TOP Upcoming Suspense movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Suspense movies 2018

Suspense is an artistic effect, suggesting that the viewer has a prolonged anxiety state, a state of uncertainty or “suspense.” Suspense provides with a complex of dramatic, visual, and audible means. The phenomenon of suspense is closely related to the possibility of cinema to involve the viewer in a screen action – the effect arises if the viewer associates himself with the hero, experiences what is happening to him as with himself. As Alfred Hitchcock said: “Suspense without emotion is unthinkable.”

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List of TOP 10 good Suspense movies 2018

  1. Game Night

It all begins with a completely normal hobby. Friends just wanted to play the game, but they did not even know what danger awaits them. As usual, friends gathered at someone’s home and acted as detectives, who should investigate serious crimes invented by them themselves. However, one day they witness a crime committed by a mysterious person. Taking as a basis their knowledge, they lead on the murderer. However, as they approach him, they turn from investigators into victims. Not wishing to be known, the murderer opens a real hunt for the company.

  1. Insidious: The Last Key

Elise always knew that she was different from other people. Even in her teens, she began to feel unique abilities. Years passed, but it became stronger, after which it became clear that she was a medium. The heroine does not have another way out of the situation, but to take her gift. Elise decided that her gift would help her to help people who had encountered the unknown. However, the girl understands that there is one mystery – there is a supernatural power that controls all the evil on the planet.

  1. The Nun

The evil Nun is in the TOP ten good Suspense movies 2018 in theaters.

In a small Romanian monastery nuns live. A peaceful existence is disturbed by a terrible event – one of the novices committed suicide. Such an incident caused various emotions among the inhabitants of the monastery: from anger to panic fear. When the incident was learned in the Vatican, a priest was sent to Romania. He must investigate the circumstances of this suicide.

  1. Professor and the Madman

James Murray decided to take up the compilation of the dictionary, the most complete, with a list of all the English words that exist, a detailed interpretation. His work is now known as the Oxford Dictionary. These events took place at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. William Minor (lunatic), the person who understood the importance of the work, helped to cope with the task. Together, scientists need to figure out everything.

Sean Penn & Mel Gibson on cast for the Professor and the Madman

  1. The Commuter

The main hero is a person who works as an insurance agent. Every day he cares about the safety of someone’s lives and property, until one day when he has to think about his own one. He constantly has to get to work and go home by train. One day, “stranger on the train” involves him into the conspiracy.

  1. The Cloverfield Paradox

The middle of the TOP 10 good english Suspense movies 2018.

The film is an exciting fantasy story for space lovers. The plot of the film unfolds in the future, where humanity is on the verge of disaster because of the rapidly declining energy reserve, which is enough for just a few years. Realizing the imminent threat, scientists around the world are undertaking the development of a project to provide the inhabitants of the Earth with the necessary amount of energy. The idea is to improve the accelerator of charged particles. A spaceship called Cloverfield sent in a space station in order to make this happen. In addition, there are opponents of this experiment who believe that such a powerful energy release can open some portals between worlds, from which unexpected visitors may appear.

  1. Suspiria

Witches’ coven is in the TOP 10 really good Suspense movies.

Rethinking of the classical Italian horror of 1977. At the Berlin boarding school, where professional dancers are preparing, a new student arrives. After a series of sinister events, she finds out that this place was chosen for the witches’ coven.

Suspiria cast

  1. Holmes and Watson

A popular detective in the world will continue to masterfully reveal the most interesting crimes of the century. Sherlock Holmes will be able to take part in the most dangerous large-scale crimes in order to find the necessary evidence. Together with his irreplaceable faithful friend Dr. Watson, he continues to restore justice in the city and beyond. The incidents that investigate these two ingenious people are rather unusual and even mysterious. Only such individuals can eventually find a way out of the most difficult situation. The detectives will not make mistakes because they never do it.

  1. Annihilation

The X-Site is an extremely mysterious and terrible terrain, about which there are many frightening rumors. The government, interested in disrupting the covers, instructed the secret organization to find out what was happening. Several research expeditions were sent there, but almost none of the scientists returned. In addition, those who came home changed radically. The twelfth expedition could be a breakthrough. It is possible that the new attempt will bring dizzying success and reveal the secret. The cursed place hides its secrets, but four women are going to find the source of strange incidents. Each of them has a dark past behind and a difficult life, but it is necessary to renounce the past. The psychologist, anthropologist, biologist, and topographer will work together, becoming a single team, and meet with the unknown, try to understand it…

  1. The House with a Clock in its Walls

Gothic fairy tale will tell about the orphan boy Lewis who moves to the house of his uncle, where previously lived the wicked and powerful sorcerer Isaac. He invented and hid in the mansion the magic clock, counting the time until the end of the world. Young Lewis is to get to know the world of magic and save the world of people.

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TOP Upcoming Suspense movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood Suspense movies 2018

Thrillers, mysteries and suspense films go hand-in-hand and sometimes it’s kinda hard to determine which one of the three genres is more present in a given movie. But that’s not really important as long as you’re having fun. Our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Suspense movies 2018 are a great value for your money.

So, mark the release dates of the ones you really like on the calendar and get ready for the premieres. We’ve got a mighty list of titles that will be appreciated by a wide range of folks. Ghosts, aliens, conspiracies, cops, killers – that’s what we’ll deal with today!

  1. Acrimony

Henson, one of the greatest black actresses of our time, portrays a faithful, God-fearing woman who used to always stick with her husband no matter what. However, he’s been acting like a moron these last couple of years, and she’s finally ready to confront him. The woman learns that he’s not really who he says he is. The feeling of being betrayed makes her angry, disappointed and confused. What is she supposed to do in a situation like this one? Dump the jerk and find something new on the horizon? Or seek revenge?

