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List of TOP 10 good Sports movies 2018

Sports movies will open doors to you in an amazing world, which is an integral part of the huge universe of physical culture that promotes the development and improvement of people. They will tell interesting and truthful stories about curious events and people, about famous athletes and talented coaches, triumphs and defeats, winners and defeated, legendary matches and competitions.

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  1. Three Seconds

The film tells about the incredible confrontation between the USSR and the USA basketball teams at the 1972 Munich Olympics. For 36 years before this fateful meeting, the US team was invincible. Nobody even thought that someone could win such opponent. However, the coach of the USSR team, despite everything, believed in his team. As a result, he was able to make the players believe that they can do the impossible.

Three Seconds Film Shoot

  1. Hurricane Kid

The sports film will tell the story of the father and son. In his best years, Todd Lawrence was an unsurpassed star in the ring of mixed martial arts. Persistent training and a fleeting manner of battle brought him not only the title of the champion but also the nickname Hurricane. Frankly, success and fame did not just happen, Lawrence had to work hard and sacrifice much for the sake of victories. Over time, he began to understand that he becomes weal due to his age. Todd left the ring, got a family, and raised a son. However, past victories do not allow to live quietly. Lawrence himself can no longer act, becoming only the shadow of that fighter rapidly moving around the ring. Therefore, Todd decides to continue winning the ring, but with the help of his son Jake.

  1. The Big Fight

Ukrainian mixed martial artist is in the TOP ten good Sports movies 2018 in theaters.

A profound film about professional fights. “The Big Fight” is a story of overcoming the pain, own fears, and old grievances. “The Big Fight” is a truly honest film about wrestling in the ring and in life. Each of the heroes in it has its own truth, which they are ready to protect to the last.

The main hero of the movie is Egor. He is a professional mixed martial artist. One day he was framed and accused of the murder of his coach. The story begin when he was released from prison. Now he wants to find that guys who framed him and punish them. On his way to the goal, he will meet bad guys, bad and good girls, a lot of fights, and more.

The Big Fight poster

  1. 15 Rounds

The film brings up the topic of the shadow business associated with boxing. In the category of illegal sportsmen (mostly emigrants), they are powerless and do not have money to practice their favorite sport and they do not have the legal opportunity to enter the big sport. Such, mostly Latin American people, accustomed to survive with the help of fists in poor neighborhoods become participants in battles in the underground ring. Only incredible efforts, tiresome training, and strong-willed nature lead the boys to victories, which everyone dreams of since childhood.

15 Rounds poster

  1. Gold

After independence from Britain, India for the first time participates in the Summer Olympics of 1948 in London as an independent state and represents the largest delegation in its history. It is clear, in such circumstances, a gold medal would be very good. It is the story of the preparation and the way to the cherished victory of the national team in hockey.

  1. Creed II

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Sports movies 2018.

In the 98th year of the last century, the widow of Apollo Creed, a former heavyweight champion, learns that her deceased husband had an illegitimate son and finds him in one of the orphanages. A woman takes the boy and brings up like as her own. 17 years have passed and now Donny has a good work, but most of all the guy dreams of taking place as a boxer. He turns to Tony Evers, who once coached his father and Rocky Balboa, but he refuses the protagonist.

Marry is very worried about her son’s desire to become a boxer, as she has already lost her husband in the ring and does not want Donny to become the next. However, the stubborn guy goes in search of Rocky and eventually convinced the former sportsman to become his coach.

  1. The Sons of Summer

Joe, Jack, and Johnny are brothers living in the small provincial town of Rapland, which left far behind its former greatness and baseball glory. This mining town, like most such settlements, does not give young people the main thing, because of what they are leaving it for big cities – the opportunity to realize their cherished dream.

Many years ago, this town was proud of its baseball club, which broke records of popularity among its kind. Those days have sunk into oblivion, after all the best sportsmen invariably left the city, aspiring to participate in competitions of a higher rank, giving an opportunity for advancement in a sports career.

  1. The Rocket

Josh The Rocket is in the TOP 10 really good Sports movies.

Since his childhood, Josh Davis was preparing to become a great football player. He goes to high school and waits for his time, but life plays a dirty trick with him: Josh gets injured and can no longer play football. Will he be able to realize himself in another sport and cope with new difficulties on his way to fame?

  1. Young Again

Young Again is an exciting sports drama, tells the story of a young kid who helped the baseball team achieve high results over a long period. During the games, coaches and managers of sports events paid attention to him. Now the time has come when the young athlete was offered to take a worthy place in the team.

Behind the Scenes in Young again

  1. Ice

Nadezhda Lapshina is a figure skater from Irkutsk. The persistence and perseverance of Nadezhda was a wonderful addition to her talent. A famous coach noticed the girl. The athlete was expecting a great future.

However, one day she got a serious injury. Nadezhda goes to the hospital. The neighbor of the figure skater is hockey player Sasha. It turned out to be not a very good neighborhood – the guy annoyed Nadezhda. She could not even think that they would soon become friends.

Sasha helped Nadezhda. He forced her to move, eventually, the figure skater returned to ordinary life. The next stage is to return to the ice…

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TOP Upcoming Sports movies 2019-2020

List of best Sports movies 2018

If there is someone who likes sports or an active fan, then he likes to watch sports movies. In this section, we have tried to collect the most interesting sport movies of 2018 and put them in TOP 10 best Sports movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we begin.

