me and My Shadow

TOP is coming to an end.

Hope it answered the question – what is the best Musical movies in 2018?

Thank you for your attention!

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When does come out A Star Is Born movie 2018

Rejoice, fans of musicals, romantic stories, and dramas, because we’ll get a remake of a legendary 1937 movie next year! Mr. Bradley Cooper, one of the finest actors of our time, is directing and playing the lead role. So, when does A Star Is Born 2018 come out? Well, as the title suggests, it’s coming next year. September 28th is the exact date – that’s when it’s set to arrive in the USA and Canada. The Netherlands will get it a day earlier, while, say, the Brazilians will have to wait till November 1, 2018, to check it out. They say Cooper got the idea to make a remake back when he was involved with the 2014 Sniper movie. And, at first, the man wanted Beyonce to have the lead female role, however, for some reason, the pop diva refused, leaving Bradley stranded.

A Star Is Born movie 2018

Eight Decades Apart

Well, not quite: he managed to persuade Lady Gaga to take her place, and, for the majority of viewers, she’s a far better choice. Rumors claim the producers and officials at Warner Brothers were amazed by their performance and gave the project their blessing. The movie A Star Is Born trailer takes us back to the atmosphere of the original while still making it feel fresh and exciting. It’s been eighty years, and a lot has changed in the industry. Back then, CGI effects, HD cameras, 7.1 surround sound and digital distribution weren’t available, but even today, in the technological age, a moving, touching plot and exceptional acting are the most important things for a truly grandiose movie.

By the way, this isn’t the only remake: the first one saw the light of day in ’54, while the second one was released in ’76. Yes, this is the third one, and you know what they say – third time is the charm! So, along with Cooper and Germanotta (that’s Gaga’s second name), we know that Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott are also involved in the project.

A Star-Studded Cast, And A Great Story

For a movie to “bang” these days, you gotta follow certain rules, which include creating a lot of buzz around it, picking an iconic movie, remaking it, and impressing the audience with a star-studded cast. A handsome, masculine, insanely popular actor and a true visionary, a pop icon certainly do qualify for those roles :). All that’s left for them to do is deliver their acting A-game, sing, dance, smile, and get us to join them!

A Star Is Born 2018

Fun fact: back in 2011-2012, Bale, DiCaprio, and Cruise were all potential picks for the lead role, with Eastwood considering directing the movie. However, as we know now, Cooper has taken over the movie. The story follows Jackson, a famous country musician who’s slowly, but steadily losing his popularity. However, when he comes across a gifted yet unknown singer, Ally, everything changes.

Another Awesome Musical Drama To Look Forward To

The two fall in love with each other and the hard-boiled star does everything in his power to put his new woman in the spotlight and to make sure she gets the recognition she deserves. But, as she turns into a worldwide star, it becomes harder and harder for the man to deal with the fact that his days of glory are in the past. The A Star Is Born movie release date in 2018 is a year away, but you can already feel that it’s going to be epic, can’t you?

The biggest question is – will these two find a way to overcome all the obstacles on their way and get back to each other? Some critics are saying that this film feels a lot like the recent smash hit, La La Land, and that’s actually the biggest praise a musical movie can get these days. With this being Cooper’s directorial debut, let’s cross our fingers and wish the man good luck. One last time: when is A Star Is Born coming to theaters in 2018? On September 28, 2018.

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When does come out Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns movie 2018

A kind and resourceful nanny in her time conquered the hearts of many movie lovers. English manners, speech, and methods of upbringing were inherited not by one generation and still help many mothers to find a common language with their children. The remarkable news for all fans of this film was that Mary Poppins in 2018 will return to the screen. I cannot believe that after all these years we will be able to follow the development of events in a typical English family and learn new and useful methods of upbringing.

For the first time, the world saw the story of the wise nurse Mary in 1964. Then the viewer was amazed by how harmoniously and quickly this lady joined the Banks family, and how she changed the foundations of the family.  If you want to know all known information about the second part of the adventures of Mary Poppins and also the answer to the question: “When does Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns come out?” then watch the article below.

Mary Poppins 2 - Mary Poppins Returns movie 2018

A team of real professionals is responsible for the entire process of creating the movie “Mary Poppins Returns”:

  • Rob Marshall (director).
  • John DeLuca (producer).
  • Pamela L. Travers, David Magee (screenwriters).
  • Dion Beebe (operator).