  1. Cloverfield 4

The first chapter was shot using one single camera, and the effect was epic. The second one was a one-room-only kind of a horror slash thriller film with a great potential. And what can we expect from the third installment that’s titled Cloverfield 4? This time around, the story will take us back to the 40s, when the all-out-war with Germany was raging.

In order to hit the enemy where it hurts and turn the tide, an elite team of American soldiers sneaks into a top-notch Nazi compound only to find out they’ve been carrying out inhumane experiments on the locals. Of the TOP 10 new holly Suspense movies, this one’s a good bang for your buck.

Cloverfield 4

  1. The Strangers 2

The original movie received a lot of international praise for being original, gripping and all kinds of thrilling.Mr. Bertino, the man who wrote the story and directed The Strangers is also working on the script for the sequel. It’s not clear whether he’ll direct it or not, but you can already tell it’s going to be a great movie. Rumors claim that the beautiful Liv Tyler, along with a bunch of other members of the cast will return for chapter #2. If you love horrors slash suspense films that glue you to the seat, we bet this one will be right up your alley.

  1. Annihilation

What if you had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to head out to a place that the humans have no control over? The regular laws don’t apply over there, but you could find something extraordinary if you manage to survive. This expedition will never be known to the public and you’ll never get any medals.

Yet, you’ll be a vital part of this dangerous and highly important mission. Portman portrays a woman that gets such an offer and gladly agrees. Along with other brilliant and courageous ladies, she heads into the unknown, hoping to find the answers to many questions. Put Annihilation on the list of Hollywood Suspense movies 2018 and let’s proceed.

  1. The Predator

Bigger, stronger, smarter and technologically more advanced, these aliens can take on 10 humans without breaking a sweat. And now they’re back after being away for so many years. What are the Predators after this time? More prey to hunt, or something else?

This series desperately needs an awesome film to resurrect itself in the eyes of the fans, and Shane Black looks like just the right man for the job. He’s got a great team, an impressive cast and more than enough bucks to spend. You could call this a restart of the franchise. Let’s hope they deliver on their promises and create a truly special experience for the audience.

  1. Soldado

Crime, thriller, and suspense came together for the original 2015 film. Some called it boring, others called it way too serious, but you can’t deny the fact that it was different from everything else. Next year, three years after the first installment hit the theaters, Soldado will be released.

We know nothing about the script, the cast or the direction they’re going to take with this one. The producers claim the second chapter will be a lot more aggressive, violent, and down-to-Earth. We personally can’t wait to check it out! As one of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Suspense movies of 2018 to watch, it certainly deserves to be put this high on the list.


  1. Sherlock Holmes 3

Yep, the legendary detective is back, and he’s got a few allies to back him up and a few villains to fight. SH 1 and 2 have a lot of positive reviews and are considered to be modern-day classics. Hopefully, the third installment will be even more exciting. They say that if this film turns out to be a commercial success, they’ll release at least two more. That makes it obvious that the team is working tirelessly, trying to make Sherlock Holmes 3 a perfect blockbuster. If you’re into that kind of a thing (detectives, hounds, creepy villains and valiant men in the 19th century), you’ll love it.

  1. The Purge 4

When the original came out, nobody really believed that one day, we’ll talk about the 4th chapter, but it is what it is. What started as a B-movie is today a pretty solid franchise. As for The Purge 4, it will take us back to the very beginning, the year when it all started. The story will be focused on the people that made this horrifying decision and the mechanism used to launch this sick game. Get yourself ready for yet another wild rollercoaster at the theaters. Definitely, one of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Suspense films 2018.

The Purge: The Island

  1. Now You See Me 3

Atlas is back, and he’s ready to create an even bigger mess of things than ever before. The gifted illusionist mastered his craft and will lead the 4 Horsemen in the 3rd installment of this successful series. No info about the plot, the cast or anything else, except that it will, allegedly, come out in 2018. But if you’ve seen the 1st and 2nd chapters, then you can expect something similar. If not, well, the movie will still be very much enjoyable.

Now You See Me 3 Poster

  1. 48 Meters Down

In 47 MD, two girls got stuck in a cage in the middle of an ocean with evil sharks hunting them. In 48 Meters Down, there will be more people, more sharks, and more bloodshed. A bunch of adventurous tourists travels to Brazil to have some extreme fun. They ditch their guide and head out into a “magical” place with ancient relics and beautiful scenery. But they end up in the den of the fiercest sharks in the world with no help or the right equipment. Ok, that’s it for the list of best Hollywood Suspense movies in 2018.

a still from 48 Meters Down

TOP Upcoming Suspense movies 2019-2020

List of best Suspense movies 2018

Suspense is a state of anticipation, anxiety. In cinematography, this termmeans an artistic effect, a special prolonged anxious state of the viewer watching when watching amovie; and a set of artistic techniques used to immerse the viewer in this state. Suspense is mainly used in thrillers and horror films.

Today, we are glad to present you TOP 10 best Suspense movies of 2018 to watch.

We do not want to waste time, so we begin!

List of best Suspense movies 2018

10. Laplace’s Witch

The theory proposed by the famous mathematicians at the beginning of the 19th century as a thought experiment was quickly classified, although several people who participated in it still remained outside the attention of court servants and passed on knowledge to children and grandchildren. It is 2018, two accidents of poisoning on hot springs occurred, this causes suspicions in the expert community and it seems deaths are interrelated. A well-known scientist – biochemist invitedto investigate this case. He will face the girl one of the ancestors of people who knew and took part in the experiment later called the “Laplace Demon.”

9. Pestilenz

The main protagonists of the movie are filmmakers which go on a dangerous journey to a remote village in order to make a documentary about the outbreak of plague.