List of best Sports movies 2018

  1. Duel of Legends

Dax probably would not survive after the tragic death of his parents, if the wandering monk, the martial arts teacher, did not take the boy. He brought up the child as his own son and gave him his skill…

Dax has long grown up. He is a CIA undercover agent. He needs to find direct evidence of the involvement of one criminal group in trafficking in Los Angeles, and then use them in court. And Dax becomes a member of an underground fight club. Unexpectedly, the performance of his official duty helps him solve the mystery of the death of his parents – Shin (the local champion in underground fights) is involved in their murder, and the black book that Dax’s father kept is the reason for it…

Isaac C. Singleton Jr. and Gustavo Cardozo in Duel of Legends

  1. Vratar Galaktiki

Due to the galactic battle of extraterrestrial races that occurred in our solar system near the Earth, the Moon collapsed and the poles of the planet shifted. Above the city of Moscow raises a huge alien ship – it’s a stadium where competitions are held, remotely resembling modern football, but only at incredibly high speeds. This is a spaceball game. When it starts – the world stops and everyone watches the game where Athletes play. The price of each game is high because the win or loss determines the fate of entire planets…

Vratar Galaktiki

  1. Creed II

Sylvester Stallone is in the TOP 10 best modern Sports films 2018.

Elderly athlete Balboa, who was a professional boxer, becomes a mentor of a promising, talented boy, and later a close friend. In his youth, he did not have equal rivals in the ring. After retiring, he became the best coach, withstanding any competition in this profession. He tries to pass on to the beginning fighter all the available skills and techniques of win-win boxing, helps to start acareer path in an uneasy business. His disciple Adonis persistent, aimed at an indispensable victory, thepatient in achieving the goals set, does not give up in the most difficult situations. The circumstances are complicated by the fact that a young pupil of a “boxer in the past” is the son of the deceased Apollo Creed who was his main rival and a hated enemy in the past.

Men competed for a long timefeeling hostility, but gaining experience, a real friendshipwas born. Former rivals unexpectedly became close friends, but their life paths differed widely in different directions. Rocky won the championship title, and Apollo was killed in the ring in a cruel and unequal battle. Adonis was not familiar with the blood father, raised by his mother, who did not want to communicate with her ex-husband. The child grew up, turning into a strong, self-assured youth.

Creed II

  1. Thrilla in Manila

It is a reproduction of one of the most intense and brutal fights in the history of boxing. October 1, 1975, two great American champion rivals Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier met for the third time in the ring.

  1. Speedhunters

The action in the film will unfold in the near future in the world of great races. A colorful set of riders and technical personnel is involved in the struggle for revolutionary technology, which is completely capable of changing the world. Of the four main characters, two will be from China. It is assumed that their roles will be played by famous actors from the China.


  1. Sweetwater

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Sports movies.

People have always wanted to learn about the life of their idol, whom they admire and genuinely love for his achievements, unaware that the real life of their hero remains “out of range.” The main character of the film is a dark-skinned basketball player Nathaniel Clifton who made a revolution in basketball. Unfortunately, very few people know that behind the bright popularity of a famous athlete is the long and difficult path of a beginner basketball player who dreamed of breaking into the big leagues, becoming a star and favorite of the public.

Nathaniel’s youth came precisely in those years when basketball was just gaining strength, becoming one of the favorite sports, which popularity quickly crossed the borders of the United States and went to conquer other continents. Throughout America, homemade sports grounds were built, where mischievous boys from morning till night learned the basics of a new game, trained tirelessly, learned to jump, throw a ball.

The young guy did not suspect that he would become the first black basketball player to sign a contract with the famous club “New York Knicks.” The first match, in which Nathaniel took part, became a springboard to fame and success. After this stunning match, the whole country knew the basketball player.

  1. The Big Fight

The big fight is the story of the fighter guy – Egor. He was just releasedfrom prison where he got to on a fabricated case about the murder of his mentor and coach. Egor wants to find and punish the true criminals. On his difficult journey, he meets the girl of his dreams and the friend whoturns out to be the worst enemy. Will Egor win in the biggest battle of his life and will he be able to take revenge on the murderers?

The Big Fight

  1. Sandow

The movie will tell us a story about young man who tries to find “Sandow The Magnificent”(great bodybuilder) in order to become his protégé.

  1. Hurricane Kid

The sports drama film immerses the viewer into the world of mixed martial arts and adrenaline. Todd Lawrence’s best years have passed in a ring, being the master of the mixed single combats. A serious approach to training and full self-giving in the ring made him an unbeatable fighter.But over time, the peak of glory passed, and health forced Hurricaneto leave the coveted ring. Frankly, now, Todd has a second chance to fell once again the joy of victories in the ring. Acting as a coach for his own son, Lawrence Sr. is waiting for Jake to prepare enough to repeat his father’s exploits.

Hurricane Kid

  1. Tri

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best new Sports movies 2018.

The movie will tell about the football team, its history, and great wins.

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TOP Upcoming Sports movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Sports movies 2017

If you love sports in all its manifestations, or an active fan or just interested in this subject, then you like to watch sports movies for sure and are looking forward to the release of every new sports picture. Here, we tried to collect the most interesting and best films on sports topics of 2017, including them in the TOP 10 best english Sports movies 2017 to watch.

Slamma Jamma

Sports movies are a relatively new cinematic genre, however, this does not make it less popular and loved. Watch them will be interesting both for adults and for the younger generation, who, as a rule, likes active rest, and therefore is fond of sports. The main reason for the popularity of the best sports films is the fact that in many films of this genre there are real stories and biographical details from people’s lives. Viewing such pictures teaches people to overcome obstacles, as well as fight for achieving dreams and goals.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Sports films 2017.

  1. Tommy’s Honour

It is an amazing story about Tom Morris, a man who is considered a pioneer in today’s professional golf and who became the youngest champion title holder in this game.