The company “Disney” in 2015 announced plans to shoot the sequel to the popular movie and immediately after the announcement began to realize its idea. It should be reminded that after the release of the original picture, it brought its creators more than $ 100 million. The authors of the continuation hope that their creation will collect more impressive sums and win the hearts of true connoisseurs of classical cinema.

When is Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns coming to theaters in 2018?

The movie will come out only in 2018.


The talented English writer Pamela Travers wrote a truly outstanding literary work. Thanks to an uncomplicated and at the same time fascinating plot, the screen version brought to the creators five Oscars and world recognition.

London. It is 1930. Great Depression. The plot of the announced film revolves around Michael and Jane Banks. Children grew up and got their own families, but still, cannot refuse support of their beloved nanny. Michael already has three children who like to have fun and “test” the nerves of parents. Life situations plunge Michael into constant trouble, anxiety and personal problems. Careful Englishwoman Mary Poppins will not stand idly and will try to help the former pupil. Children in no case should suffer because of the problems of adults.

Mary Poppins 2 - Mary Poppins Returns 2018


The movie Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns trailer is available. You can watch it on the YouTube.

Surprisingly, the nanny does not change her views of life – she always looks perfect, adheres to classical views in upbringing and, of course, travels with a black umbrella. This method helps Mary to appear at the most unexpected moment and just when others are in desperate need of her help.

From the new film, the viewer will be able to learn for himself a lot of useful rules, without which it is impossible to grow up to be a good, successful and developed person. In addition, the history of an English family will be interesting not only to children but also to adults, because we are improving and educating a person throughout life.


  • E. Blunt as Mary Poppins
  • L.-M. Miranda as Jack
  • D. V. Dyke as Mr. Dawes Jr

Release date

In the USA, Mary Poppins 2 movie release date in 2018 is scheduled for December 25.

The UK should wait for the movie until December 21, 2018.

Thank you for being with us!

TOP Upcoming Musical movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Music movies of 2017

Music movies are always interesting and funny to watch – people enjoy spending time seeing these franchises and being inspired by the rhythm of the music. On the other hand, these sometimes can be really difficult to create as it requires making a lucky combination of both styles of the music, as well as a scenario, plot and professional cast. We have managed to create TOP 10 Music latest movies 2017 according to the feedbacks of viewers as it also contains the films that were created a few years ago but are still the first ones when it comes to the franchises of such style.

Unexpectedly, our list can show off some Hollywood actors and actresses who have never taken the participation in such movie projects. This time, you will be able to hear the beautiful voice of Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp and so on. So our list of TOP 10 Music movies recent contains next world-famous franchises.

Sing Street

La La Land

Surprisingly, this project received a bunch of positive feedbacks and comments from the critics. The plot follows Mia Dolan being an ambitious actress who seems to have unpleasant road rage with the jazz pianist Sebastian whilst being stuck in traffic. Afterward, she goes to have auditions but it doesn’t bring any good results and expectations for her. Suddenly she meets Sebastian and the two share their not very lucky experience. Moreover, they find out that they can create something very unusual uniting Mia’s talent and Sebastian’s music.

Beauty and the Beast

This brand new franchise, when it comes to new Music movies released in 2017, was based on the old animated film created by Disney. This is not just a story about music being a part of our lives but also how can one thing change the life of the one who used to be mean to other people. According to the storyline, the Prince being the Beast because of the spell of Enchantress has to learn how to love and earn that love back. One day, he meets Belle which makes him break the spell after a long time being a terrifying monster according to the legends of locals.

Sing Street

This 2016 film follows the story of a teenager living in Dublin in the middle 1980s. According to the plot, this is the classic story about a young boy having a crush a beautiful girl. To be able to impress her he makes a decision to start his own band in Ireland. He is also having some serious family problems as his father tries to solve the issues with his architecture practice.

Into the Woods

This American film was released in 2014 and united lots of popular American, as well as British actors and actresses – among them,  are Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt and others. The story begins with a Baker and his beloved wife willing to have a child but have no opportunity to do that due to the father of Baker – many years ago he was caught whilst robbing the garden of a Witch which made her angry so that she put a spell on his family and descendants. As a part of our list of TOP 10 recently released Music movies 2017, there are also a couple of interesting facts – Disney made it a movie even more family-friendly. There was less violent content and the deaths of some characters weren’t explicitly shown.

The Greatest Showman

This time Hugh Jackman is taking the participation in music project whilst representing the story that was based on true events and biography of well-known American showman Barnum. In fact, he shows the life of the founder of Circus who made a huge success due to his traveling circus that is also known as The Greatest Show on Earth. The film is planned to be released at the end of December 2017 – seven years after the production had successfully started.