8. The Ninth Configuration

Strange method of treatment is in the TOP 10 best recent Suspense movies.

The dramaticsuspense will tell a touching story related to the habitat of mentally disabled soldiers of the US Army.

Once a new commander arrives at this unpleasant place. His presence here is no accident. His goal of visiting the castle, serving as a clinic for mentally ill people, is to heal people, giving soldiers the opportunity to put all the crazy fantasies into reality. He is sure that only thanks to this method, soldiers will be able to personally resist their own madness. But is the commander correct in choosing this method of action?

The suspense is filled with a lot of unpredictable moments that can surprise the viewer. This should not be surprising because the behavior of crazy people always causes the strangest feelings.

The Ninth Configuration

7. Twist of Fate

A dramatic film will tell the story of the interweaving of two fates. Max lives in Europe and does not know about the existence of Talyai. Talaya lives in Israel and, of course, does not know anything about Max from Europe. In other words, the lives of the heroes lie in two differentways separated by the ocean. However, fate will bring them together, albeit of a short time. Max and Talaya are experiencing similar tragedies, and the girl decides to leave her homeland in search of answers. Arriving in Europe, Talaya gets acquainted with Max. A short acquaintance ends with a passionate night and “the unfulfilled lovers” broke up forever. However, it is just the beginning. Many years later they meet again, only this time between Max and Talaya… If you want to know what happened next, you should watch the movie.

6. The Magic Dust

The movie will tell about a man who tries to return his loved women from the dead.

The Magic Dust

5. Circus of Dread

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best modern Suspense films 2018.

A people’spicture about the circus always differs. Spectators are used to seeing shows and entertainment, laughter and fun. Here also will be performance but very different from the usual action. This circus is located deep underground. Creators of this brainchild are two siblings, who used to have different views on life.

One of them is a minister of the church who, it would seem, preaches the Laws of God and teaches everyone to forgive and forget. Another, an inveterate criminal, who has been serving time in prison for the crimes committed many times. But now, two blood relatives have united in one group. They started all this in order to find and get revenge on offenders.

On their circus performance were invited only those viewers who received an invitation to this action. People who came to such an unusual place for the circus did not even suspect that they would be guests of the program. What did the brothers really plan? Who are the people who agreed to be executioners, playing a bloody show?

man with hook

4. Don’t Bother to Knock

According to the plot, the main heroine enters the New York hotel as a babysitter, called to look after the child. Actually, she was just released from a psychiatric hospital, where she got to after she learned that her lover broke up with her…

3. The Witch

The protagonist of the movie is a woman who is engaged in witchcraft. She constantly conjures and enjoys it. A few years ago, this young lady could not even imagine that she would be engaged in black magic and she would like it. She had a happy life with a young man who appreciated and respected her. However, after his death, everything changed radically. Now she wants to take revenge on those who have deprived her beloved one of life and is ready to do everything possible to achieve the goal.

2. Path of Redemption

Young boy Adriano never tried to solve any of his problems, because he really does not care about workers or household matters. The guy chose for himself a more slippery slope, that is, he entered the criminal world. Now he, together with the rest of the bandits, is engaged in racketeering, and after a while comes to power in order to be able from there to illegally manage the business of the city.

After some time, Adriano learns that many years ago his parents were attacked by hooligans and therefore now the guy intends to avenge the offense of his parents, especially since he is now simply obliged to protect the daughter of the commissioner, who soon can turn into another victim of criminals…

Path of Redemption

1. Man of War

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best new Suspense movies 2018.

The movie will tell a story about a veteran man and beloved husband who mysteriously disappears without a trace.

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We hope it gave an answer to the main question – what is the best Suspense movies in 2018?

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TOP Upcoming Suspense movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Suspense movies of 2017

Suspense has nothing to do with fun, comedy and/or drama, but, if you’re a fan of mysteries, thrillers, and the feeling of ever-rising tension in a movie, then this genre is probably your favorite. This is the list of TOP 10 Suspense latest movies 2017, the most buzz-worthy releases of the year. Join us in finding out which one is the best!

When the Bough Breaks

  1. Life

Horror and suspense are known for going hand-in-hand with each other, and Life is definitely the biggest nerve-wrecker of 2017. A crew of scientists/researchers on the ISS is dealing with an unknown biological entity from Mars. This is the first time in history that humanity gets brick-strong proof of life outside of planet Earth. However, the organism turns out to be extremely dangerous and lethal. It wants to consume more lives, and if the crew fails to stop it, this predator will make it to our home planet and cause devastation of massive proportions. Put your seatbelts on and enjoy this scary masterpiece!

  1. Get Out

A regular black kid, in love with a beautiful white girl, visits her parents for a proper introduction. The young woman’s family is wealthy and well-mannered, but they’re trying a bit too hard to be polite and casual with Chris, the African-American man. He just wants everybody to treat him like an ordinary human being, but he could never expect to become a prisoner of this estate. What will he find hidden behind this old mansion’s walls? And will he ever escape their wrath? What started as “mild racism” has turned into a disaster for Chris. Get Out should definitely be on the list of TOP 10 Suspense movies recent – it’s gripping, thrilling and, well, suspenseful.

  1. A Cure for Wellness

True, the new guy always gets the worst assignments, but this is something entirely different: the man travels across the globe to Switzerland to bring the mighty company’s CEO back but becomes a part of a sinister conspiracy. The health spa proves to be a place of never-ending terror and horror, and it’s up to this young man to figure out a way out and save the head honcho along the way. The cure that the spa is famous for is insanely addictive, and soon the “retriever” feels addicted to it. If he fails to reveal the truth behind this organization to the world, everything will be lost.

