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List of best Documentary movies 2018

Documentary is a reality, a story, and truthfulness. The real life is interesting, it combines all the genres of cinema at the same time: detectives, military stories, dramas, adventures. And this is not the whole list. The theme of films of this kind are historical events of a certain time interval, scientific hypotheses, cultural facts and phenomena, the life of “star” persons. To make a film based on documentary facts or history, the directors need to learn a huge amount of information on the topic of the future offspring. Sometimes shooting such a movie takes much less time than its preparing.

We have prepared TOP 10 best Documentary movies of 2018 to watch.

Here we go!

List of best Documentary movies 2018

  1. Fahrenheit 11/9

American filmmaker Michael Moore is the director of a documentary about US President Donald Trump, which is called “Fahrenheit 11/9.”

The producer of the film is Harvey Weinstein, who has already worked with Moore when they film another famous movie – “Fahrenheit 9/11” dedicated to September 11, 2001, attacks and containing criticism of the 43rd US President George W. Bush.

In late February 2017, it was reported that Moore developed a 10-point plan to overthrow Trump from his post as president. According to the director, the head of state has very big problems because of the desire to establish relations with Moscow, and also because of an unpopular decree in the country on tightening migration policy.

On February 15, 2017, Moore issued an ultimatum to Trump, suggesting that he voluntarily abandoned the White House, otherwise an impeachment will be initiated against the Republican.

Michael Moore is a documentary filmmaker who, in his films, often criticizes US domestic and foreign policy. He repeatedly openly expressed himself against Trump.

  1. Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo

At the age of 72 years, a famous Hollywood actor Danny Trejo is the producer of a documentary biopic, which shows his dark past. The youth of the Mexican is opium and weapons. With his fearlessness and luck, he won leadership in the world of criminals, which led to imprisonment for 11 years. Strict prison regime has not weakened the will and strength of a man and Danny begins boxing in prison. The gained experience changed the worldview of a guy who voluntarily undergoes rehabilitation and is reborn. In the new life, Trejo acts as a boxing coach and a consultant among drug-addicted young people. Criminal behavior stuck with him, and being famous, for spectators, he always acts as an Inmate #1.

Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo

  1. Pennywise: The Story of “IT”

The scariest children’s nightmare is in the TOP 10 best modern Documentary films 2018.

Pennywise existed from the very beginning, in reality, beyond our own. Having fallen to Earth from Macroverse (which may be Todash Darkness from the “Dark Tower” cycle) as a heavenly body, the creature slept under the lands that in the future became the town of Derry. There he waited until people came to provide him with food. After the first “feeding” he began to wake up every 27 years, remaining conscious for a year. By staying awake, he pursued the victims, mocking them, and turning into what most people feared. He ate any man, but children more easily succumbed to fears…

  1. The Devil and Father Amorth

The movie will tell about Father Amorth. In Italy, everyone knew him as Don Gabriele. He often shared with the press his revelations that the satanic spirit is in the walls of the Vatican, about the modern world, about the details of the expulsion of demons and much more. “I’m not afraid of the devil,” the priest repeated. “Let him be afraid of me.”

Padre Gabriele is the honorary president of the International Association of Exorcists. He is a member of the Resistance Movement, has a doctorate in law, but has chosen a different path – serving God.

“Unfortunately, the modern world is given to Satan,” said Gabriel Amorth. “His main tools of seduction are lust, greed, and power.”

Amorth was the author of several books on exorcism and other religious rites.

  1. The Empire Strikes Door

The documentary is about the movie “Star Wars.” Here everyone can find what he or she needs.

  1. The Other Side of the Wind

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Documentary movies.

The revival of the unfinished film by Orson Welles is about the director Jake Hannaford, who hopes to regain his fame thanks to a new provocative film. But his dream does not come true: Hannaford dies in a car accident on his seventieth birthday. The question is – was it an accident? All the answers are in the movie.

The Other Side of the Wind Poster

  1. XY Chelsea

The leak of information from the computer sometimes turns into problems on the scale of the whole state. The United States experienced this seven years ago. Then the Iraqi war footage appeared on the Internet, which shows how American pilots from a helicopter shoot civilians.

The leak was quickly investigated. It turned out that a US citizen, 22-year-old private Bradley Manning, revealed the truth. The military tribunal sentenced him to 35 years in prison. But in 2017, he went free.

XY Chelsea

  1. Untitled John Delorean Documentary

The movie is about John Delorean. This man made one of the dizziest careers of the twentieth century. In his life, there were the best women, the best cars and 25 kilos of cocaine, because of which everything ended. Almost forgot, he invented the time machine!

John Delorean

  1. Awaken

The picture tells about the beauty of our planet. The description of the film says that the director “explores the relationship of mankind with technology and the world of nature.”

  1. Dolphins

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best new Documentary movies 2018.

An educational film – an adventure that tells about the life of dolphins. The movie promises to be great!

TOP ends now.

Hope it answered the question – what is the best Documentary movies in 2018?

Thank you for being with us!

