TOP Upcoming Army movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Army movies 2018

Wars have always been and have become part of history. Each country, which is to protect citizens, creates its own army. As the people say – if you want peace, prepare for war, therefore, a section of films about the army was created for morale.

Such movies teach us to be strong, brave and always protect your own people.

If you are here to watch TOP 10 good Army films 2018, then we do not want to waste your time.

Here we go!

List of TOP 10 good Army movies 2018

  1. Flags Over Berlin

The German detective drama will tell the military history of one of the most important intelligence operations, organized during the Second World War. British intelligence agent Mark Spencer, who is in one of the units of the Red Army, in the image of a correspondent is forced to perform an uneasy secret mission. The journalist arrives in the last month of the spring of the mid-forties in besieged Berlin, when the Red Army men began storming the Reichstag…

Flags Over Berlin Poster

  1. The Rogue

The main hero of an interesting action movie is Mike. Previously, he was a military man, he served in one of the best military units. Some time passes and the protagonist is recruited by the CIA. He does not want to work for the Office, because that requires tremendous responsibility. Now the main character of the film is in Afghanistan. It is there that he will have to determine where the leaders of al-Qaeda live. The whole problem is that there are many terrorists among the population, because of which danger is everywhere.

The Rogue promo

  1. The Bombing

Two brave men are in the TOP ten good Army movies 2018 in theaters.

Bombing – the destroying of troops, equipment and other military and industrial facilities, as well as settlements by artillery fire and air bombs.

The movie will show two brave men who will try to protect their own cite from bombing. Will they cope with such a task?

The Bombing

  1. The Red Man’s View

The era of colonization and development of new territories was marked by a huge number of armed conflicts, the winner of which was the aggressor side. The development of the Wild West by American colonizers in the nineteenth century is the period of the seizure of new territories by armed means. Entire caravans of immigrants moved to the west of the northern states, thousands of Americans left the densely populated regions and were sent to the Great Plains to search for and develop new territories.

In those territories for many centuries, there were indigenous people – American Indians. The arrival of white people was a real tragedy for them, they brought new deadly diseases to these lands, mercilessly exterminated buffalo, and they were resettled to barren and unsuitable reservations. The indigenous population was driven from their native lands. Those who refused to obey were killed because they could not resist perfect and deadly weapons. The protagonists also had to face this grief.

Indians in Red Man's View

  1. The Last Battle

It is a thriller about how a small group of American soldiers made a desperate attempt to free French prisoners of war languishing in a castle in the Austrian part of the Alps. Events unfold in the period from the moment of Hitler’s suicide and to Germany’s surrender. American soldiers knew that the Nazis were going to kill prisoners of war who could have witnessed their war crimes. The Americans were opposed by two hundred of the elite SS troops, but the people found a solution.

The Last Battle

  1. War Magician

The midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Army movies 2018.

The film will be based on the book of the same name by David Fischer, which tells about the English illusionist Jasper Maskelyne, who played an important role in the fight against fascist Germany during the war. The key event in the Fisher’s book is the episode of the rescue of the Alexandrian harbor and the Suez Canal during the Nazi’s bombing. Maskelyne created a life-sized model of a full-size port-away from the city-with fake ships, plywood houses and a lighting system, so that the pilots bombed it, not reaching the real city.

War Magician

  1. Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

The novice director and screenwriter Richard Lanni with his animation team prepared for children and adults a wonderful surprise animated film “Sergeant Stubby: An American Hero” dedicated to the world’s only dog, who was promoted to sergeants for his services. By the way, this cartoon will show a real story about a brave dog that participated in the First World War side by side with its military American comrades.

  1. Ghosts of War

The strange castle is in the TOP 10 really good Army movies.

At the end of the Second World War, five American soldiers are given the task of guarding the French castle, where the Nazi command was previously located. However, in the walls of the castle, they are met by something more terrible than fascism and all the horrors of the war. Will they be able to cope with all the mystery that is hidden in the wall of that damned French castle?

Ghosts of War

  1. The Aftermath

What is the most painful thing a person experiences? Probably, there can be many answers to this question – we are all very different. However, there is a thing that causes such pain as the betrayal of a loved one (or who seemed to be such for a time).

The movie will tell about the hard relationship between wife and husband when they move to live in Hamburg during the post-war period.