  1. The Belko Experiment

It’s just another day at the office for the 80 US workers stationed in Bogota. Well, not quite: what started as a regular 10-hour work routine quickly turns into a game of survival that you can’t escape. A psycho addresses every single person in the room and claims that he’ll kill them all if they refuse to play his sick game. That’s the only way any of them will make it out of the building alive. There are no teams, no friends, and no relatives – every man/woman is on his/her own. Let the games begin! As far as new Suspense movies releases in 2017 go, The Belko Experiment is the biggest “nail-biter” of them all.

  1. Unforgettable

This is the suspenseful story of a mentally ill woman who can’t come to terms with the fact that her marriage is no more. So, when she finds out that her now-ex-husband is happy with a new woman, she grows more and more desperate, which results in her losing her mind completely and focusing on turning the innocent woman’s life into a nightmare. Unforgettable is a fast-paced, gripping thriller/suspense movie. You can almost feel the tension rising from the very beginning and exploding at the very end.

  1. Rings

Do you remember the 2002 smash hit, “The Ring”, that conquered the hearts and minds of millions around the globe? Well, this is the official threequel! The God-damn videotape is back, and it’s brought death along with it. The rules are the same as before: you’ve got 7 days to live after you seek the movie, and the only way to break the curse is to make another person watch it. Holt, a young fella, makes the mistakes of watching the cursed tape, and Julia, his girl, puts her own life in danger by deliberately turning the tape on and watching it from start to finish. She discovers a “hidden” movie inside the first one, and that gives her a chance at defeating the cult behind it.

  1. Raw

This is the list of TOP 10 recently released Suspense movies of 2017, dear friends. Let’s see what else we’ve got in stores for you. While at vet school, a vegetarian girl is forced by her “friends” to try some meat, and it starts a chain of events that turn the innocent girl into a modern-day cannibal. The craving for fresh meat never stops, and her body begins to change as she gives in to this new reality. It’s true when they say that people are animals, but this girl is going to take that claim to a whole another level. Those mean kids that used to make fun of her are going to regret they ever made her eat meat…

  1. When the Bough Breaks

Laura and her man, John, have been desperately trying to conceive a child together, and now they’re finally ready to hire a surrogate. They spend a lot of time of finding just the right woman, and when they meet Anna, the couple thinks that she’s an ideal pick. And when her boyfriend beats her, the girl asks the Taylors to let her stay in their house until the kid is born. Everything goes smoothly at first, but Anna grows obsessed with the man of the house, which results in a catastrophe for all three and the unborn child. Of the latest Suspense movies in English 2017, this one’s a breath-taker!

  1. Voice from the Stone

It’s the 50s, and a regular boy has gone mute after he lost his mom. Verena, a young nurse, is known to bring traumatized kids back to normal life. She arrives in Tuscany to help the poor boy. She’s the only hope for his 40-year-old dad who’s desperately trying to handle the situation. Soon, Verena realizes that the spirit of the dead woman is trying to possess her body, and the fact that she’s slowly falling for the man of the house doesn’t exactly help the situation…Of the newly released Suspense movies 2017, this one is a must-see for the fans of Emilia Clarke.

  1. Alien Covenant

The crew of a colony ship comes across a beautiful planet that turns out to be home to a horrifying predator, the most lethal creature in the Universe. Yes, people can’t stop criticizing this movie, but that doesn’t change the fact that the new Alien is a must-see for the fans of sci-fi, mystery, thrillers and suspense. It’s still one of the most resonating releases of 2017, so, there you have it!

Ok, that’s it for our TOP 10 modern Suspense movies of 2017. Stay tuned for more great lists!

TOP Upcoming Suspense movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Suspense movies 2017

Many contemporaries do not remember those times when the first VHS appeared and in order to watch a good movie, we had to ring up friends and acquaintances, exchanging VHS cassettes, with rare tapes in not always good quality. Often, the search for a single film could take weeks, and what a pleasure it was to see a videotape with a long-sought movie on the shelf of a casual acquaintance… And if it was still a suspense movie – there was no limit to happiness.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best english Suspense movies 2017 to watch.

Suspense as a genre of cinema, the concept is extensible and does not have a clear framework. It closely intertwines with such genres as thriller, drama, horror, science fiction and mysticism. The plot of suspense can be twisted around extraterrestrials, spy stories, otherworldly phenomena, serial maniacs and investigations of crimes, mental disorders, around ghosts and mystical phenomena. All these films combine one thing – suspense, that is, an atmosphere of emotional tension.

Death Note

This state is achieved through many cinematic techniques – a dashing twisted plot, intense music, psychological effects, and understatement. This makes the viewer feel a sense of excitement, emotion, perhaps even fear, right up to the very end of the films, when everything falls into place and all the secrets are revealed.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Suspense films 2017.

  1. Wish Upon

The film tells about a teenage girl who constantly experiences jeers from her more popular contemporaries. One day a magic casket comes into her hands, all of whose previous owners died a strange death. Suddenly, the girl finds out that the box fulfills her wishes, and she starts using it to take revenge on her offenders.

However, it turns into the terrible consequences. And gradually the girl begins to understand that she does not control the casket, but the casket controls her…

  1. Death Note

It is Hollywood film version of the famous anime. In the hands of a gifted senior falls a Death Note: it is worth to write in it the name of the person, and he will die at the time for the indicated reason. The hero uses the Notebook to eliminate the criminals but eventually goes farther and farther. Here appears no less gifted enemy from the side of law and order.

  1. The Belko Experiment

A group of people, mostly Americans, work in a huge building located in the capital of Colombia. They did not expect that working in a quiet office would be deadly. Unknown to the heroes of the movie, the villain decides to arrange a survival game, which involves all employees.

