The Croods 2 (2020)

Year: 2020
Сountry: USA
Language: English
Actors: Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman, Emma Stone, Kat Dennings, Kelly Marie Tran, Leslie Mann, Nicolas Cage, Peter Dinklage, Ryan Reynolds
Director: Joel Crawford
Writers: Dan Hageman, Kirk DeMicco

In the prehistoric era, unknown creatures inhabited the planet, and wonderful plants freely grew in nature. A reasonable man was just starting a difficult and long journey along the evolutionary ladder. In a cave, in a secluded place, lives a family headed by an authoritative Grug. He established his own rules in a close-knit community. He makes sure that his requirements and instructions are strictly followed. Progress and novelty are prohibited here: everything that is unfamiliar and unusual is considered dangerous and is avoided. However, children do not want to live according to the strict laws of their parents; they seek to know the world outside of a safe and secure haven.

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The director of the movie is Joel Crawford. It is his directorial debut but he is not a new person in the art department of the studio: he was directly involved in the creation of “Kung Fu Panda,” “Shrek” as a screenwriter.

Alan Silvestri is a composer.

James Ryan is a film editor.  

Paul Duncan is an art director.

The creators argue that the concept of the picture grew out of the fundamental philosophical message of authorship of the great thinker Plato in one of his parables about the Cave, as a metaphor for the restrictions within their consciousness that people themselves establish.

When is The Croods 2 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it very soon.

Netherlands17 December 2020
Indonesia23 December 2020
Sweden23 December 2020
USA23 December 2020
Brazil24 December 2020
Italy24 December 2020
Russia24 December 2020
Slovakia24 December 2020
Latvia25 December 2020
Turkey25 December 2020


Members of the large and friendly Croods family live during the Ice Age and are constantly faced with all possible difficulties and troubles. In the first film, they had to look for a new place to live and join forces to deal with unforeseen circumstances. The main characters made conclusions and decided not to change their lives radically anymore, but soon they were again drawn to adventure.

The search for a new home begins again, and this, as you know, requires great attention and concentration. The family is trying to solve the problems that arise, but the more they thinking, the more clearly they see the flaws in the developed plan. The main characters are well aware that this time they should use not only their mental potential but also resort to tricks. Living in an ancient world filled with mortal danger, the Croods are accustomed to defending their family well-being, but this time it will be much more difficult to achieve this goal than in the recent and filled with vivid events past.

A new story about the restless and so different family will tell us that it has competitors! Yes, the struggle for a place under the sun, the laws of evolution and all that. It is a kind of rap battle on a prehistoric setting with cavemen in the title role. Betterman family will act as opponents of the Croods.


The movie The Croods 2 trailer is not available now. It will come out closer to the release date of the movie itself.


Emma Stone voices Eep

Nicolas Cage voices Grug

Ryan Reynolds voices Guy

Peter Dinklage voices Phil Betterman

Release date

The Croods 2 2020 movie release date December 23, 2020, in the United States.

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