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List of TOP 10 good Sequel movies 2017

The sequel is the continuation of the film. Usually, the sequel is filmed if the movie has become successful (in particular, commercially). This, however, does not mean that the continuation will be as good as the first film. On the contrary, it often happens that the sequel is not only worse than its predecessor but in general, it is very lousy. However, sometimes miracles do happen.

In TOP ten good Sequel movies 2017 in theaters we consider 10 such films. Pay attention – this is the list of the top ten sequels, but this does not mean that these sequels are better than the first films. This means that they are a good movie, even if the first film is better.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Sequel films 2017.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

  1. Logan

In the center of the “Logan” narrative is an amazing trinity: overgrown with a patchy gray beard, drinking, and ill Wolverine; fallen into senile dementia, Professor Xavier and a ten-year-old girl with the look of Hannibal Lector and the habits of John Wick. The case is in the near future: in 2029, mutants have long ceased to appear and are present in the mass consciousness only as comic book heroes. Unchanged Wolverine Hugh Jackman in recent interviews insists that “Logan” is his last outing as a clawed mutant, and the culmination of the film makes take these statements seriously.

  1. War for the Planet of the Apes

In the continuation of the franchise, there is a confrontation between the Colonel and Caesar. The ruthless leader of the people had long been preparing for a confrontation with the head of the monkey kingdom. The chimpanzee was forced to fight with his animal instincts, which sometimes prevented him from rationally managing the state. He least would have liked this war. But the determination of the leader of the Earth leads to an armed battle. It can affect the fate of several hundred thousand as monkeys and humans.

  1. Blade Runner 2049

The continuation of the epic movie of 1982 is on our list of TOP 10 good Sequel movies 2017.

The task of future detectives is to capture artificial intelligence. Replicants are a serious threat to the well-being of states but can contribute to its prosperity. The contradictory nature of foreign subjects requires careful study. An experienced guard of worlds tries to unravel the essence of the opponents before the mysterious individuals swallow him along with the knowledge. Immersion in the wilds of the gloomy city does not frighten him. The keystone to the success of the mission is an immediate reaction, the ability to orient in extreme conditions.

  1. xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Xander,  a bright rebel, adoring the extreme, is alive. Having escaped from all together with Elena, he in a cunning way dramatizes his own death on Bora Bora. The imposing agent of the NSA was mourned for a long time and solemnly buried, but eight years later, the return of Xander Cage was inevitable. Now he has to protect his country.

  1. Annabelle 2

Puppeteer and his wife lost the little daughter. Several years have passed since the tragedy. In the couple’s house, a nun and ward from the orphanage are invited. But Annabelle will choose among the audience new targets for evil and horror.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Star-Lord is in our TOP 10 good english Sequel movies 2017.

Now the whole company has to reveal the true origin of their captain.

  1. John Wick: Chapter 2

Having been dealt with his offenders, John decides to finally retire, but the past is acting up. The old friend organized his business and wants to get John as a killer. The former mercenary gave a definite answer, which did not triple the businessman. If Wick does not want to work for him, then he does not need to stay alive either. John begins to hunt and now either he will deal with the bad guys, or the bad guys once and always will deal with the legendary killer.

  1. T2 Trainspotting

Mark Renton is in TOP 10 really good Sequel movies.

The plot of the continuation of the cult film released in the mid-90s again presents the audience to Mark Renton, who returns to Scotland 20 years after he left his homeland. All this time the main character of the drama missed his friends, with whom he experienced many troubles. Men are waiting for another life test, which this time will not be connected with drugs, but with business “for adults”.

The characters of the first part will be fully presented to us. Danny gets out of jail just as Mark arrives; Simon and Francis stay for a long time and did not leave the town. Friends for a long time did not see, therefore at first test euphoria from a meeting. Then they again take drugs and gradually get involved in an extremely dangerous business. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that Mark intends to change: he wants to get rid of addiction and try his luck with his ex-girlfriend. But what are the chances of a man to change his life for the better?

  1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The emergence of a new villain and an attack on Kingsman headquarters forces Eggsy and Merlin to work together with the American agency Statesman to save the world.

  1. Thor: Ragnarök

The plot develops after the end of the events of the second part, published in a series of films about a fearless warrior. The God of Scandinavian mythology Thor has a half-brother Loki, who in the plot of the new film decided to fraudulently capture the throne in the native city of Thor – Asgard. Through his actions Loki led the world of the gods to the approach of Ragnarok, that is, to the End of the World, which had been prophesied since ancient times.