  1. The Bye Bye Man

One of the best horror movies with suspense elements is on the list of TOP 10 english Suspense movies 2017.

The main characters are three young people, they are students and behave accordingly – having fun, up all night, they live in a hostel. But time is passing, two years of rampant life have passed and three friends are beginning to understand that it’s time to calm down. After consulting they decided to rent a small cozy house outside the city, especially since it was affordable for them. Of course, they heard from the local residents a few stories about this house but did not pay attention to the horror stories that were told about it.

Moving to a new residence is turned out to be a real nightmare for students. It turns out that there lived an evil spirit called Bye Bye Man, cruel, furious and unaware of pity. This creature terrified a person, deprived him of reason and forced him to commit suicide if this person accidentally pronounces his name loud. The monster spent almost a hundred years in the dark and waited, when one of the people, who were around said the coveted words, to start its cruel hunt.

  1. Split

People suffering from dissociative personality disorder, have long been not only frightening, but are also putting science at a dead end. It is believed that many of them can create unique physical characteristics for each person that develops in one person. The protagonist named Kevin suffers from this disorder, his doctor discovered 23 different personalities from the young man, and only one of them is dominant. Once the main character abducts three girls, after which one of his cruel and dangerous sides begins to materialize.

  1. Alien: Covenant

The fifth place of the TOP 10 popular english Suspense movies in 2017, list of which includes the best suspense movies of 2017.

The command of the spacecraft “Covenant”, which went to the planet in the remote part of the galaxy, considering it an unexplored paradise, finds a colossal threat at the place of arrival, which they could not even imagine. In trying to save their lives, the crew tries to escape.

  1. Life

It is a group of international space scientists investigating life on the planet Mars. They do not yet know to what events will lead their discovery.

  1. Logan

Hugh Jackman: Last time as Wolverine is in TOP 10 new english Suspense movies 2017.

In the distant future, Logan and Professor Xavier were left without the X-Men team, now only they can resist a powerful corporation led by Nathaniel Essex, who plans to destroy the world.

  1. Atomic Blonde

The Cold War between the USSR and the West. Undercover agent MI6 goes to task in Berlin to investigate the murder of the agent and obtain the wanted list of double agents.

  1. Ghost in the Shell

“Ghost in the Shell” is a fantastic film, on the subject of which mankind invented implants, which could be introduced into the body and acquire with their help many unusual super abilities. But the technical discovery caused a lot of trouble: hackers from all over the world began to hunt the owners of these chips. With a computer at hand, criminals could easily read information from electronic devices and thus took valuable information from their victims. It was necessary to take urgent measures.

The Ninth Division was tasked with catching such criminals and also doing everything so that those who are still free will not commit new atrocities. At the head of the department was Motoko. Together with his subordinates, Motoko will seek out a dangerous Puppet Master, who planned to hack all the programs created by cybernetics to permanently block access to implants.

TOP 10 latest english Suspense movies 2017 release dates, you can know on the Internet.

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TOP Upcoming Suspense movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Suspense movies 2017

For those who is not aware of the term suspense movies that is often used for describing upcoming films, it is not difficult to explain – these are the projects that promote the intense excitement of viewers from all over the world that are happy to watch highly expected films. Our TOP 10 new good Suspense movies 2017 release contains one of the most expected films and franchises that are all scheduled to be released this year and already have lots of views on YouTube when it comes to their trailers. It includes projects of different styles of contemporary cinematography, among them are horror films, science fiction, drama and similar.

Amityville: The Awakening

Before making a decision and buying the tickets to the cinema, let’s take a look at the next upcoming projects created in Hollywood:


The slogan of this supernatural horror movie, that some critics also called a good psychological film, is “Firth you watch it. Then you die”. In fact, this appears to be the third film in the series The Ring. The film starts with the passenger on the airplane who says that he watched the mini film, recorded on videotape, made by Samara Morgan (the American version of Japanese Sadako Yamamura who represents central antagonist). Later events lead to the crash. Just a few years later, the tapes are being found by other people who haven’t even had the idea that video recording is very dangerous.

The Fate of the Furious

When it comes to TOP 10 good English Suspense movies 2017 this action film made and produced in Hollywood also has a short name F8 and united such actors as Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham and so on. This is the first part of the whole franchise that was filmed without Paul Walker who died in a car accident at the end of November 2013. The plot follows Dominic Toretto being on a honeymoon with his beloved wife but instead of chilling and relaxing he is challenged to take a part in a street race by local racer called Fernando. Afterward, the man becomes forced to work on a cyber terrorist Cipher.

Annabelle: Creation

A supernatural horror movie that is actually a prequel to the one that was released in 2014. It opens a new never heard before story behind the doll called Annabelle, how she was created and why Annabelle is a real devil. The plot follows a maker of dolls and his beloved wife – apparently, they had lost their daughter and the man decides to create a new doll and call it Annabelle.

Transformers: The Last Knight

If you are looking to watch TOP 10 good Suspense films 2017 you need to go to the very last movie in the Transformers franchise. According to the latest information about the future plot of the film, it represents the events shown in this project are the result of the absence of Optimus Prime. In the new world, there is a dangerous war between the race of humans and the Transformers who are trying so hard to survive. To be able to avoid the biggest mistake, the main character Cade, played by Mark Wahlberg, decides to unite with an English lord and clever professor from Oxford University. Together, they want to learn everything about the reasons why the machines keep coming to Earth.

John Wick: Chapter 2

In fact, this is the first movie where Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne appear together again after playing in The Matrix franchise. The upcoming movie continues the event of the first part and shows Wick finding his stolen Ford near the shop. The owner of that shop was Abram Tarasov – Russian gangster – and they both had a conflict when Wick wanted to bring his car back. Afterward, John finds himself uniting with Italian lord of crime for reaching his own targets.