The Greatest Showman

Pitch Perfect 3

Upcoming comedy movie with music elements. This project being on the list of latest Music movies in English 2017 is actually a sequel to the one that was released in 2015. When it comes to theater premiere, it is scheduled for December 2017. Even if we are still not aware of the plot, we can surely say the production started right after the second film had been successfully released – as a result, we caught some announcements about Rebel Wilson being back in the franchise.


The 3D animated film represents the breath-taking adventures of Miguel having a big desire to become a musician just like his favorite idol is. Everything changes when he makes a decision to prove that he has a talent and destroy the ban his family got on music. He goes to the Land of the Dead, makes friends and together they are heading to the unusual story to build their new future.

One Chance

Even if this film was created in 2013, James Corden has managed to represent the beautiful story of the winner of popular show Britain’s Got Talent – Paul Potts. In fact, this biographical film about the life, success, and experience of an opera singer was presented at the International Film Festival in Toronto. Afterward, it was released in the theaters. Even if this is not being a part of newly released Music movies 2017 this project still gets positive reviews.


This project is the remake of the one that was released in 1976 with the same title. The story follows the times when Motown gained huge popularity in the USA and also concentrates on the lives and accomplishments of three sisters who decided to form their own band in the late 1960s. All of them were born in Harlem but made their successful career in Michigan. The movie was scheduled to be released in August 2012.


As a part of our TOP 10 modern Music movies of 2017, we managed to find one of the best films that was successfully released in 2009. The whole romantic story follows Will and Charlotte being two big fans of modern music. They decide to set up the rock group and take the participation in the competition with other bands – the winner of it will get the chance to have a recording contract. This is also the story about some talent teenagers being bullied at school so that they have to change schools but meet new people who will hopefully understand and also support them.

TOP Upcoming Musical movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Musical movies 2017

Are you in terrible condition, madly tired of difficulties and anxieties when returning from work? We will tell you how it is possible to relax! To do this, you need to include funny, dynamic, completely good movie – a musical.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best english Musical movies 2017 to watch.

Looking at films of a musical nature, the viewer gains a positive charge of feelings. It is considered that this style was created in the cinema one of the earliest, in periods when the motion pictures were silent, and its display was accompanied by the music of the pianist-tapper.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Musical films 2017.

David Brent: Life on the Road

  1. Ballerina

Sometimes it seems that the world is against you. A little orphan from the cartoon never thought so. She grew up in a children’s shelter, did not know the love and affection of her parents, but she had a long and secret dream, which can only be realized in distant Paris. Felicie was considered strange, hovering in the clouds. The children in the orphanage laughed at her desire to dance.

She has no abilities, no grace or technique. The only friend was a boy who was addicted to the invention. This couple often spent time together, discussing something. Soon it turned out that the guys decided to just run away from the shelter. He arrived in Paris to subdue it. The ballet school, in which Felicie ended up, was the best in the city. The dance teacher is very strict. He closely follows the students and he does not like the new one at all.

She gets confused, late. It is unlikely that she has a future. Little Felicie was not about to retreat. She has only one way out – to go forward or return to the gray orphanage and listen to ridicule. She is helped in everything by a young inventor and a woman who pity her. The lady walks with a cane and is ready to train the future ballerina. Every day at 5 am, the girl walks into the yard to become a star.

  1. Rock n Roll

From a young musician who plays rock and roll, the girl leaves, explaining this by the fact that he is not popular. After that, the hero decides to become a real superstar.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

The story of a Belle and Beast is on the list of TOP 10 english Musical movies 2017.

It is a wonderful remake of the animated film of the same name, telling the magical love story of a beautiful girl and a terrible monster, written by the French writer Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

  1. Song to Song

The narrative will go on intersecting with each other two love triangles and music, of course.

  1. David Brent: Life on the Road

Lying in a stuffy, bleak office, an ordinary loser, David Brent, who works as an impersonal sales representative of a huge cleaning corporation, craves universal glory. However, for uncommunicative colleagues and arrogant superiors, an ambitious hero remains just another blunder, a gray place, a miserable cog in the business machine, which can be replaced very quickly.

The good-natured fat man who understands the hopelessness of the current situation and the blatant disregard of the cynical society decides to break the hated routine and make the old dreams come true. He wants to become a real rock-star!

  1. La La Land

The Golden Mean of the TOP 10 popular english Musical movies in 2017, list of which includes best musical movies of 2017 – La La Land won a total of six Oscars in 2017.

