TOP Upcoming Dance movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Dance movies 2018

The dance takes a different place in people’s lives. For someone, this is a way to show others and themselves feelings. For someone, on the contrary, forget about them, forget about everything and rest from the thoughts, someone in the dance wants to expend all the energy. In addition, for some, dance is the meaning of life! In any case, even those who do not know how to dance, watching films about dances.

We are here to present you to watch TOP 10 good Dance films 2018.

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List of TOP 10 good Dance movies 2018

  1. The Passion

Ballerina – the name used to refer to a professional ballet dancer.  The ballet is a theatrical performance in which, with the help of dance, a story is shown. Ballet performances appeared at the end of the XV century in Italy. In France, even kings danced ballet.

The movie is about ballerina who ha difficult life and in order to take some rest she leaves the stage. This rest lasts 20 years and then she realizes that she wants to come back to the stage. It is a story of her returning to the stage.

A still from The Passion

  1. Tantsy na vysote

The main character of the film is a young man who was born and grew up in a small settlement in the mountains. He was never acquainted with the urban life and had no idea how modern youth lives. Everything that the hero was doing – helpув his relatives manage the household. However, even in his youth, when the guy accidentally saw on television the dance, he firmly decided that he wanted to study hip-hop. After a while, watching a variety of videos, the novice dancer began to gradually learn this direction and show good results. After some time of hard training, the main character decided to combine in one dance two directions – hip-hop and lezginka. the guy shot on a video camera his work and posted on a social network. After a while, the hero becomes aware that his video is very popular and now he is invited to come to Moscow, where, perhaps, will be big changes in his life.

  1. Summer Dance

Dance as a motion is in the TOP ten good Dance movies 2018 in theaters.

In the modern world, it has become very popular to dance. Why is it so popular? Modern music gives birth to a new kind of dance and now the hip-hop style is very popular both in music and in dances. However, do not forget the old styles.

The movie will tell about the popularity of dance.

Summer Dance promo

  1. Chocolate City 3: Live Tour

Striptease is a show, the participants of which are gradually taking off their clothes to music. Striptease is usually performed in front of visitors in special restaurants, night bars, and brothels. It has a strong erotic effect on men, which leads to sexual fantasies. For women, the main motivation for professional striptease training is a reward on the part of the entrepreneur. The movie will tell about striptease competition.

Tyson Beckford in Chocolate City

  1. The Quality of Love

The members of the family, in which one of the parents have died, go through the tragedy of death. People throughout the existence of mankind try to reconcile themselves to death with the help of philosophy, religion and various rituals, understand and accept it because they know that it is the inevitable, inevitable end of any living being. However, in vain: nothing is able to reconcile a person with the idea of ​​death and no one can make him believe in an inevitable end.

Almost all of us live as if we will live forever. We see around the reality of death, but deep down we are sure that this applies only to others, but not ourselves or our loved ones. It is hard for any person to accept the reality of death, especially for children and adolescents.

The movie is about the girl who lost her father and many years later works as a striptease dancer.

A still from The Quality of Love

  1. Break Dance Revolution

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Dance movies 2018.

Break dance is a spectacular street dance that first appeared in New York in the 60’s. This area includes two different concepts: the upper break dance and the lower break dance.

Dancers of break dance have an excellent physical form since the performance of complex acrobatic movements requires special preparation. B-boys (as dancers call themselves) develop strength and flexibility of the body, a sense of balance and endurance. It is a story about a group of break-dancers that tries to dance and forget about everyday troubles.

  1. Dancing Dad

Dance is movement – movement is life. This is a unique non-verbal way of self-expression. There are many beautiful dance styles and directions. Each of them has its own goals, its own beauty, and its own characteristics. Moreover, they are all in demand. Different people in different dances are looking for the satisfaction of some of their goals and desires. Women begin to dance to feel feminine and desirable. For some, it’s just a kind of sport. Everyone is looking for different emotions and find them. Someone starts to dance to like, surprise, be beautiful.

The main hero of the movie begins to dance in order to help his daughter dance.

Salman Khan's Dancing Dad Movie On Hold

  1. Suspiria

The witches are is in the TOP 10 really good Dance movies.

A young American comes to Germany to learn the skill of dance in the old Roman ballet school. On the night of her arrival, for some reason, they did not let her in, but she saw a girl running out of the school building, who would be brutally killed the same night. In the morning, the misunderstanding will be resolved, the girl will be accepted and she will begin to study. Soon she realizes that something strange is happening at that place.

Suspiria cast

  1. Another Tango

The beaten cliché that tango is the dance of elderly people, blood-red roses, and stockings in a large grid. Today, at the dance evening of tango, you can meet people of all ages and backgrounds: youth, retirees, programmers, businessmen. The main reason why everyone like it because of its passion, of course. The movie will tell about tango itself.

Brant Daugherty and Lexi Giovagnoli in Save This Dance (2018)

  1. Honey 4

It is a film about the famous dancer Honey, who has certain problems because the main character of the movie Bennett Maria goes to her native area, the famous gangster district of the Bronx. There she plans to forget about her old life and start life with a clean slate. In the fact that she will succeed, she does not doubt, because in the past she is a talented dancer and has already achieved great success in this field. However, in a new life, she wants to forget about street dances, she wants a quiet life together with her relatives and a simple work not connected with dancing.

A list ends now.

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TOP Upcoming Dance movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood Dance movies 2018

It is not a secret that for many people dancing is the way to express themselves during the performance. The dance unleashes the feelings and emotions and the more passion and feelings someone puts in a dance, the more beautiful and astonishing it looks captivating and holding the attention of the audience. Moreover, it is often related to the music and several melodies which only support the spirit of the movements.

When it comes to dancing movies, these are usually motivational for the viewers. Therefore, we are glad to represent our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Dance movies 2018.

10. Rock Dog

Another 3D computer animated film represents the adventures of the young Tibetan Mastiff and his love to music. After having the hard training session he accidentally makes the flying plane drop a package with several items where he finds a red radio and starts listening to it. He becomes amazed by several songs from different music stations and even idolizes well-known British singer. Since then he makes a decision to follow his new dream to become a musician.