  1. Chuck

The world of sport lives according to its rules and laws. There is no place for weaklings and losers. Everyone strives for victory at any cost. This is especially true for boxing – sports, which can lead to disability and completely destroy life. Boxers should be prepared for heavy testing, endure any injuries, otherwise, they have no place on the sports Olympus. Chuck Wepner is considered one of the best heavyweight boxers in the history of this sport. For his tactics and endurance, he gets the nickname “Bleeder”. To knock him out is too difficult. Chuck is always ready to continue the fight.

Despite the strength and the iron character shown in the ring, Chuck in ordinary life is a simple man with problems and difficulties in dealing with women. Three marriages never brought him happiness and peace of mind. Therefore, his life’s work remained the ring. It was here that he became himself, could fight internal fears, defeat his second self, seeing him in the opponents. It is this that can explain his invulnerability, which allowed him to win over and over again. The epicenter of his career was the famous meeting in the ring with Mohammed Ali when two professionals competed for the world title. Later, it was Chuck Wepner who became the prototype of the famous Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone. Thanks to his willpower, his desire to win, his desire to be the best, the usual boxer became a legend of world boxing.

  1. Slamma Jamma

The story of basketball star in prison is in the TOP 10 new english Sports movies 2017.

The former basketball star Michael Diggs is sent to a prison. There, he will have to prepare for competition.

  1. Kiss and Cry

It is based on real events. 18-year-old Carly Ellison from childhood professionally engaged in figure skating. She trains under the guidance of a respected but demanding Japanese coach, Shin. The athlete combines training with successful study at school, pleasing parents with good grades. At a party on the occasion of her winning the right to participate in the qualifying competitions for the Olympics in Sochi, she meets John, a classmate whom she did not pay attention to before. The young man walks Carly home and before saying goodbye invites to a date. The girl refuses to him, offended because he considers all athletes to be selfish.

In training, Ellison begins to choke and faints. At the clinic, the doctor does not tell her the diagnosis before receiving the test results but assumes she has asthma. At school, John once again invites Carly to a date, and she agrees. During the dinner in the restaurant, the girl once again loses consciousness. The athlete comes to herself on a hospital bed and finds out that she has a rare malignant tumor…

  1. Battle of the Sexes

The main heroine of the film is a professional tennis player Billy Jean King, who beat many world records. After the end of her career, she began to fight for the equality of women and men in sports. King proved that women can play tennis no worse than men, beating the first racket of the world Bobby Riggs. This match was a real national event, it was watched by more than 50 million people. The results of the game made a real sensation.

  1. 1 Mile to You

The middle of the TOP 10 popular english Sports movies in 2017, list of which includes best sports movies of 2017.

After the bus accident, rural schoolboy Kevin miraculously survives but loses all friends, classmates, and his girlfriend. He finds solace in running for long distances, which later turns him into a world celebrity.

  1. Death Race 2050

In the future in America, because of a dramatically reduced level of mortality, overpopulation occurred. Authorities for the sake of reducing the population of people and entertainment of the masses came up with the most popular show – “The Death Race”. Once a year, several teams of participants, consisting of a driver and navigator, participate in deadly competitions, which have become the most popular entertainment show in history.

Participants on their cars go on a journey through the whole country, and the winner is the one who will score the most points. Points are given for the downed people: 10 for an adult, 20 for any child and 50 for an old man. This bloody and cruel show gathers millions of viewers. Competitions are not only approved by the authorities but also actively promoted by the president himself, who simply adores watching the bloody massacre.

  1. Cars 3

Lightning McQueen in on the list of TOP 10 english Sports movies 2017.

Lightning McQueen is trying to prove to a new generation of racers that he is still the best racing car in the world.

  1. Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania

Penguin Cody Maverick is an excellent surfer. But the world does not appreciate his talents, he is forced to live on the small island of Pin-Gu, where, along with his girlfriend, Lanie teaches small penguins to the art of board riding on the waves. And suddenly on the island come the idols of Cody: this is the team of the world-famous surfers. They are busy trying to find a replacement for the outgoing leader – an otter named McMahon.

  1. Goon: Last of the Enforcers

It is the continuation of the story about a hockey player who does not know how to play hockey. This time he has such a strong opponent that he will have to unite with his main enemy.

TOP 10 latest english Sports movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

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TOP Upcoming Sports movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Sports movies of 2017

Sport is an integral part of life for many people. Our compilation of new Sports movies releases in 2017 is about sport which is dedicated to outstanding athletes, legendary competitions and unrestrained desire to win. This category of films won the audience of all ages.

Cinematography, dedicated to sports, is a very useful material. While watching this movie, you will learn a lot of facts and additional information about a particular sport, rules and details, championships and competitions that have ever passed. Dive into the world of sports.

Let’s watch list of TOP 10 recently released Sports movies of 2017.


  1. Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania

The plot of the cartoon continues to talk about the hilarious adventures of the eccentric penguin-surfer Cody Maverick. Once he tried his hand at the surfing tournament, but the opponents were too strong, and the circumstances were far from in favor of the newcomer Cody. Now he lives a quiet life and earns by teaching surfing in his surf school together with his friend Lani.

But even in this case, Cody has a serious competitor, multiple champion Tank, nicknamed Breakwater. Most of all, Cody is upset by the fact that he never demonstrated himself, became a professional and did not become a bit like a member of five cool surfers who are his idols. It is true that one day Cody has a chance to get acquainted with his idols and learn everything that these professional surfers know.

  1. Tommy’s Honour

The talented young player in golf is in the compilation of newly released Sports movies 2017.

Tom Morris is considered a young and successful player in golf. He already managed to get the title of champion and follows in the footsteps of his father. In the past, Tom Sr. from a young greenkeeper grew up to a professional player who was able to win four games in the Open Golf Tournaments. Moving further, he prevented the social origin, although he knew all the nuances of the game, was in excellent physical form. Simply, he was born at a time when golf was a privilege of aristocrats, so the outstanding champion remained in the shadow of eminent players. Yes, at first he served clubs, prompted competent moves, but then he grew bolder and was able to move on.

