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List of best Religion movies 2018

Religion is pretty personal and contradictory concept for every person. It carries a rather mysterious meaning, something so far unexplored and unsolved. Films about religion bear a profound, spiritual meaning, make one think about being in different directions. Most of the films on this subject are adocumentary. Disclose and develop the question of faith, principles, desires, shows how different directions of religion appeared, how relationships and temples of different directions of faith were built.

Today, we are glad to present you TOP 10 best Religion movies of 2018 to watch.

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List of best Religion movies 2018

  1. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene lives theperverted lifestyle, does not think about her own life, as well as the consequences. Spending time in the dubious company, gradually the girl understands that such a life can seriously affect the future. A chance meeting with Jesus completely changes the outlook of the girl and she starts seriously thinking about the philosophy of life. Jesus tries to help, but Mary Magdalene cannot return to the usual life. Bypassing serious obstacles, Mary takes a difficult decision for herself and tries to follow all the advice of Jesus. Despite positive changes in the life of the girl, she has to work on changes in her nature, for the sake of the pride of the teacher.

  1. Who Is God?

It is a historical epic drama about ancient Asia when Buddhism just crossed the Indian border. A war rages between traditional tribes, the worshipers of nature, and the royal power sowing a new religion.

  1. Apostle

A religious cultis in the TOP 10 best modern Religion films 2018.

On an isolated island, which is controlled by a religious cult, a mysterious wanderer arrives in search of his sister. Soon the cultists-thieves themselves will regret that they met with the stranger who is about to reveal their secrets.


  1. The Nun

A group of young teenagers, tormented by boredom, decided to hold a session dedicated to spiritualism. They thought that this session is just a kind of a joke but they were mistaken. Frightened by experiment, schoolchildren vowed never to do it again.Thenit was forgotten about the incident. The ghost of a nun no longer came to the people. The horror returned when a young girl came to the Father’s home. Many years ago she left her hometown because she was the main initiator of a longand mystical session. Everyone thought that the event of that terrible day would never happen again and the evil spirit left this city. But the vengeful spirit did not go away but only waited for the schoolchildren to come together.

  1. Muck: Chapter 1

A group of young people decides that this is not a bad idea to go to an old village house. What could go wrong? Something ominous lurks in the dark. Someone is fond of fresh blood. He will kill one by one, causing horror and panic among those who are still alive. Whether teenagers will be able to escape or their fates have already been sealed? Will they be able to cope with the fear and fight back the insane evil that laid eyes on young souls? Blood and mud are waiting for them ahead.

  1. Dark Ascension II: The Journey to Hell

The Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent Religion movies.

None of us know what exactly awaits a person after death. This film is another theory that will tell us about the world afterlife. Everyone will get there. Pious people will immediately go up to heaven, where there is paradise with all the blessings. Sinners and murderers will go to hell, it is in the center of the Earth. But there are also those who fall into purgatory, a place where they will have to undergo a series of trials in order to clean their sins and to ascend to heaven.

But the situation in the other world has changed, the recent war between Good and Evil, completely destroyed the paradise, leaving only ruins and pain there. Now, all sinners who have reached heaven are left without a home, hell is closed to them, and purgatory is very far away. St. Peter collects a team of brave people, with whom he can get to the sacred temple. There, there is a hope to recreate a paradise with all its beauty.

Dark Ascension II: The Journey to Hell

  1. Heretic

The protagonist of the film is the well-known evangelical priest Carlton Pearson, to whom, according to him, God appeared and raised a doubt in his soul about the existence of hell. After the miracle that happened to him, Carlton began preaching that hell, a place for the eternal suffering of sinners, does not exist, but was created on the Earth by human depravity. This teaching has repeatedly been criticized by the official church. Later, histeaching was recognized as a heresy, Carlton lost his flock and was forced to start life from scratch.

  1. Heretiks

The horror film will introduce its viewers to people who have lived theisolated way of life for a longtime. These people completely disagree with the desires of ordinary people and in their opinion, no one of the humanity is worthy of wandering around the planet – all must die. Many centuries ago these unusual hermits made a deal with the devil himself. They promised that they would fulfill all his whims and in return receive absolute power.