9. Song to Song

Another film from the provided TOP 10 new holly Dance movies is a romantic drama that is focused on the lives of a few young talented individuals. One of them is a female guitarist that is looking for the big success and acceptance on the big stage. She decides to take an affair with the musical authority, the producer, as well as one of his clients being a popular musician. All the things are kept in secret and all three go on a trip to Mexico. However, the producer suddenly meets another woman he does fall in love with and marry her. The rough times start to him, as well as the female guitarist and his client.

8. Pitch Perfect 3

In the third installment of well-known film series about talented female singers known as Bellas who are reunited for their last performance overseas located in beautiful and sunny Spain where they fall in love, face several issues and become noticed by an authority in the music industry.

7. La danseuse

This is French drama representing the biography of Loie Fuller. It is also based on the novel of the same name. The plot that definitely deserves to be on the list of Hollywood Dance movies 2018 is focused on young Loie preparing for the amazing and breathtaking performance she has been rehearsing for. She has experienced many emotions, negativity and struggled with her own feelings she managed to control on the stage. She is the one who spontaneously creates the Serpentine Dance when she accidentally becomes tangled in the long dress. She goes to another country after being invited to give the performance several times. There she meets Isadora and realizes it starts destroying her relationships with two men.

A still from La danseuse

6. La La Land

The musical romantic film shows the story of two people falling in love together although on the first sight they look completely different belonging to the different backgrounds. She is the aspiring actress being absolutely obsessed with acting and performing on the stage living the lives of her characters. He is the struggling pianist playing jazz music and having lots of life issues. However, after her audition goes completely wrong and bad, the young lady goes to the restaurant and for a moment sees the jazz pianist who has been fired. She tries to compliment him, but the man goes away. Surprisingly, a few months later the young woman meets his again at the party and both start experiencing amazing emotions and feelings.

5. Ballerina

This project also belonging to our TOP 10 best Hollywood Dance movies of 2018 to watch is a recent 3D animated cartoon about a young girl having a strong desire to become a ballerina. She is an orphan girl but does not stop her from training with ex-ballerina that now works in a house of a cruel lady who believes her daughter is the best ballet dancer. Days and days of training and dancing make the girl a breathtaking ballerina who decides to participate in a competition against the old lady’s daughter to be able to afterward perform in The Nutcracker.

4. Sing

This 3D animated film represents the story of a group of animals with typical human qualities – they love and are loved, they are devoted friends and have their own enemies and problems at home but one day they all meet on a stage to take the participation in a singing competition. Whilst rehearsing they help each other, struggle with different issues together and are even on the verge of not performing the next night but in the end, they all give amazing performances, express themselves in unique and individual ways.

3. Summer Dance

Another movie on the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Dance films 2018 is focused on a love story between a teenager and the girl whose name is Jasmine. She is the gifted ballerina who suddenly awakens all the fears and demons of his new friend’s mother who used to be a successful ballerina in the past. Both Jasmine and a teenage boy meet each other at a summer camp after getting a D at the school. He thinks Jasmine is a perfect girl but his mother has completely opposite opinion.

Summer Dance promo

2. Great Dance

The film focuses on the importance of ballet and another dance style known as hip-hop showing that both can be easily mixed and represented together. It is also a story of a family that immigrates to Kochi.

Great Dance promo

1. High Strung: Free Dance

The first film on the list of best Hollywood Dance movies in 2018 belongs to the second installment being the sequel to the recent contemporary film representing the different aspects of modern music mixed with a ballet and other dance styles. Back in 2016, the movie surprised the viewers by its plot and the way the characters expressed themselves in a dance, especially when it comes to the final scene of the first installment. Therefore, it is not a surprise the developers of the film have made a decision to create a sequel. Unfortunately, we are still not aware of the film’s plot although we know it will bring us old characters as well as new ones alongside new adventures, dancing, and music.

TOP Upcoming Dance movies 2019-2020

List of best Dance movies 2018

For all mankind, one of the main ways to express their feelings and emotions has always been dancing. Classical or modern, ballroom or sports – all of them, one way or another, help a person find the right expression for what he feels. Of course, not many people can dance professionally, but someone generally shy. That’s why, today in the youth environment, movies about dances are so popular, where actors express emotions for us.

Here, we are pleased to show TOP 10 best Dance movies of 2018 to watch.

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List of best Dance movies 2018

  1. Honey 4

A young girl, Honey, who loves dancing and dreams of opening her own dance school, tries to earn money to rent a room and make an advertisement. She works at a nightclub, that is, after work, she has the opportunity to relax,listening good music, along with a close friend.

One day, Honey forgot about everything and began to move to the rhythms of the incendiary melody, while the casual visitor cannot pass by the talent and shoots her on the video camera. Honey could not even imagine that she would be invited to casting to take up the post of thechoreographer. At the same time, she meets street dancers who impressed her with their skills. Honey invites them to attend her dance lessons, but children from disadvantaged families do not believe that the girl will be able to help them become famous.

At work in a well-known company, Honey gets an opportunity to earn well. But a busy schedule deprives her of the opportunity to communicate with a close friend and rehearse her own dance numbers. She gets an indecent suggestion that contradicts her rules. Refusal means to lose everything, consent will deprive her of pride.

Teyana Taylor, Bryshere Y. Gray & Sierra McClain cast for Honey 4

  1. Another Tango

The movie will tell about high school students who unite to win the competition which helps them to save the only Tango studio in the city.

Another Tango

  1. Suspiria

Dakota “Anastasia Steele” Johnson is in the TOP 10 best modern Dance films 2018.

It is a remake of the famous horror film of 1977. Young American girl Susie from an early age dreamed of a career as a ballerina. She did not miss any suitable opportunity in order to improve her level of preparation. Once, Susie has a unique opportunity to join the European ballet school. Having received parents’ consent, the girl goes to Germany, to Berlin, where she is to study balletat an old Roman school.

