TOP Upcoming Romance movies 2019-2020

TOP 10 latest Hollywood Romantic movies 2020 – List

What could be better than taking a warm blanket, a cup of cocoa (or cocktail in the summer), sitting in your favorite chair and watching some great movie about love?

We have prepared the best romantic moviesin our selection TOP 10 best Hollywood Romantic movies of 2020 to watch.

Follow the stories of the heroes, beautiful weddings and romantic adventures.

List of best Hollywood Romantic movies in 2020

10. A Million Little Pieces

James Frey could be proud of his talent as a writer but not for his addiction to alcohol and drugs. Instead of working on the next book, the hero wastes his life. Being under the influence of drugs, James fell out of the window of his own house. As a result, the hero ended up in a clinic where his life will change because of the meeting with a charming Lilly…


The movie centers on Cecile, Elise and Sonia. Now the main heroes have difficult times. Cecile was recently widowed, and her school friends have long been single and are on the verge of depression. For this reason, women decide to go to Cote d’Azur. Their main goal is to prepare Cecile’s house for a sale. Besides this, they want to take a break from everyday life. The frivolity of friends becomes the cause of a whole series of funny events that gradually change their attitude towards life.

8. Someone, Somewhere

A little affair is in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Romantic movies 2020.

On a sunny Parisian street, in the early ’70s, he and she meet. The novice writer is drowning in the eyes of a charming girl. The charming smile of yesterday’s student, master of classical literature, drives him crazy. Both initially perceive what is happening like a little affair. However, life perceives it differently. Sarah becomes a real creative muse of a young author. He begins to write like never before and to publish a lot…

7. Close to the Horizon

In 1999, the hero thought that getting a driver’s license would be the main event of the coming summer. She did not know how unpredictable life is and did not suspect that deep pain and great happiness could be close to each other. Having gathered with her friends in a local amusement park, she decided to shoot at the shooting range, and accidentally pulled the trigger while another player was shooting at targets. Her new friend was a very charming person. He thanked her for her assistance and invited her on a date.

6. Red Shoes

Seven narcissistic princes from the picture “Red Shoes” were punished and turned into small ugly gnomes. For many years, they put up with their own curse, because they did not even imagine how it can be removed and again become like they were before. However, suddenly it became known that they have the only chance of salvation, and it lies in a pair of red magic shoes, the owner of which is an attractive girl. Two gnomes decided to go in search of these shoes, which, according to legend, should return their real appearance.

5. The Truth

The memoirs are on the list of Hollywood Romantic movies 2020.

The movie will tell the story of the famous French actress Fabienne who has a lot of fans. When she publishes her memoirs, a daughter with her husband and child go to visit her in Paris, but a sweet family meeting quickly turns into a conflict.

4. Sweethearts

The protagonists of the comedy movie are two completely different women who, if they had met in ordinary life, would have definitely killed each other. But there are circumstances. Such circumstances are described in this picture. Mel is strong, hardy, and stubborn. She is a criminal who is not afraid of anything in the world. Franny is the alarmist who happened to be held hostage by Mel. Girls are forced to fight together for life after the theft of diamonds, as they came into the view of not only the police but also the criminals of Berlin. Despite the fact that the heroes are different, they are forced to get along with each other in order to save themselves and just survive.

3. Little Women

The story about four sisters is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Romantic films.

The movie tells about four sisters who, from early childhood, are different from each other. This determines not only the appearance but also nature of the girls. The long-awaited passionate love, fictional ambitions, bitter disappointment, self-seeking and painful separation. It seems that it is completely impossible to find one’s own destiny, there is no one to expect support from, parents have always been busy with things that are more important. The heroes understand that at some point they were left alone with thoughts, important questions and the lack of answers to them. Having lived through untold sufferings, one of the main characters will gain experience, become stronger and more self-confident, and someone will open the way to a new life, desired and inaccessible.

2. 10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up

The main character is a single mother named Abigail, who has two children. One day she sleeps with an attractive man named Ben thinking that she will never see him again, but soon discovers that she became pregnant from him. Then the heroes decide to try their luck and build relationships for the sake of the unborn child.

1. Invisible Life

Eurídice and Guida are sisters that dream of living in Europe. Eurídice intends to become a pianist and go to study in Vienna, and the Guida dreams of freedom. She runs away from home with her boyfriend, hoping to find paradise in distant Greece. The plans of both sisters are not destined to come true. The father will sentence them to a long separation. However, even away from each other, they will believe in the inevitability of a meeting…

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TOP Upcoming Romance movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Romance movies 2018

TOP 10 good Romance movies will be welcomed when the romantic atmosphere is the goal. Here are the pictures that can turn your evening into the perfect end of a day, whether you’ll spend it alone, or with your loved one. Movies about love are selected very carefully, harmoniously, and concisely. In our selection, you will find pictures of 2018 with sincerity and deep meaning. Perhaps, the romantic films of our collection will teach you how to love, better understand the nature of this feeling.

If you ready to watch TOP 10 good Romance films 2018, then let’s go!

By the way, TOP 10 new good Romance movies 2018 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

  1. A Star Is Born

The career of country musician Jackson Maine is on the wane. Popularity is falling, the performer is very worried about his future. However, when he meets a young and unknown singer Ally, he for a while forgets about his ambitions. The girl’s amazing voice and talent bring only happiness to him and the celebrity decides to help the nugget. First, a man wants to sing a duet with a girl but then realizes that she needs a solo career. Maine helps a friend achieve success, introduces her to the owners of record studios. Jack does not see how ambitious and independent his choice is. She becomes popular while Maine tries to cope with this popularity of his friend…

  1. The Ice

The movie tells about the talented figure skater Nadia, who, after receiving the injury, finds the strength to return to the big sport. The desire to win returns. The newly rising ice princess will have to fight a lot for the status of the best skater. In the process of training and competition, Nadia realizes that the main thing is the harmony and naturalness of skiing, pouring from the soul and supported by intensive training. According to the creators of the film, “The Ice” is a story about love, in which there is a place for a fairy tale, about a strong female character, and a difficult choice between happiness and a dream.

