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When does The Boss Baby 2 Movie (2021)

The continuation of the animated picture, which gave many good moments to the audience, and has already managed to get fans. The release date of the second part will be in 2021. This became known at the end of May 2017 from official representatives of DreamWorks. Although some people suggest that because the premiere of the second part will take place in a few years, the exact release day may be changed.

If you want to know when does The Boss Baby 2 come out, then look through the topic below.


At the moment, almost nothing is known about the second part of the project. All that journalists managed to know is that the famous actor Alec Baldwin will again voice the main character. According to some reports, the actor has already confirmed it. The premiere of the first part of the picture took place on March 2017. The animation budget was $ 125 million, and the box office was five hundred million dollars. The story became successful, in connection with which, a few months later, it was officially announced the continuation of the adventures of a serious child. Moreover, as the audience noticed, the first part of the picture ended so that it became clear that the creators initially planned the possibility of creating the second part.

The end of the picture hints to the audience that there will be a continuation, but according to one of the creators, such an ending is nothing more than entertainment for the producers. According to him, at the time of the preparation of the “Boss Baby”, no one was thinking about the second part of this story, and therefore we can say that a good box office of the project decided the fate of the second part.

Tom McGrath is the director of the upcoming animation project.

When is The Boss Baby 2 2021 coming to theaters?

BelgiumMarch 2021
Russia18 March 2021
France24 March 2021
Brazil25 March 2021
Germany25 March 2021
Netherlands25 March 2021
Portugal25 March 2021
Slovakia25 March 2021
Sweden26 March 2021
Turkey26 March 2021
USA26 March 2021


The baby appeared in Tim’s family too unexpectedly, that is, parents expected the baby to appear in the house very much, but their 7-year-old son did not expect this new member of the family to draw all the parents’ attention to himself. Now the older brother has to fight for the attention of the parents, which previously belonged only to him alone.

After lengthy investigations, Tim finds out that it is a fake baby. He is an undercover agent who arrived on a special mission to this world. Gradually, the brothers penetrate each other with sympathy in order to achieve the common goal that they succeed at the end of the first part.

In the second part, the brothers’ adventures continue. At the end of the mission, Francis was supposed to go back to work and leave Tim’s family, but he liked living with a real family so much that he decides to stay.


The movie The Boss Baby 2 trailer is not available. It will be released closer to the release date of the movie.


Alec Baldwin will voice Theodore Templeton (The Boss Baby).

James McGrath will voice Wizzie.

Release date

The Boss Baby 2 2021 movie release date is planned for March 26, 2021, in the United States.

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When does Cruella Movie (2021)

It is an American family comedy, the continuation of the classic Disney cartoon “101 Dalmatians” and the 1996 film of the same name.

If you want to know when does Cruella come out, then look through the topic below.


The event-rich D23 Expo 2019 gave the audience the opportunity to admire the first official promotional frame of the film “Cruella.” Emma Stone, playing the main role, appeared in the classic black and white image of the famous Disney villain.

The director of the picture is Craig Gillespie (“I, Tonya”), and Aline Brosh McKenna became the screenwriter and one of the producers. Jez Butterworth wrote the main part of the script.

When is Cruella 2021 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.

Netherlands26 May 2021
Argentina27 May 2021
Slovakia27 May 2021
UK28 May 2021
Poland28 May 2021
Turkey28 May 2021
USA28 May 2021
U.S. Virgin Islands28 May 2021

Development and concept

In the book, Cruella is described as a spoiled, skeptic, and reckless woman, but as conceived by the illustrator and screenwriter Bill Pete, in the cartoon, she became a more ardent, insidious and at the same time comedic character. Cruella is an independent emancipated woman who goes against the laws of society; she is a business woman who flirts, trying to achieve what she wants.


The movie Cruella trailer is not available now. It will come out closer to the release date of the movie.


The end of the seventies of the last century. Great Britain, London. Against the backdrop of the English punk movement and social revolutions, the rich heir Cruella De Vil enters the local society. An eccentric woman with a passion for smoking and stylish clothes showed a cruel disposition and desire to dominate others. Cruella adored natural fur coats and sought to collect coats and mantles made of the rarest and most expensive fur.