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When does come out Slenderman movie 2018

If you’re a young, hip modern-day person, then you definitely know who this “gentleman” is. Slenderman is an unnaturally tall, scary entity with incredibly long arms and a face that will follow you in your nightmares. This evil spirit is believed to be haunting and kidnapping children and teenagers without a rhyme or reason. So, if the story got you all excited and intrigued, let’s see when does Slenderman 2018 come out. It’s set to arrive in the USA, Canada, and the UK on May 18, 2018, which is almost a year away from now. There’s also officially confirmed info about the Argentinean release: the movie will be available there a week later – on May 14th.

Slenderman movie 2018

An Internet Meme-Turned International Phenomenon

As far as incredibly-popular modern-day ghosts/wraiths go, Slenderman is right there among the “celebrities”, and that’s why the big honchos in the industry are paying attention to it. In fact, this isn’t the first film about him: it all started back in 2009 when an edited image that looked supernatural/paranormal hit the Internet and became a worldwide phenomenon. After that, folks started to create all kinds of short videos, full-length movies, and other art with the tall boogieman. The movie Slenderman trailer follows the tall, scary man’s story and proves that mystery thrillers slash supernatural horrors are still capable of creating suspense, tension, and forcing us to really squeeze into our chairs.

Can The Production Team Deliver On Its Promises?

It’s shaping up to be an equally riveting, engrossing, and ever-spooky film that will make you jump up more than once. That’s actually the #1 priority for any movie in this genre: to keep the audience on the edge of the seat and make sure the twists and turns explode at the very end with a strong finale. Back in 2016, a film called Slender saw the light of day, and it was as horrible as it could be. Hopefully, with the Slenderman movie release date in 2018 being 10 months away, the folks behind it will do everything right and deliver a true masterpiece. Screen Gems is the production studio, while Sylvain White is the confirmed director. The critics are already calling it one of the biggest releases of summer 2018 as far as horrors go, and we have no reasons to doubt that claim.

Slenderman 2018

Summer 2018 Is Going To Be Particularly Hot

The audience is always ready to buy tickets to see a great film in this genre, so, all that’s left for the team to do is deliver on their promises. Now, it’s worth mentioning that Slenderman will hit the international theaters a couple of weeks after the brand-new Avengers arrive and before the Han Solo project. Without a doubt, the fight for that #1 spot in the box office will be a heated one! In a movie where the “evil guy” is the main character, the actors/actresses aren’t that important. Still, the cast here is pretty solid and includes the young and beautiful Joey King and Jaz Sinclair, among other gifted actors. Who knows, maybe after the Slenderman they’ll all turn into international stars?

What started as a Photoshopped picture for a contest online has turned into a global hit, reaching its peak back in 2014. And now we’ve got a thrilling movie on our hands. May 18th, ladies, and gentlemen, that’s when is Slenderman coming to theaters in 2018. Mark that day on your calendar, read up on this fictional character and get ready for a rollercoaster. If you’ve got some horror fans among your friends, it would be best to “team up” and to go the movies together. Grab your favorite popcorn and Coca-Cola flavor and head out to the theater to face the Slenderman next year.

TOP Upcoming Documentary movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Documentary movies of 2017

One of the forms of development of man’s outlook is documentary movies. Plots created on the basis of real events and reliable facts open a lot of unknown facts to the viewer. Interest is not only the event itself but also how its presentation is played.

That’s why many people are attracted by the opportunity to watch documentaries. Such views are always something new, cognitive, interesting.

We are glad to show new Documentary movies releases 2017.

It is accepted to single out three sub-genres, which in general constitute documentary films. There are:

  1. Educational films designed to convey the necessary information to a certain category of viewers.
  2. A true documentary film, which is an objective view of what is happening on the screen.
  3. Mockumentary – documentary films on fictitious facts, in which fictional characters are involved.


Many people are mistaken when they say that documentary films are just a dry exposition of various facts. The creative transformation of what is happening in reality, reflected in the narrative on the screen, is what documentaries are. And this story is so interesting that it captivates the viewer, immersing him in the atmosphere of new knowledge about certain events, innovations, and proposals.

Let’s see list of TOP 10 Documentary movies recent released

  1. The Red Pill

American feminist and documentary filmmaker Cassie Jaye goes on a trip, where she meets with members of the American Men’s Rights Movement. The Red Pill is a film-study of gender war taking place in North American society. The film raises the question: “What is the future of equality between men and women?”

  1. Dancer

The great dancer Polunin is on the list of TOP 10 recently released Documentary movies of 2017.

A documentary portrait of one of the most gifted contemporary dancers Sergei Polunin, the head and soloist of leading ballet theaters of Russia, Great Britain, Ukraine. A unique opportunity to follow the stage and behind-the-scenes routine of the virtuoso artist, who was recognized as the “pearl” of his generation, but at the height of his glory at the age of 25 seriously thought about changing his life path.

  1. Casting JonBenet

It is 1996. In the city of Boulder disappears 6-year-old participant of beauty contests JonBenet Ramsay. As a result, the girl is found dead in the cellar of her house. The creators of the documentary do not try to remake the old films or declare the name of the killer 20 years later. Instead, they set up an experiment: they invite residents of the town to test for the roles of the participants in that drama, listening from them all the rumors and assumptions about what happened in the house of Ramsay. And in these stories, the villain’s role is tried on a variety of characters – JonBenet’s own mother, high-ranking pedophiles, and even Santa Claus.