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

The cyborg with the human brain is in the TOP ten good Romance movies 2018 in theaters.

The future is subject to technocratic rules. Robots and cyborgs receive comprehensive rights to the neighborhood and in some places – even superiority over humanity. A brutal world consists of militant groups and conspiracies. Desperate warriors gather in clans to oppress the weak. An experienced doctor finds in the dump details of a strange mechanism. With his efforts, this mechanism gets a chance to resurrection. The doctor combines the human brain and the mechanical body.

Creation gets a second wind and the foster father rejoices at the uprising of the child. The child loses all memories but finds a life. Despite the amnesia, the army’s skills strength are awakened. A pair of allies helps the dumped warrior to restore justice.

  1. Fifty Shades Freed

No difficulties and life troubles could not break the love of Anastasia and Christian. Their relationship has become stronger than ever and they even married. The newlyweds enjoy each other. Christian has a lot of money, so he can arrange a decent life for his new wife. It would seem that everything is awesome because they are rich, young, and in love. They move to a new luxury home and now their lives are in great danger. Heroes are haunted by the ghosts of the past. There is an enemy from the past of Anastasia. Her old acquaintance Jack is a real psycho and it will not be easy to stop him.

  1. Midnight Sun

Since childhood, Katie has a bad disease. The life of a joyous, cheerful, good-natured girl turned into hell. Because of the disease, she could not stay in the sun for a long time. To save her daughter, daddy locked her in a house with special protective glasses preventing sunlight from entering the room. During the day, the beauty slept, composed songs at night, walked under the moon, dreaming of becoming a normal teenager. She wanted to be able to walk with friends, go on a picnic. However, these simple entertainments were not available to a person with such a serious disease.

One day at a party, arranged in the evening on the beach, the girl met a charming guy. Gradually, young people get close and begin to date. Katie is not in a hurry to tell the guy about the illness because she believes that he will simply run away.

  1. Everyone’s Life

The story about 24 different people is in the TOP 10 good english Romance movies 2018.

In the small Bourgogne town, called Bon, rules jazz mood. There is an annual music festival here, and 12 men and 12 women, without noticing anything around, continue to live their lives. They fall in love, flirt, make appointments, change, and divorce and make proposals. Judges, aristocrats, celebrities, and charlatans, prostitutes, doctors, nurses, artists, and police – one day these unfamiliar people will meet to decide the fate of one of them.

Everyone's Life promo

  1. Phantom Thread

Events unfold in the post-war London 1950’s. Famous couturier Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Cyril are key figures in British fashion. They dress the royal family, the stars of the film industry, wealthy heirs, socialites, and many others. However, once Reynolds meets one young and beautiful girl, Alma, who becomes an integral part of his life – his muse and mistress. Real love changes the life of Reynolds radically.

  1. Submergence

The love that is not destined to last long is in the TOP 10 really good Romance movies.

British scout James More and oceanographer Danielle fell in love with each other at first sight, once met in a chic hotel on the French coast of the Atlantic Ocean. However, the love is not destined to last long. Ahead of Danielle – a scientific voyage through the ocean with deep-sea diving, and James – a meeting with Somali fighters, which ended for the agent in captivity.

Being in the face of death, she is under the water, he is in a dark basement, both lovers remember the hotel where they were so happy together.

  1. Every Day

Shy Rhiannon meets the dream guy. Only the next day it turns out that he is a disembodied spirit, which every day incarnates in a new body. Every day he is waiting for a new home, a new family, and someone else’s life, a fragment of which must be lived by him. What is it like falling in love with someone who looks different every day?

  1. Mary Shelley

The story of the 18-year-old Mary, who falls in love with the charismatic poet Percy Shelley. Together, the couple goes on a visit to Lord Byron, who was living near Geneva Lake at that time. It was here that the writer, now known as Mary Shelley, began to create her famous novel about Frankenstein, inspired by her tempestuous relationship with Percy.

Elle Fanning in Mary Shelley

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TOP Upcoming Romance movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood Romance movies 2018

Action movies, dramas, comedies – they all have a little bit of romance in them, and that’s what makes this genre a universal thing. People really like to see love on the other side of the screen; our list of TOP 10 latest Hollywood Romance movies 2018 is perfect for that.

So, make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and let’s dive into a world full of adventures, heartbreak, and eternal love. We’ve got animated films, action thrillers, biographical cuts and everything else in between. You won’t be disappointed!

  1. Step Up 6

Yes, this is the sixth installment in the legendary series about the best dancers in the whole world. The latest chapter invites the audience to China, a country where dancing has a huge presence in the lives of the young men and women. Expect a fine mix of love, hate, friendship, betrayals, and a whole lot of jaw-dropping moves on the floor. The plot is being kept under wraps and we know nothing about the cast. Regardless, it’s obvious that Step Up 6 is going to be an awesome film with just the right atmosphere.

  1. A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga has been quiet for a couple of years, but soon, she’ll make a comeback with A Star Is Born – one of the most anticipated releases of 2018. She’s got the lead female role. Bradley Cooper, the ladiesman, will portray an older show-business shark who’s had a brilliant career in the past but is now just another forgotten star.

When these two meet, they both feel the connection and decide to stick around to make something great happen. Cooper’s character uses all of his experience and big bucks to help her rise up. But success turns out to be a turbulent thing for their relationship. Of the TOP 10 new holly Romance movies, this one’s a keeper.