While the “Greens movement” had not yet raised its head, the woman strove to get what she wanted, despite the suffering of the unfortunate animals. Cruella with shocking manners manipulates subordinates for its vicious purposes and has already destroyed many defenseless mammals. Once Cruella caught the eye of a Dalmatian. Black spots on a white background led the eccentric fashionista to a strange idea. Cruella De Vil wanted to make an elite coat made of the fur of a purebred dog.

Interesting facts

  • Filming was previously postponed due to Emma Stone dislocating her shoulder in June 2019 at a Spice Girls concert.
  • Initially, the studio wanted to entrust the film to Alex Timbers, but he is working on the musical “The Beetlejuice.”


The main character is played by Oscar winner Emma Stone. The previous actor who played the role of a cruel woman was Glenn Close.

Paul Walter Hauser as Horace

Joel Fry as Jasper

Emma Thompson as Baroness

Release date

Cruella 2021 movie release date is scheduled for May 28, 2021, in the United States.

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Space Jam 2 Movie (2021)

The second part of the animated project popular among viewers. This film is known for combining both real actors and animation. When the first part of the film was released in 1996, there were not many projects that combined animation and real people. Surely, for this reason, the film was remembered by the audience and done great at the box office.

If you want to know when does Space Jam 2 come out, then look through the topic below.


In February 2014, Warner Bros representatives announced that a possible sequel to the film could be released in 2016. The script for a future sequel was to be written by Charles Ebersol. However, the sequel was not released. No one knows the exact reasons why this happened. However, as an option, in various sources, the conflict among the crew was the reason.

At the end of 2016, one of the producers of the first part, who also participated in the development of the sequel, continued to assure the public that the project was in the process of filming. However, in the end, nothing came out even in 2017.

In summer 2019, the sequel for Space Jam, which has been under development for several years, has become one step closer to implementation. According to the portal Discussing Film, the shooting of the film started on June 17, 2019.

Malcolm D. Lee is the director of the second part.

Alfredo Botello and Andrew Dodge wrote the script for the upcoming movie.

When is Space Jam 2 2021 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.

Belgium14 July 2021
France14 July 2021
Argentina15 July 2021
Australia15 July 2021
Brazil15 July 2021
Netherlands15 July 2021
Canada16 July 2021
UK16 July 2021
Ireland16 July 2021
Turkey16 July 2021
USA16 July 2021
Japan17 July 2021

How the 1st part ended

In order not to live under the oppression of aliens, the rabbit begins to train hard with his friends, duck, pig, and others. They cannot fail their world. Michael Jordan also decides to play for them, because the opponents – the alien team are very strong players.

The game turned out to be truly spectacular. The rabbit with the team managed to win and free their world. In addition, Michael Jordan finally realizes that basketball is what he needs and remains in the sport.


Aliens attack the world where characters from Looney Tunes cartoons live. They want to capture all the cartoon characters and enslave them. Rabbit Bugs Bunny understands that they cannot win in a fight and decides to cheat. He persuades the aliens to play basketball, whoever wins will win in this fight. At stake is the freedom of the cartoons, so the rabbit turns to Michael Jordan for help. However, he had already quit basketball.


The movie Space Jam 2 trailer is not available now.

Interesting facts

  • The first film was released in 1996. The box office exceeded all expectations, and the picture became a hit. With a budget of 80 million, the picture raised more than $240 million.
  • The director was Joe Pytka.
  • In the second film, basketball player LeBron James, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers team, will play the main role.


Sonequa Martin-Green as Savannah James

LeBron James as LeBron James

Release date

Space Jam 2 2021 movie release date is scheduled for July 16, 2021, in the United States.

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Rugrats Movie (2021)

It is an American animated adventure comedy based on the popular animated series 1991 on Nickelodeon called “Rugrats.”

If you want to know when does Rugrats come out, then look through the topic below.


Sarah Levy, Viacom COO, spoke about the upcoming project that it is one of the most famous cartoons in the history of television, and she is very glad that a completely new audience will see these characters in completely new story. What was relevant in 1991, when the premiere of the original show took place, is relevant today: children are fascinated by the world of babies. She is eager to introduce today’s children to Tommy, Chuckie and his friends.