Keira Knightley in The Aftermath

  1. Horse Soldiers

September 11, 2001 is the most terrible terrorist act in US history. The government decides to strike the terrorists who are responsible for this terrible tragedy. Captain Mitch Nelson gets an important mission – to go with his team to Afghanistan to become the first wave of a large-scale anti-terrorist operation. In a hostile territory, the detachment joins forces with Alliance leader General Abdul Rashid Dostum. He and his people support the US military and become their agents. Heroes go through the mountains to get to the city in which the enemy is supposedly hiding.

A list ends now.

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TOP Upcoming Army movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood Army movies 2018

The Americans have one of the greatest armies in the world, and they’re not shy to show that in their films. In this post, we’ll discuss the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Army movies 2018 has to offer. It looks like next year will be quite rich for this genre.

We’ve got movies that take us back to WW2, stories based on real-world events, and even some futuristic tales. So, sit back, relax, make yourself a nice cup of tea or whatever you like and let’s dive into this highly patriotic list.

  1. Cloverfield 4

Welcome to 1944: The Allied forces are successfully pushing the Nazis back, but the enemy is still very strong. So, a team of elite US soldiers infiltrates an occupied village in order to put a stop to a series of horrifying experiments. Initially, they thought that the Germans were trying to create a superweapon. But soon, they’ll find out that there’s something supernatural going on in the tiny village conquered by the Nazis. And if they fail to stop it now, the whole world will be turned into a graveyard.

Cloverfield 4 promo

  1. The Cartel

Berrera and Keller used to be friends. However, when the first guy became a part of the US DEA and the other one joined the ranks of a lethal cartel, everything changed. Now they’ll on the opposite sides of the barrier and are forced to fight each other. The drug war in America shed a lot of innocent blood.

But, it was necessary for stopping the huge flow of narcotics into the country. The Cartel chronicles the events that took place during the 2004-2014 period when the cops, the Special Forces, and even the military folks declared war on the drug lords. Of the TOP 10 new holly Army movies, this one’s a worthy pick.

  1. The Expendables 4

When the first installment in this mighty franchise came out, the world was enchanted by the charisma and brutality of Mr. Stallone and his colleagues. Next year, we’ll get to see the 4th chapter that promises to be even bigger, better, and more explosive. Unfortunately, the producers, the director, and Sly himself can’t seem to agree on certain things when it comes to the story, and that puts the future of the entire series in jeopardy. Let’s hope they work everything out and deliver yet another jaw-droppingly good film. The industry certainly does need another rough, tough, mean, and creative action-packed blockbuster!

The Expendables Crew

  1. Ruin

World War II is over, and the Allied forces won. This highly unusual story is based on a German captain’s journey across his war-torn homeland. He committed more sins during the conflict than he could ever remember and wants only one thing: to atone for his sins. And the only way to do that is to track down the most brutal Nazi soldiers to ever walk the Earth – the members of his own Death Squad.

The SS didn’t like to mess around and committed numerous unthinkable war crimes against the innocents. They deserve to die; so, the former high-ranking Nazi captain decides to bring them all to justice. Put Ruin on the list of Hollywood Army movies 2018 and let’s proceed.

Gal Gadot in Ruin

  1. The Raid

Back in 2012, the world fell in love with The Raid, the most action-packed, fast-paced, realistic and nail-biting banger of the year. The second chapter was even bigger and had a huge budget, but, at the same time, it lost some of the original charm. The head honchos in Hollywood want to go back to the original and shoot a remake. In fact, production has already started and the movie will be out next year (no exact date is set yet, though). A top-notch SWAT team infiltrates a hostile building with only one goal: to kill every single person in there and bring the mob lord to justice.

The Raid promo

  1. G.I. Joe 3

The first two chapters were amazing – no doubt about that. True, there were kinda stupid, predictable, and excessively-propagandistic for some critics, but they were also all kinds of fun. In the third installment, the war against COBRA will continue. We’ll get to see most of the heroes from the original films, and, of course, several new faces.

More action, more breath-taking computer graphics and meaner villains – that’s what you can expect from G.I. Joe 3. Without a doubt, of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Army movies of 2018 to watch, this one will be right there on top of the list.

G.I. Joe reboot

  1. The 15:17 to Paris

There’s a train heading for Paris, and an unknown terrorist is hiding somewhere inside with enough weapons to take every single person down. When three brave US men learn of a possible attack, they join forces in an attempt to stop the madman and save the innocents. They successfully take down the terrorist and turninto national heroes. This movie is not only based on atrue story but will also feature these courageous gentlemen. That’s right – they will “play” themselves! Mr. Eastwood is certainly doing something special with this release, and we can’t wait to see it.