  1. Ophelia

The world-famous Hamlet has been around for many centuries. And, because of its iconic status, numerous directors have tried to deliver the best big-screen adaptations. This time around, the story will be heavily focused on Ophelia, and, judging by the critical response, Daisy Ridley did a marvelous job with the role. The cast includes other top-notch celebrities and is shaping up to be a big crowd-pleaser next year. If you like this classic love story and would want to see a different interpretation, put the release date on your calendar.

  1. Hotel Transylvania 3

This isn’t one of those love tales that feature a young man falling madly in love with a young woman and a happily ever after. HT 3 follows Dracula, a centuries-old vampire who’s tired of taking care of the needs of others. It’s finally time for him to stop being the most responsible one in the world and embark on an exciting trip across the sea. His daughter really wanted him to leave work behind and enjoy a beautiful journey.

The ship’s captain, a gorgeous woman, steals his heart, forcing the old man to do things he would’ve never done before. Furthermore, she’s not really who she says she is and is getting ready to deliver a deadly blow. Put Hotel Transylvania 3 on the list of Hollywood Romance movies 2018 and let’s move on.

  1. Midnight Sun

Katie is not just another teenager girl. She’s been spending her days at home ever since she was a little kid because of a lethal sensitivity to the sun. Thankfully, when the clock hits midnight, Katie is allowed to go out there and explore the world. The girl really loves to play the guitar for the locals and the visitors. During one of those nights, she sees Charlie, a boy who she’s been in love with for as long as she can remember. When a spark ignites a fire between them, the young woman neglects to mention that she’s got a special condition.

Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzуnegger

  1. Forever My Girl

Liam, an incredibly-popular country singer, quite literally left his fiancé at the altar to pursue his career in music. Obviously, Josie was devastated by this betrayal and hates him for what he did. At the same time, Liam is still very much in love with her – she’s the only woman in his life.

And when he goes back to his hometown to respect the passing of an old friend, all the memories from the past come rushing back. The locals remember what he did; if the celebrity wants the girl back, he’ll have to make everything right. Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Romance movies of 2018 to watch, Forever My Girl is a heart-wrenching drama.

  1. Overboard

Mexico’s richest playboy, a man with unlimited resources and a bad attitude, thinks that the whole world belongs to him. He comes from a rich, influential family and never had to work a single day in his life. But when he falls off a yacht during one of his trips, the chap loses his memory. That’s when a single mother finds him and convinces the party animal that he’s her spouse. Will he eventually learn that it was all a lie, or maybe they’ll find happily ever after together? You’ll learn that in the theaters!

Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez in overboard

  1. Red Sparrow

Can a Russian girl fall in love with an American man? Of course, why not? Well, what if they’re spies trained by their countries to be enemies? They both have missions that need to be carried out perfectly; otherwise, the balance between the two superpowers will be lost.

The girl is sexy as hell and is specifically ordered to seduce men like him. The US agent is a handsome man and a patriot; however, when the two meet, all those years of exhausting training go to waste as love conquers it all. So now the lovebirds will have to work together and try to save the world. Definitely, one of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Romance films 2018.

  1. Zelda

This woman was the biggest ally of Mr. Fitzgerald, the famed author. As his wife,  soul-mate, and muse, she played a major role in his success. At the same time, she was an artist, just like her husband, and was struggling with making it as an independent woman. Zelda explores the possibility of a man and a woman being in love with each other while competing with their creative minds. If you love Fitzgerald’s novels and would like to learn more about the most important person in his life, this movie is the place to start.

  1. Fifty Shades Freed

Yes, this is the final and the most anticipated chapter in the ground-breaking Fifty Shades series. Things are looking up for Anastasia and her troubled man: they’re about to get married and live happily ever after. But, obviously, the outside world is not ready to let them have their perfect family nest. Before the two can forget about the past and move on with their lives, they will have to face the demons from back in the day and fight for happiness. Fifty Shades Feed deserves the #1 spot on our list of best Hollywood Romance movies in 2018.

TOP Upcoming Romance movies 2019-2020

List of best Romance movies 2018

Romantic movies, especially the ones with other genres, are capable of awakening any feelings and emotions. These are second to none projects that do require a bit of understanding as each and every romantic film has a priceless and strong message behind it that can potentially help someone – the people around you, family and close friends.

Today we are counting down TOP 10 best new Romance movies 2018 – list that represents captivating narratives that will melt your heart.

10. Me Before You

British drama movie that is based on the book with the same name. It focuses on the story of a rich man that left paralyzed by an accident on his motorbike. He is depressed and destroys all the pictures after his former best friend and ex-girlfriend reveal they are getting married. He does not trust anyone but is in desperate need to hire someone to take care of him. And this is how he meets Louisa – outgoing and positive woman wearing bright and unusual clothing and who is never sad because of the British rainy weather.

Whilst taking care of him, the young woman accidentally notices the scars on both wrists of the man that made her think about the possible suicide attempt. He refuses to accept the life with a disability and is angry on people but his life changes after Louisa takes him to several events. Both fall in love with each other and the man reveals he has been thinking about euthanasia as the best way to get rid of the problems. He says he wants her to live a full life. A few weeks later after his death, Louisa reads the letter written by him.

9. The 100th Love with You

Another film on the TOP 10 best recent Romance movies is based on the Japanese movies and its plot is typical for Japanese cinematography which is where the director of the project got the influence from. It shows the story of two very close companions whohave known each other since both were born. One day, the girl dies in a car accident and her friend decides to bring her back to life using special records.