Arriving at the place, the girl receives an unexpected brush-off from the gatekeeper. Spending the night near the school, Susie becomes a witness of how the girl runs out from there and disappears in an unknown direction. The fugitive is later found by the police dead with traces of external influence. The next morning a young ballerina is enrolled for training. The girl feels something strange about school.No wonder, this place is a coven of witches.

  1. Dancing Dad

The movie will tell about a father who tries to help his 13 years old daughter dance.

Salman Khan's Dancing Dad Movie On Hold

  1. Break Dance Revolution

Breakdance is an entertaining dance that includes great plasticity and the difficult acrobatic stunts. Its main thing is improvisation.

The breakdance represents the dance direction of hip-hop culture and has many styles in it. It requires a sense of rhythm and flexibility.

The heroes of the movie are guys from the street who are good at breakdancing. The main idea of the movie – not to break in front of difficulties. Will the main characters be able to cope with everything? Everything will be known after watching the film.

  1. The Quality of Love

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent Dance movies.

The movie is about a girl who lost her father and now earns a living as an exotic dancer.The movie is full of dance, love, emotions, feelings, and more.

Anna McClean and Jessica Cole in The Quality of Love

  1. Chocolate City 3: Live Tour

Many people have different opinions on striptease. Older generations often believe that this is vulgarity, inextricably; young with pleasure are enrolled in courses and participate in competitions. So what does it represent – vulgarity, art, sport or just a kind of dance?

The movie is about Stripper competition. The main idea of the movie is the hard life of participants of the contest.

Tyson Beckford in Chocolate City

  1. Summer Dance

When 16-year-old Cameron gets abad mark in school, his mother, a former ballerina, forces him to work in the summer camp, where he meets the girl of his dreams, Jasmine, a talented African-American dancer… What will be next?

Summer Dance poster

  1. Tantsy navysote

An enterprising young man from the Republic of Dagestan lives a dream of his life. The guy likes to dance, believing that he does it well. That’s just the direction of his dance is very unusual for temperamental fellow countrymen. People do not like man’s mixed dance style – he mixed the Caucasus Lezhginka and modern hip-hop. But the young man strives to succeed. He shoots a video with a performance that has become extremely popular after the guy posted it on the Internet. The users admired man’s dance art and he was offered to take part in the dance competition in Moscow. Then the Dagestan decided to act independently, despite the fact that even his parents did not support him at home. But man did not expect that the capital is so significantly different and was not ready for the difficulties that began to appear daily. Will the man be able to cope with all the problems that arise in front of him and find the common language with his family? Everything will be revealed after watching the movie itself.

  1. The Passion

Here is the first place of the TOP 10 best new Dance movies 2018.

The movie centers on a ballerina who returns on stage twenty years after leaving it. Such a movie promises to be great because the choreography is extremely elaborate for most people, But for the main character, it kind of easy.

A still from The Passion

TOP is coming to an end.

We hope it gave all necessary answers to the question – what is the best Dance movies in 2018?

Thank you for your attention!

TOP Upcoming Dance movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Dance movies of 2017

Dancing makes us forget about all the troubles and tiny problems in our lives and just give into the rhythm, give into the groove. Dancing is fun, healthy, and it’s known for bringing folks together. You don’t have to be a pro or anything like that – a couple of simple moves/jumps would suffice. And if you’re in love with dancing and want to dedicate your whole life to it, our TOP 10 Dance latest movies 2017 will be even better to watch!

Kiss and Cry

  1. Honey 3

Melea is a free-spirited, engaging young woman with a passion for dancing. She feels kinda caged within the walls of her school and can’t breathe fully under its strict rules. Thankfully, the technological age gives her the opportunity to make herself heard and put her art out there for people to judge, not just the teachers and the principals. So, she rents a shabby old theater and works 24/7 to come up with a fancy and stylish hip-hop dance performance that will inspire people to believe in themselves and to not be afraid to follow their hearts. However, after she gets a cast together, they start fighting each other instead of joining forces, which puts her dream performance in jeopardy.

  1. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Conner4Real used to be a big name in old-school hip-hop, but when he tries to “resurrect” his fame by releasing a “classic” album, it doesn’t reach any charts whatsoever and turns into a commercial disaster. Now, he has a choice to make: either team up with his former boy band, which will almost guarantee him fame and money, or leave it all behind and stick with his rapping, hoping to break through the industrial crap and find his listeners. The stakes are high, and he won’t get a second shot at this. Will the rapper succeed, or maybe he should’ve taken the offer and started dancing? Put Popstar on the list of TOP 10 Dance movies recent if hip-hop and dancing are your two favorite things in the world.

  1. High Strung

Ruby is a beautiful girl, a classic ballet dancer who’s trying to make it in the big city – NY. She’s studying at an elite school, while Johnny, a gifted violin player, is forced to share his music in the subway. He’s in love with his instrument and the whole hip-hop thing, and when the two meet and fall in love with each other, they decide to shock the world with a unique, once-in-a-lifetime performance that will combine the best of both worlds – ballet and the urban culture. This effort could make it or break it for these young people, and that is why they put their hearts and souls into it. There’s an upcoming prestigious competition that will allow them to shine like never before.

  1. Rock Dog

Part dancing, part musical, part adventure, this animated movie is best to watch with your family, including your little children. The story follows a joyful Mastiff whose life changes completely after he finds a radio. It enchants and compels his soul, making the brute leave everything behind and embark on a thrilling journey towards becoming one of the best musicians in history. Obviously, his folks aren’t really happy with his decision, but the dreamer’s mind is set, and there’s nothing they can do about it. Of the new Dance movies releases in 2017, this one’s the most engaging, funny and romantic release of the year.

  1. Song to Song

Definitely one of the biggest movies in the genre this year. We’ve got Fassbender and Gosling as the lead males and Mara, Portman and Blanchett as the lead females. Yep, the cast is pretty impressive, but the story is what’s important here. It’s about the Texas musical industry, the ups and downs of the people involved with it and a tale of love, hate, betrayal, and redemption. Two couples come together and change each other’s lives, and then there’s a musical genius, a big-time producer, who promises a beautiful and talented waitress to turn her into a global star.