Berlin Syndrome

This Australian drama movie was based on the recent novel with the same title. Our list of TOP 10 good Suspense movies 2017 contains this kind of psychological film as it represents the complicated story of a journalist Clare who arrives in Germany. Afterward, she spends a night with a guy, played by Max Riemelt, and falls in love with him. However, the next day Clare finds out that she has been locked by that stranger and it is obviously that he doesn’t even have the intention to let her go away.


In this movie that was based on the real events, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Roman Melnik who loses his wife and a child in a plane crash because of the mistake of the air traffic controller. Everything he wants now is revenge so that the man who is responsible for the tragedy can feel what it is like to lose someone. The film was based on a real story of Russian architect Vitaly Kaloyev who also lost his wife and two children in horrible disaster blaming Danish controller.

Amityville: The Awakening

Another horror film on our TOP 10 really good Suspense movies and is about Belle and her family moving to another house in order to start a new life and save money for buying particular medicines to her brother. However, the family notice weird things happening to them and afterward, the main character Belle realizes they are in Amityville house that doesn’t seem to have a good atmosphere.

Wonder Woman

One of the most expected films is about a lady who decides to become Wonder Woman after she finds out about the World War I happening in the world. She accidentally finds American pilot after the crash with whom she quickly becomes friends and travel to London to save the world.

Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi

And the last franchise on the list of TOP ten good Suspense movies 2017 in theaters seems to, unfortunately, released without Carrie Fisher who died after the filming had been finished. In fact, a sequel to the movie is already scheduled to be released at the end of May in 2019 known as Episode IX that is supposed to be the very last installment of the Star Wars trilogy. The production of this part of the sequel has already begun at the beginning of February 2016. Carrie should have appeared in this trilogy, too, but everything has changed after her death. Afterward, Lucasfilm announced that they weren’t going to digitally generate the appearance of Fisher in the movie which was admitted in April 2017.

TOP Upcoming Suspense movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood Suspense movies in 2017

They say that thrillers and mysteries are the most popular genres of all times, but when you combine the two and add a little bit (or, rather, a lot) of tension, you get that unmistakable feeling of suspense that makes the audience hold onto their seats and gaze at the screen in anticipation. Our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Suspense movies 2017 are equally gripping, thrilling and disturbing, so, get ready for a blood-chilling and breath-taking ride!


Kevin looks like a regular fella – nothing special about him – but he’s suffering from a disease called “Multiple personality disorder”. His body and mind are home to 23 different persons, and some of them are eerie, sinister and murderous. He kidnaps 3 innocent young women and keeps them as hostages. Help isn’t coming, so, unless the teenagers manage to “wake up” the caring and loving personalities inside of the scary man, they’ll all die a horrible death. But how can a bunch of kids trick a brutal and ruthless criminal from stepping down and letting “the other guy” run the show?

Get Out

Chris, a handsome black man, is enjoying every single moment of his relationship with Rose, his white girlfriend. He’s a confident, smart and capable young fella, and when she asks him to meet her parents, he gladly agrees. However, this little visit turns out to be his biggest nightmare, and soon he finds himself struggling with a number of crazy folks that want to lock him up in what seems to be a prison for black folks from different generations. Get Out is most definitely one of the TOP 10 new holly Suspense movies, and if you love the thrill of the unknown, make sure to check this one out. It’s already available worldwide!


A troubled bloke is devastated by the news that his mom is now lying in a coma, and he’s quick to blame it all on his stepdad. He decides to “take care” of the man but soon gets himself into quite a turbulent situation that he can’t find a way out from. He struck a deal with an assassin, and there’s no going back from something like that. Thus, his whole life seems to be getting out of his hands, and all he can do now is try and fix everything that he’s done. But it’s not really that easy to “reverse” your sins, so, the desperate son is about to learn what it truly means to be a man and to face your own demons.


Jake is just a regular air traffic controller, but when he makes a mistake while on duty, the error kills two women. Roman, the husband and the father to these ladies, is crushed by the news. Both the young dude and the man are struggling with the consequences, and, strangely enough, they manage to help each other let go of the past and move forward with their lives. Roman will have to fight the desire to kill the one responsible for his family’s death and find peace and healing through forgiveness. Put Aftermath on your TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Thriller Suspense films 2017 if you appreciate dramas-thrillers-suspense films that are equally thought-provoking and exciting.

Cult of Chucky

Nica has been “locked up” in a mental institution against her will for the past 4 years. The cops claim she killed the members of her own family, while the girl keeps saying she had nothing to do with it. The doctors give her a creepy doll that turns out to be possessed by the evil ghost of a real serial murderer – Chucky. Soon, the inhabitants of the institution are killed one by one, which leads to Nica believing the spirit of the killer is responsible for all of it. But how can she stop the eerie doll from murdering innocents when she doesn’t even know how to kill it? There’s no going back for her now, and if she fails, she’ll become the next victim of the horrendous doll.

Cult of Chucky

Personal Shopper

A beautiful young girl, hired by a rich, fancy and shallow older woman, is struggling with the recent passing of her twin bruv. She can’t bare the pain anymore, and so, she embarks on a perilous trip into the afterlife, hoping to get a message from her dead brother. Will this spiritual journey give her what she needs, or will the girl be forever lost in the place that you can’t go back from? Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Suspense movies of 2017 to watch, Personal Shopper is a must-see for all the fans of gripping, thrilling and twisty stories with tons of tension and, of course, suspense.