  1. I Am Not Your Negro

Race issues are in the compilation of latest Documentary movies in english 2017.

A documentary film based on the unfinished book of James Baldwin “Remember this house” – a radical narrative about the race issues in modern America and the history of the murder of three civil rights fighters: Martin Luther King, activist Medgar Evers, and Islamic spiritual leader Malcolm X. Thanks to director Raoul Peck his film finally reached the general public. Peck’s tape appeared as one of the most progressive in the history of cinema. The director got access to the Baldwin archives and used only the original words of the writer.

  1. Oklahoma City

The movie will tell about the explosions that occurred in Oklahoma City. They are considered the most terrible in the United States.

  1. Louis C.K.

It is the middle of the newly released Documentary movies 2017.

A big concert of one stand-up is to your attention. Louis first made a concert for someone. Before that, he himself shot his concerts and sold them. As the hero changed his image, he changed his shirt and shorts for a classic suit. In his speech, spectators are waiting for many new jokes on different topics. And with a new performance idol takes new heights. What did Louis C. K. demonstrate at his concert?

  1. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

The new topic of the documentary movie is an energy revolution.

  1. Long Strange Trip

A long strange journey is the history of the cult rock band “Grateful Dead”, which since the late 60s of the last century inspired the masses. The group created art from open chaos, becoming the founder of psychedelic rock, and achieved great success on its own…

The band members today share memories and newsreels of the time when a huge number of devoted fans, like a big brotherhood, went after them on a long strange journey. The mobile cultural town considered vocalist Jerry Garcia its prophet. What was the phenomenon of the Grateful Dead group? “We built the world of sound with our hands and practically heard the voice of God” – the group’s members confirm. Traveling on their own history, the group will slightly open the veil of secrecy, show unknown shots and tell what helped to become musicians open to any opportunities.

  1. Kedi

Graceful cats are in the TOP 10 Documentary latest movies 2017.

Graceful animals – cats from ancient times occupied an honorable place in the life of mankind. They can become family members perceived as the closest native creature.

There have been many cats in Istanbul since time immemorial. Some live in houses, they have all the conditions, proper care. In gratitude, they guard the peace of the hosts. They anticipate danger, catch mice, can look after the baby. But the main part still prefers to stay on the streets.

They know all the back streets of the city, they like to wander around their country. The habits of cats in many ways resemble human. After all, among them there are badasses, and there are timid representatives. Someone is a lover, someone is lonely. It is cats which know about the real life of Istanbul. What is going on in the streets of the city, how for many centuries human values ​​have changed. They can recognize aggressive people, feel good and warm regarding themselves.

  1. I Am Heath Ledger

Documentary film examines the career of the famous Hollywood actor.

Our TOP 10 modern Documentary movies of 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for your attention!

TOP Upcoming Documentary movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Documentary movies 2017

Hollywood – it is not just about making entertainment movies but also the ones that educate people improving their knowledge in different areas of science and similar. Today we are lucky to represent our TOP 10 best English Documentary movies 2017 to watch that contain some updated facts about old already deeply studied things all around the world, as well as completely new stories of people that are no longer alive or the ones who unexpectedly managed to change their lives. Upcoming projects will surprise the people being obsessed with documentaries that describe different meaningful in the whole world’s history events. So what are these new films?

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous


An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

This is a sequel to the film that was released in 2006 and follows the real story of former Vice President of the United States of America Al Gore. He appears to continue his mission in order to stop the climate change. This documentary movie was made for making and showing a big progress in solving such climate issues so that it is possible to persuade the leaders of government to make their investments the way this global problem can be solved, as well as global warming.

Casting JonBenet

You may have already had the opportunity to hear about famous JonBenet Ramsey and her completely unexpected death. This project on our TOP 10 new English Documentary movies 2017 contains the emotional story based on real events where people are finally able to bring themselves behind the investigations started in the previous century and caused by the death of one of the most beautiful and youngest actresses. According to the reports of the police, they found the dead body in the basement of the house just a few hours after it was reported she was missing.


If you haven’t seen the movies about UFO and other creatures from the space in a while this one is definitely for you as it keeps the interest of viewers due to the historical files of the Discloser Project revealing never shown before footage and documents that prove the existence of UFO. Lots of experts give the interviews telling some interesting facts they managed to open about the secret side of Unidentified Flying Objects.


This touchable story on our list of TOP 10 English Documentary movies 2017 follows the real biography of Jennifer Brea. She used to be a student of Harvard Ph.D. and was about to marry the man she loves but suddenly the fever has changed her life so that she leaves bedridden. Unfortunately, after the wedding, the illness keeps progressing. Afterward, she becomes a member of the online community that unites the people from different countries with the same fever so that they can communicate on Skype and Facebook and support each other as “it is all in their heads”.