  1. La La Land

Another Ryan Gosling film, ladies, and gentlemen. This is, by far, the most commercially successful and critically-acclaimed release in the genre and you don’t even have to be a fan of music/dancing to fall in love with the story and the main characters. Sebastian spends his days playing the piano in a bar, while Mia is a waitress, serving the Hollywood elite and dreaming of becoming a famous actress herself one day. After the two meet and fall in love with each other, their careers go up, forcing the man and the woman to make a hard choice between sticking with the love they found together and the new opportunities in music and acting. Put La La Land on the list of TOP 10 recently released Dance movies of 2017 if you love hearty stories.

  1. Pitch Perfect 3

Admit it: you loved the first two movies and are now counting days for the premiere of the third chapter! Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the rest of the stylish, daring and beautiful ladies will be back later this year, which means dancing, singing and lots of that crazy fun are guaranteed! There’s not a lot of info about the story and the plot, but we don’t really need that in a Pitch Perfect movie, now do we? The Bellas are getting ready to shock the world for the third time, and we all better get ready for the heat!

  1. 48 Hours to Live

Wyatt, a young, capable man, came up in the projects, and he had to make a few wrong choices along the way to survive. Unfortunately, they’re all catching up to him in the form of a couple of DEA agents who want him to infiltrate an elite nightclub that is believed to be the center of all kinds of illegal business deals and other activities. When the boy falls in love with a dashing girl who turns out to be the owner’s daughter, everything changes, forcing him to pick between duty and his love. Definitely one of the best latest Dance movies in English 2017.

  1. Coco

Miguel, a 12-year-old boy, is in love with music, dancing, and singing, and, even though his parents don’t share his enthusiasm for it (they actually ban music whatsoever), the lad still drops everything and follows his crazy dream. He wants to become a famous musician, someone who people will admire and call their idol. True, it is a pretty cocky and daring plan, but hey – you can’t make it unless you’re 100% sure in yourself, right? On the way, the boy overcomes numerous obstacles and makes a lot of friends and enemies, and they all teach him important life lessons. Of the newly released Dance movies 2017, Coco is a must-see.

  1. Kiss and Cry

This is the most heart-wrenching and heart-warming film on our list, dear friends. It’s heavily based on the true story of Carley, a talented 18-year-old girl, a beautiful singer with a mesmerizing voice and a figure skater with amazing skills. Unfortunately, after the doctors told her that she had a rare disease, her career was put in jeopardy. But, with the help of her faithful, supportive boyfriend, the girl defied all odds, beat the sickness and got back on her feet.

That’s it for our TOP 10 modern Dance movies of 2017 today. Stay tuned for more!

TOP Upcoming Dance movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Dance movies 2017

We all love to dance – it’s in the human DNA, if you will. Kids dance at their birthday parties, teenagers groove to the trendy hip-hop hits, and the grown-ups love those classy tango moves. Age, nationality, race and religion have nothing to do with our desire to move, dance, and be happy. Our mighty TOP 10 best English Dance movies 2017 to watch list includes the best films that are hitting the theaters this year. Scroll through the worthy contestants and pick your favorite!

  1. Kiss and Cry

What is an 18-year-old beauty slash gifted figure skater supposed to do when they tell her she’s got a terminal form of cancer eating her out from the inside? Break down and cry, leave everything she’s been working for behind and focus on the terrifying truth? Carley, the main character of this lovely movie, has always been a strong-willed and dedicated girl, and she’s determined to fight this disease the same way she’s handling any other situation in her life. Thankfully, she’s got a supportive and all-around awesome boyfriend by her side, and together they beat cancer and Carley gets back to skating. An amazing story for the fans of heart-warming and heart-breaking dance films!

  1. 48 Hours to Live

You might call this movie more of a criminal thriller than a dance number, but don’t you worry – there’s still a lot of breath-taking dancing in 48 Hours to Live. Wyatt, a talented dancer with his own style and moves, had the “privilege” of growing up in a bad neighborhood. The cops have been on his tail for a while now, and the DEA is pushing him to go undercover and “sniff out” what’s going on in a notorious nightclub famous for its fascinating dancers. Everything goes according to the man’s plan until he meets and falls for the owner’s one and only daughter. Is there a way for him to mix work with pleasure? Of the TOP 10 new English Dance movies 2017, this is the most dramatic and thrilling one.

  1. Honey 3: Dare To Dance

Melea starts to go to college in Cape Town and can’t help but notice that the strict and kinda ridiculous rules there are limiting her open-minded, engaging personality and decides to forget about them and do whatever she pleases. The girl comes up with a brilliant idea: to use her exceptional dancing skills and inspire folks around her to be better, stronger and confident enough to speak up and stand their ground. Melea goes ahead and rents a shabby theater and works 24/7 to put a classy Romeo & Juliet performance with a nice Hip-Hop twist. Yes, it’s not going to be easy to pull this one off, but the girl is all about big challenges…

  1. Go For It!

This is the touching and moving story of a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a famous dancer and has to deal with her mom’s and pop’s disapproval. They have entirely different expectations of her, but this is what she wants to do with her life, and nothing’s gonna stop the lassie from following her heart. It’s both hard and scary to defy your own parents and go after what you love and live for, and it’s strong, resilient, hard-working female characters like this one that inspire countless young ladies around the world to believe in themselves and in their dreams. Put Go For It! on the list of TOP 10 English Dance movies 2017 if you love uplifting stories!

  1. High Strung

As far as the greatest dance/music movies of the 21st century go, High Stung is most definitely one of the stand-out cuts. Ruby, the main character of this gripping story, is a ballet dancer who’s trying to make it in the prestigious Manhattan Conservatory of the Arts. At the same time, a struggling violinist from the United Kingdom is putting out shows in the subway hoping to earn some money to move to the big-bad city. When the two meet, they instantly fall for each other and decide to make history by mixing modern-day dancing, classic ballet moves, and epic orchestral music. Will they succeed with this grandiose plan?