Saw: Legacy

Yes, the iconic Saw series is back, and it’s gonna be equally gruesome and fun! With Jigsaw finally dead and gone, and his followers scattered, people started to think that the horrors are over. It’s been a decade without any incidents, but then, all of a sudden, bodies start to pile up, and the marks of the vicious killer are all over them. The police can’t deny the fact that a new copycat is out there, bringing death and terror into the hearts and souls of the innocent residents of the city. No one is safe anymore, and all the sinners are going to suffer an excruciating death. So, who is this new apprentice? And will the cops be able to stop him?

It Comes at Night

There’s a new kind of evil roaming the streets, and a man manages to find a safe spot for himself and his family. It’s hard not to think about the darkness outside, so, he tries to keep his wife and kid disciplined. But, the law and order in the house begin to crack when they kindly let another family stay with them. As the dark forces get closer to their dwelling, the two families start to blame each other for things none of them did. It Comes at Night deserves a very special place on the list of Hollywood Suspense movies 2017, as you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Friend Request

Laura is one of the most popular girls in her college, and she has a bunch of best friends that she spends most of her time with. Plus, she has over 800 friends on Facebook that she also keeps in touch with. One day, Laura makes the mistake of accepting a friend request from this mysterious girl – Marina – and everything changes for the worst after she clicks that button. Her friends and loved ones start to disappear and die, and only Laura can break the curse and stop the evil Marina from killing even more people. If she fails, she’ll be the next victim.


True, this one’s more of a horror, than a suspense movie, but it is full of tension, and you’ll find yourself “glued” to your seat more than once. Life follows a team of gifted scientists that find prove of biological life on Mars. They thought they came across a miracle, but the entity they brought onboard the ISS is highly lethal. It caused extinction on the Red Planet, and now it’s hungry for some more blood…

Alright, that was our list of best Hollywood Suspense movies in 2017! Stay tuned and make sure not to miss out on the hottest new releases!

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When does come out Personal Shopper movie 2017

The first movie “Personal Shopper” was shown at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, where it was nominated for the “Palme d’Or”. In an interview with actress K. Stewart, she shared her impressions about the shooting of the film: “I feel that I can no longer have an opportunity to work on the theme of the underworld. I think I just got lucky because the director has other projects and other stories that should be told. I’m going to help him to reveal the subject and I hope that we will find each other again.”


  • O. Assayas is a director of the movie. He is known for “Paris, I love you”, “Clouds of Sils Maria”, “Summer Hours”.
  • Y. Saux is a cinematographer.
  • M. Monnier is a film editor.
  • F. Labarthe is a production designer.
  • M. Kurel is a set decorator.
  • J. Doering is a costume designer.

Personal Shopper movie 2017

When is Personal Shopper 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will come on screens in the beginning of March, 2017.


In fact, life after the physical death of the body continues soul of man, but the sight of her can be very different. The soul may look large and luminous, with huge white wings of Faith and can be compressed into a ball, imprisoned in a dark shell of the ego, with cut wings and a hole instead of a heart.

Most of all it depends on how the person has passed his earthly incarnation, worthy or not. Depending on this, the soul will either be blessed with the Forces of Light and God, if it is adequately implemented his earthly problems. Or fall into the slavery of the Dark Forces, and will suffer, if a man had fallen, evil.

Mankind has long decided the question of whether there is life after death. There is! – Say all religions, without exception, and most philosophies. However, with the spread of atheism, this question came up again, and scientists are divided into two opposing camps.

In the meantime, they argue, the news from the other side continues to come to the believers and the unbeliever, and hardly worth dismiss this fact, referring to the bad faith or abnormality of psychics with other world.

“Afterlife exists – says Wang, – the dead continue to live a new life in the spirit world. Their souls are with us. “There are a lot of evidences. For example, in her autobiography, Natalya Petrovna Bekhtereva, an academician, a neuroscientist with a world name, told how ghost after her husband’s death was to come to her, not only at night but during the day, sharing the important thoughts that have not managed to make in life.

Bechtereva says that was not scared at all because it does not doubt the reality of what is happening. The ghost was well aware of the life of Natalia Petrovna, all he predicted came true up to the fact that the lost document themselves in the place to which he pointed. “What was it – a product of the work of my mind caught in a state of stress, or something else – I do not know – she summarized. – One thing I know for sure – it is not imagination.”

“If the assumptions of the materiality of the soul are true, – writes the American physicist David Sushett – that” guests from the past”- not a game disordered imagination, but a very real phenomenon.” According to the scientist, actually repeated the words Bechtereva, contact with the dead, is not available to all, but only to people staying in a particular state of altered consciousness that arises in severe stress or in an extreme situation.

Perhaps, however, it happens, and then, when the messenger of the “Otherworld” has an urgent need to get in touch with real people.

Personal Shopper 2017


The official movie Personal Shopper trailer is at the top of the page.


The main character of the film “Personal Shopper” is a young girl named Maureen (Kristen Stewart) – moved to Paris to become a personal buyer in a rich socialite. Maureen has to travel a lot in different European countries to buy beautiful and expensive things. During another trip to London, she receives a strange text message from an unknown caller. Initially, Morin believes that it is someone’s joke. But over time, messages are becoming a more mysterious character, and Maureen begins to seem that they come to her from the underworld by her late brother Lewis, who died of a heart attack.


  • K. Stewart as Maureen Cartwright
  • L. Eidinger as Ingo
  • S. Bouaziz as Lara

Release Date

Personal Shopper 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 2nd of March, 2017 in Russia.

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When does come out Rings movie 2017

It took 13 years … but the memories of horrific events are still alive and turned into a terrible urban legend. A lot of people want to learn the secret of sinister cassette, after watching that everyone was going to die in seven days. Many are willing to risk. One of these brave young man is Holt (Alex Rowe), enthusiastically engaged in the study developed around a mysterious subculture cassettes. Holt deadly obsession recording is worrying his girlfriend Julia (Anna Mathilde Ingrid Lutz), who is confident that both of them are in danger if Holt does not leave attempts to get to the truth. But when it’s too late, she sacrifices herself to save her lover and makes a horrifying discovery inside the nightmarish film, there is another, which nobody has ever seen.