  1. The Division

The Green Poison was quick to contaminate every single dollar bill in the city, and pretty soon the disease turned New York into a disaster. The Division, a top-secret government organization, has several tasks: to keep the peace, protect the innocents, and help society build itself back up.

The scientists are working day and night, trying to find a cure, and while the brave men and women are trying to keep the city under control, several rogue fractions make an attempt to take over the city. Of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Army films 2018, we bet this one is going to be appreciated by the fans of video-games, as it’s heavily based on the popular Ubisoft game.

The Division promo

  1. 12 Strong

The terrorist attack on the Twin Towers took many lives, and the US government had no other choice but to retaliate. They sent their best team to Afghanistan, the home of the terrorists, with a top-secret mission. The Taliban had practically taken over the entire country, and it was up to the Americans and the local resistance to kill every single one of them. The enemy had bigger numbers and better equipment. The US team had to adapt to this new reality and use the outdated weapons to hit the bad guys where it hurts.

  1. Tough as They Come

Mills, an American soldier, is one of the 5 men to make it through a quadruple amputation. He was wounded in the heat of the battle, but the medics managed to save his life. This movie is telling his true story for the first time. Obviously, it was very hard for the man to adapt to this new life, but thankfully, his father-in-law was there to support him.

This is a touching and thought-provoking drama that’s equally heart-wrenching and heart-warming. And, it most certainly deserves to be on the top of our list of best Hollywood Army movies in 2018.

Sylvester Stallone & Adam Driver Team for Tough as They Come

TOP Upcoming Army movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Army movies of 2017

Real men – who are they? All women want to see them right next to them, every state counts on them, films are made and books are written about them. They are those who have gone through the army and know what it means to survive in the most difficult, sometimes incompatible with life, conditions.

We are glad to show you a compilation of new Army movies releases in 2017.

Joe’s War

Many directors consider it their duty to make films about real men, peculiar macho, which are ready to perform the most unpredictable acts and to surprise others. Films about strong, brave, and hardy moments have always been in demand. Why is this happening? Probably because that in real life there are so few men who are ready for insanity, capable of sacrificing their own lives for the sake of their beloved or superiors. We know how sometimes you want to plunge into a real tough movie, where feelings and emotions are heated to the limit, and it seems that the line between life and death is so thin that it can burst at any second.

Let’s watch list of TOP 10 recently released Army movies of 2017.

  1. Leavey

It is a story of loyalty and friendship between a soldier and her dog named Rex. The couple served in Iraq and was engaged in bomb disposal.

  1. Railroad Tigers

To make a real feat can even a small, inconspicuous-looking person. It is 1941. Japan extends the occupation of neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. The railway from Tianjin to Nanjing in eastern China is a key route for military transportation under the enhanced protection of Japanese soldiers. But for a small partisan detachment led by Ma Yuan, this is not a problem.

The railroad load brigade is well aware of the timetable of the trains, they are perfectly oriented at the station, in the warehouse system. Brave men make raids on trains carrying weapons, ammunition, and provisions. They steal food from invaders and give it to the hungry compatriots.

  1. 1898. Los últimos de Filipinas

The cruel battle in the Philippines is in the compilation of latest Army movies in english 2017.

It is a film about the battle of the natives for freedom on the one hand and the survival of the Spanish empire on the other. The Philippine city of Balek, which in 1898 was a colony of Spain, was captured by the rebels. From the fifty soldiers who defended the colony, only thirteen survived. To help the rest, a military detachment was sent, but no one even suspected how cruel and desperate the fight would be.

Local residents are tired and weakened from colonial slavery, but they are driven by the sweet taste of freedom. Complete despair, the rebels, surround the city and the military in it, are trapped. Throughout the long and exhausting months, the detachment tries to repulse the attacks of the enemies.

  1. Mine

American soldier against Afghan desert is in TOP 10 modern Army movies of 2017.

The American soldier, after a failed mission, is alone in the middle of the Afghan desert. Standing with one foot on a mine, he cannot move and continues to fight for life against sandstorms, predators, his own despair, and fears.