Tell Them We are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

In fact, American history is full of interesting and meaningful events connected to the opening one of the best universities in the world that cultivate best leaders. This upcoming film represents the interesting and never told the story about black colleges and universities all around the United States – they have educated the best experts of different areas. Among them are scientists, architects, and others.

Long Strange Trip

If you used to be the fan of the rock band known as Grateful Dead you will be definitely interested in hearing the behind the scenes story. This project that is highly recommended to watch TOP 10 English Documentary films 2017 was represented on Sundance Film Festival and will be revealed to the public on Amazon Video at the very beginning of June. In fact, the son of the drummer is one of the producers of the upcoming film.

I am: Heath Ledger

The 2008 year – the world wasn’t ready to hear the horrible news about the death of Australian actor Heath Ledger that became famous for his main role of Joker in Batman franchise and Giacomo Casanova in 2005 movie Casanova. This documentary movie contains the unique facts about the life of Ledger and the shots he made himself that have never been released to the public before. Many actors, playing themselves, talk about their dead friend saying that “he was the most alive human” and his sincere smile will never be forgotten, as well as his kindness.

The Mars Generation

This project that also takes a place in our TOP 10 latest English Documentary movies 2017 release represents the story of teenage astronauts that are about to explore the life of Mars telling the interesting facts about the space and the equipment they are all going to use whilst their long journey to another planet.

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

Gig managed to become one of the most popular public figure giving lots of beauty and life advice on her own channel on YouTube gaining, not just the popularity but also respect of young people. Would you be able to accept the fact that your child suddenly makes a decision to change the gender? Champion Diver that was supposed to take the participation in the Olympics makes an announcement that he was going to transform himself into a female. Gigi Gorgeous – new personality and new chance to find the courage to be the person you have always wanted to be. Nowadays, she is a famous model, public figure, and interesting personality. The documentary movie that is planned to be released in 2017 is a good chance to take the fans of Gigi behind the scenes of her life and the life of her beloved family.

LA 92

The last project from our TOP 10 popular English Documentary movies in 2017 list that is also highly recommended to watch if you are the big lover of any documentary films – it follows the story of the events that take their place in Los Angeles happening twenty-five years ago. The viewers will be able to see the unique rarely seen archival footage that was made right after the Rodney King verdict – the event that caused several protests on the streets of the Californian city that kept progressing within a few days.

TOP Upcoming Documentary movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Documentary movies 2017

We have tried to collect for you the best and most interesting documentary films in our TOP 10 really good Documentary movies.

It should be noted that the documentary cinema genre is rather complicated. Work on a documentary requires certain knowledge; you need to understand the material of the future film. Often the process of preparation takes, even more, time than shooting a film. The structure of documentary films is also multifaceted, as is the technique of shooting – here, reportage, staged shooting, archival photo and video materials are used. By the way, documentary movies are a great way to spend time, because each documentary carries a certain amount of knowledge or a director’s author’s view of an event, a historical character, an era. A good documentary film teaches and entertains simultaneously. Watch it is interesting and informative. Please, watch TOP 10 good Documentary films 2017.

List of TOP 10 good Documentary movies 2017

  1. I Am Heath Ledger

Australian actor Heath Ledger died at the age of only 28 years in 2008: the cause of death was called acute intoxication caused by the use of incompatible drugs. During his short life, Ledger managed to become a real legend, demonstrating not only acting talent but also true devotion to his work and readiness for any creative experiments: it is not surprising that in 2009 he was awarded an Oscar posthumously. The new documentary will reveal the many-sided personality of Ledger, highlight his most prominent roles.

  1. Long Strange Trip

A complex and inspiring story of the American rock band Grateful Dead. The film is an unprecedented view of the life of musicians and contains unique shots of interviews with band members.

Long Strange Trip

  1. Kedi

Authors of the film offer to look at the ancient Turkish city and its people through the eyes of mysterious and beloved cats.

  1. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

The continuation is about how much we actually came close to the energy revolution.

  1. Louis C.K.

During his career on stage, Louis C.K. has already become a true legend in the field of stand-up. He still adheres to the image of the finished cynic and almost always touches on controversial and sometimes even very painful topics for modern society. Louis just does not know the measures and if he starts talking about something, he will reveal the topic in full and will certainly attract the attention of the public. And during his monologs, he will give “food for thought” or simply make the public laugh and have a good time in the company. Only now the reddish merry fellow will appear to the audience in a suit, and not in his favorite shabby T-shirt, to which all are accustomed. Now his fans are waiting for a serious conversation and he, as before, will be rude, scoff and insert into his speech obscene language and all sorts of vulgarity. Important topics he is remaking in his own way, which only adds interest and attraction, and increases the popularity of the already known to the whole world comic.

  1. The Red Pill

It is the golden mean in the TOP 10 good english Documentary movies 2017.

The author of the film and the film itself is about the discrimination and disenfranchisement of men in North American society has already received their share of hatred from feminists and their supporters. Initially, no one wanted to fund a story about the oppression of men. Money for the shooting Cassie Jaye collected through сrowd funding at Kickstarter. After the release of the film, it aroused protests from women’s defenders, and in Australia, feminists have banned the show in the second-largest city of the country Melbourne and now announced Cassie Jaye as a persona non grata.