2.The Pastor

In a small town suddenly comes a gang of criminals who tries to destroy the unshakable faith of the local priest in God,putting spikes his wheels. What will happen when this person, accustomed to calm, get really angry?

The Pastor

  1. Blessed Virgin

The leader of the TOP 10 best new Religion movies 2018.

The plot of the movie based on archival documents of the 17th century is about Benedetta Carlini- the abbess of the nunnery. She lied about supernatural visions and contacts with Christ and was accused of molesting another abbess of the monastery.

Blessed Virgin

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TOP Upcoming Religion movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Religion movies 2017

In the world, there are a huge number of religions, which in the first approximation can be divided into the religions of the experience and religion of the Faith.

So, we are glad to present you TOP ten good Religion movies 2017 in theaters which includes both types.

Religions of Faith, which include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism appeared in the Middle East. In the religions of faith, there is the concept of God, the image of which can vary in different religious traditions, yet most often it is portrayed as a man with dense vegetation on his face. The concept of Faith in these religions is fundamental – it is impossible to imagine a Christian who does not believe in Christ and God the Father or a Muslim who does not recognize Allah and the deity of Muhammad. In the religions of faith, great importance is attached to the word – sacred texts and their numerous interpretations. Thanks to different interpretations of the Holy Scripture, today only in Christianity there are several hundred directions, each of which claims that it is his teaching that is true.


The religions of experience, which include Buddhism, Taoism and certain directions of Hinduism appeared in the Far East. In these religions there is no concept of God – the main role is played not by sacred texts that tell about the incredible experiences of prophets but their own experience. With the help of practice, the adept learns his own mind, and one day, when the boundary between the outer and the inner disappears, he recognizes the true nature of all things and phenomena.

Numerous schools in the religions of experience coexisted peacefully and never led religious wars. One school is no better “truer” than the other – it’s just that all people are very different, and therefore different people have different methods for achieving the Goal.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Religion films 2017.

Before the start, we hope that our TOP 10 really good Religion movies will help you find an interesting movie of the genre.

  1. Pilgrimage

Several monks are forced to go on a pilgrimage to an island where war has been going on for many years. The strength of the Norman defenders is constantly growing. Heroes are to accompany the sacred monastic relic – a stone that was involved in the martyrdom of St. Matthias. The longer the monks go, the more obvious it becomes, why they were actually sent on this journey. But too late, the heroes will understand that their faith can be the cause of their death.

  1. The Shack

In the life of the protagonist of the movie, who is trying to survive the tragedy, mysterious events occur. And one day he receives an invitation to a meeting from the God. And it must take place in a rather gloomy and very secluded place.

  1. God Particle

Another group came to the orbital station, which is engaged in studying the planet. With the help of new developments, it was possible to understand where the so-called particles of the God appeared in the galaxy. It also helped to get closer to the idea of where life came from on Earth. The station, which the astronauts created, accelerated the particles and demonstrated how things developed. But one small mistake was enough to start a catastrophe.

God Particle

  1. The Crucifixion

An American journalist is investigating the story of a Romanian priest who practiced exorcism and was imprisoned after the death of a nun. Trying to get to the truth, the heroine discovers the shocking details of what happened.

  1. The Preacher’s Son

The son of preacher Dante has a different view of the church.

The Preacher's Son

  1. The Case for Christ

It is the golden mean of the TOP 10 good english Religion movies 2017.

A convinced atheist applies his professional skills to refute the Christian faith of his own wife. Ultimately, his efforts lead to an unexpected result, capable of forever changing the course of his life.

  1. Brimstone

Liz tries in every possible way to forget about the events taking place in her past. She runs away from the persecution of a madman preaching the devil’s faith…

  1. Silence

Japan’s dominant policy until the middle of the twentieth century was a policy of total isolationism. Due to its unique geographical location, the Japanese monarchs succeeded in resisting the western lifestyle, adhering to their traditions for centuries. However, the Europeans, with maniacal perseverance, tried to instill in Asians their vision. Religious pilgrims, members of all kinds of orders, conducted their propaganda, despite the desperate opposition from the local priests.