Rings movie 2017


The Rings is the classic movie, the third part of the famous movie in the genre of horror and coming soon to cinemas in the big screens. This film is the third part of a series and is a sequel. History of this film began in August 2014. The Paramount studio offered screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to write the script for the third installment of the trilogy. Few month later appeared news and posters and the third part of Rings was confirmed officially. The biggest fans are waiting when does Rings come out!

The director the picture decided to be F. Javier Gutiérrez, known for his previous work in the genres of horror, thriller, and fantasy. His last work was the producer center horror movie “Tres días”. Filming process began in the spring of 2015. They were held in Atlanta, USA.


In the cast, we can notice such popular actors: Johnny Galecki as Gabriel, one of the main actors from the television series The Big Bang Theory,  Vincent D’Onofryo, who recent movies were “Jurassic World”, “The Magnificent Seven” and “Judge”. Also some actresses such as Laura Uyhhyns, Emmy Tyharden and quite a lot of other young actors.

Rings classic scenario tells the story of the “film in the film” in which events occur that will not leave no one indifferent connoisseur of horror. The film itself is already a standard rating for horror – PG-13, generally nothing special.The official slogan for this Rings movie is “Evil is reborn” what you can see on posters. Movie Rings trailer shows the most exciting moments!


From the first seconds of the trailer, we can spectate that story is in the classic canon of the horror genre and begins with a mysterious story about the strange video after wich strange things happens. Also this story was presented in all the past of the series. Besides, we know that the events that will be reflected in the film take place 13 years after the events of the last part of the trilogy – Rings 2. This fact makes us think that this is a sequel, but this time cast with the new circumstances. Rings 2017 movie release date is getting closer! Don’t miss!


Rings movie

New trends in cinematography and 3D technology which are actively used to make this film stand still and hold your breath everyone who will be able to see this tape. Also, we were able to see some of new special effects and moments from the movie in the trailer. Some of them are terrifying and creepy like true fans expected.  Unique emotions will feel the audience wich are going to watch Rings in cinemas. New 3D IMAX technology and high definition sound, which is used in the best tradition of filming complete take this old fashion story to the next level, and the additional graphics effects make this horror intimidating.

Another feature of this film was much smaller budget than in previous installments. Total fees for filming and the actors spent 33 million dollars. But given the experience of the director in the genre and not big Hollywood budgets, we can be sure that this does not sport the picture. Expectations for the film are quite high. The main reason of this is that Rings is the classic remake of the story, which like all horror and thriller genre. Also, the film was held promotional campaign and withdrawn cool trailer and posters.

When is Rings coming to theaters? It scheduled for February, 2017. Looking forward we hope this movie will be great.

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When does come out Friend Request movie 2017

Social media – they appeared in our lives quite recently but have already conquered the internet and our free time. Using them people all around the world still aware of the situations that can appear while being online – there are lots of fake accounts with unreal people. But the Hollywood movie production companies have gone a little bit more far than usual starting making the horror films about the internet. So, what is the new in this movie industry?

Friend Request movie

The lovers of horror movies already asking – when does Friend Request come out? There is the good news. Friend Request was already released at the very beginning of 2016 in Germany and today can be easily watched online on the website the auditory prefers. However, it is still expected to be showed and released in Canada and also in the USA only in 2017.

Movie Friend Request trailer or, as the original name of the film says “Unfriend” in the German language, mixes up all the best horror movie moments that can attract the attention of the viewers. What can add a strange person without any friends on social media cause? Warner Brothers production is a new view on European cinematography and young people lives in general. However, the German director decided to film the movie in South Africa with the actors mostly speaking the English language so it required the new project to be filmed in English. It doesn’t take so long to make it and the shooting was finished in 2014 so Friend Request 2017 movie release date was planned for the January of 2016 in Europe and 2017 in the USA.

Unusual way of showing social networks – film plot

So the plot of the movie is a little bit complicated but has a good base due to the English-speaking cast that has been carefully chosen before filming. The main character is called Laura and she is the popular one in her college having nearly thousand Facebook friends. However, one day she receives a friend request from the person who is totally her opposite – she is not that popular and looks like a shadow but has a big talent in drawing animated sketches. But for Laura they don’t look very attractive what makes her feel uncomfortable while communicating with her.

On the Birthday Laura posts the picture of her and her close friends on Facebook and her new companion sees it and gets angry because she wasn’t invited to that party thinking and hoping she can be the best friend of Laura. After that, Marina has a conflict with Laura, what made Laura angry and she pushed the girl in front of the students. Accidently, the hat Marina was wearing took off showing her hairless head to the students watching the girls’ fight. After that Laura decides to unfriend her but it appears to be impossible. But the next day she receives the very unusual and terrifying video that is later somehow being posted on the main character’s page without her permission and not being able to be deleted.

Friend Request

The next day after an unsuccessful deleting strange girl with black fake hair from friends Laura went to the college and got the information from one of the professors that Marina Mills committed suicide. This new made her scary. And then the most terrifying nights and days start for the main character. At the end of the movie she becomes a lonely weirdo, without any friends neither in college nor on the social network.

When is Friend Request coming to the theaters you may ask? After the film was released in Germany in 2016 it was then scheduled for American premiere in 2017 in the winter.

Interesting facts

  • Original name of the film should have been “Unknown Error” but then was changed to avoid coincidences.
  • The horror movie was filmed in Cape Town.
  • Even it is all about using Facebook it wasn’t mentioned and shown properly.