Every year, thousands of young guys and girls who consider themselves gifted in any art field, rush to Los Angeles. Most of them firmly believe that it is in this amazing city that they expect universal recognition and grandiose success. Among the same naive and at the same time infinitely ambitious young people are the beginning pianist specializing in jazz music, and the girl, who is going to become, in the near future, a great actress.

However, initially, the city of their dreams is not so hospitable and friendly, as they imagined. The actress has so far given no significant roles, she has to serve food and drinks to Hollywood stars, in the same situation there is also a musician forced to play in the smallest and most unknown bars in the evenings.

When the ways of these two intersect, close relationships are immediately established between them. Both of them think that this will always continue. However, when their career after long expectations begins to develop, professional success has a disastrous effect on feelings.

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Once the three friends (Enn, Vic, and John) find a strange house, where strange music plays. There strange people in house indulge in dancing. The guys are divided. Enn meets the charming Zan, Vic meets Stella, and John is carried away by the dance. All the new friends of the trinity are newcomers.

  1. Wild for the Night

Running from the law, the protagonist decides to return home to solve the murder of his sister, and is involved in the game of the club world of Los Angeles…

  1. Moana

The musical animation is in TOP 10 new english Musical movies 2017.

In far Polynesian lands, the amusing and slow-moving demigod Maui committed his next rash act, which led to the most unfortunate consequences. Maui stole the heart from a powerful goddess, and now there is darkness on many islands of the Pacific. Numerous tribes were on the verge of extinction, because of the terrible curse they can no longer enter the ocean and are even unable to catch fish. Residents of villages located on the nearest archipelago are forced to move to a small remote island, but soon darkness overtook it. To fix the situation and save people can only brave and determined daughter of the leader – Moana.

In order to remove the curse, Moana should go on a distant and very dangerous journey across the entire ocean, with Maui accompanying her, who only stops her. Initially, the relationship between the characters is not the best way, but the common difficulties bring them closer together, and gradually they become good friends. Can the brave Moana, accompanied by frivolous Maui, who can atone for his misdeed, remove the terrible curse and, thereby, save his people?

  1. The Greatest Showman

Phineas Taylor Barnum is a revolutionary in the field of show business and marketing. In the middle of the nineteenth century, an entrepreneur skillfully draws the attention of the public to every one of his offspring.

The Greatest Showman

TOP 10 latest english Musical movies 2017 release dates are already on the Internet.

Our compilation is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

TOP Upcoming Musical movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Musical movies of 2017

International blockbusters like Step Up and Pitch Perfect have propelled the genre of musical films to a whole another level, and today we’ve got more and more directors slash producers (both experienced and indie) shooting all kinds of new awesome and not-so-much musical movies that are equally fun to watch and to sing/dance to. We’ve got the TOP 10 Musical latest movies 2017 to watch out for this year. Enjoy!

Oasis: Supersonic

  1. La La Land

Let’s start with one of the most commercially successful movies of our time – the mighty La La Land. This is a beautiful story of two struggling youngsters – a talented piano player and an actress – who fall in love with each other and try to keep that fragile balance between their careers and this all-consuming relationship. It proves to be extremely hard to do that, and, somewhere along the way, they’ll have to decide whether they want to be famous and loved by millions or put a stop to it all and focus on what they have together. If you love heart-warming and heart-wrenching movies with great music and awesome dance moves, check it out!

  1. All Eyez on Me

Tupac Shakur is one of the greatest MCs in history, and he’ll be remembered by the generations to come. Along with Notorious BIG, this man is a legend, an inspiration and an icon in Hip-Hop. All Eyez on Me is a great documentary that follows the man’s music, including his incredible flow and catchy rhymes, as well as his involvement with all kinds of social movements that fought (and still keep fighting) for the rights of black folks. Put this film on the list of TOP 10 Musical movies recent if you’re a fan of the urban culture and/or want to learn more about Tupac. A must-see for any rapper/R’n’B singer who dreams of making it!

  1. Basmati Blues

A genius scientist is forced to leave the cozy walls of the lab and fly all the way to India to sell the locals her own brand of modified rice that she single-handedly created. The woman thinks that her creation will be a life-savior for these people, but, in reality, she’s destroying everything the farmers have been working towards. She wanted to help them, but, instead, is going to ruin countless families. What does this heart-wrenching story have to do with music, you might ask? Well, make sure to check it out and find out! Basmati Blues is a great mix of romance, comedy, and music – you won’t be disappointed!