Tom Jr. has largely surpassed his father, thanks to father’s knowledge, experience, and trained skills. He knows that this game is only for the rich people, but tries to go further. Once he ventured and performed, demonstrating excellent results. His name appeared on the front pages of sports newspapers, which the local rich men and Tom Sr. did not like. The older generation of the Morris family and its achievements has gradually been forgotten. This event spoiled the relationship between father and son, as well as the successful player began to boycott the real athletes – golfers. But the young man does not care – he became a champion, he achieved his goal and is ready to move on.


  1. Chuck

The legendary boxer is in TOP 10 Sports latest movies 2017.

In the center of the plot is great boxer C. Wepner. The movie will show his life, victories, challenges and many other little details.

  1. Death Race 2050

The near future, in which for each resident the overpopulation became acute, the government arranges various shows. In America, this process has an entertaining character. The president himself vigorously advertises the show. There was organized the “Death Race””- which was held every year. The meaning of this competition is to get from one point to another, and also to earn as many points as possible during the period of the movement. The points are given for kill.

  1. 1 Mile to You

Kevin is a rural young man, who begins to run for long distances to become big athlete.

  1. Slamma Jamma

The middle of the list of TOP 10 Sports movies recently released in 2017.

It is the story of a basketball player who was put behind bars. There he prepares for new challenges.

  1. Goon: Last of the Enforcers

The comedy demonstrates the further development of the career of one of the most controversial hockey players in the world. He plays for one of the most effective teams in the NHL while being just an amateur with a stick in his hand.

His mission is not professional tricks and goals, but a beautiful disabling of the most dangerous players from the rival teams. Possessing excellent wrestling skills, Dag balances on the brink of rules but paves his team way to the title of champions, thus deserving respect of the players and coach. But one of the strongest teams guesses about his functions in the game and run on the field its bouncer.

  1. Kiss and Cry

The hard life of a skater is in the compilation of latest Sports movies in english 2017.

The movie will tell us about a promising figure skater who fight against sarcoma.

  1. American Wrestler: The Wizard

Migrant Ali is difficult to settle in California. Youth problems only accumulate, forcing to openly quarrel with new acquaintances. Combatants oppress the peer, and the boy’s reaction is anger, mutual aggression. The director of the school hints to the youth that it is difficult to achieve respect by such skirmishes. The newcomer will have to immediately find a place in the school system for the sake of adaptation. The coach of the local team sees that he is facing the American wrestler with the makings of a worthy athlete. The schoolboy denies having outstanding abilities, fails the training process.

Relatives encourage the young boy to fight for victories, fight for recognition. The mentor brings up confidence in the new soldier, tries to overcome the bouts of doubts and confusion. The man is convinced that this is how the ascent to the American dream is built. The former fears of a high school student are receding after a triumph at local competitions. The conviction in the ability to obtain victories, soar above inner insecurity becomes the guiding star of the hero. Will a stubborn lucky person be able to keep the gained advantage?

  1. Tracktown

It is the leader of the TOP 10 modern Sports movies of 2017.

During the preparation for the Olympics, young and talented runner twisted the ankle. Now the heroine must take time off.

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TOP Upcoming Sports movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Sports movies 2017

Sports have a big part in our lives, regardless of our nationality, creed and/or skin color. We love football, soccer, baseball, hockey, horse riding – whatever – and sports is what brings us all closer, turns us into better human beings. Our TOP 10 new good Sports movies 2017 release list includes all of the greatest new films that will be hitting the theaters or are already available this year. If you’re a fan of running, jumping and pushing yourself to the limit, make sure to check out what we’ve got in stores for you!

  1. Emma’s Chance

This is one of those heart-warming and uplifting stories that will linger on long after you leave the theater. Emma, a beautiful young woman, is forced to do community service hours at this lovely (and pretty big) horse rescue ranch. Slowly, but steadily, she starts to form a highly unusual bond with a mistreated show horse. He’s quite stubborn and doesn’t let anyone ride him but the girl, and that is why he’s constantly being abused. Will Emma be able to protect it from the evil folks at the ranch and keep it safe and sound? Mark this movie on your calendar if horses are your passion. If not, well, it might still be worth your while!

  1. Pelé: Birth of a Legend

Even if you’re not a sucker for football (soccer, that is), you probably know who Pele is. He’s a living legend, a true icon and a big inspiration for all those struggling kids out there. This is the fascinating story of a poor boy’s rise to the pedestal, a must-see for the fans of soccer and thought-provoking documentaries. The man was just a 17-year-old kid when he scored that winning goal back in 1958. He brought Brazil the first World Cup, and, to this day, Pele is considered to be one of the best forwards ever. He had to go through numerous struggles before turning into a legend, and that is what this movie is focused on. Definitely one of TOP 10 good English Sports movies 2017!

  1. The Phenom

What if you were a major league pitcher and totally lost control over the game? They’d probably be angry with you and send you to the minor leagues as some sort of a punishment. That’s exactly what the main character of The Phenom is going through. While trying to get back on his feet after the fall, he starts to have sessions with an extravagant psychologist. Over the course of several visits, the man finally manages to let go of the past and move on with his life. You can’t hope to conquer the future if you’re still tied up by the past, and these sessions help the hero get himself together and rise again.

  1. Hands of Stone

In case you didn’t already know, Roberto Durán is a boxing icon, a true legend, who entered the boxing ring back when he was just a 16-year-old kid and retired 34 years ago, at the impressive age of 50. He was born in Panama and was lucky enough to be noticed by Ray Arcel, a big shot in the industry: the man took the young protégé under his wing and taught him how to be the GOAT. And soon, the 20-year-old pugilist met Felicidad, the love of his life. Together, they set on conquering the boxing world…Wanna watch TOP 10 good Sports films 2017? Start with Hands of Stone.