High Strung

  1. La La Land

This is one of the most talked-about films of our time, and it certainly does deserve all the praise it’s getting. Mia and Seb are sick and tired of their constant failures and are growing more and more impatient with their careers: she’s a waitress, he’s a piano player, and they’re both hoping for a big break that’s not coming. One fine day, they meet and fall in love, and the passion gives them the necessary nudge to go faster and jump higher, so to speak. However, the newly-found success interferes with their love, forcing them to pick between the heart and the mind. If you’ve got a plan to watch TOP 10 English Dance films 2017, start with this masterpiece.

  1. Dance Academy: The Movie

The original characters from the hit TV show are back on the big screen, and the comeback is shaping up to be nothing short of majestic. It’s coming out this year, and if you loved that show, you simply have to give the film a chance. If not, well, we don’t get decent dance movies that often, so, you’ll still have to check it out. It’s been a while, but all the boys and girls are still crazy about dancing and proving they’re the best at it. They’ve got new demons to fight, but that only makes them stronger. Tara is a splendid dancer with a back injury that is holding her back. Can she overcome all the obstacles and beat the odds?

  1. Leap!

How about a kind, heart-warming and educational animated movie that will be equally appreciated by the kids and the adults? Leap! is a funny, engaging, dramatic and heroic new blockbuster about a young girl, an orphan who goes after her dream of being a famous dancer despite all the harshness of the world she lives in. One day, all of her hard work pays off when they give her an opportunity to show what she’s capable of in Paris. She’s not a pro dancer and doesn’t know all the right moves, but exhausting training and a loving heart make it all possible. Leap! is the only animated movie on the TOP 10 latest English Dance movies 2017 release list, but it’s well worth your while.

  1. Dancer

Polunin, an extravagant and fascinating dancer, born in Ukraine, certainly does deserve a documentary film. He embarked on his dancing journey back when he was just a 4-year-old child. Then, he moved to Kiev – the capital – and continued his education. After graduation, he took it to the next level and arrived in the United Kingdom to compete with the best of the best. Hard work, dedication, amazing moves, and charisma turned Sergei into a rock-star of dancing. If you love great documentaries about exceptional folks, give Dancer a chance.

  1. Center Stage: On Point

This movie includes short-yet-meaningful stories of twelve young and striving dancers working day and night to prove themselves to the American Ballet Academy. Their love, passion, and dedication go hand in hand and give them the necessary strength to dream bigger and become pro dancers that the whole world will be amazed by.

Ok, that’s it for our TOP 10 popular English Dance movies in 2017, list!

TOP Upcoming Dance movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Dance movies 2017

Movies about different styles of dancing are always a good motivation for those who want to start doing that or just love watching and admiring someone doing it. World famous cinematography is not an exception and producers from the United States and Britain have been creating on the best films about dancing since the very beginning of 21st century. Making our TOP 10 new good Dance movies 2017 release we also included some projects from different years of this century as, unfortunately, 2017 doesn’t have too much dance projects. However, organizing such ones is already planned but for now, it is highly recommended to watch high-rated movies that are not just about a dance – for some people dancing is a life and motivation. So what are these?

High Strung

You may have seen the final dance of the movie which, according to the opinion of the critics, one of the best parts of the film. The movie, that was released at the beginning of April 2016, starts with Ruby – this girl is obsessed with classic dancing and one of her biggest dreams is to become a student of Conservatory of the Arts located in Manhattan. Afterward, she meets young British guy having the talent to play the violin but illegally living in America. Ruby is trying to help him and both fall in love. At the end, they make an amazing performance with their new friends, also dancers, and win the dance competition to get a scholarship.

Go For It!

If you are looking for the motivational films on our TOP 10 good English Dance movies 2017 this one may be for you. In this movie, you will be able to see the story of a student that has to make an important decision in her life. She is a great dancer hearing her soul and dancing because it makes her feel free. But will she follow her dream or go back to “normal” life following the wishes of her own family?


Even if this is a 3D animated movie, we decided to put this on our list. The film was released in 2017 and was created by both French and Canadian cinematography. This musical movie follows the adventures of two friends Felicie and Victor from orphanage running away from there to beautiful Paris to follow their dreams. After arriving, they become separated but each of them finds their place in a city – Victor, as an inventor, becomes assistant of Gustave Eiffel helping him to build the Eiffel Tower and the Statue Of Liberty that is supposed to be sent to America, whilst Felicie follows one of her biggest dreams to become a ballerina in Opera Ballet. To be able to be accepted she is pretending to be Camille Le – the girl Felicie’s new friend Odette and former prima ballerina of the theater works for, as well as for her annoying mother. Odette sees the passion and big dream of Felicie and starts training her so at the end of the story young girl turns her dream into reality and gets the role she always wanted to get – she is going to play Clara in The Nutcracker.

Dance Academy: The Movie

If you want to watch TOP 10 good Dance movies 2017 you should probably start with this one if you are the fan of a TV show with the same name. In fact, this film continues the story of all the characters that appeared in the original dance academy that aired on the TVs a few years ago. Even if some of the characters are not returning for this project, it is supposed to be released in April 2017.

Another Cinderella Story

This teen romantic movie includes the participation of Selena Gomez. In this project, she played “Cinderella” or Mary whose big dream is dancing. She lives with her two stepsisters and stepmother. She becomes obsessed with a pop star that is supposed to return to their high school for the last year. He is also obsessed with dancing and one day, on the ball, he dances with Mary, covering her face with the mask so that her sisters would not know she is there and falls in love with her.

Make Your Move

This Korean-American dance movie was released in 2014. Our list of TOP 10 good Dance movies 2017 represents the debut film of American dancer taking a part in Dancing With The Stars Show. The movie was shot in NYC and later Toronto. Among the main cast, some famous Korean singers also appeared in the film as the cameos.

Center Stage: On Pointe

This teen American drama about dancing follows American Ballet Company that is trying to solve particular financial problems and issues. In order to do that, they decide to add contemporary dance style into classical ballet moves.

Step Sisters

When it comes to TOP 10 really good Dance movies this new film is a fresh start for 2017 dance cinematography as it is about a student of the college who has big plans and ambitions to attend Harvard Law School. Everything changes when she – the captain of step dance team – has to solve new problems in her life and help new white ladies to learn all the secrets of her favorite step dance in order to be able to win the dance competition.