Basmati Blues

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

The 70s are known for that crazy vibe, and this film did a great job of recreating all the weirdness and awesomeness of that era. Two English blokes, BFFs (Vic and Enn), go to a fancy local party to finally meet girls and have a meaningful conversation with them. This is the first time they’re going to be “interacting” with the opposite sex, so, it’s a big moment for the lads. Soon, they find out that the girls are not at all what the boys think of them. If you’re a big fan of romantic comedies, sci-fi movies and – naturally – music, this is it for you! Definitely one of the best new Musical movies releases in 2017!

  1. Wheeler

This is the story of a talented country singer named Wheeler who leaves his hometown and heads to Nashville to make it in show business. He knows that there will be plenty of competition in the Capital Of Country, but the man is confident that his music will touch the hearts and mind of the regular people and the producers. Making it to the top of the nation country charts is what he’s been dreaming of his whole life, and now he’s finally getting his shot. A fast-paced narrative full of hope and grace and amazing live performances – that’s what you can expect from Wheeler.

  1. I Saw the Light

Hank Williams, a gifted country singer, spent a lot of time doing everything in his power to get his music out there, to get it heard. He wanted to perform at a prestigious Opera House but was rejected the opportunity. However, instead of being confused, frustrated and broken, the man made it his duty to prove to the elites in the country circles that they were wrong by not giving him a chance to share his art with the nation and the world. At the same time, fame did come at a prize, and the path he chose – one filled with booze and women – caught up to him at the end. It’s safe to say that the list of TOP 10 recently released Musical movies of 2017 wouldn’t be full without I Saw the Light.

  1. High Strung

Ruby is a classic ballet dancer, a pretty great one, and Johnny’s in love with hip-hop and his violin. What do these young people have in common? Nothing really, except for their passion and their love towards each other. At first, they don’t really like each other and just join forces to save their careers. Together, they come up with a plan to shock the world with a breath-taking performance that involves hip-hop, ballet, and classic music. Will they be able to do the impossible and prevail? And what about their relationship?

  1. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Conner4Real used to be a big name in hip-hop, but now he’s not really “trending”, so to speak. He decides to go into the studio and make an old-school album, hoping to get back into the game. However, his album turns out to be a commercial failure, and that kinda breaks his spirit. But, he finds the strength to go on, with one condition: he’ll never reunite with his Boys Band. This could propel his career; yet, he’s not ready to say goodbye to his hip-hop solo act. Of the latest Musical movies in English 2017, Popstar is a crowd-pleaser.

  1. Born to Be Blue

Some critics believe that cool Jazz was founded in the West Coast in the 50s, and this movie follows Chet, a gifted trumpeter, who was right at the front of the movement. However, like most musicians of his time, he was a heroin addict, which prevented him from making even more great music for the generations. Flash-forward to 1966: a big-time film company offers him to star in a movie about himself, a documentary slash biography that will focus on his early years. He agrees and falls for the actress that portrays his girlfriend…Of the newly released Musical movies 2017, Born to Be Blue is a God-sent for the fans of 50s jazz music.

  1. Oasis: Supersonic

Even if you’re not a fan of rock music, you probably know who the Gallagher brothers are: they’re the men behind Oasis, a rock giant, a legendary band from the 90s that used to rule over the British and American (and international) sales charts for decades. The bruvs managed to create a killer mix of a mighty beat that rocked stadiums and great melodies that conquered the hearts and minds of millions. Liam and Noel split up back in 2009, but the Oasis spirit is still with us! Ok, that’s it for our TOP 10 modern Musical movies of 2017.

TOP Upcoming Musical movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Musical movies 2017

If you think that you do not like musicals – you are mistaken. They can be completely different: sentimental and funny, parody and heroic, for children and adults. In our special TOP ten good Musical movies 2017 in theaters, you can find musical movies for every taste and finally appreciate this unique genre.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Musical films 2017

  1. Song to Song

The film will tell you about two intersecting love triangles. This is a story about sexual obsession and betrayal.

  1. Rock n Roll

The film will tell about a young musician playing rock and roll. He throws the girl because he does not enjoy great success, and after that, he decides to become a real musical superstar.

  1. Wild for the Night

Wyatt and his sister Sherilyn lost their parents early and were forced to fight for existence in the slums of Los Angeles. Although Wyatt and his sister were selling drugs, like all their acquaintances, they did not spend money on entertainment but put it off to get out of the slums. Once, due to an absurd chance, Wyatt lost all his money. All the savings they stored in the car, and Wyatt was in a car accident in a drunken state. In addition to losing money, the guy went also to jail, where he had to spend 5 years. Earlier, the brother always could protect his sister, but after the incident, the girl was left alone in this cruel world, and figured out how to get out of her hopeless situation.