  1. Bleed for This

Bleed for This is, without a doubt, a monumental movie both for Teller and Eckhart, as they did a marvelous job portraying Vinny Pazienza, a worldwide boxing champ, and his rough-tough and gifted trainer, Mr. Rooney. Vinny survived a terrible accident that nearly took his life. It almost broke his neck, which meant the end of his career. However, with the help of Rooney, he got back from the nightmares and made one of the greatest comebacks in the history of boxing. This is one of those movies that give you just the right inspiration and motivation to be better and to face your struggles with confidence.

Bleed for This

  1. Chuck

Did you know that Mr. Chuck Wepner was the hard-boiled boxer that inspired Stallone to shot his legendary Rocky movies? Well, that’s true, and this man stood strong on both feet for 15 rounds straight against the iconic Ali. The movie follows the man’s personal story and will focus more on his battles outside the ring. He struggled with alcohol, narcotics, and women. The boxer used to say that being in the ring was a lot easier than dealing with his problems on a daily basis. Chuck most definitely deserves a special place on the list of TOP 10 good Sports movies 2017 and it’s shaping up to be a crowd pleaser.

  1. Borg

Shia LaBeouf is getting ready to dominate the big screen with his engaging role in Borg, the true story of the epic Wimbledon skirmish between McEnroe, the best tennis players for three years in a row, and Borg, his biggest rival from Sweden back in 1980. The match between these masters is considered to be a classic in modern-day sports. They say the two are good friends to this day and meet at a bar sometimes to talk about that historical match. They remember every single moment, and that means this film will be extremely accurate. Just another tennis movie, you say? Not quite!

  1. Final Score

This one is being positioned as a sports movie, but it’s more of an action-packed blockbuster. Even the producers agree that it’s like the equivalent of Die Hard on a field. A group of terrorists barges into the stadium at a major event and seizes control over it. The criminals want only one thing – money – but the government is not going to negotiate with the scumbags. They send a retired soldier to infiltrate the stadium and take the enemies out – one by one. There are 35K innocent people at risk, including his dead friend’s daughter. Of the TOP 10 really good Sports movies, Final Score is the most “popcorn-friendly” one!

Final Score

  1. Battle of the Sexes

Back in 1973, the lovely Billie Jean was the best tennis player among the ladies and a gorgeous 29-year-old woman. Mr. Riggs, on the other hand, was 55, and out of the big court. But, for some reason, he decided to call her out. Yes, he challenged a girl almost half his age to take her best shot at him. King agreed, and she did win – confidently – proving once and for all that women can (and probably should) be better than men. This grandiose match was dubbed “Battle Of The Sexes” and is considered to be the most provocative and resonating match in history. Emma Stone will portray King, while Steve Carell will turn into a 55-year-old legend. Sounds good enough, right?

  1. The Bronx Bull

LaMotta, a legend in modern-day boxing, certainly does deserve to be the inspiration for a brand-new sports movie, and The Bronx Bull is heavily based on the champ’s stormy and hectic life of a boxer and a regular man. This is an honest, revealing look into the heart and mind of a true champion. Looking for TOP ten good Sports movies 2017 in theaters? Check this one out! If you’re a fan of boxing and thought-provoking films, The Bronx Bull will be right up your alley.

TOP Upcoming Sports movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood Sports movies in 2017

Nothing so hardens the strength of spirit and the will to win than a sport. It is that place where are serious passions and powerful conflicts, so from the very beginning of the advent of cinema, films about sports do not slow down their popularity. What could be more interesting than watching for the ups and downs of the hero, along with him to experience destructive failures and rise to unattainable heights?

We are glad to introduce you TOP 10 best Hollywood Sports movies of 2017 to watch.

Movies about sports – this is not just a story that will be forgotten the next day, it’s a whole message that can live in a person’s soul for a very long time. It is impossible to remain indifferent when watching pictures such as “Warrior” or “Never Give Up”. These sports films prove that if a person has a real dream, then all the doors are open before him and nothing can stop him. After all, all the greatest athletes have this faith and inner core. Watching movies about them means getting a piece of this powerful energy and believing that nothing is impossible.

List of best Hollywood Sports movies in 2017

  1. Cars 3

A new film director Brian Fee, who ten years ago voiced one of the heroes of the cult animated film “Cars”, returns again, but this time as a director. It is only a few people could believe in this turn, at the same time, many people hope that soon, namely in July 2017, we will witness the release of something strikingly interesting and unforgettable.

  1. Goon: Last of the Enforcers

In the first part of the story, the young bouncer accidentally became a member of the sports hockey team, although he did not know how to own a puck on the rink. But he was made a member of the team because he could professionally and without violations stun any opponent, thereby depriving the team of opponents of strong players.

Since the hero’s entry into the team, a lot of time has passed, but the situation has not changed. The man has not learned how to play hockey but continues to beat opponents on the field, doing a favor to his team and coach, who often resorts to his wrestling skills for the success of the whole team.

  1. Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania

After a series of amazing adventures, Cody and Lani decided to live peacefully. The main characters of the cartoon settled on their native island, where they became instructors in surfing. The occupation is rather calm but boring. After certain events, Cody begins to think about changing everything. At the same, he sets up a friend Chicken Joe, who wants the hero to participate in some kind of grandiose competition.

The life of the surfer begins to change when members of the world-famous team “Hang-5” appear in his native town, who, for the luck of the hero, are looking for a new partner. This news inspires Cody: he already sees himself as a famous sportsman, but he does not even suspect what tests he will have to overcome for this. Cody, along with friends – Joe, Lani, and Tank – joins the “Hang-5”, after which they go to the mysterious island. Will the heroes cope with this task?