  1. War Machine

Stanley McChrystal was able to build a brilliant career in the US Army. He began his journey with junior officers, but thanks to his courage, unusual approach to business and purposefulness, he managed to reach the general and earned himself an unblemished reputation. Stanley had unlimited authority among his subordinates, and the government entrusted him with the most difficult tasks.

Another important mission of the general is the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan, where the war has been going on for a long time. It is not an easy task to improve statistics and show people that work to resolve the situation is at full speed. But the general himself intended to burnish his reputation as a single-minded person and win the war in Afghanistan.

  1. The Wall

The fifth place of the list of TOP 10 Army movies recently released in the first part of 2017.

The movie will tell us a story of a confrontation of two snipers.

  1. Legionario

A legionary named Santos returns from his service in Afghanistan. After that, his colleagues invite him to celebrate and organize a party. A friend of Santos gives him the keys to the apartment and offers to spend an unforgettable night with a beautiful girl. In the morning, Santos wakes up from a strange call and finds in bed the corpse of that same girl.

  1. Sand Castle

Good intention against ill will is in the compilation of newly released Army movies 2017.

Who can believe in good intentions from the soldiers of the warring nation? In one small village in Iraq, where the water supply is damaged, US detachment was sent one. The area is known for its burning climate and no less flashy temperament. It would seem that the task is trivial. But as it happened later, peaceful people are incredibly frightened and ready to fight to the last breath.

For the first time, soldiers are able to enter into the confidence of the Iraqis and begin to search for the cause of the breakdown in the water supply pipeline. After a while, their stay becomes known for many miles. Soldiers have never been particularly welcome guests, and now they have become targets in general.

  1. Joe’s War

The emotional state of Joe is disturbed by the frequent stressful situations that were present during the days of military operations in Iraq. He was fortunate enough to survive in the cruelest and bloody conditions. The former bravery, after the war, turned into a constant worry. Frames of terrible memories with screams of pain, bloody bodies of people, the guy is driven to insanity. He is deprived of peace of mind and a sense of security. Even the care of a beloved girl cannot save the hero from the nightmares of the past. Favorite hobby – hockey, does not help to return to life’s joys. Nervous tension develops into a serious mental disorder and in order to feel peace and harmony again, Joe should get the help of a specialist.

  1. The Zookeeper’s Wife

The film will show the real life of the Jews during the Second World War in Poland. The Warsaw Zoo covers a considerable territory, which is managed by the wife and her husband. The day came when the Germans captured Warsaw. The population with Jewish origin was sent to the camps, where they were subsequently shot. Frequent shots, explosions, and cries of people, frightened the animals and almost all cells were empty.

The actions of the Nazis caused hatred among all citizens. Jan and Antonina take risks and give shelter to some families of Jews. People hide from the military in the empty cages. This gives them a chance to survive and great risk to their savers.

TOP 10 Army latest movies 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for being with us!

TOP Upcoming Army movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Army movies 2017

The military folks deserve the utmost respect from us – the civilians – as they’re risking their lives out there every single day, making sure that harm doesn’t come our way. Every year, Hollywood (along with the rest of the world) shoots countless movies about war and armies, and our TOP 10 new good Army movies 2017 release list is comprised of the best films that we’ll get to enjoy this year. Mark your calendars, save up some money and let’s go to the theater!

  1. Mine

When a lonely soldier finds himself completely lost in the middle of an unforgiving desert, he understands that he’s not gonna make it to civilization unless he pushes himself really hard. The harsh weather – the burning sun and the heavy sand – is making it harder and harder to move, and the horrors of war keep popping up in his mind. But he’s a Marine, and he’s used to handling this kind of pressure. He’s spent his entire life training for something like this, and now it’s up to him to make a stand. The man is all alone and help isn’t coming. The only person that he can rely on is himself. Will he break down and fall?

  1. Sand Castle

Welcome to Iraq: a group of American soldiers is to protect a small village at all costs. While on patrol, they become friends with the locals and promise them to do everything possible to keep the village safe. And when the enemy approaches, threatening to kill every single person in the vicinity, including women and children, these US soldiers put their own lives at risk and fight to the last breath to protect the folks that they came to know and respect. Of the TOP 10 good English Army movies 2017, Sand Castle is the most thought-provoking one. It’s about people coming together and caring for each other regardless of their color, nationality and/or creed.