The plot of this film will tell us about the events that took place in the seventeenth century. It was then that two desperate Jesuit monks arrived in Japan, belonging to one of the branches of the Roman Catholic Church. The mission of the clergy, in addition to bearing the true word of God to the savages, was also in search of their esteemed teacher, who disappeared without a trace here some time ago. The servants of the Lord have to pass many tests, withstood the aggression from the side, both militant samurai, and ordinary people, who do not want foreigners to impose their opinion on it. Monks are persecuted and daily subjected to degrading violence, but faith in the Lord allows them to hold with honor.

  1. Novitiate

The movie is about young a girl who tries to become a nun.


  1. Mary Magdalene

It is the leader of the list of TOP 10 good Religion movies 2017.

Every person is familiar with the name of Mary Magdalene. Even a non-believing person knows the story of this holy woman. Mary was a harlot, but once in her life, Jesus met, after a meeting, her life changed radically, she began to believe in God and became a saint.

According to legend, it was Mary Magdalene who was present at the cruel crucifixion of Jesus, and then she was the first to whom his spirit appeared after the resurrection. All her life the woman dedicated to God, she perseveringly prayed, faithfully believed, for which she was rewarded with her holy status.

Mary Magdalene

So TOP 10 new good Religion movies 2017 release dates, you can find on the Internet.

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When does come out The Breadwinner movie 2017

“The Breadwinner” is a new cartoon movie by Nora Twimey. The movie is about the strong character of the main heroine that must motivate to make everything possible to live better, find the way out. All information on the movie you will find on the topic below. The answer to the main question: “When does The Breadwinner come out?” you also will find here.


N.Twomey is a director of the movie. She is known for “Puffin Rock”, “The Secret of Kells”, “Eddy of the Realm Eternal”.

R. Riahi and C. Duffy are art directors.

Animation Department

  • V. Ens as a senior character animator
  • F. Erlinghauser as an animation director
  • G. King as a senior animator
  • L. Lordan as a sequence animation director
  • O. Løken as an animator
  • S. Reese as an assistant animator
  • B. Witchalls as a senior lead key clean-up artist

The Breadwinner movie 2017

When is The Breadwinner 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will come to theaters in 2017.

The fate of women in Afghanistan

When our girls write in their social network profiles: “I want to meet a strong man next to whom I can be weak” they do not think about chauvinism or sexism. For them, the opportunity to be weak to the man seems attractive, and even perfect.

In Afghanistan, it is not an option; it is the structure of society. Women’s prisons of the country are filled with young women with children who have committed “moral offenses” and were rejected by their families: have been victims of rape escaped from domestic violence or refused to marry the man who chose the parents or the got pregnant from partner who is not approved by the family.

In Afghanistan, these women do not find protection – they are imprisoned, says Gabriela Maj. A woman’s body is considered to be not her property but belongs to her father, husband, community, religion, or the state, and any action that she will make to it without the consent of men, who hold power, is punishable.

The Breadwinner 2017

The answer to the question that girls-prisoners will do when time to depart, as a rule, comes, was: “I will be killed”

The police involved in the capture of the women who ran away from the family because of the violence or refuse to marry the man who she does not love, and then they are imprisoned for moral crimes.

But those women who are serving the time for murder or other real crime, as a rule, are victims of the violence that they have experienced before decided to do something. For example, a young 20-year-old woman cut the throat of her husband, who forced her into prostitution, because she could not tolerate bullying anymore.

Each of the women had no right to choose the direction of her life since childhood. Most were married against their wishes, become mothers when in most countries they are still considered as children.

Communities, families, husbands and parents are on guard of female virginity and bodies of women, while they themselves are not able to manage their lives. This structure leads to situations where the father may declare that prefers death to his dishonored daughter, causing the real tragedy.

This structure of society seems shocking to us, the standards under which in cheating of husband is accused his wife (because she did not look after her, do not give him enough sex) looks wild for people living in Western societies. How it is considered unacceptable for a man to hit a woman in our countries and for an adult to hit a child in Europe or America is taboo.