  1. Death Race 2050

The planet will definitely face overpopulation, as there is already a shortage of resources and food. In each country, the problem approaches in a different way. America advanced a more interesting method of reducing the population.

Here, too, people are being destroyed, but during a unique show. Each character retains an illusory chance to live. During the show occur murders, but citizens are sympathetic to such measures, although they themselves are trying in every possible way to avoid participation in the show. Grandiose competitions are under the personal control of the president. The head of state advertised the holding of “Death Race”.

The player needs to overcome the appropriate distance and score the maximum number of balls. The more dead will be on the account of the participant, the more points he will earn. The adult person is estimated in the top ten, and the child – in twenty points. For the elderly, there are 50 points.

Active agitation of power leads to unexpected consequences. More and more newcomers are arriving, and the population is declining. Do the participants have the same rights? Maybe, people have different chances, but such information is known only to a limited circle. It is difficult to count on victory in the deadly selection…

The movie also is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Sports movies 2017. So you can watch it now.

  1. 1 Mile to You

Kevin is a village boy who loses his best friends in an accident, and to get rid of the feeling of guilt that he is the only one of the whole company survived, begins to run for long distances. As a result, with the help of his coach and mentor, he becomes a world class athlete.

1 Mile to You

  1. Tommy’s Honour

Tom Jr. wins a lot of money by playing golf, becomes famous, and thanks to it finds his love. However, this complicates the relationship between him and father.

The movie also is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Sports films 2017 because it was released in April 14, 2017.

  1. Chuck

The movie will tell a story about the boxer Chuck Wepner.

  1. Slamma Jamma

Michael Diggs is a former basketball star who was illegally accused and sent to prison. The hero prepares for the competition, finding his own salvation in those whom he loves.

  1. Kiss and Cry

It is a romantic story about the 18-year-old figure skater and singer who went down in the history of medicine with her struggle with a rare kind of melanoma.

  1. Battle of the Sexes

It is the leader of our TOP 10 new holly Sports movies.

The true story of the famous duel between two world tennis stars – B. J. King, who fought against disregard for women’s sports, and champion “retiree” B. Riggs, publicly stated that even at age 55 he would defeat the best of tennis players.

Battle of the Sexes

So the list of Hollywood Sports movies 2017 ends now.

Thank you for listening!

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When does come out Battle of the Sexes movie 2017

“Battle of the Sexes” is a new comedy movie by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton. All the information on a movie you will find in the article below. The answer on the question: “When does Battle of the Sexes come out?” you will find also there.

Have to wait:

[ujicountdown id=”Release Date in:” expire=”2017/09/22 00:00″ hide=”true” url=”” subscr=”” recurring=”” rectype=”second” repeats=””]


V. Faris and J. Dayton are directors of the movie. Faris and Dayton are known for collaborating in “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Ruby Sparks”, “Highston”.

  • Nicholas Britell is a composer of the movie.
  • L. Sandgren is a cinematographer.
  • P. Martin is a film editor.
  • J. Becker is a production designer.
  • A. Wei is an art director.
  • M. Ferguson and C. Bratkowski are set decorators.
  • M. Zophres is a costume designer.

Battle of the Sexes movie 2017

When is Battle of the Sexes 2017 coming to theaters?

There is no exact information on a movie release.

The idea of the movie

In the history of tennis were a lot of events, objects and personalities who have changed the understanding of the sport and the sport itself forced to change. The American edition “Tennis” sums up the past fifty years, noting the most striking and important objects. Tennis commentator Steve Tinor tells about the most significant match in the US, and perhaps the world’s history.

September 20, 1973, at the Astrodome stadium 30 thousand people watched as in the exhibition match Billie Jean creates history, throwing Bobby Riggs by balls. More ninety million people sited in front of their TV sets around the world. No one tennis match before or after do not collect such an audience. We can safely say forty years later that there is no so well discussed match.

As the basis was taken men’s size – five sets. By meeting with Riggs, Billy Jean was preparing more than seriously. In addition to the desire to make money, Billie Jean moved even sexist sentiment. One of the strongest tennis players of all time already openly showed their feminist views and struggled for so-called gender equality in the professional tour. All this together and give the result.

Riggs again tried to play virtually on one spot, but King that September night in Houston was unstoppable. She was not required five sets to win – 6: 4, 6: 3, 6: 3. Thus, King drew a line under the “battle of the sexes” – the organizer of the games, the famous Jack Kramer turned the shop. But if the success of a veteran in the game with King, Chris Evert was waiting for him whose prize fund would be equal to one million dollars already.

The accusations that it was a trick repeatedly hit on Riggs. The first one was announced a few hours after the completion of the match, and it is difficult to tell the year in which there was not a new one. The peak of the hype, raised around the “Battle of the Sexes” came in the mid-seventies but its echoes are heard now. Many fans still cannot believe what was happened on court and how the woman could beat the man on the court. Perhaps this is why Billie Jean is not shy to remind it to the international tennis community.

Interesting, both athletes early in career were motivated by the one person – P. Jones. Perry was called as the king of tennis. Jones loved his best players. E. Weiss and J. Kramer were high and nicely dressed, and, importantly, were born in California. King and Riggs did not fit under any of the items of the list. Perry did not hesitate to tell them that in person. Not surprisingly, both reacted the same way.

They said that he is a terrible man “He was more worried about the bloodline and suit of the beginner than his gaming skills. I was short, I did not have enough inventory shine, but I was never afraid to express my opinion to Perry about discrimination.

Battle of the Sexes 2017

Even in the early eighties, Riggs tried to get revenge as told Billie Jean. However, the answer has always been strong “NO”. However, King valued determination.