President of Paramount Players, Brian Robbins, noted that it is the perfect time to film a movie.

The first three cartoons received mixed reviews from reviewers, but they were all commercially successful and collectively raised nearly $300 million worldwide.

It is reported that the script for the future film is written by American producer David Goodman. The creators of the original show, A. Klasky, Gabor Chupo, and Paul Germain are involved in writing the script for the upcoming movie.

The series was broadcasted on Nickelodeon from 1991 to 2004. The main characters are toddlers and older children. At the same time, they always find themselves in unusual and sometimes dangerous situations from which they often have to leave without the help of their parents. From 2003 to 2008, fans could watch the spin-off show “All Grown Up” in which the characters  went to school. In total, 9 seasons were released.

David Bowers is the director of the upcoming movie.

When is Rugrats 2021 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.


What does an ordinary little child do during the day? Everyone knows that in the first years of life, the main concern of the baby is to sleep, eat, play, and call for help if you urgently need to change the diaper.

The heroes of the movie are completely different. Although they look the way babies should look – relaxed, a little clumsy, and carefree, the brain of these babies works very differently. As if they were born not on planet Earth, but somewhere else – a more developed civilization.

The usual amusements of babies do not interest them. They think like adults, and sometimes draw conclusions much deeper than those who are ten times older than they are.


The movie Rugrats trailer is not available now. It will be released closer to the release date of the movie.


The information on the cast is not yet known.

Release date

Rugrats 2021 movie release date is planned for January 29, 2021, in the United States.

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Trolls World Tour Movie (2020)

In 2016, there were many premieres of interesting cartoons, among which was the cartoon “Trolls.” Many children have enjoyed this fascinating story. Few expected that the creators would film the continuation of the inhabitants in the kingdom of trolls. However, to the surprise and the great joy of the fans, it became known about the release of the cartoon “Trolls World Tour” in 2020.

If you want to know when does Trolls World Tour come out, then look through the topic below.


Jonathan Aibel, who wrote the script for “Kung Fu Panda”, will write the script for the continuation of “Trolls.” Walt Dohrn is the director of the movie. He is known for his work on the third “Shrek.” David P. Smith will help him. The premiere of the first part of the project took place in November 2016 and grossed about 346 million dollars. It is worth noting that the budget was $125 million.

For fans of this project, in 2018, an American television series based on the original story came out on American television. It started in January 2018 and consists of 52 episodes, which will be tentatively broadcast throughout the year on television. However, the second part of the movie will be ready no earlier than 2020.

When is Trolls World Tour 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.

Indonesia11 March 2020
Singapore12 March 2020
Spain19 March 2020
Russia19 March 2020
Saudi Arabia19 March 2020
UK20 March 2020
Latvia20 March 2020
Belgium25 March 2020
Australia26 March 2020
Germany26 March 2020
Denmark26 March 2020
Norway27 March 2020
Uruguay27 March 2020
France1 April 2020
Argentina2 April 2020
Israel2 April 2020
Italy2 April 2020
Finland3 April 2020
Iceland3 April 2020
Greece9 April 2020
Mexico10 April 2020
Sweden10 April 2020
Slovakia16 April 2020
Bulgaria17 April 2020
USA17 April 2020
Netherlands22 April 2020
Portugal23 April 2020
Poland29 May 2020


In the first part of a fascinating cartoon, viewers met with small creatures called trolls. They are usually in a good mood. They enjoy life, sing their favorite tunes, dance, and have fun throughout the day. However, once upon a time treacherous villains Bergens attacked small creatures in order to capture them. They caught trolls in the underground dungeons. Only the main troll Poppy and his neighbor Branch manage to escape from the dungeon of the Bergens. After King Gristle discovered that the trolls had disappeared, King Gristle Sr. chased away his chef, who was responsible for preparing for the important event. On this day, King Gristle was about to eat his first troll.

In the second part of the animated film, the main characters also have to save their race from a new misfortune. However, for this, they will first have to find a way to team up with another tribe of trolls who live outside their settlement.


The movie Trolls World Tour trailer is not available now. It will be released closer to the premiere of the animated cartoon.