  1. Megan Leavey

The US army is known for deploying female soldiers to all the hot spots around the world. Leavey is a marine corporal and she’s got a temper that gets her into all kinds of trouble. Once, she is tasked with cleaning out the K9 unit, and that’s when she finds and befriends an energetic and joyful dog. Its name is Rex, and together these two go through all the horrors of war and survive against all odds. Out there on the field, they save the lives of countless fellow soldiers and bring them to safety.  Overall, they carry out 100+ missions together and always manage to go back to base safe and sound. Until one day the corporal drives over a hidden bomb…

  1. Dunkirk

WW2 is raging, and the Allies are being suppressed by the Nazis. They’re hiding out in France (Dunkirk, to be exact), and there’s no surviving the heat unless they evacuate. The Germans are much stronger and better equipped than the Allies, but the strength, resilience and beauty of their spirits help them do the unthinkable: escape the wrath of the enemy and stay alive long enough to come up with an evacuation plan. The soldiers join forces and become as one, and, with a little bit of luck, these daredevils defy death itself. If you want to watch TOP 10 good Army films 2017, start with Dunkirk!

  1. Darkest Hour

In the beginning of World War Two, Churchill, one of the greatest political minds to ever walk the Earth, was facing the Nazi army head-to-head, and it’s safe to say that this crucial moment defined the man as a human being and as a mastermind behind the Allies operations. At first, the generals of the UK army tried to defy the Prime-Minister, as they thought the man knew nothing about war and the nature of the German forces. But Churchill proved to the army folks and the whole nation that he was indeed a genius man and a visionary. Make sure to check this movie out if you’re a fan of the man!

Darkest Hour

  1. The Ottoman Lieutenant

Lillie, a loving, kind and caring young woman, believes in the greater good and in the fact that we all need to work together to turn the world into a better place. She’s a nurse in the United States, and she decides to travel all the way to Turkey (The Ottoman Empire, that is) and lend a hand with the mission hospital ran by a charismatic doctor. World War 1 hasn’t started yet, but the Turks are already slaughtering the neighboring Armenians. What can one young woman do against the wrath, brutality, inhumanity and wickedness of war? Our list of TOP 10 good Army movies 2017 wouldn’t be full without this poignant story.

  1. Railroad Tigers

It’s 1941, and while the rest of the world is fighting the Nazi Germans with everything they’ve got, the Chinese are suffering from the brutality of the          Japanese. The Chinese Army is unable to defeat the oppressors, which leaves the regular folks as the defenders of their land. An ordinary railroad worker gets together a group of guerillas – freedom fighters – and leads them into a lethal fight against the scumbags from the other side. If they fail, the locals will starve to death. At the same time, the Japanese are well-armed and organized; so, the vigilantes will have to act smoothly and quietly…

  1. Ghost Army

What if a team of youngsters from ad agencies, musical/art schools and other peaceful professions was to carry out a dangerous mission: to fool the Germans that the United States army is actually not just a bunch of inexperienced soldiers but a mighty force? Will the Nazis believe it? Watch Ghost Army and you’ll find out! This is one of those patriotic movies that show us what it truly meant to be a hero during WW2 and how every single person contributed to the glorious victory. Ghost Army definitely makes it into the list of TOP 10 really good Army movies.

Ghost Army

  1. Redeployment

This is a collection of short stories about the United States army and the soldiers struggling both as warriors on the field and civilians in their hometowns. The movie is heavily based on a best-selling and award-winning book of the same name and is all about showing us – the audience – what if feels like to be shot at, to kill somebody on the other side of the frontier and to cope with it all at home.


  1. HHhH

It’s 1942: The Nazis are taking Europe by storm, and it seems like there’s no stopping the German army machine. The Czech folks in London come up with the most daring operation of the war. A couple of young men are tasked with an ambitious mission: to travel all the way to Prague and to kill one of the most brutal and sinister leaders of The Third Reich, the leader of the SS. How on Earth would two inexperienced lads pull this task off? Of the TOP ten good Army movies 2017 in theaters, this is the most dramatic and thrilling one.

TOP Upcoming Army movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood Army movies in 2017

Army films are very popular among spectators and often stand out as a separate category of historical cinema. They are interesting in that they realistically reconstruct the battles that took place in different periods of time. It is also noteworthy that many tapes about the Great Patriotic War do not contain battle scenes at all and at the same time cause equally strong impression.

We are glad to show you our TOP 10 best Hollywood Army movies of 2017 to watch. Its themes are very different: from ancient and medieval battles to events of modern times or fantastic battles. They impress the imagination with complex special effects, an abundance of weapons and equipment, decorations, the scale of battle scenes and costumes.