“I like him, I really do” – says athlete. “Bobby is not letting up”

44 years later, it becomes clear that it is this trait united both of them.


The official movie Battle of the Sexes trailer you can watch on the YouTube. It is already available.


The movie will tell us a story about the real match between stars of tennis of different sexes.


  • E. Stone as Billie Jean King
  • S. Carell as Bobby Riggs

Battle of the Sexes 2017 movie release date is not disclosed. It is planned to release it in Semptember 22 of 2017. The exact date is unknown.

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When does come out The Bleeder movie 2017

“The Bleeder” is a new upcoming sports movie by Philippe Falardeau. People who likes sport that motivating us, you should watch this movie. We will give full information on the movie and also the answer to the main question: “When does The Bleeder come out?”


  • P. Falardeau is a director of the movie. He is known for “Monsieur Lazar”, “It’s not me, I swear!”, “The Good Lie”, “Congorama”.
  • C. Jackson is a composer of the film.
  • N. Bolduc is a cinematographer.
  • R. Comeau is a film editor.
  • I. Weinberg is a production designer.
  • G. Cordoba is an art director.
  • K. Anderson is a set decorator.

The Bleeder 2017 movie

When is The Bleeder 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will go onto the screen in spring 2017 in the USA.


In 1882, John Sullivan became the first world champion in boxing, but the fight was then still “barehanded”. The beginning of a new era in Pro boxing considered a match in 1892 between Sullivan and James Corbett, known as Gentleman Jim, to whom rowdy champion finally put on the gloves. And then he lost his title … It is now in professional boxing 18 categories, and there are five at the end of the XIX century, and in the eyes of the fans one – hard. Sullivan’s height was 179 сm, and the “tall” Corbett – 186 cm while the current world champion Vladimir Klitschko – 198 cm and the holder of the WBC belt Deonteya Wilder – 201 cm.

The fighters have become much richer. After winning the first title in 1882 Sullivan went on a promotional tour (promoting new boxing “Queensberry Rules”) – traveled by train 136 of the cities for 238 days. Everyone could spend with him “a sparring” for $ 250”. And for the championship as boasted Sullivan, he earns: “As the US president!” It is 25 thousand dollars. The average fee of Vladimir Klitschko – 6-8 million dollars for the fight…

Modern boxing began to take shape in the “Broughton’s Rules” (1743): for example, it was impossible to grasp the opponent by the hair, and losing one whom second (who was at the time of the battle in the ring!) for 30 seconds could not bring up boxer to the mark in the center of the ring. It continues on the “London Prize Ring Rules” (1838) and almost took shape in its current form in the “Marquis of Queensberry Rules” (1867). Wrote them, by the way, the journalist Welshman Chambers and the Marquis only paid for the publication and “promote” rules. There were not limitations of a number of rounds. Now in league matches a maximum of 12 rounds, and in the historic fight between Sullivan and Corbett,  last ever world champion in the fighting on “bare” hands Sullivan lost by knockout in the 21st  three-minute (three minutes were already). And the long fight was in 1855 – 6 hours and 15 minutes.

There were unwritten rules. At the turn of XIX-XX centuries had tight life dark-skinned boxers: they are often boxed only in the circle. And all “thanks to” Sullivan, who refused to carry out the championship battles against blacks, and on ordinary fights, he had his tax rate: “White people – $ 10 000. Blacks are twice as much”. His principles followed and the more recent champions. Only in 1908 for a huge fee of $ 30,000, Tommy Burns agreed to fight with the Afro Jack Johnson. And he lost by points. Ironically, today is the most expensive African American boxer Mayweather, who earned a record for the fight $ 180 million.

The Bleeder 2017

Since there was a pro-boxing, and there were posters for the fights. Current are aggressive and brighter, but old are expensive! $ 50,000 is the biggest price that was paid for the boxing poster of previous years where was announced rematch of sworn rivals – Joe Louis and Max Schmeling (1938). The average price for vintage posters is ranging from $ 200 to $ 4000. In online auctions, appearing for sale the old tickets to the fights. Very old! The ticket with the first “glove” title clash between Corbett and Sullivan (1892) is worth $ 1640, but you can take a copy for 2.50.


You can watch the official movie The Bleeder trailer on the YouTube.


The movie will tell us a story about the boxer Chuck Wepner.


  • N. Watts as Linda
  • R. Perlman as Al Braverman
  • L. Schreiber as Chuck Wepner
  • E. Moss as Phyliss
  • J. Gaffigan as John
  • P. Hall as Muhammed Ali

Release Date

The Bleeder 2017 movie release date is unknown but it is planned to show movie in spring 2017 in the USA.

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When does come out Goon: Last of the Enforcers movie 2017

The new sport movie by Jay Baruchel is named “Goon: Last of the Enforcers”. The answer on question: “When does Goon: Last of the Enforcers come out?” and many other details you will see in the topic below


  • Jay Baruchel is a director of the movie. He is known for “How to train your Dragon”, “How to Train your Dragon 2”, “Million Dollar Baby”, “This is the End”.
  • T. Morris is a compositor.
  • P. Sarossy is a cinematographer.
  • M. Lannon is an art director.
  • M. Kirkland is a set decorator.
  • L. Carlson is a costume designer.

Goon: Last of the Enforcers movie 2017

When is Goon: Last of the Enforcers 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will come in the middle of March.


Job bouncer (bouncer) was born with the advent of the first bars and restaurants within the Wild West. For hundreds of years of existence, it has acquired a number of legends and rumors. Hollywood “dream factory” has released dozens of popular films about labor weekdays of bouncers (best known -Road House with Patrick Swayze).