Step Sisters


This movie is a remake of the film with the same title that was released in 1984. The film starts with the short but tragic story of five friends getting drunk at a local park. Afterward, they decide to drive over the bridge but their condition leads them to the car accident – each and every one of them dies. A few years later, the plot follows a teenager who moves to Bomont in order to live with his uncle after his mother’s death. Later on, from his new friends, he learns about a ban on dancing that was made by one of the dead boy’s father right after the horrible accident. The film is about love between two teenagers and dancing on the local streets even if it was banned.

Street Dance 3D

And the last project on our TOP ten good Dance movies 2017 in theaters was released in 2010 and was created by British cinematography. This drama follows talented street dance crew in the very heart of London. However, the leader of this team leaves the group and later on the rest of guys lose their room where they used to do their rehearsals. And this is how their street dance life finds its big changes. In fact, this movie was a great opportunity for some competitors of Britain’s Got Talent to make their debut on the big cinema screen.

TOP Upcoming Dance movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood Dance movies 2017

What could be better than a musical film? Only dancing movies. We have gathered in our TOP 10 best Hollywood Dance movies of 2017 to watch all the directions of the dance that you can think of.

Prepare yourself for the TOP that will make you willing to go into the dance. It turns out that when people choose certain dances, they realize certain dreams and desires, for example, find their love. Take at least ballroom dancing. Psychologists say they allow you to realize the craving for a beautiful life

In recent years, there has been a worldwide upsurge in interest in different types of dances. Some people take a great interest in them in order to keep the physical form in good condition, others like not only to master different styles and directions but also to communicate with creative people close to them in spirit.

La danseuse

List of best Hollywood Dance movies in 2017

Our TOP will include not only Dance movies but also Musical element such as singing.

  1. La danseuse

New York, 1887, the young Maria-Louise wants to conquer America – to become a great actress. During the performance on the stage, she gets confused in her dress but miraculously avoids falling, continuing to whirl in an elegant fabric. Shocked spectators are witnessing a historic moment – this is how modernism originated.

Maria-Louise became Loi Fuller – an electric fairy, an icon, a glowing symbol of the generation. The new muse of the Lumiere brothers and Toulouse-Lautrec is now also the star of the famous cabaret in Paris, and her butterfly dance will be shown at the Grand Opera. But fame is not all. A chance meeting of Loi Fuller with young Isadora Duncan jeopardizes her uneasy love with the husband and the very essence of the new art direction she invented.

  1. La La Land

It is the nicest movie of our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Dance movies 2017.

Mia dreams of becoming an actress, but while she serves coffee to movie stars and runs through endless auditions. Sebastian is a jazz musician who has to play simple melodies at parties. With the advent of success, each of them will have to make a decision that can jeopardize either their fragile relationship or the career that they have long dreamed of.

  1. Ballerina

The girl Feliz and her friend Victor live in an orphanage. Feliz adores dancing and dreams of becoming a ballerina. To follow her dreams, Feliz enters the ballet school. But she realizes that it will be difficult to become good ballerina because if you want to best you have to beat best.

  1. Sing

In a world inhabited exclusively by animals, a koala named Buster Moon lives. He has already owned a luxurious theater for many years, which he visited with his father and enjoyed the magnificent performances of the most talented animals. But gradually the theater began to lose its popularity, the performances no longer bring the desired profit, and it came to the point that Buster simply has nothing to pay salaries to employees. In this difficult period, he, along with his friend and partner, Eddie, decides to arrange an open song contest. Anyone can come and show their musical talent, but only the best can pass the preliminary selection and go to the big stage, where they will be watched by hundreds of amazed spectators.

At the casting come the animals from all over the city, and Buster finds it very difficult to determine the finalists of the contest. Among the many worthy candidates, the jury selects the best. As a result, the finalists of the competition are the porcupine Ash, who is fond of rock, the gorilla Johnny, who decided not to go by the criminal’s way, like his father, the sweet elephant Mina, terrified of the stage, the arrogant card-game mousse Mike, and the duet of Rosita and Guenther. Will these talented performers attract viewers and save the theater from closing?

  1. Rock Dog

The Tibetan Mastiff named Brody was born in a family of hereditary defenders of a local village from wolves. The father tries in every possible way to train his child for the benefit of society, but all efforts are in vain. But despite the fact that Brody has to protect his native village from the wolves, the baby still draws to the music. He finally becomes convinced of this when he begins listening radio. It’s clear that the father does not like this. Despite all the obstacles, the future musician leaves the house to fulfill his dream. His path lies to a cat named Angus, a living rock legend.

The animation is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Dance films 2017 because it was already released.

  1. Pitch Perfect 3

The story of a team of young and ambitious singers, who are waiting for new challenges and challenges on the way to success and wide recognition.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

A powerful witch enchants the prince and his castle for his rudeness and turns the prince into a monster. Remove the spell can only sincere love of the girl who was able to discern the true beauty in the depths of his heart.

  1. Viena and the Fantomes

The film tells about a tour manager who travels across America with rock band.

  1. Rock n Roll

The protagonist of the film is a 43-year-old actor Guillaume Canet who has everything in his life to be truly happy. Once, after hearing from his colleague that he had lost his former spirit, Guillaume seriously began to think about it. Convinced that he was mired in the routine of domestic affairs and ceased to be interesting for the younger generation, he decides to change her life and prove to everyone that there is still the man.

Rock n Roll

  1. Song to Song

It is the leader of the list of Hollywood Dance movies 2017.

The main characters of the film – the authors of the songs of Faye and BV, along with the musical magnate Cook and waitress Rhonda in pursuit of success are involved in amazing adventures in which betrayal is interwoven with temptations.

We hope that you find in our TOP 10 new holly Dance movies something interesting for you.

Thank you for watching!