Interesting War movies are always popular and in demand! So we have created the list of best Hollywood Army movies in 2017, especially for you.

Sand Castle

The history of the existence of mankind is inextricably linked to wars. The war was everywhere! Sometimes it creates the impression that this is one of the most important tasks in the lives of humanity since they have dedicated to it a huge period of time in the history of their transitory existence.

List of Hollywood Army movies 2017

Our TOP will include not only army movie but also war elements.

  1. Mine

Two brave American soldiers are sent to carry out an uneasy task in the vastness of Afghanistan. Mike is a talented sniper, and his partner Tommy is a signalman and a gunner. The careless movement of Mike attracts the attention of the enemy, which is why men fail the task. Going in an unknown direction, the mates are on a minefield.

  1. War Machine

General Stanley McChrystal is an odious figure in the history of US antiterrorist operations. Rapid takeoff and early resignation due to the scandalous article Rolling Stones in 2010 have become one of the most discussed in the political arena of events, triggering a lot of rumors and assumptions.

  1. Railroad Tigers

The employee of the railway Ma Yuan organizes a team of freedom fighters. Using his deep knowledge of rail networks, he and his people set ambushes the Japanese soldiers and steal their supplies to feed starving compatriots.

  1. The Wall

The American sniper is trapped behind a small wall and at the sight of his opponent. The hero catches enemy radio frequency and communicates with the Iraqi sniper. Alive from the battlefield will go only one of them. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Army films 2017 because it was already released.

  1. The Yellow Birds

Brandon Bartle and Daniel Murphy met while studying at the military academy and together went on their first tour to Iraq. Brandon promises Mrs. Murphy that she will take care of her son and will not allow trouble to happen to him. But trouble happened and Brandon returned home alone, and Private Daniel Murphy was on the list of missing persons.

What exactly happened to him is not reported, so the inconsolable woman tries to get the truth from her son’s best friend, and he cannot come to himself after the trip to the war, suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, permanent depression, all the while plunging into a bottle and gloomy memories.

The Yellow Birds

  1. Leavey

After the death of a close friend Megan Leavey is going to the Marine Corps and sent to Iraq. There the young corporal gets the task to demine the field in pair with the obstinate German shepherd named Rex. Long hours of training give the dog and his mistress an amazing connection, together they render harmless hundreds of bombs, thereby saving a lot of lives.

But after the injury that both get from the blast in the line of fire, the fate of Megan and Rex diverge – the girl is sent home, Rex they was taken away for further service. Since then, Leavey has been fighting desperately for the right to see her best friend again, thanks to which she is still alive.

  1. Check Point

A tramp finds a terrorist cell in a small town.

  1. Bitter Harvest

It is the story of love, hope, and survival against the backdrop of political turmoil in Ukraine in the 1930s. Yuri, a hereditary Cossack, achieves the love of the beautiful Natalka. But his life, like that of many of his fellow villagers, abruptly changes after the invasion of the Red Army.

  1. Zookeeper’s Wife

It is the real story of the brave deed of the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, Jan, and Antonina Zabinski, who sheltered and saved more than 300 Jews during World War II. The daily risk and danger are complicated for Zabinski by the relationship with the former friend of the family, and now the high-ranking Nazi official Lutz Heck, in love with Antonina. It is also included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Army movies 2017 because it was released on April 7, 2017.

  1. Sand Castle

The USA and Iraq are in a confrontation for a long time, these states are stuck in perpetual conflict. It happens that America sends not only military force to the country of the East, but also peacekeeping missions, rescue companies, and sometimes dislocates soldiers to restore the destruction.

Just now the team was selected, which should help repair the broken water pipe. They arrived in the village with good goals, without intending to cause damage. Only brave guys did not even realize that the locals are so determined to aggression towards their homeland. They suspected that some people would oppose their support, but could not imagine what hateful views and speeches would accompany them. Here live people who are ready to kill for the wrong word, they will not show pity and solidarity. See in what conditions had to work army employees.

The order to leave the territory was not received until the work is completed, there will not be any opportunity to return. It is necessary to carry out the task and for this first of all, it is necessary to prove to the residents that the newcomers work for humanitarian benefits, although they have a military rank. Guys will not harm the village life.

TOP 10 new holly Army movies is coming to an end.

We are glad to help you to find good movies for having a good time.