  1. Dancer

An ordinary boy from Kherson, Sergei Polunin, since childhood, dreamed of dedicating his life to ballet. For the sake of the future son, the loving mother moved with him to Kiev. Soon active training in ballet schools attracted to the talent of the boy guru of the world of ballet. And there began a new life for Polunin.

After receiving an invitation to the ballet school of London at age 13, after 6 years, Sergei was able to become a soloist of the Royal Theater. His phenomenon cannot be explained or understood until now. Every dance of a unique young man fascinates by expression and emotionality. The best experts in dance skills are ready to bow when saw him dancing. And loyal fans easily overcome all obstacles for the sake of the opportunity to get to the performances of Polunin.

A successful dancer in the career each time seems to soar through the air, without touching the stage. The audience stops in anticipation of a new look. But no one sees what happens to him when the wings fall. The delicate velvet disappears and a man with a heavy look appears who cannot imagine his life without cocaine, alcohol and vicious nexus. And no one really knows where the real dancer is.

  1. Casting JonBenet

Twenty years passed after the murder of a six-year-old beauty contestant JonBenet. This happened in the city of Boulder in 1996. The girl was found dead in the basement of her house. The murderer of the child will not be called in the documentary. The picture is taken as an experiment: its authors invited residents to sample, as a result of which one can get the role of a participant in those dramatic events. At the same time, the authors of the tape were able to hear people’s suggestions about the crime, to learn from the first-hand the opinion of what happened in the house of Ramsey. Who can be the villain?

  1. I Am Not Your Negro

A documentary study of the racial problem in the United States based on the unfinished book of an African-American novelist and human rights defender James Baldwin. Representing America through the eyes of those who have been discriminated against for years, and those who led the fight against it – including Martin Luther King, Malcolm X.

  1. Oklahoma City

Explosions in Oklahoma City in 1995 are rightly considered the most massive act of domestic terrorism in the United States. The film examines the history of the deadly clash between American citizens and law enforcement officials.

TOP 10 new good Documentary movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet. Some of the movies were already released.

Our TOP ten good Documentary movies 2017 in theaters is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

TOP Upcoming Documentary movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood Documentary movies in 2017

Latest Hollywood movies have surprised and amazed their fans due to using modern technologies when it comes to editing super visual effects, not to mention great play of well-known actors and actresses. But what about documentary projects that have to be released in 2017? In fact, the new year can surprise the lovers of documentary films by its interesting and breathtaking shows and interpretations. They all represent the modern stories and old facts about living and discovering somewhat new. So, what are the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Documentary movies 2017?

We managed to pick 10 best and most expected documentary projects that are scheduled to be released all over 2017. They represent the story of different mystical places all over the planet that have never been experienced before. Best documentary producers and directors have united together to create the best project for increasing people’s knowledge about the world. So what are these 10 best movies about our planet?

From biographies to discovering underworld – breathtaking scheduled projects that will change your mind about the planet.

Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities

This upcoming documentary is about the whole history of all black colleges, as well as well-known universities all over the United States. They have prepared and educated tons of architects and the best leaders.

Casting JonBenet

This is one of the most expected projects from TOP 10 new holly Documentary movies as it represents the shocking events of JonBenet’s death. JonBenet Ramsey was American child beauty icon at the end of 20th century. Unfortunately, she was killed on the night of December in 1996. At that time, she was at her parents’ house. The film tells the story about the investigation behind her death that was classified as a homicide.

40 Years of Rocky

The Birth of a Classic. Sylvester Stallone takes a part in the new behind-the-scenes best footage that was taken during the filming “Rocky”. The project was made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the famous and beloved movie that is watched nowadays, too. The film also includes some interesting facts about filming and creating “Rocky” that have never been announced before.

40 Years of Rocky


The plot follows the biography of Jennifer Brea. She used to be a successful student of Harvard University but then her life has completely changed. The dangerous fever left her bedridden just before she should have gotten to marry. After the wedding, the illness keeps progressing so that Jennifer loses any chances and abilities to sit in her wheelchair. The project also represents the story of a woman going to the virtual world to find the answers to her questions. But she finds ME patients from different corners of the world instead who are connected by Facebook and Skype.


Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman

Our list of Hollywood Documentary movies 2017 also includes the story about the Mountain west and its beautiful ranches, the lands of different farms and landscapes. The lovers and protectors of American nature are fighting against destroying the forests and all wildlife including fisheries. The project includes amazing footage of Mississippi Delta and other admirable places that are on the edge of disappearing.

Legion Of Brothers

The film follows the events from September the 9th when a few teams, also known as Green Berets, arrive in order to complete particular missions that have been given previously. They have been ordered to destroy the Taliban. The events that happen next represents the images of the completely origin story, as well as its influence and impact.

Legion Of Brothers

Ex Libris: New York Public Library

Upcoming film from TOP 10 best Hollywood Documentary movies of 2017 to watch represents the story based on true events from the past. Latest 2017 project is about examination how different institutions support their regular activities and try to be maximally adapted to the latest revolution in digital.