TOP Upcoming Dance movies 2019-2020

List of best Dance movies 2017

Surprisingly, people find dance films quite motivational and breathtaking. Ballet dancers, as well as the ones who prefer mixed styles, show exhibits their talent and feelings through the dancing they like. Such film contains motivational messages and situation where people have to make a particular choice and fight to achieve their goal and commit the life to dancing. But some persons associate word “dance” with something old found many years ago, but the one said, “don’t we want to involve somewhat new, don’t we want to progress?”. That is why we made TOP 10 best new Dance movies 2017 that contains some really good franchises.

However, the precise dates of upcoming dance films can be still unknown. There is also a rumor that 2017 won’t be full of movies about different styles of moving your body. So, our list contains the franchises you may have already seen but these ones gained incredibly big popularity among the viewers. We are representing the movies that made a particular influence on dancing styles and choreography in general.

TOP 10 best films about choreography to inspire you to start dancing

List of best Dance movies 2017

High Strung

This movie was released in 2016 but it still stays one of the best movies about music and dance. The plot follows a ballet dancer Ruby who attends Conservatory of the Arts in Manhattan which has always been her dream. Meanwhile, a young violinist from Britain performs in the local subway so that he can make some money for living in this big city. Both meet each other, fall in love and make the most incredible performance mixing classic music, ballet, and modern dance movies.

Dance Academy: The Movie

This upcoming project follows Australian original academy of dancing that aired in 2010. It represents the story of the dancers and their lives. They show how they still feel their passion to dancing, struggle with everyday difficulties and rivalry. Tara is a great dancer but the everyday routine draws her in because in the past she slipped in her final audition and broke her back. She says she can never dance again. But she decides to give it a try and brings her old life back – she is fighting every day so hard to live her dreams and finds her own way.

La La Land

American musical film starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that came out at the end of 2016 and is still scheduled to be released in 2017 in some countries. The story begins with starting the career young actress Mia that got stuck in the traffic on the busy streets of Los Angeles. She meets Sebastian – jazz pianist. Unfortunately, her following audition doesn’t go well and she comes back home disappointed. Afterward, Mia and Sebastian start communicating more and share their passions for acting and jazz. The story follows amazing dance moves mixed with jazz music and difficult life of talented and gifted people. That is why this project is on TOP 10 best recent Dance movies.

Step Sisters

Upcoming dance comedy about Jamilah – a student of the college and successful captain of the whole team of talented step dancers. Her dream is to study in Law School in Harvard. But she has to help to solve one problem – the school she attends is now full of white girls. Her task is to teach them how to step dance and win the dance competition.

Step Sisters

Another Cinderella Story

Teen musical dance project. Even if this film aired on TV in 2008 it is still one of the most breathtaking franchises on the list of best Dance movies 2017 starring Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley. This is a contemporary story of Cinderella. Modern girl Mary has to live with her aunt and two stepsisters. Her mother was a dancer and Mary has ambitions to become the great one, too. She is obsessed with Joey Parker – a dancer who returns to high school to finish his senior year. She goes on a ball with a mask on her face wearing a red dress and dances with Joey but he doesn’t recognize her. At 23:45 she runs away but accidentally drops her MP3 player. Joey decides to find the owner of the player organizing the casting for the girls.


This animated musical comedy is scheduled to be released in 2016 and 2017 in the USA with another name: “Leap!”. The story follows young poor orphan lady and her dreams of becoming the greatest ballerina. She gets the unique chance to perform in Paris Opera Ballet School even if she doesn’t have any experience in dancing. But following the dream, regular painful training the girl faces lots of challenges and manages to change her life.


Our TOP 10 best Dance movies of 2017 to watch includes documentaries about famous dancers. One of them is ballet dancer Sergei Polunin born in Kherson, Ukraine. At the age 4, he started training at the academy of gymnastics. Afterward, he moves to Kyiv and attends Kyiv State Choreographic Institute. After graduation, he joins Royal Ballet School in the U.K. and this is how his way of great ballet dancer starts. Sergei dedicates his life to ballet and makes amazing performance dancing to “Take Me to Church” in a music video. But this is just a small part of what he has achieved.

Center Stage: On Point

One of the most watchable films on our TOP 10 best modern Dance films 2017. The story follows 12 young dancers attending American Ballet Academy, their lives, passion and dedication that lead them to their dream of being professional dancers.

Go For It!

The story follows the life of a teenager who has to fight for her dreams to become a dancer despite her own parents’ expectations and plans. This project on our TOP 10 best modern Dance films 2017 will help viewers to draw themselves in by the touchable and inspirational story of a young girl building her own future by following the biggest dream of hers.

Black Swan

If you still can’t answer the question what is the best Dance movies in 2017 to you, there is a chance to watch an amazing movie that aired on screens just a few year ago. In this movie, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis dedicate themselves to an amazing ballet performance and struggle with different life difficulties and challenges.

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When does come out Red Sparrow movie 2017

Jason Matthews novel “Red Sparrow” was released in the summer of 2013 and became an instant bestseller. The novel received a lot of positive reviews, as some critics have even compared it to the works of Ian Fleming and John le Carré. The movie will come sooner. On this occasion, we are prepared full information on movie and also the answer on the question: “When does Red Sparrow come out?”

Have to wait:

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Francis Lawrence is a director of the movie. He is known for the big movie, such as: “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, “I am Legend”, “Constantine”, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay”.

  1. Howard is a compositor of the movie.
  2. Willems is a cinematographer.
  3. Bell is a film editor.
  4. Summerville is a costume designer.

Red Sparrow 2017 movie

When is Red Sparrow 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will release on screens in the beginning of November 2017 in the USA.

Interesting Facts

  • The movie will be the third collaboration between Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence.
  • After the announcement of the film in 2013, the year Darren Aronofsky was considered for the role of its director but later dropped out from the project. In the same year, David Fincher and Rooney Mara were seemed as producers, as a director and actor of the film respectively. In July 2015 it became known that most likely that the movie will be directed by Francis Lawrence. Later, in September of that year, Jennifer Lawrence was presented as the female protagonist of the movie.
  • It is a debut movie for the Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin.


The movie Red Sparrow trailer is already available on YouTube.