Anna Kendrick will voice the main character in the project called poppy. It is also noted that the famous pop singer Justin Timberlake will once again voice his hero Branch. According to insider information, it became known that a contract has already been signed with Justin.

Sam Rockwell will voice Hickory

Jamie Dornan will voice Chaz

Rachel Bloom will voice Barb

Release date

Trolls World Tour 2020 movie release date is scheduled for April 17, 2020, in the United States.

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Dolittle Movie (2020)

The creators plan a fun family project in the near future. The atmosphere of this picture is transmitted even through the official poster, which makes us particularly look for the release date of the film “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle.” If you want to know when does Dolittle come out, then look through the topic below.


The director was Stephen Gaghan.

The first to be approved for the role was Robert Downey Jr., who got the role of the funny Dr. Dolittle. Six months later, Michael Sheen and Antonio Banderas replenished the cast. Selena Gomez, by the way, will voice one of the characters.

Filming started in the winter of last year and now has come to an end. The creators make the last adjustments and prepare the picture for the release. The release date, which is curious, is of interest not only to families with small children but also to adults in whose life there is so little miracle, magic and to adventure.

When is Dolittle 2020 coming to theaters?

New Zealand1 January 2020
Costa Rica2 January 2020
South Korea8 January 2020
Faroe Islands9 January 2020
Serbia9 January 2020
Ukraine9 January 2020
Indonesia15 January 2020
Australia16 January 2020
Chile16 January 2020
Colombia16 January 2020
Dominican Republic16 January 2020
Egypt16 January 2020
Fiji16 January 2020
Greece16 January 2020
Croatia16 January 2020
Hungary16 January 2020
Kuwait16 January 2020
Lebanon16 January 2020
Netherlands16 January 2020
Panama16 January 2020
Peru16 January 2020
Puerto Rico16 January 2020
Portugal16 January 2020
Saudi Arabia16 January 2020
Singapore16 January 2020
Slovenia16 January 2020
Slovakia16 January 2020
Uruguay16 January 2020
Bulgaria17 January 2020
Canada17 January 2020
Estonia17 January 2020
Finland17 January 2020
Israel17 January 2020
India17 January 2020
Iceland17 January 2020
Lithuania17 January 2020
Latvia17 January 2020
Norway17 January 2020
Poland17 January 2020
Romania17 January 2020
Slovakia17 January 2020
Turkey17 January 2020
USA17 January 2020
Argentina23 January 2020
Denmark23 January 2020
Malaysia23 January 2020
Spain24 January 2020
Sweden24 January 2020
Taiwan24 January 2020
Hong Kong25 January 2020
Belgium29 January 2020
Philippines29 January 2020
Austria30 January 2020
Bosnia and Herzegovina30 January 2020
Germany30 January 2020
Italy30 January 2020
Mexico31 January 2020
France5 February 2020
UK7 February 2020
Ireland7 February 2020
Brazil20 February 2020
Moldova20 February 2020
Russia20 February 2020
Japan20 March 2020


The movie will be a film adaptation of the famous novel by Hugh Lofting about the veterinarian. A very characteristic animal doctor lost his spouse. The thing, incidentally, was in Victorian England with its inherent romanticism.

Still suffering from the loss, the main character closes in the house, where now only outlandish animals make up his company. However, misfortune happens – the young queen is seriously ill and only a veterinarian can save her from a terrible fate. In order to get medicine, Dolittle goes on a dangerous journey to a distant island. On a journey, he takes a self-proclaimed student and animal friends, including a restless gorilla, a silly duck, a couple of cynical ostriches, a funny polar bear and a talkative parrot…

On the way, he will have to meet not only with new animals but also with old enemies. How it all ends and whether the hero can save the queen, we will see in a new film about Dr. Dolittle and his journey.

We must say that the dangers await the hero not only in the jungle but also in the ordinary world. While he was hiding from people in the company of animals, everything around changed great. People have become more selfish; in the forefront, they now have money and other material wealth. Lonely Doolittle has to get comfortable in the new society and learn other laws.


The movie Dolittle trailer is available. You can watch it on the Net.


Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. John Dolittle

Tom Holland will voice Jip

Selena Gomez will voice Betsy

Release date

Dolittle 2020 movie release date is planned for January 17, 2020, in the United States.

Previously, the film was scheduled for May 2019, before it was postponed to April 2019, but the release date was shifted. The Wrap reports that Dr. Dolittle’s Journey has been delayed for eight months for January 2020. Universal seems to have changed the release date again to give the film a better chance abroad in countries like China, as well as hoping to attract an audience after the holidays.

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Sing 2 Movie (2021)

The continuation of the picture, which has gained many fans, and liked by not only the young audience but also people of all ages.

The movie is known primarily for the fact that it has more than 85 songs. In general, projects about music and dancing in the last decade have noticeably gained popularity. People like dreams come true. The soundtrack was released on CD a few weeks before the release of the picture. It included both classical songs and a new hit from Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder, which was called “Faith.” This song was written specifically for the project, and many people liked it very much. The premiere of the film took place in November 2016 and brought the creators 634 million dollars. At the same time, budget amounted to $ 75 million. The project was recognized as successful, which allowed the creators to think about the continuation.

If you want to know when does Sing 2 come out, then look through the topic below.


Already in February 2017, it became known that the second part is under development. The director and scriptwriter of the movie will be Garth Jennings. Christophe Lourdelet will be in the movie as co-director.

When is Sing 2 2021 coming to theaters?

Argentina1 July 2021
Slovakia1 July 2021
USA2 July 2021
Latvia16 December 2021


A koala named Buster Moon lives in a world inhabited by various animals. He was always cheerful despite all the difficulties he had to face. He was able to prove to everyone that it is always necessary to overcome obstacles and not give up. Buster has been working in the theater for a long time, but recently there have been difficult times and for this reason, he and other employees have stopped receiving wages. There comes a time when people ceased to go to the theater, and this only meant that they would close it soon. The management understands that concerts will not be able to bring good profit.

Employees immediately began to break their heads about what job they would now have to look for, but only Buster was not ready to give up just like that. He began to come up with unusual shows that could once again attract the attention of the public. And then he came up with the idea to organize a music contest. Many residents of the city became interested in this proposal and a large crowd began to gather near the theater, everyone wanted to demonstrate its talent. As we already know, Rosita, Ash, Meena, Johnny, and Mike won the contest.

Many years have passed since the contest organized by the Buster Moon. Rosita is the winner of several contests, but she still has not chosen a record label to become famous. Mike is a proud family man who quit jazz to become a singer. Ash sings in an old restaurant, but it is hard for her to get used to life without her boyfriend. Johnny is a famous singer who tries in every way to convince the record label to help him in his career. Meena is part of the choir and is struggling to gain the trust of her newfound friend.

Buster Moon, who needs help in his difficult mission, will again unite heroes…


The movie Sing 2 trailer is not available now.


T. Egerton voices Johnny

S. Johansson voices Ash

M. McConaughey voices Buster Moon

Release date

Sing 2 2021 movie release date is planned for July 2, 2021, in the United States.

2020 movies TOP Upcoming Comedy movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood Comedy movies in 2020

Comedy movies are one of the most popular genres that have won recognition from a wide audience. Regardless of gender, age and social status, no one will refuse to escape from everyday life and see TOP 10 best Hollywood Comedy movies of 2020 to watch.

Why do we love comedy films so much? What is the reason for their popularity? It turns out that it is physiology. Comedy movies can reduce not only negative mood and anxiety but also high blood pressure. When we laugh, the endorphin begins to be produced. And we feel as good as when we listen to our favorite music, eat chocolate, travel or have sex. So watching comedy is good for our health and mental comfort!

If you ready, we begin!

List of Hollywood Comedy movies 2020

10. Dolittle

Seven years ago, Dr. Dolittle, a renowned veterinarian living in Victorian England, lost his wife. Now he leads a reclusive lifestyle, hiding behind the high walls of his estate. Exotic animals from his collection are his only company.

However, when an unknown disease becomes a threat to the life of the young queen, Dr. Dolittle has to leave his refuge and go on an incredible journey to the mythical island. In search of a medicine for the queen, he will fight against merciless enemies and find outlandish creatures, as well as will show remarkable courage and ingenuity.