8. Every Day

This is the perfect romantic film to teenagers – it stars young actress who is known for taking participation in many Disney Channel projects many years ago and in this independent film she portrays young teenage girl falling in love with a boy. And only afterward she notices that he constantly changes his behavior transforming into completely another person. Later on, she realizes he cannot even control that and this is what makes their new relationship unusual and crazy. The only question is, will they be together after all?

Debby Ryan in Every Day

7. A Star is Born

Another breathtaking film on the list of best Romance movies 2018 is a brand new remake of the original one being released in 1937. It follows the passionate story of a man who loves signing and lives with music in his heart and a successful woman owning her own music band.

6. The Lovers

This film focuses on the married couple have been together very long. Today each of them has a lover on the side and when they are finally together in the late evening they do not even talk and find the excuses to avoid any contact. However, the fact they are together with younger people on the side only sparks the light between them and they fall in love with each other again completely refreshing their relationships.

After reliving and returning past feelings they both have to make a serious decision – they have got two ways of changing their lives on this stage. The first one is separating and divorcing which will completely destroy their family. The second option is to save the family and forgive each other every mistake ever made. It is up to them what way they choose.

5. Everything Everything

The film from the TOP 10 best Romance movies of 2018 to watch is based on a book with the same name. It represents the story of a young lady with a rare skin disease – all her life she has lived in a house with a mother and a lady taking care of her. But everything suddenly changes when she falls in love with the guy next door.

4. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Sequel to the first installment that will come out exactly ten years after the official release of the original one. The franchise has one of the longest gaps between two independent installments in the history of contemporary cinematography. This upcoming film brings us back old characters but brand new story and adventures they will experience together. Alongside that, we will be definitely able to see a few new characters of the big families which will lead to the new conflicts, love, and other emotions.

3. Breathe

This breathtaking project from the represented list of TOP 10 best modern Romance films 2018 shows us the story of a man left paralyzed down his neck due to the disease. He wasn’t left by his wife – she makes a decision to organize a trip to the disabled people so that they can support each other and experience positivity.

2. Tulip Fever

The film focuses on the ordinary life of the inhabitants of the Netherlands in the 17th – this historical period is also known is remarkable for tulip mania. It follows the story of an ordinary painter who does not seem to be very rich is a vagabond. Despite that fact, the passion and love for art allow him to have a normal life all the way until he suddenly realizes he is in love with the woman whose portrait he was hired to paint by her husband much older than her – rich and unkind man having a big influence on the town.

Both painter and a young woman fall in love together and experience the biggest love but at the same time, they are afraid of being caught by her husband. Being sure they hide their relationships well does not help them and both are on the verge of being killed by his people. Therefore, they decided to start a new life away from that place but it does not seem to be that easy.

1. Midnight Sun

After reading all the list, you are probably wondering, what is the best Romance movies in 2018? The mentioned one in the title definitely deserves the first place – it follows the story of a young girl loving music as much as life but has rare skin disease not allowing her to be under the sun. Suddenly, she falls in love with a young guy but decides to hide her health condition.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun

2018 movies Trailers Upcoming Drama movies 2019-2020 Upcoming Musical movies 2019-2020 Upcoming Romance movies 2019-2020

When does come out A Star Is Born movie 2018

Rejoice, fans of musicals, romantic stories, and dramas, because we’ll get a remake of a legendary 1937 movie next year! Mr. Bradley Cooper, one of the finest actors of our time, is directing and playing the lead role. So, when does A Star Is Born 2018 come out? Well, as the title suggests, it’s coming next year. September 28th is the exact date – that’s when it’s set to arrive in the USA and Canada. The Netherlands will get it a day earlier, while, say, the Brazilians will have to wait till November 1, 2018, to check it out. They say Cooper got the idea to make a remake back when he was involved with the 2014 Sniper movie. And, at first, the man wanted Beyonce to have the lead female role, however, for some reason, the pop diva refused, leaving Bradley stranded.

A Star Is Born movie 2018

Eight Decades Apart

Well, not quite: he managed to persuade Lady Gaga to take her place, and, for the majority of viewers, she’s a far better choice. Rumors claim the producers and officials at Warner Brothers were amazed by their performance and gave the project their blessing. The movie A Star Is Born trailer takes us back to the atmosphere of the original while still making it feel fresh and exciting. It’s been eighty years, and a lot has changed in the industry. Back then, CGI effects, HD cameras, 7.1 surround sound and digital distribution weren’t available, but even today, in the technological age, a moving, touching plot and exceptional acting are the most important things for a truly grandiose movie.

By the way, this isn’t the only remake: the first one saw the light of day in ’54, while the second one was released in ’76. Yes, this is the third one, and you know what they say – third time is the charm! So, along with Cooper and Germanotta (that’s Gaga’s second name), we know that Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott are also involved in the project.

A Star-Studded Cast, And A Great Story

For a movie to “bang” these days, you gotta follow certain rules, which include creating a lot of buzz around it, picking an iconic movie, remaking it, and impressing the audience with a star-studded cast. A handsome, masculine, insanely popular actor and a true visionary, a pop icon certainly do qualify for those roles :). All that’s left for them to do is deliver their acting A-game, sing, dance, smile, and get us to join them!

A Star Is Born 2018

Fun fact: back in 2011-2012, Bale, DiCaprio, and Cruise were all potential picks for the lead role, with Eastwood considering directing the movie. However, as we know now, Cooper has taken over the movie. The story follows Jackson, a famous country musician who’s slowly, but steadily losing his popularity. However, when he comes across a gifted yet unknown singer, Ally, everything changes.

Another Awesome Musical Drama To Look Forward To

The two fall in love with each other and the hard-boiled star does everything in his power to put his new woman in the spotlight and to make sure she gets the recognition she deserves. But, as she turns into a worldwide star, it becomes harder and harder for the man to deal with the fact that his days of glory are in the past. The A Star Is Born movie release date in 2018 is a year away, but you can already feel that it’s going to be epic, can’t you?