The real spy story

British intelligence gave their officer difficult task. Out in the Pacific, where at that time was a war between the United States and Japan, in order to collect information about the fighting on both sides. Scout, let’s call him John Smith arrived at the area, first bought a small cargo ship to transport mail and goods between the islands of the Pacific Ocean. War is war, but eat inhabitants of the islands have to. Without such boats which are delivered provisions, it would be bad.

The second thing, this John Smith contacted the Japanese intelligence and offered it services to gather information about the American side for a fee. The Japanese agreed. White Anglo-Saxon, they reasoned, would make it better than any Asian.

The third thing, John Smith contacted American intelligence and offered them his services to collect information on the Japanese side. He told them that hates the narrow-eyed since childhood and always ready to help paleface brothers – American. Those, too, agreed.

And the work has gone. Transporting and trading of food, John Smith passed data to Americans about Japanese and to Japanese, respectively, about Americans. And he passed the information of both of them to the United Kingdom. All three explorations were satisfied by his work.

Red Sparrow 2017

Both USA and Japanese counterintelligence repeatedly arrested ingenious John Smith on suspicion of espionage. John Smith said the password, and counterintelligence, gritting their teeth, passed a spy in their exploration. In the exploration, he was asked: “Well, what are you this time gave to our mortal enemies?” “Yes, I told them little things! – Answered John Smith – and I do not remember exactly. How do I creep into the confidence of your mortal enemies? I’ll bring a lot of information about your enemies! You do not want to see your enemies have lost all confidence in me, and, moreover, tied me, and thereby depriving you of important intelligence? That’s why, reluctantly, I have to cooperate with the enemy for the sake of higher interests.”

Agents from both sides let go John Smith.

This lie would have ended well, but the Americans eventually occupied Japan. And they got to the Japanese intelligence archives. And the Japanese, it must be said or knew or assumed that this John Smith is also on the service in English intelligence. But they put up with this.

However, the Americans read the information provided by this John Smith to Japanese General Staff, outraged by this double-dealing of their faithful ally to the core.

Well, if your traitor caused damage to the United States, so, give him to us! – Insisted the Americans

The British government did not want to give their agent! After all, if the issue because Americans can get from him such information as the previous spy scandal seems like innocent misunderstanding! The British could not find this John Smith in its territory for a long time. But the Americans were persistent. They threaten to “unpredictable consequences” And the British had no choice, how to find that elusive John and agree to the issuance of a traitor to their faithful allies.

But, the best interest of the British Empire, there was a contradictory situation: on the one hand, it is necessary to give a spy, and on the other hand, it is inconceivable that loyal allies got him.

But this situation is resolved happily. The aircraft, which transported John Smith, crashed over the Atlantic. No one escaped. Moreover, the aircraft wreckage was never found.


Dominica has to seduce and to expose the FBI agent Nathaniel who is US mole in Russia. But there tied a relationship between them and it is jeopardized the security of both countries.


  • J. Lawrence as Dominika Egorova
  • J. Edgerton as Nathaniel Nash
  • J. Richardson as Nina
  • N. O’Neill as Sonya
  • K. Konrad as Ustinov
  • D. Miller as Victor

Release Date

Red Sparrow 2017 movie release date is planned on November 10, 2017, in the USA.

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When does come out All I Want movie 2017

This spring will start with various romantic pictures. One of them is “All I want”. It is an indie romantic comedy, so if you like going to small cozy art house theaters, you will probably see it there. So, when does All I want come out? The answer is the sixth of March.

The team

It can be called a project of a group of friends. They didn’t even make character names up, and just named them after the actors. All in all, there are twenty-seven actors.

The leading role is taken by the author of the story – Melissa Center, an experienced actress, filmmaker, step dancer and generally a person of many talents. She acted in various TV shows, like medical and detective dramas, starred in shorts and full-length movies. She runs a personal site and a Youtube channel, where she presents her own mini-series. There are comic sketches, movie reviews, a romance series about couples that met on Craigslist.

All I Want movie 2017

Drew Rausch, who plays Andrew the husband, is also well known for his, mostly episodic, roles in TV dramas and several big movies, such as The Battleship.

The rest of the cast are the friends of Melissa. Most of them worked at the same television series, e.g. Grey’s Anatomy, together. West makes a cameo appearance as Joe the farmer.

The director is West Liang, who has more than ten years of acting and directing movies. He played in a ninja action movie, dramas, and short films.

The story

It’s a mix of romantic comedy and drama about relations between friends. Though the crew has already finished the production of the movie, All I Want trailer is not available yet, even on the director’s Youtube channel. If we visit the official Facebook page, we can see the promotion video where they explain the idea behind the story. Melissa, the writer, says that she wanted to make a movie about friends throwing a party, and she added some shocking plot twists to it. West, the director, adds that the story touched him and he immediately agreed to take part in it. On Melissa’s site, you can watch two reels that present her acting talents in both comedy and drama. Not much is revealed about the plot. Husband and wife host a wedding anniversary party and invite their buddies and family members. During the evening, they uncover a terrible secret about their love life. Everyone gets anxious.

All I Want movie

The production

The process started in spring, almost a year ago. The film has been completed by September. The All I Want 2017 movie release date is 6th of March for the United States. It runs an hour and a half and features Dolby sound. There is no age restriction – it is suitable for every audience. The movie was produced by two independent companies. “Four Dogs Entertainment” was created to produce the movie. The other one is an alliance of Center and West, the authors of the movie. The budget is unknown, but it can’t exceed one million dollars.

Generally, it promises to be a fine movie aimed at people in their twenties and thirties. It is common for actors to gather and make independent movies. Some of them are decent, others are loved only by the fans of a certain actor. It is the first major work of this crew of filmmakers, so we can’t expect an Academy awards level. But even Hollywood sometimes makes a movie with twenty million dollars budget that appears to be a total waste of money. To find out, what does Mel want, better watch it with friends to catch up the atmosphere of the movie. Prepare for an evening at the cinema, and ask us when is All I Want coming to theaters? Our answer is Monday, the 6th of March. Afterward, it will be available via the Internet and on DVD.