The Breadwinner cartoon 2017

When you next time hear of a “strong man weak woman” think about the girls of Afghanistan, locked in jail for what they dared to decide something for themselves.


The movie The Breadwinner trailer is not available.


In the center of the plot is a stubborn girl from a poor family. The main character sooner experienced real grief, and she knew what serious problems are. Her family could barely make ends meet, and even sometimes there was not enough money for food. Therefore, the girl decided to work, but most of the work was given to boys because they are stronger than girls. The work was hard and not very paid, but the girl could not get it. Then she decided to dress as a boy, and then the odds of getting a job will increase. It worked and the girl gets the job. Now it is important that the deception was not disclosed.


  • S. Chaudry as voice of Parvana
  • L. Sadiq as voice of Fattema
  • S. Latif as voice of Soraya
  • A. Badshah as voice of Nurullah
  • N. Gulamgaus as voice of Idrees / Sulayman
  • K. Ada as voice of Razaq

Release Date

The Breadwinner 2017 movie release date is scheduled in 2017 in the USA. The precise information on release is not disclosed.

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When does come out Personal Shopper movie 2017

The first movie “Personal Shopper” was shown at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, where it was nominated for the “Palme d’Or”. In an interview with actress K. Stewart, she shared her impressions about the shooting of the film: “I feel that I can no longer have an opportunity to work on the theme of the underworld. I think I just got lucky because the director has other projects and other stories that should be told. I’m going to help him to reveal the subject and I hope that we will find each other again.”


  • O. Assayas is a director of the movie. He is known for “Paris, I love you”, “Clouds of Sils Maria”, “Summer Hours”.
  • Y. Saux is a cinematographer.
  • M. Monnier is a film editor.
  • F. Labarthe is a production designer.
  • M. Kurel is a set decorator.
  • J. Doering is a costume designer.

Personal Shopper movie 2017

When is Personal Shopper 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will come on screens in the beginning of March, 2017.


In fact, life after the physical death of the body continues soul of man, but the sight of her can be very different. The soul may look large and luminous, with huge white wings of Faith and can be compressed into a ball, imprisoned in a dark shell of the ego, with cut wings and a hole instead of a heart.

Most of all it depends on how the person has passed his earthly incarnation, worthy or not. Depending on this, the soul will either be blessed with the Forces of Light and God, if it is adequately implemented his earthly problems. Or fall into the slavery of the Dark Forces, and will suffer, if a man had fallen, evil.

Mankind has long decided the question of whether there is life after death. There is! – Say all religions, without exception, and most philosophies. However, with the spread of atheism, this question came up again, and scientists are divided into two opposing camps.

In the meantime, they argue, the news from the other side continues to come to the believers and the unbeliever, and hardly worth dismiss this fact, referring to the bad faith or abnormality of psychics with other world.

“Afterlife exists – says Wang, – the dead continue to live a new life in the spirit world. Their souls are with us. “There are a lot of evidences. For example, in her autobiography, Natalya Petrovna Bekhtereva, an academician, a neuroscientist with a world name, told how ghost after her husband’s death was to come to her, not only at night but during the day, sharing the important thoughts that have not managed to make in life.

Bechtereva says that was not scared at all because it does not doubt the reality of what is happening. The ghost was well aware of the life of Natalia Petrovna, all he predicted came true up to the fact that the lost document themselves in the place to which he pointed. “What was it – a product of the work of my mind caught in a state of stress, or something else – I do not know – she summarized. – One thing I know for sure – it is not imagination.”

“If the assumptions of the materiality of the soul are true, – writes the American physicist David Sushett – that” guests from the past”- not a game disordered imagination, but a very real phenomenon.” According to the scientist, actually repeated the words Bechtereva, contact with the dead, is not available to all, but only to people staying in a particular state of altered consciousness that arises in severe stress or in an extreme situation.

Perhaps, however, it happens, and then, when the messenger of the “Otherworld” has an urgent need to get in touch with real people.