The biggest question is – will these two find a way to overcome all the obstacles on their way and get back to each other? Some critics are saying that this film feels a lot like the recent smash hit, La La Land, and that’s actually the biggest praise a musical movie can get these days. With this being Cooper’s directorial debut, let’s cross our fingers and wish the man good luck. One last time: when is A Star Is Born coming to theaters in 2018? On September 28, 2018.

2017 movies Trailers Upcoming Drama movies 2019-2020 Upcoming Romance movies 2019-2020

When does come out Call Me By Your Name movie 2017

A new picture of the Italian director Luca Gaudagnino “Call me by your name” is filled with love passions and dramatic experiences. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Andre Aciman. Here you will find all necessary information on the movie, including the answer to the question: “When does Call Me By Your Name come out?”


The director of the movie is Luca Guadagnino.

  1. S. Mukdeeprom is a cinematographer.
  2. W. Fasano is a film editor.
  3. S. Deshors is a production designer.
  4. R. Federico is an art director.
  5. S. Piccarozzi is set decorator.
  6. G. Piersanti is a costume designer.

Call Me By Your Name movie 2017

When is Call Me By Your Name coming to theaters in 2017?

The movie will be available in the fall of 2017.

About the book

They say that when you read a good book, you want it to never end but not this one. You want to end as soon as possible, and it was better not to start reading at all because it seems that you are now torn from this unbearable sensuality. It’s too hard, too cruel. After such book, you simply do not know how to continue to live, to live with all these inside feelings. I would like to hope that no history in the universe has ended so. I want to believe.

In addition, the book was still very touched by the description of the situation that surrounded the heroes. My summer in my youth was almost the same. You close your eyes and feel this summer’s heat on your skin, you hear the singing of cicadas, you remember the summer lazy afternoon hours in the garden under the apricot tree, you feel the bright taste of the vegetables and fruits grown here in the garden. Everything is so tangible and familiar.


It is hot summer of 1980 in the south of Italy. Elio Perlman, an aristocratically educated, elegant young man of seventeen, the only child in the Italian-American professorial family, misses his father’s villa, where everything is filled with old, academic, poetic and high-minded thoughts.

One day, on the threshold of the villa, appears an American young man Oliver, who came here to help Perlman the eldest in his large-scale work on Greek culture. A transatlantic guest will stay in Italy for six weeks and during this time he makes to fall in love with him everyone around because Oliver is such a gifted young scientist, an amazing conversationalist, a handsome life-of-the-party. One of the charmed to the depths of the soul is Elio, but the flame of this outlined novel threatens to grow into a burning all-devouring flame, capable of destroying everything around.

Call Me By Your Name movie

Official Trailer

The movie Call Me By Your Name trailer is available. You can find it on YouTube.


  • Timothée Chalamet as Elio Perlman
  • Armie Hammer as Oliver

Release date

First, the movie was shown at Sundance Film Festival on January 2017. Sundance Film Festival is the most famous independent film festival in the world, which is held annually more than 30 years. “Sundance” is a festival where directors can afford to challenge the public and show their most controversial work. The new picture of Italian director L. Guadagnino is one of them. The theme of sexuality and forbidden love is not the first one in the works of the director. In 2015, he conquered Cannes with “A Bigger Splash” featuring T. Swinton, M. Schoenaerts, R. Fiennes and D. Johnson, and in 2005, he presented Maria Valverde by shooting her in the movie “Melissa P.” about the first erotic experiences A nice nymphet.

Call Me By Your Name movie release date in 2017 is scheduled for November 24, 2017, in the USA.

In the UK, the movie will appear on screen on October 27, 2017.

In Canada, the movie will come out on December 8, 2017.

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When does come out Breathe movie 2017

Surprisingly but sometimes life can bring people unexpected surprises and different changes. Some upcoming in 2017 movies are not the exceptions. This time brand new project in the industry of films is a beautiful film that was directed by Andy Skeris. In fact, this film is even more that just a piece of pictures – this is a biographical movie that also got their financing from BBC Films. So, when does Breathe come out?

To be able to thoroughly answer that main question coming from viewers, it is worth to describe the story line of the movie first, as well as the actors and actresses who made a decision to cooperate and take the participation in the recent movie of Skeris. Hopefully, their hard work will bring amazing results and accomplishments in the film industry and get mostly positive feedbacks from the views and critics. So, why this biographical film is one of the most expected ones in 2017? Let’s take a look at the plot.

Breathe movie 2017

Storyline – the life of Robin Cavendish

Even if the proper movie Breather trailer hasn’t been released yet, we can make our own predictions about the upcoming project as it represents the story of Robin Cavendish. Robin was a British advocate for disabled or paralyzed people who also managed to become a developer of many medical treatments and aids for people with similar illnesses as his. Moreover, he became one of the longest-lived people with ventilators that help such persons to breathe in case they are not able to do that by themselves anymore. They are also called responauts.

According to the plot and real life story of Robin, at the age 28, he was affected by polio, also known as infantile paralysis which causes the muscle weakness. Unfortunately, he was paralyzed from his neck all the way down which was the main reason why he had huge problems with breathing so that he had to do it only with the help of a special mechanical ventilator. Despite that fact that the doctors said he would live for only three months more, Robin tried to ignore that as if he already knew it wasn’t true and he was going to live much longer for such weak person life. The biographical movie about him also mentions his beloved wife Diana and how she dedicated her whole life to Robin. Together they head to the different places in the world to be able to give disabled people the opportunity to transform their lives drastically.

So, speaking of Breathe movie release date in 2017, the producers of the film has decided to schedule it for the 13th of October.