At first, the girl often talked to her brother on the phone, but recently she did not call him. One day she contacted Wyatt and said that she wanted her ashes to be immersed in the ocean if something unforeseen happened. The conversation with the sister ended with a shot, and Wyatt was sure that sister was dead. After going free, Wyatt first began to search for the killer sister. The guy did not yet understand that he wants to avenge the murder, which in fact was not, and at the end of his search an unexpected surprise awaits him…

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

The aliens in our TOP 10 good english Musical movies 2017.

The film will tell you about an alien, who, traveling around the galaxy, lost and as a result met two young people living in the most dangerous place in the universe – in the southern region of London, in Croydon.

  1. David Brent: Life on the Road

The story of the main character named David Brent, who has long been living his dream, wanting to become a rock star. A man decides to leave his job as a salesman for a cleaning company and plans a trip to the cities of the UK. In his improvised tour, David is filming, trying to capture the important points of his journey.

David Brent: Life on the Road

  1. Beauty and the Beast

It is the middle of the TOP 10 really good Musical movies.

It is a new film in the genre of fantasy which is done in the format of a musical. The main character of the picture – Prince Adam, he was very daring, spiteful, did not know pity and did not love anyone except himself. Once he was rude to one sorceress, which made her very angry. She decided to teach the young and daring prince a lesson and turn him into a terrible monster. The curse affected not only Adam but also all the inhabitants of his castle and the castle itself as well. And if the prince wishes to return everything to former circles, he must learn to be good and merciful, he must learn to love.

  1. Moana

A thousand years ago, the demigod Maui stole from the goddess’s heart the a magic pearl that gives strength to create life. This led to very negative consequences for both the goddess and the demigod Maui, who lost their power. But the daughter of the leader of the tribe who lives on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, the ocean gives strength so that the brave girl Moana could remove the ancient curse of the goddess, and the tribe’s people could fish and travel without fear of the huge waves of the ocean.

  1. La La Land

The movie is about love of young girl who dreams of becoming popular and jazz musician.

  1. Ballerina

Events take place in France in the 19th century. At that time Paris already was the soul of Europe. In the city lived a large number of art lovers. The ballet won its place in the hearts of people. A large scene for the heroine is well known. She had the opportunity to speak repeatedly, to please fans with her skill. The girl was well aware that there is no limit to perfection, therefore she constantly trained. Every day she danced to get better. The study of new movements took a long time, but the ballerina with pleasure gave herself to her favorite occupation.

With her special style of dance, she could not reach the hearts of a large audience. The attitude of the choreographers to the learned elements was rather negative. They did not perceive the style of the ballerina, therefore, she was not offered anything else but the secondary roles. All diligence was nullified. Everything changed at one point, after a strange purchase. The next purchased pointe shoes were magical.

  1. The Greatest Showman

It is the leader of the list of TOP 10 good Musical movies 2017.

Biographical film tells about the life of the main figure of show business of the 19th century – Phineas Taylor Barnum. In the center of the story is the story of an American entrepreneur (manager, entrepreneur, and businessman), a lover of hoaxes and adventures, who founded the famous wandering circus. The posters promised the audience “The greatest show on Earth”, and one can confidently say: Barnum revolutionized the world of entertainment!

The plot was based on Barnum’s autobiography. The whole life of Phineas Taylor was a complete adventure. In his youth, he wanted to become a shopkeeper, but the business did not work out. Then Barnum opened a print edition, but was accused of slander and caught in jail. Such vital upheavals did not break his spirit, and the hero was always set for success.

The Greatest Showman

TOP 10 new good Musical movies 2017 release dates are specified in here. You can see them on the Internet.

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TOP Upcoming Musical movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood Musical movies 2017

The musical movie is considered as one of the most difficult genres. Since songs and dialogues intertwine in musical films, choreography and music play a crucial role, actors should not only play well, but also sing excellently, and also be able to dance. Subjects of musical films are often taken from the classical works of eminent writers (for example, the musical “My Fair Lady” with the inimitable Audrey Hepburn is based on the work of Bernard Shaw). The formation of the musical was most influenced by vaudeville, operetta, burlesque, and show-variety show. The birthplace of musicals is America. It was in the USA, at the New York stage where the Black Raven intertwined melodrama, ballet, and musical numbers.  So welcome our new TOP 10 best Hollywood Musical movies of 2017 to watch.