Ex Libris: New York Public Library

This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

This interesting story of real person Gigi Gorgeous destroying all the world’s limits. The film brings the viewer to the behind-the-scenes world of famous YouTuber – she makes amazing make up tutorials and share their experience about the natural beauty and loving yourself and your body the way you are. But her past life is somewhat that can confuse some people, as well as admire. She or He has gone through the transition from male to female. But how her own family managed to accept their child is not a man anymore so that she later became real YouTube star giving different life advice?

The project from our TOP 10 latest released Documentary Adventure films 2017 represents the true story of champion diver that was getting ready for the Olympics suddenly changes his life about everything and makes a decision to change the life, too.

Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo

This is the story about the team that got the task to complete particular work in Mission Control. They, however, worked at the very heart of the space program of Apollo. They were born during hard economic wars and some of them even appeared from a rural lifestyle that has been hardly changed since the events of the 19th century. Other members of the group were born in the stacks of America but each and every one of them united together and made such unusual and talented team.

Chasing Coral

For those who are interested in saving our nature and planet in general, a list of best Hollywood Documentary movies in 2017 includes amazing adventures of divers and photographers from all over the world. Their mission is to prevent the vanishing of coral reefs with the help of the best scientists. They start their own investigation and try to find out why the coral reefs all over the planet keep disappearing day by day. The viewers will see all the underwater mystery that has never been revealed before. The whole team will try to find out and eliminate all the reasons that cause massive underwater coral destroying.

TOP Upcoming Documentary movies 2019-2020

List of best Documentary movies 2017

From the old stories and legends about Ancient World to the modern British documentaries about Witches – all these projects are always the number one to watch whether it is home or official cinema or theater premiere. Here we want to represent you our new TOP 10 best new Documentary movies 2017 that will definitely increase your knowledge in any area of people’s history. But what are the new interpretations of world’s famous history and are there any things we haven’t managed to find out before? This year new documentaries will open our eyes towards completely new facts about our nation.

City of Ghosts

This documentary project is scheduled to be released in the middle of June this year, according to the rumors. This is a film about the rebels from Syria. But, according to the facts, they gave themselves particular name – Raqqa. But they are being killed by ISIS. In order to save their lives, they decide to make a documentary proof of what is really happening with them by putting their lives on risk and filming all the atrocities.

Give me Future

The best program for the people who really love music that is also on our TOP 10 best recent Documentary movies. According to the big number of trusted Internet sources, the music sensation who is well-known in the whole world – Major Lazer – made a decision to make an incredible performance by organizing a free concert in the spring of last year. The magnificent concert turned out to be somewhat even bigger that it was expected – almost half a million of random people had the unique opportunity to enjoy the music of Lazer in Havana which is in Cuba. But this documentary movie also involves lots facts about modern culture of young people that is going to change or even disappear.

Give me Future

Casting JonBenet

This documentary film follows the story of young beauty pageant – JonBenet Patricia Ramsey – who was unfortunately killed when she was just six years old. The project is scheduled to be released on Netflix at the very end of April. According to the facts from the police of Colorado where the body of the girl was found, her death got the classification “homicide” after some time of the investigation. She was killed in the house of her family in Colorado on December 26th in 1996. Afterward, her father managed to find her body in the basement after the law enforcement reported she was missing. The documentary will open every single detail and conclusion they have been making whilst investigating the death of very young but already popular American girl.

Water and Power: A Californian Heist

Marina Zenovich decided to add her film on our list of best Documentary movies 2017 that is planned to go out in January. Apparently, the Californian water system has its own big secrets. Marina tells the story about water barons finding out about the way to change the structure of the system for their own goods. This little private investigation shows the situation that made the trap for the local farmers and everyday citizens. They have to face the drought and water crisis.

Tell Them We Are Rising

The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Modern interpretation about black colleges and universities located in the United States. The film tells the story about these institutions that have prepared and educated the big number of famous architects that later organized movements of freedom. These universities have raised the best leaders in all known fields.

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

If you are the one who is still looking for TOP 10 best Documentary movies of 2017 to watch this biographical document project is definitely for you. The tolerance of the family and the readiness of it to accept the changes of their children are well tested when a champion driver makes the unbelievable announcement. He, who is going to take part at the Olympics, says he is transitioning into a real woman. He also finds himself inviting lots of YouTube followers day by day.


A documentary project that premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2017.  The plot follows the story about Jennifer Brea who left bedridden because of the fever. She used to be a happy person who was a student at Harvard and wanted to marry the person she loved. A few months before the actual wedding she keeps getting worse as her illness is very progressive. She even loses the ability to seat in her wheelchair.


Chasing Coral

When it comes to TOP 10 best modern Documentary movies in 2017 this upcoming film is not an exception at all as it represents the story about beautiful coral reefs that located all around the world. However, the film is going to tell the story about their disappearing and vanishing. In order to reveal the mystery of the underwater world, the whole teams of best divers and scientists start their own investigation of this beautiful world.

Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe

Twelve best performers are now ready to reveal their secrets of being popular in such exotic world as burlesque. They say that pretending to be someone else is the only way to become yourself instead. These Burlesque dancers know how to make their performances unique and admirable. Together, we will be able to discuss the naked truth of their financial struggles and setbacks and how they found themselves in this life.

Legion of Brothers

The most common question that you may have already seen on the Internet is what is the best Documentary movies in 2017? Apparently, the film that is supposed to be released very soon in this year follows the Afghanistan events after 9th of September. It was the time when small teams of Green Berets make a decision to arrive there in order to complete their mission to overthrow the Taliban. Afterward, the film represents the whole story of the war, showing every detail and describing it. All these facts help to illuminate the nature of the almost 15 years old constant conflict and also bloody combat with the access to information from the Special Forces of the United States of America.

Legion of Brothers

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When does come out Kedi movie 2017

“Kedi” is a new documentary movie by Ceyda Torun. All information and details on question “When does Kedi come out?” you can see in the topic below.


C. Torun is a director of the movie. He is known for “Consuming Love”, “Time for Passion”.

When is Kedi 2017 coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to release movie on screens in the beginning of February, 2017 in the USA.

Kedi movie 2017

Clever Cats

In the eyes of a cat hidden secret, they are like two jewels, such shiny, so beautiful and a little scary. Everyone was always interesting – how do they see through the thin slits of his pupil. Do they see in color? Everything, of course, we do not know, but some of the mysteries have already solved.

Cat is a nocturnal animal; it can see even in darkness.

With great confidence we can say that cats are representative of extraterrestrial civilizations. The more a person learns cats, the more we realized that they no more stupid than the man himself. Cats do not feel the need in people, but despite this they have always lived side by side with humans. It is interesting that the first mention of the cats appeared only after the Great Flood. Some legends say that cats were created by the gods as crossing a monkey and a lion or that the cat came to the people nowhere.

The cat is a unique living being that possesses of abilities. And you can see this is very easy, just enough to look into the eyes of a cat.

Researchers attribute the appearance of cats to the time of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians not only keep these animals at home, but worshiped them, building temples for them, after the death making embalming and mummies.

Kedi movie

As it turned out, this attitude to cats were not at all accidental. Egyptians knew many secrets associated with cats, in particular, that they were not of terrestrial origin and came to our planet from Sirius with the gods. Accordingly, they were also deities. Some Egyptian priests were sure that in space there is an entire cat civilization of intelligent being. This civilization resides near the star Sirius, and its representatives were very highly organized entities that have a high spirituality and consciousness. These entities lived in semi-dense bodies that could change the shape (moving from the human form in a cat and vice versa). That is why one of the ancient Egyptian goddess – Bast – depicted with a cat’s head and a human body.

In addition, the ancient Egyptians knew that all the other cats have amazing abilities. Only they have the right to get to places in the pyramids and temples, where they could not get even priests. That is why often during the excavation, archaeologists found a small door through which no man could go. Cats were held in specially constructed buildings, which slow down time, and they could fall into the parallel dimension or in the past, when the gods lived on Earth from Sirius and send people’s requests to the gods.

In addition, the cat had and has other miraculous abilities, including clairvoyance. A point is not a good vision. This is ability to see the energy of the surrounding space, objects and people. Cats are constantly striving to get rid of negativity and clean environment.

Another feature is the ability to find a way home and perfectly guided in unfamiliar terrain. This graceful animal, by the way, asks a lot of questions to scientists, most of them still have not found the answers.

Kedi 2017

The ability of cats to find the right direction, scientists have discovered after an American scientist F. Morell began to study feline brain using electronic methods. It is implanted in the brain of experimental animal electrodes which are connected to the radio transmitters. Electrodes were in areas of the brain that are responsible for vision. The investigator was surprised when it turned out that even with closed eyes cat arrows of instruments showed the emergence of impulses in the brain cells. However, it should be noted that at this time the cat were filed certain sound signals, inaudible to the human ear. Experiments have shown that about half of nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for vision respond to sounds.


The movie Kedi trailer is now available. You can watch it on the YouTube.


Our life through the eyes of a cat.


  • B. Üstün as Himself

Release Date

Kedi 2017 movie release date is planned on 10th of February, 2017 in the USA.

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When does come out Momentum movie 2017

Secrets of Ocean in our century remain a mystery. We are seeking into space and we know about it much more than the ocean. The life of a living organism, the world’s oceans remains mystery. Many of us live and do not realize that the world is full of wonders. And the birth of a person is also a miracle. World Ocean, the water element has always attracted the attention of mankind. The water itself is not explainable and mysterious. And if you look further, you can see the unique natural areas where focused inexplicable events. All this unique natural areas you will see in the next movie that we are going to observe. The name of it is “Momentum”. All the answers on questions like “When does Momentum come out?” or “When is Momentum coming to theaters?” you will find out in the topic below.

Momentum 2017


The directors of the movie are M. Coggiola and A. Kade

The compositor of the movie is a W. Lemanski.