Breathe movie

Interesting facts

When it comes to some interesting facts about this upcoming movie, you will be definitely surprised to hear that the son of Robin was actually the producer of the project. He actually runs the company along with the director of this biographical movie. Also, when it comes to the cast of it, the actors who played the main characters – Garfield and Foy – gave their own opinions about the people there were going to play on the big screen:

  • “Robin is the person who had to struggle with the everyday issues other people do normally – bathing and eating. However, when is Breather coming to theaters in 2017 you will be still able to see that Diana and Robert loved each other and value spending romantic moments together”
  • “Diana is the Robin’s best access to the whole world around him. I didn’t want to make her look like an angel because it wouldn’t have been real – we just showed their real love”.

Also, Garfield confirmed that he spent some time with the real family of Robin, including his real wife, to be able to feel that atmosphere, absorb it and catch something from the interesting personality of Robin.

TOP Upcoming Romance movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Romantic movies of 2017

Romance is all around us: it conquers the hearts of minds of people of all ages, nationalities, and beliefs. A good movie in this genre can lift up your spirit, make you laugh, cry, and enjoy a great story that will linger on and on. Our list of TOP 10 Romantic latest movies 2017 comes with the most note-worthy releases of the year, the best films that you simply have to check out if you’re a movie junkie.

Me Before You

  1. Southside with You

Welcome to 1989: the summer heat is making folks go crazy, and one fine man makes it his duty to marry the woman of his dreams that lives right next to him in Chicago. He wants to make the first impression perfect, so, he invites her to a journey, a fascinating trip through the beautiful South Side. Somewhere along the way, after she gets to know her admirer better, the woman falls in love with him. Eventually, the man proposes to her and she says “Yes”, which leads to a happy marriage and a brick-strong bond. So, what was the guy’s name? Barack. And the woman’s name? Michelle. Yes, this is the story of the Obamas, and it’s equally heart-warming and touching.

  1. How to Be Single

It’s not that easy to find your place in the ever-changing world, and 5 different folks in NY go through numerous obstacles and struggles in an attempt to figure out how to be single and satisfied. The city is full of temptations, one-night-stands, naughty text messages, and sudden encounters. So, where do these folks fit in? Do they belong with someone, or are they destined to be loners for the rest of their lives? The bigger question is – what do they want from their lives? New York is a beautiful city, full of opportunities, but finding your true calling and life partner can be quite tricky. Put How To Be Single on the list of TOP 10 Romantic movies recent if you’re a single person yourself.

  1. Me Before You

This is one of the best romantic stories of our time. Louisa didn’t expect to fall in love with her patient and turn her own life upside down, but that’s exactly what happens after she forms a bond with him. Will is a good-looking, gifted young man forced to sit in a chair for the rest of his life. The girl is to take care of him, and what starts as a pretty hard job soon turns into something entirely different. The man wants to kill himself in six months, which forces Louisa to come up with a list of adventures/journeys/activities that will cheer him up and possibly change his mind. Will she be able to convince him that life is full of wonders, or is it already too late?

  1. Loving

Back in the 50s, it was considered a crime to tie the knot with someone of a different skin color in Virginia. Richard and his black wife, Mildred, get married in Washington and go back to their hometown to start a life together. However, a month later, the cops arrest them and put them in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. Loving is based on a true story and chronicles all the ups and downs of racial equality in the United States. Of the new Romantic movies releases in 2017, this one is a must-see if you appreciate thought-provoking real stories that matter.

  1. The Handmaiden

A gorgeous Japanese lady, a rich and influential person, hires a maid to tend to her every need, but the woman is not really who she wants everybody to think she is. Sook-Hee’s not loyal to the heiress and is ready to cross any line just to get what she wants. Yes, she’s not afraid to break all the rules, and that puts every single person in the mansion at risk. Soon, they’ll start to question everything they thought they knew about themselves and their friends, neighbors, and relatives. The South Koreans are great as shooting suspenseful mystery thrillers, and The Handmaiden is a stand-out cut.

  1. Allied

WW2 is raging, and a high-ranking intelligence officer makes the mistake of falling in love with a gorgeous woman, a member of the mighty French Resistance. He’s on a very important mission in North Africa, and his actions will have a great impact on the lives on countless people. The two are drawn to each other, but the horrors of war and the call of duty make them go down different roads. However, they come across each other once again, this time in London. They want to be together more than anything else in the world; yet, the constant obstacles on their way put their love in jeopardy. Alright, this is the list of TOP 10 recently released Romantic movies of 2017. Let’s see what else we’ve got.

  1. Collateral Beauty

Howard is one of the finest AEs (advertising executives) in America, but when a tragedy shatters his entire world, he breaks down and abandons his successful life. So, his buddies and colleagues from work come up with an awesome plan that will help him overcome the pain and see the endless opportunities that life has to offer. It’s up to the man to face his horrifying past and confront the ghosts that keep haunting him. True, it’s not going to be easy, but that is what your friends are for, right? Collateral Beauty is a deeply moving and inspiring romantic drama.

  1. Everything, Everything

Maddy, the heroine of this heart-wrenching story, has been struggling with a horrible sickness for her entire life. She can’t leave her room, as the outside world can kill her in a matter of minutes. She’s never been anywhere and has never met anyone. Yet, when Olly, the boy next door, comes into her life, everything changes. They start “talking” through their computers and see each other through the windows, and soon Maddy falls in love with him and decides to risk everything and enjoy her time with him while she can. Everything, Everything is one of the best latest Romantic movies in English 2017.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Belle, a smart and beautiful girl from a village, is forced to leave with the Beast in order to keep her people safe. The “monster” used to be a good-looking man, but a curse has turned him into an ugly creature that nobody loves. But, the more the two talk to each other, the more the girl falls in love with him. Furthermore, the Beast and the Beauty discover that they have a lot in common. The village folks are scared of the monster and want to kill him, and only Belle can save him…Beauty and the Beast is, without a doubt, one of the greatest newly released Romantic movies 2017.