List of best Hollywood Musical movies in 2017

Viena and the Fantomes

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Belle is a beautiful girl who loved her father and missed her mother, who went on to the next world. Despite the fact that the life of this girl was never simple, she worked hard and rarely rested, Belle was always cheerful and treated people well, and when she had a little free time, she went to the library, where she began to find that book, which has not yet been read. The librarian was pleased with Belle’s visits, but he could not satisfy her passion for reading since he had not had a new literature for a long time. Recently, the heroine began to pursue the local guy Gaston, who fell in love with this girl and hoped that she would agree to become his wife. But Belle did not like this young man, she considered him too rude, and she did not intend to marry him, much less give birth to his children, and she communicated only with courtesy.

One day, Belle’s dad gathered on the road, he promised his daughter that he would soon return. Suddenly the weather became very bad, this man was forced to look for a place where he could sit a little to continue his way, and when he came across a building, he went into it and began to call the owners. He wanted to ask to stay for a while but could not find anyone. A short time later, the man found himself in prison, the owner of this house thought that a thief had come to him. And his daughter, realizing that something bad had happened to her father, went to search for him. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Musical movies 2017 because it was already released.

  1. Moana

Three thousand years ago the great seafarers from Polynesia discovered many islands in the Pacific Ocean. However, then for some unknown reason, their travels stopped for a long time. Moana, the fearless sixteen-year-old daughter of the leader of the Motunui tribe, gives no peace to the idea of why her tribe cannot swim further than the reef surrounding their island. Uniting with the demigod Maui, the girl goes on an incredible trip to the open ocean.

  1. La La Land

It is a fascinating film about true love. The main heroine of the drama is Mia. This is a sweet girl who, like many of her contemporaries, dreams of acting in films and becoming famous. In a provincial town where Mia was born and raised, her dream could not come true, so she decides to move to Los Angeles, hoping to achieve real success. Arriving in a new city, the heroine understands that it will not be easy to achieve the desired. She goes to castings and tries to impress, but the only achievement of Mia is the position of a waiter. Soon she meets a famous pianist, and the action begins.

  1. Ballerina

Events unfold in Paris in 1879. Feliz adores dancing and dreams of becoming a ballerina. Victor wants to become an inventor.

  1. Wild for the Night

The action thriller is about the murdered on the job killer, who is temporarily returned to life, giving the opportunity to redeem the past. He has only twenty-four hours left to carry out a noble mission in conjunction with his own murderer and win forgiveness.

  1. Viena and the Fantomes

It is a musical melodramatic road-movie about a girl from the 1980s who goes on a trip to North America in the company of punk rockers.

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

The story begins in the suburbs of London, 1970’s. A timid teenager, Enn, along with two friends, gets to the party, where he meets attractive, but “otherworldly” girls.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

  1. Song to Song

The narrative will go on intersecting of two love triangles and tell about what can be sexual obsession and betrayal. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Musical films 2017.

  1. Rock’n Roll

The girl leaves the guy because he is boring. Trying to change her mind, he asks a real rock star for advice.

  1. David Brent: Life on the Road

It is the leader of the list of Hollywood Musical movies 2017.  The action of the film unfolds exactly fifteen years after the events shown in the series. In the center of the plot is the former regional manager of the office company, who considers himself a successful and influential businessman. He always plays by his own rules and wins regardless of the situation. He likes work, he loves music, often reads treatises on philosophy and has a great sense of humor. He sincerely believes that he belongs to the soul of the company, although in reality, others tend to believe that he is lying, petty and arrogant. Periodically, the inadequacy of his behavior pops up.

After working most of his life in the office, he left the company and got a job as a sales representative of a cleaning company. David is already tired of this kind of work and dreams of changing something in his life. And now he plans to become a real rock star. To become famous, the main character of the comedic film “David Brent: Life on the Road”, which can be viewed online, goes on a tour all over the UK. Along the way, he makes a documentary about his travels.

Our TOP 10 new holly Musical movies is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

News Upcoming Musical movies 2019-2020

List of best Musical movies 2017

Musical films always give viewers only the most positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Our TOP 10 best Musical movies of 2017 to watch includes only the best works of the year 2017, which people of all ages will enjoy equally. These films are for children, teenagers, and the whole family.

Music is able to reach out to everyone’s heart, so in this category, there are also films of many genres, so everyone will certainly find something of their own here.