Personal Shopper 2017


The official movie Personal Shopper trailer is at the top of the page.


The main character of the film “Personal Shopper” is a young girl named Maureen (Kristen Stewart) – moved to Paris to become a personal buyer in a rich socialite. Maureen has to travel a lot in different European countries to buy beautiful and expensive things. During another trip to London, she receives a strange text message from an unknown caller. Initially, Morin believes that it is someone’s joke. But over time, messages are becoming a more mysterious character, and Maureen begins to seem that they come to her from the underworld by her late brother Lewis, who died of a heart attack.


  • K. Stewart as Maureen Cartwright
  • L. Eidinger as Ingo
  • S. Bouaziz as Lara

Release Date

Personal Shopper 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 2nd of March, 2017 in Russia.

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When does come out Whispers movie 2017


  • N. Miller is a director of the movie. He is known for “Seven”, “Neighbors. Sorority Rising 2”, “Casting”, “Alien Shadows”

When is Whispers coming to theaters?

The “Whispers” is scheduled to release in theatres in the begging of the July.

What is paranormal?

The term “paranormal” evokes a feeling of something questionable, reprehensible and charlatan. Paranormal means “lying outside the traditional and explicable of human experience in the science.” In general, there is nothing abnormal and reprehensible in this. Moreover, it is a natural and scientific primary experimental fixation. However, what person captures in his experience as authentic that is gradually becoming a “normal” subject of research, experiment, discussion and explanations by constructing relevant models and theories.

Have to wait:

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Any of the traditional religions is evidence of “miracles”. Permanent appeal to the “miraculous” is contained in the “Old” and “New” Testament. “Miracle” is a fixed fact, coming into conflict with the existing notions of understandable. It is always a challenge in relation to the established system of knowledge. The laws of nature are the laws designated by the man and not all of an infinite number of valid laws of the existence of the universe. What is a miracle within a single explanatory system in another system is not already a miracle. The fact that in the middle Ages was a miracle, now firmly established in the daily existence of man. We know what the psychological shock of the collision causes the representatives of traditional communities with modern technosphere. For them, almost every household detail of our world is a miracle. But for the modern man is still valid phenomenon “miraculous”. Actually terminology of paranormal means, only in other words, the phenomenon of a miracle. Some phenomena are inexplicable and abnormal in relation to the current scientific paradigm and the actual level of scientific knowledge. But what is “inexplicable” today does not mean “inexplicable” in the future.

Examples of paranormal events in the real world

A person may spontaneously without any external force float in the air, with the help of a mental desire to move or bend the metal and wooden objects and it is only with the power of eyes, the power of thought and a mental effort. For any person it seems incredible because it does not support the everyday experience of ordinary people. And one day person decides that it is just all tricks, the usual variety of tricks! It is immediately reminded the well-known foreign and domestic magicians – Garry Houdini, David Copperfield, Igor Kio, Harutyun Hakobyan and many other talented magicians. Thinking so, the people will be right that magicians and illusionists and wizards can do everything: “cut” on parts of the person and in a moment to recover him, “separate” his head from his body, give her assistant on the stage, and then again return the head in place. Remember how David Copperfield and his assistant are floating in the air or on the front of all the spectators is disappeared huge forty tons of weight Pullman! It is impossible to even briefly enumerate all the things and stunts that feature wizards and magicians all over the world.

All this tricks are related to manual dexterity and suggestion or illusion, built with the help of technical equipment and modern electronics. But there are unusual, paranormal phenomena, which are inherent in man from the very moment of its appearance in the world and this is their mystique. Magicians, illusionists, sword-swallowers can really do anything you want, but the man with paranormal power can do only what the gifted from birth.

These phenomena are so mysterious and inexplicable that they are not recognized by modern classical science.


The movie Whispers trailer is not available.


The movie will tell us a story about a young school boy. He finds a strange artifact in his house and begins to experience paranormal activities. But something went wrong during these events. Who are going to blame in this situation: the boy or the damned artifact?


  • Miller as Cole
  • Mauro as Jake
  • Slan as Demon

Whispers 2017 movie release date is on 1st of July.