Many people think that the bouncer is a person who performs the functions of the guard in some places of entertainment (bar, restaurant, night club, etc…). This is not quite true. The main difference between bouncers from private security is that he deals exclusively with people who are in strong alcoholic intoxication or under the influence of drugs. In short, the main function of this “expert” is quickly and quietly to rid the institution from the people who are aggressive and do not fit into the surrounding atmosphere.

Bouncer with eleven years of experience in Texas Henry Beniof bars in an interview with The Baytown Sun newspaper described the standard working time: “I have never sat in the crowd and always tried as little as possible out of sight to visitors. When needed help, I was approached by the bartender or waiter and quietly said, where there is a person from whom you need to get rid of. I approached him and asked to leave the institution. If followed the failure, the “client” immediately received a kick to the liver. Another failure could easily deprive him of his teeth.”

Goon: Last of the Enforcers movie

Another bouncer Mike Forester, Miami philosophically compares the profession with the doctor’s work. “Bouncer should act as experienced surgeons” – he says. – First you need quickly and accurately make diagnosis to person, and then conduct a quick, well-adjusted by years the operation. “By the way, according to Mike Forester working in the club Cuba Libre, every fifth customer, thrown him out the door, after a while, returned to ask for forgiveness. The secret of a “people’s” love for the bouncer is that the Forester never leaves the man on the street and always sends him home in a taxi and in most cases for his own money.

However, the brutal and dirty methods of the bouncers are more. Doubtful popularity in the bars purchased Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Tennessee, where they still hang signs with suggestive to unpleasant thoughts inscription: “Meeting with the bouncer – a threat to your health.”

The owner of a popular bar in Tulsa (Okla) states that discipline in drinking establishments directly depends on the rigidity of the bouncers. “The regulars love and respect our bar for a friendly and tranquil atmosphere, and here tourists always want “to party” and show the character, – he said. – To calm the ardor of the tourists we are keeping the two well-known in the state bouncers that show to bad visitors demonstration lesson.”

It is not difficult to guess that the meeting with the bouncer could end very badly for the visitors. These people do not like to talk much, and even more to answer questions. Their task is to throw the man on the street and do it as much as possible effective. Even in the times of the Wild West peak of professionalism of bouncer believed his ability to throw a drunken man from the institution so that it “flying” through the air for at least three meters. And for that time of “ideal bouncing” the victim should not have time to say more than five words.

Goon: Last of the Enforcers 2017


The movie Goon: Last of the Enforcers trailer is now available.


The continuation of the sport comedy 2011. Return of Doug Glatt who is simple-bouncer from the hockey team, whose duty – to protect comrades from fighting attacks on the ice. In a period of stagnation his team updated with new players.


  • E. Cuthbert as Mary
  • W. Russell as Anders Cain
  • L. Schreiber as Ross Rhea
  • A. Pill as Eva
  • J. Baruchel as Pat

Release Date

Goon: Last of the Enforcers 2017 movie release date is programmed on 17th of March in Canada.

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When does come out ’88 movie 2017

When does ’88 come out?  This question is raised by fans of basketball. In the run-up to release the movie ’88 we have prepared a special review article on this film and the details which is known for today.


Brad Malone is a director of the movie. He is known for “Trunk” movie.

Sean P. Malone is a director and cinematographer of the movie. He is known for known for “Crime of Conscience”, “No One Doubts the Camera Eye”, “Trunk”.

'88 movie 2017

When is ’88 coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to release the movie on first part of February.

Idea of the movie

The motivation is a psychoactive process that drives and controls a person to achieve a particular goal. The main idea of the movie is motivate people to make great things.

Probably, the sport motivation is more complex thing than the training. And it’s not just empty words. Sport is a great achievement. First and foremost in sport comes not the talent or even skill. It is the character and strength of will. There is no famous athlete who would reach such big achievements without perseverance and the will, when the word “want” is replaced by the word “necessary” and there are no excuses. And even when the great Brazilian footballer Romario at the time said that the training is for the weak and the strong do not need them, these words should be regarded only as a joke and nothing more. In order to achieve something in sports, whether to receive Olympic medals or just to achieve the goal to lose weight we must first be able to leave the familiar comfort zone. There is no other way – these are the harsh realities. What goes around comes around.

'88 movie

You have to remember one perfect rule: to achieve results in sports (whether you are a professional athlete, or do it only for you) you need to be able to sacrifice (or partner, free time).  There is no other way. It is not easy, but that it will make to really feel their ability to do anything to develop the will without which anything great in life isn’t to reach. But it is nice to know, after all that passed difficulties, that you are capable of more than you think. Very cool about this was said in a well-known song of the young artist Valentin DSL – You’re an athlete, “Probably cool to sit in the chair of the ruler, but even cooler to be a sport ruler!”

The desire to always be in fit, to feel a boost of energy and effort – this is the key to get you to work on yourself. For athletes – this is the category of people who are proud of what they do without exception. They are always full of energy and looking to the future with optimism, because they have something to strive for, they always know what they want. This is one of the meanings of life – to live for the sake of what you are doing. You feel yourself not as the usual gray biomass but quite capable biologically active person who lives a full life.

It is possible to quote not just an athlete but a great man to all what was said above. That is the motivation of Arnold Schwarzenegger: “You can say that you have bad genetics, bad metabolism, and you can just pick up your ass off the couch and start working on yourself, choose the goal and believe in yourself.” You also should not forget that before somebody to win, you need to beat yourself.


Movie The ’88 trailer is not available now.


When a new hired coach of Arizona team came to manage, the team totally failed the previous season. But the story begins from this moment. What will be?


  1. Kerr, H. Mason Jr., K. Lofton, T. Tolbert, M. Muehlebach, S. Elliott, M. Bibby are the University of Arizona Basketball Players.
  2. Lute Olson as University of Arizona Basketball Coach.
  3. Bilas as Analyst.

’88 2017 movie release date is programmed on 10th of March, 2017.