List of best Musical movies 2017

  1. Song to Song

Two love triangles, intersecting with each other. In pursuit of true love, each of them passes through temptations and betrayals. Their relationships develop against the background of the Texas musical scene.

  1. All Eyez on Me

Tupac Shakur is in the TOP 10 best new Musical movies 2017.

Chronicle of the life of the famous rapper Tupac Shakur up to the fatal shooting in Las Vegas in 1996. Tupac – a participant in criminal fights, a convict becomes one of the most famous influential singers in the rap culture.

  1. Pitch Perfect 3

The continuation of the musical comedy franchise. Three girls have to overcome a lot of challenges on the way to wide recognition.

  1. David Brent: Life on the Road

It is a pseudo-documentary road-movie about the fate of David Brent, one of the main heroes of the hit “Office”. He left the paper company for a long time but not a conceited dream of a musical career. Together with his group Brent goes on a prodigal tour, and his “glorious” procession across the country is reordered on the camera.

  1. Rock n Roll

It is a comic story about a young Frenchman who is thrown by a girl because he has not enough rock and roll. Trying to prove otherwise, the hero does a lot of nonsense until he decides to seek advice from a real rock star Johnny Holliday.

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

This fantastic comedy will tell you about an alien who traveled the galaxy for a long time and eventually got into the most insecure place for her in the universe. This place was London, or rather, its Croydon area. Alien girl accidentally fell behind on her group and now in Croydon, she is alone. Here she met two sociable locals. What will this trio do and will the aliens return to her planet?

How will a girl from another galaxy act at parties and in what funny situations will she get involved? At the party, main hero meets two cute exchange students. Enn immediately fell in love with the mysterious alien girl Zan. But they did not come from a distant country, they came from another galaxy. They were sent here to prepare for some mystical ritual.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

  1. Wild for the Night

An American thriller captivates the viewer with an unexpected mixture of genres: it’s a noir, a mystical detective and a dance film in one picture.

The protagonist returns home from the rehabilitation center tired and empty to independently investigate the murder of his sister. He has nowhere to wait for help – both the criminal environment and the police have their own beef. Unexpected thread leads him to one of the nightclubs in Los Angeles, where the hero completely immerses himself in the nightlife of the city, not knowing that it is almost impossible to get out of there alive.

The intrigue keeps in suspense until the denouement. The stylistic decision only fuels interest and does not let to relax for a minute: the mysterious false bottom of the famous American city in the film appears to the viewer as an ominous and frightening place inhabited by absolutely amazing people, some of whom are no longer like people.

Wild for the Night

  1. Viena and the Fantomes

The plot is based on the events of the 80s when punk rock dominates the music world. Crowds of fans all over the country are chasing their idols, worshiping them for some deity. A young girl named Viena works as a manager in a tourist organization. Personal life does not suit the heroine and she decides to take a crazy step, hoping to change the current situation, and find her own happiness. The young lady goes on a world tour after her beloved band, secretly dreaming of getting to know her leader more closely.

A fascinating adventure engulfed many young people’s heads. Travel brings together different in character teenagers, changing their foundations and life principles. The girl becomes more self-sufficient, her inner world completely changes under the influence of extraordinary music. She likes the changes that have taken place. She is not going to stop and does not suspect that fate has prepared for her.

Viena and the Fantomes

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time one sorceress bewitched the young prince into a monster for his self-esteem, rudeness and anger. In addition to the prince, all his servants in the castle underwent a curse, and the palace itself was plunged into darkness. Only true love and kindness can remove the curse.

Belle lives with her father. Her father goes to the annual fair, but because of the terrible blizzard he stumbles off the route. Trying to hide from the blizzard, he hides in the bewitched palace. Without knowing it, Father becomes a prisoner. Belle learns that her father disappeared, and goes in search of him.

It is included in the TOP 10 best recent Musical movies because it was released in March 2017.

  1. The Greatest Showman on Earth

American biographical musical movie directed by Michael Gracie, based on the story of Taylor Barnum, who became famous as the best showman of the 19th century.

The main character of the film is Taylor Barnum (Hugh Jackman), who became the most famous showman of the XIX century. His fame he earned after he organized one of the biggest wandering circuses in history. In his circus, Taylor showed outlandish people from all over the world, as well as a singer from Sweden – Jenny Lind (Michelle Williams), who has a true nightingale voice.

The Greatest Showman on Earth

We hope that our TOP 10 best modern Musical films 2017 answered your main question – What is the best Musical movies in 2017?

Thank you for watching!