  1. Fifty Shades Darker

The Fifty Shades series has conquered the world: first, the bestselling novels, and now the record-breaking movie franchise. Anastasia and Christian managed to overcome all the obstacles on their way and are now happier than ever. However, the outside world is threatening to destroy what they’ve been carefully building. Will the two find the strength to trust each other and stick together no matter what? Fifty Shades Darker is more fun, sexy and provocative than the first movie, which makes it a must-see for the ladies.

And that’s it for our TOP 10 modern Romantic movies of 2017!

TOP Upcoming Romance movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Romance movies of 2017

Romance is the perception of the world that is inherent in personalities, the leading role in the life of which is played by lyrics, as well as dramatic emotions, ideals, and dreams. It is good to reflect at leisure in the evening about the meaning of life while drinking hot tea … or not tea. .. or not only about the meaning of life. But also about the acutest topic: the relationship between a man and a woman.

We are glad to show you a compilation of new Romance movies releases in 2017.

From the Land of the Moon

At the time of reflecting the relationship between a man and a woman, it is simply necessary to see the films with a good happy end to reinforce the results of your reflections. And it does not matter at that time, they will be domestic, or foreign movies, the very essence – to choose a suitable genre in the mood that will not break the romantic mood of the evening. After all, even if life is filled with solid melodramas, you should not stop dreaming of love.

Let’s begin to watch list of TOP 10 recently released Romance movies of 2017.

  1. Battlecreek

In the very south of America, in a small town, a young man lives with his mother. The guy is a talented artist whose life is most complicated by a rare skin disease. Once a young, unfamiliar to anybody from the locals comes to the city, a girl who becomes a good friend of the artist.

  1. This Beautiful Fantastic

Bella Brown is a beautiful young librarian who wants to write a children’s book. Bella has one feature – she is very afraid of plants and living things, so the house that she rents has the garden in a terribly neglected state.

The owner of the house puts an ultimatum to the girl – she must put the garden in order. To do this, the girl will have to make friends with a neighbor – Alfie Stephenson, who, although possesses an unpleasant character, is a gardener of the highest rank.

  1. Rules Don’t Apply

Confused comedic love story – a young actress accidentally made the old millionaire Howard Hughes fell in love with her, and she fell in love with his driver. What to expect from this story? Many adventures, laughter, intrigue, fun.

  1. Paterson

Beautiful poems of an ordinary man for his wife are in the compilation of latest Romance movies in english 2017.

In the center of the plot is a young guy named Paterson from Paterson, New Jersey. He works as a simple bus driver and his life is monotonous to disgrace. But despite this, beautiful poems are born in the hero’s head, which he writes only for his wife Laura. She tries to persuade her husband to publish them, but Paterson does not share her enthusiasm and continues to write them just for her. However, soon one small event changes everything…

  1. Space Between Us

It turns out that there is not only life on the Red Planet, but also love. It is the best of the feelings that makes the young native of Mars Gardner Elliot leave his native lands and go on a visit to the charming inhabitant of Earth Tulsa. Young people, as often happens in real life, meet on the Internet and realize that they were equally lonely in the universe.

For Gardner, the Martian, a tour to another planet turns into a big problem because he does not suspect that people can be cruel and girls offended. But the love of cosmic scale puts everything in its place, and together with the young heroes of this simple and brilliant history, we understand that it’s time to grow up and say goodbye to loneliness.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

The fifth place of the list of TOP 10 Romance movies recently released in 2017.

This is a remake of the famous fairy tale about a terrible monster that lives in the castle and Belle’s beauty, which will have to free him from the charm of an evil sorceress. It is a tender story of love and devotion from the Disney studio.

  1. La La Land

On the streets of Los Angeles met Mia and Sebastian. She is a girl who earns a job as a waitress, although she dreams of becoming an actress and runs every day to screen tests. He is a genius jazzman, whose talent, unfortunately, only visitors of small bars can appreciate. Together they are waiting for fame, money, love. Can their relationship withstand all the life’s troubles?

  1. From the Land of the Moon

Marion Cotillard is in TOP 10 modern Romance movies of 2017.

The film tells about a girl named Gabrielle. Parents are marrying her for Jose, Spanish farmer, next to whom, in their opinion, Gabrielle should become a respected woman. Despite the fact that Jose is devoted to her, Gabriel swears she will never fall in love with him. She lives as a prisoner, bound hand, and foot by the limitations of a traditional society.

Once Gabrielle is sent to the Alps for treatment – she has problems with kidney stones. There she meets Andre the wounded veteran of the Indochina war, who manages to ignite the fire of passion in her. Gabrielle decides to run away with Andre and start a new life.

  1. Fifty Shades Darker

In the second film, we learn about the internal vices of Christian Gray, his past, the development of their relationship with Anastasia Steel. At the same time, the girl will deal with the former flames of Christian, who envy and even pursue her.

  1. Everything, Everything

The leader of the compilation of newly released Romance movies 2017.

The main character of the movie – 18-year-old Maddy – suffers from a very rare disease: combined immunodeficiency. She has an allergy to almost everything, so Maddy spends her whole life in her house without going out. Because of this, the girl has no friends, and she only communicates with her mother and a carer named Carla.

The life of Maddy changes radically after a new family moves to the next house. After getting acquainted with a new neighbor – a guy named Olly, Maddy begins to fall in love with him. Olly returns that love, and a romance begins between them.