  1. Ferioli is a cinematographer.
  2. Tra is a film editor.

Visual Effects

Jason Stevenson

Sound Effects

  1. Kade
  2. Kosterkiewicz
  3. Retford

Idea of the movie

Secrets and mysteries of the seas and oceans always attracted explorers and travelers. The life is hidden under a layer of water is another; it is not like usual and accessible world. World Ocean is a space but only on the Earth. The pressure which is generated by the volume of seawater securely conceals something underwater. We can learn only relieves of the ocean floor. The pressure generated by the water will crush anyone who wants to disclose ocean’s secrets. The bottom is covered with ocean basins and troughs. Some of them are very deep. The pressure in the depths of the ocean is in thousand times higher than the pressure on the planet’s surface! Due to all these factors the biochemistry of underwater world is not like any other world.

The famous mystery area in World Ocean that we know is Bermuda Triangle. Its area is about one million square kilometers. For the first time the disappearance in the area of aircraft and ships began in the middle of the last century. In December 1945, five bombers “Avenger” did not return from a flight. Before the disappearance of the pilots sent the message that they are completely disoriented. On their rescue has been sent to a seaplane but he disappeared too. By the end of the century in this area were registered about fifty cases of disappearance of planes and ships.

There are a lot of mysterious places and phenomena in the World Ocean. Probably it’s not even worth dreaming about that soon we will reveal all its secrets.


The movie Momentum trailer is already available.


From ancient times a man interested in what is happening in the world of the ocean depths, trying to penetrate its secrets. The vastness of the underwater world has always fascinated man.

Sometimes scientists are joke that the world ocean waters studied much worse than the Dark side of the Moon. Partly they are right, because in the world’s oceans are currently studied only 5 percent.

In one of the Sumerian legends says that Gilgamesh went to the ocean floor in search of algae that can give him immortality, but his adventure was not lucky. Since then, interest in the ocean floor does not subside.

Long before people began to explore space and explore the mysteries of the universe, began the study the ocean depths. It was built a lot of submersibles and autonomous underwater vehicles, underwater surveillance cameras.

The movie will try to discover the wonderful underwater world.


  1. Maiorca
  2. Streeter
  3. Néry
  4. Gautier
  5. Carrera
  6. Rochat

Momentum 2017 movie release date is programmed on 17th of February.

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When does come out Uncertainty movie 2017

The movie “Uncertainty” tells us a story about the migration of Poland people to US and history of those times. People who love history is obliged to watch this movie and we will give you the necessary information on the common questions: when does Uncertainty come out or when is Uncertainty coming to theaters? Here we go.


Many economic and political reasons that exist in Poland until the XIX century contributed to the development of one of the biggest immigration waves in the world. Undoubtedly the biggest is the American Polonia (about eight to ten million.). Primaraly they live in Chicago. In Europe, the biggest numbers of immigrants are living in Germany and France (total of two million.) The same total in UK, where the first large wave of immigrants came when was the Second World War. In 1939, the seat of Polish government became London. Many refugees and soldiers from Poland also arrived there.

Uncertainty 2017

Present days, many people who live in areas that until 1939 were Poland lands don’t see themselves as Polish emigrants. They truly think that they are Polish people. When Poland joined the European Union, a lot of Polish people moved to other countries in order to find a better job. Someone just wanted to start a new life.


  1. Lunn is a filmmaker. The love of filmmaking, writing a screenplay Rebecca got when she studied at school. After school, she decided to get the Bachelor’s Degree in writing. When the mission was completed she goes to the Columbia College Chicago and receiving the degree of Bachelors of Arts: Film and Video there. Rebecca is very proud of launching her own production company. Her first movie is in production. The name of which is “Uncertainty”.

The compositors of the movie are R. Lunn and J. Michaels

Idea of the movie

Everyone loves and respects his home and his family. The house is a fortress, where you can escape from all the bad of life and the people who live there is always ready to help and you in hard times. It’s called a family. Family’s role is huge for each person in the world. The first sensations and ideas of man, when he first becomes aware of the world around us are connected with family. But there is a dark side of it– conflicts.

Family conflict means the conflict conscious clash, antagonism of at least two people, groups, and their mutually opposed, incompatible, mutually exclusive needs, interests, goals, behaviors, relationships, attitudes, significantly important for individuals and groups.

Members of family who conflicts aren’t often adequately aware of their goals rather they are the victims of their own unconscious personal characteristics and wrong see the situation and themselves.

The consequences can be different.

Family conflicts are characterized by an extremely ambiguous situation. The behavior that demonstrated in conflict often masks the true feelings and ideas about the conflict.

You have to understand that the main problem is in your head. And if you can’t get over it, you will never be happy.


The official movie Uncertainty trailer is not yet available on the YouTube.


The movie “Uncertainty” tells about the man whose name is Walter Tuchowski. He was born on February 20th, 1929 in Poland. He is moving from Poland to America because of hard times in the country and difficult situation in the family. Не settles in Crystal Falls, Michigan. He just tries to start a new life.


Here we have the only one character – Walter Tuchowski. The details about the cast are not revealed.

Release date

Uncertainty 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 1st of February, 2017 in the US. The world release is unknown.