9. Bad Boys for Life

Bad Boys are on the list of best Hollywood Comedy movies in 2020.

Lowrey and Burnett are back in business. The third part of the film will show new difficulties they have to overcome. Two inseparable partners now work individually. Burnett was tired of working as a policeman, but not enough to leave completely. Partially changing his occupation, he became a private detective. Cases are routine and safe.

At that time, Lowrey was still a cop. Now he has a new partner, but the relationship went wrong. The newcomer is ambitious and does not recognize the Lowrey’s authority.

8. The Gentlemen

The talented Oxford graduate, using his unique mind and unprecedented audacity, came up with an illegal enrichment scheme using the estate of an impoverished English aristocracy. However, when he decides to sell his business to an influential clan of billionaires from the United States, tough gentlemen stand in his way.

7. The Croods 2

Life in prehistoric times is amazing and at the same time risky opportunity. It was here that the Croods family is trying to survive. Recently, an alien named Guy, whose views on the world around him is opposite to the established knowledge of Croods family, has joined it. Moreover, the new location, completely ready for settlement by a primitive tribe, is not as good as the community that arrived at the place expected to see it. In these difficult conditions of family survival, there is a place for a romance between the heroes of Eep and Guy.

6. Scoob!

Scooby doo is in the TOP 10 new holly Comedy movies.

Four teenagers and their smart dog create Mystery Inc. The organization they founded is designed to investigate crimes whose main characters are creatures with paranormal abilities or inhabitants of the other world. And there seem to be quite a lot of mysterious incidents, but so far, as it turns out at the end of each carefully conducted investigation, they are the work of people disguising themselves as monsters and ghosts.

5. My Spy

Sophie is an ordinary nine-year-old schoolgirl with her own set of problems: sticky classmates, parents who ignore her, and weird teachers.

JJ is a stern CIA agent who fails his last mission by destroying enemies instead of interrogating them. The boss gives him one more chance, but Sophie destroys all the plans of the special agent. He has to conclude an agreement with her: the girl does not tell anyone, and in return, JJ teaches her how to become a spy. However, JJ will have to attend the school where the girl is studying, train her to beat a lie detector and try to save her favorite aquarium fish from a student.

4. Like a Boss

The movie focuses on two successful businesswomen and best friends Mel and Mia. Once, many years ago, girls from scratch created their own cosmetics company, which for quite some time brought them good income and accustomed them to a happy, rich and carefree life. However, at some point, things went awry, and now the girls are deep in debt. Will the girls manage to survive in this difficult situation and not lose themselves because of money?

3. Bill & Ted Face the Music

The third place in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Comedy films.

The main characters are best friends from childhood. They were friends from school and differed from their peers with a straightforward look at what was happening around. Their life was carefree and easy. Once, they had to become time travelers and, being in a spatially temporal continuum, they heard a unique prophecy. An invisible voice told Bill and Ted that rock and roll would save the whole world from imminent death.

2. The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

The first film showed us how implacable enemies in the past, a bodyguard and a killer, were forced to survive, but they had completely different ways to do this. Despite the fact that they are two completely different people, they managed to find a common language, and now Michael Bryce even hires his old acquaintance killer and his wife for a special operation preparing in the Amalfi Coast. They will have to stop the cyber-attack that could destroy the European Union.

1. The King’s Man

The film tells the story of the formation of the very first independent intelligence agency Kingsman. A terrible war is coming, which was unleashed by outstanding criminal geniuses and tyrants. Only one person with the help of his son can stop it.

TOP 10 latest Hollywood Comedy movies 2020 ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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The One and Only Ivan Movie (2020)

It is an upcoming movie shot by T. Sharrock based on the children’s novel of the same name. The book was written by K. A. Applegate.  If you want to know when does The One and Only Ivan come out, then look through the topic below.


In 2014, it was announced that Walt Disney Pictures plans to shoot a movie based on the book.

The script was written by Mike White.

In March 2017, T. Sharrock entered into negotiations for the production of the movie.

In October 2017, it became known that A. Jolie joined the movie and lent her voice for Stella.