Our TOP 10 Romance latest movies 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for your attention!

TOP Upcoming Romance movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Romance movies 2017

Do you know why romance is one of the most popular genres in history? Because we all have fragile and loving hearts, even if we say otherwise. Furthermore, folks of all ages and nationalities love a good old moving and touching story: kids, grown-ups, older people – a good romantic film will inspire all of us. Our TOP 10 best English Romance movies 2017 to watch list includes the best releases of the year, the most trending, “hot” and simply awesome movies that will warm your heart and mind in 2017.

Home Again

  1. Between Us

Between Us is an amazing romantic comedy slash drama about Dianne and her boyfriend who are finally ready to turn their relationship into a marriage. They’ve been together for quite a while now, and a step this big and life-defining is kinda scary for both of them, and they grow more and more worried as the day approaches. The two really love their carefree LA lifestyle, and the ups and downs of marriage could take away that excitement out of their relationship. The perspectives aren’t at all promising, so, they decide to part ways for the night and go down different roads. The city is full of temptations and it’s up to both of them to decide where they want to give in to them or to go back to the person they love.

  1. The Space Between Us

Gardner, a 16-year-old bloke, was born on Mars. He’s the 1st human being who calls the Red Planet his home. But he does feel connected to Earth and becomes friends with a sassy girl from there. Soon, when they allow him to visit the Blue Planet, he becomes fascinated with everything that it has to offer and wishes to share his experiences with the girl that he adores. However, time is running out, and he’s forced to choose between the young woman and his quest towards discovering who he really is and where he’s coming from. Of the TOP 10 new English Romance movies 2017, The Space Between Us is best suited for teenage boys and girls who are just learning what first love is all about.

  1. Everybody Loves Somebody

Clara is one of those hard-working modern-day women that seem to be successful in pretty much everything. She’s got a perfect job, a perfect body and an amazing career ahead of her. The one thing that’s missing from her life is a proper boyfriend, and when her parents invite the girl to their wedding ceremony, she instantly realizes that there are some parts of her ideal life that aren’t that ideal after all. Upon arrival, she meets an old…suitor who has big plans for her. The girl, on the other hand, is not really sure if she wants to reunite with him, as there’s another guy at the wedding that she’s kinda into. So, who is she going to pick?

  1. Everything, Everything

Maddy has been forced to take precautions on every step of the way and never had a chance to leave her home. She has life-threatening allergies that can kill her in an instant if she gets affected by the outside world, so, she stays locked up with no friends, BFFs and/or boyfriends. But, when she falls for a boy next door, everything changes. They can see each other through the windows and communicate via their computers. Soon, Maddy finds herself dreaming of seeing him in person and feeling his touch on her body. Eventually, she decides to risk it all for an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of this world with the boy that she loves for as long as she can. Put Everything, Everything on the list of TOP 10 English Romance movies 2017 if you love heart-warming and heart-wrenching movies.

  1. Fifty Shades Darker

The most provocative couple is back, and, after the turbulence of the “first encounter”, they’re trying pretty hard to keep the balance between crazy and normal. Anastasia is slowly, but steadily finding the hidden pleasure behind Christian’s obsessive nature and love for BDSM, while the man is working on being more open and trusting Ana. The chemistry between these two is off-the-charts; yet, it’s threatened by Christian’s messy past that comes back to haunt both of them. Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles and keep the love alive?

  1. Tulip Fever

Welcome to the 17th century: Amsterdam is consumed by the so-called “tulip mania” that could very well devastate the entire population in a matter of months. A talented artist is asked to paint a beautiful married lady (a portrait), and pretty soon they fall madly in love with each other. They come up with a plan to buy and sell tulips to raise the cash necessary to leave the country and be together. Time is running out, and they’ll have to be smart; otherwise, the market will “die out” and their dream of a happy life outside the city’s borders will be crushed. Grab a copy of Tulip Fever if you want to watch TOP 10 English Romance films 2017.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

The classic Disney story is back, ladies and gentlemen, and the team behind the big-screen movie managed to keep that magic alive while introducing us to a slightly different version of the events and using a lot of CGI. The story is the same as before: a beautiful girl becomes the prisoner of a monster but realizes that he’s got a sweet, loving heart underneath that ugly appearance. He’s a prince, forced to live like a beast after a curse. Despite his horrifying looks, the young woman falls in love with him and saves the creature from a life of loneliness and agony.

  1. Home Again

Alice, a recent divorcee, moves back to LA with her two kiddos, hoping to start over and find new happiness. On her 40th birthday’s celebration night, she meets 3 talented moviemakers who don’t have a place to stay. The woman offers them a “shelter” in her guest house. Soon, she finds herself falling for a new man, but that’s exactly when her ex-husband shows up at her doorstep. Alice could never expect her moving to Los Angeles would result in finding new love and dealing with her old one. Home Again is the most inspiring movie from the TOP 10 latest English Romance movies 2017 release list.

  1. Sandy Wexler

Sandy is a great talent manager enjoying his peaceful-yet-messy life in LA in the 90s. He’s got a bunch of eccentric clients to take care of and is working day and night to help them out. But when he meets Courtney, he immediately falls in love and gives her a promise to turn her into a worldwide star. They meet at an amusement park, and, even though she is pretty talented and has a magical voice, it’s not going to be easy for Sandy to “squeeze” her into show business.

  1. The Promise

The Promise is one of the most buzz-worthy movies of 2017, as it’s set during the horrifying Turkish-Armenian war that took place in the beginning of the 20th century. An American journalist, an Armenian medical student and a woman from Paris (also Armenian) come together in this epic story and form a love triangle while trying to do the right thing and save as many innocent lives as they can.

Ok, that’s it for our TOP 10 popular English Romance movies in 2017, list!