When is The One and Only Ivan 2020 coming to theaters?

France12 August 2020
Netherlands12 August 2020
UK14 August 2020
Lithuania14 August 2020
Turkey14 August 2020
USA14 August 2020
Germany27 August 2020

Mutual assistance

A person cannot survive alone without communicating with other people. His social position is laid by nature and stretches from ancient times to the present day. Mutual assistance to each other has always been. It has changed over time, but its essence remains the same. Mutual assistance is manifested in difficult situations when not only a relative but also an outsider can come to the rescue.


Gorilla Ivan is a member of the great ape family. He spent a conscious life in a large shopping center. For 27 years, he has been entertaining visitors through glass walls and reflecting on everything in the world. He is used to people and gladly accepts custody from them. The animal watches TV shows, turned on by guards, watches chimpanzees, completely unlike gorillas, and thinks about the strange behavior of most people. He has a faithful friend – a dog named Bob, often sneaking into a cage to a friend and loving to sleep on his stomach. Ivan loves to paint paintings that are sold right there. He cares how to put on the canvas the rustle of a leaf, the sound of the wind or the taste of a banana.

But once, the ordinary life of a hero changes. An elephant cub appears in their zoo – little Ruby. It was brought from the wild and cannot get used to being in captivity. Looking at the baby, Ivan increasingly recalls his own childhood, spent in the jungle. The hero realizes that he does not want a repeat of his fate for a new friend. He realizes that the elephant is no place among people and decides to help it escape. Will animals be able to get out, and overcome many obstacles in their path?


The movie The One and Only Ivan trailer is not available, It will be released closer to the release date of the movie itself.


S. Rockwell voices Ivan

A. Jolie voices Stella

D. DeVito voices Bob

B. Prince voices Ruby

Release date

The One and Only Ivan 2020 movie release date is scheduled for August 14, 2020, in the United States.

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The Loud House (2020)

The Loud House is an animated series made specifically for the Nickelodeon channel. If you want to know when does The Loud House come out, then look through the article presented below.


Chris Savino is the creator of the series. At first, Savino conceived the Loud family with 26 children and in the form of rabbits, but the idea was rejected.

He named the 5 Lincoln sisters by the names of his sisters. Chris Savino’s house was taken as the basis of the Loud House, in which he spent all his childhood.

When is The Loud House 2020 coming to theaters?

You will know it a little later.

What is happiness?

Strictly speaking, happiness is a philosophical category that implies an ideal state of highest satisfaction with life. From this point of view, happiness is the absolute absence of all desires. One way or another, all philosophers agree that happiness is not a material concept but an internal one. That is, a person is happy if he is capable of it internally.

Happiness is one of the main topics of humanitarian knowledge from antiquity to the present day. The concept of happiness was perceived by ancient philosophers as some kind of absolute good. For this reason, the problem of happiness interested many thinkers, was widely developed and had a large number of different, sometimes conflicting approaches. At present, psychologists say it is customary to understand happiness as constant and complete satisfaction by a person of his life, its conditions, its fullness, the disclosure of human capabilities achieved in it. However, the question of how to achieve happiness is still open and continues to cause a lot of controversies.

People are chasing after happiness, not understanding what exactly is happiness for them. Just a word, just a feeling, just minutes, hours, days, eternity…

Each of us represents our happiness and chooses the units of its measurement in our own way. Feeling our happiness in believing in an almighty God, we pray. Each person has his own happiness, each presents his happiness in different ways.


The series tells about the only boy in the family Lincoln and his 10 sisters. They live in the small town of Royal Woods, Michigan. Every day, while their parents are not at home, they have a difficult but fun life. Despite the fact that the characters are different in age and hobby, they have a good relationship, since Lincoln takes care of the sisters, and they respond, although conflicts arise periodically. Brother and sisters do not always get along, but they are ready to act together.


The movie The Loud House trailer is not available yet. It will come out closer to the release date of the picture itself.


Tex Hammond voices Lincoln Loud

J. Talley voices Mom

B. Stepanek voices Dad

G. Griffin voices Lola Loud / Lana Loud / Lily Loud

Release date

The Loud House 2020 movie release date is planned for February 2020 in the United States.