Now the protagonist Thor must prevent the Apocalypse, while the warrior needs to save not only his native city of Asgard but also the nine worlds. To achieve his goal, he will have to fight against the strongest enemy, whom his father Odin defeated in his time, the fiery demon Surtur. To the delight of the audience, in the difficult matter of saving the world and the fierce battle against evil, the Thor will be helped by the notorious Hulk.

TOP 10 new good Sequel movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

The TOP ends now.

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TOP Upcoming Sequel movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood Sequel movies in 2017

There is an opinion according to which original films are always better than follow-up parts. But we are ready to argue with the skeptics and provide undeniable evidence in the form of a selection of sequels that will come out in 2017 in our TOP 10 best Hollywood Sequel movies of 2017 to watch. Of course, all these are exceptions to the rules, but one cannot but agree that the second and third parts of successful franchises are no worse than the first. So, before us continuations of the stories that we love, which won the love and recognition of an even larger number of spectators.

For example, the box office of the second part of the cult cartoon “Madagascar” surpassed the first. By the way, all three “Madagascar” were included in the list of the highest-grossing cartoons. The success of the film “Batman Returns” by Tim Burton, shot three years after the “Batman” 1989, totally overshadowed the original. In turn, “The Dark Knight” defeated “Batman: The Beginning” and “300” was the heyday of the franchise. There are a lot of such examples, and to make sure of this, we offer to watch movies from our list of best Hollywood Sequel movies in 2017.

List of best Hollywood Sequel movies in 2017

Of course, now no one can give any guarantees of financial success for the most anticipated pictures of 2017, but nevertheless, they have the potential, and the producers are already creating new bank accounts to keep the millions they will earn.

TOP 10 new holly Sequel movies

  1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

As you know, Matthew Vaughn left the post of director of the “X-Men” in order to film the first part of “Kingsman” in 2014. The first film was very successful. Matthew Vaughn admitted that he even thought about returning to the project Colin Firth (the deceased in the first part). But in the end in the second part, we will see Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal (you probably remember him for the short but bright role of Oberyn Martell in “The Game of Thrones”), Julianne Moore as the main villain and even Elton John. Even if the second “Kingsman” turns out to be half as cheerful as the first, box office success is guaranteed to him!

  1. T2 Trainspotting

The first part by director Danny Boyle on the cult novel by Irwin Welsh came out on screen in 1996 and is still considered one of the best film adaptations in history. And now, for twenty years, Boyle put the main characters on screens. Danny Boyle called his film “T2”, which in addition to Trainspotting 2 is also reminiscent of the super-successful second part of the “Terminator” by James Cameron, also bearing such a working title. Such ambitiousness may mean that Boyle is confident in his brainchild, which, as it became known, is based on the events from the original Welsh continuation of the first part.

  1. John Wick: Chapter 2

From the “John Wick”, released in 2014, no one expected anything special, but nevertheless, this film is called along with the “Matrix” the best work of Keanu Reeves. So it is not surprising that the creators thought about the continuation of the history of the retired killer. The role of Wick is still for Keanu Reeves, also it became known that the actor’s group was joined by Lawrence Fishburne, who played in the Matrix Morpheus. Curious move from the creators has only spurred the public interest.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

A fantastic film about heroes, one of which is a talking raccoon, and the second – a talking (well, that is, practically speaking) tree, immediately won the attention of many fans, despite the fact that it was initially considered a very risky venture. However, director James Gunn was so confident in his brainchild that he announced the decision to withdraw the continuation the week before the premiere of “The Guardians of the Galaxy” in 2014 at the festival Comic Con. And his hopes were justified: with 170 million budget the film collected 773 million. It is known that Kurt Russell will join the new part to Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Sequel movies 2017 because it was released just now (May 5, 2017).

  1. Annabelle 2

When in 2013 the movie “Conjuring” appeared on the screen, it became almost immediately obvious that this was one of the best horror films in recent years. Therefore, the creators could not but exploit its success, and in 2014 spin-off came out on the screen, the main character which was the sinister doll Annabel from the Warren Museum of Occultism. The first part of the “Annabelle” did not repeat the success of “Conjuring”, but the producers decided on the continuation, over which the creators of the sensational horror “The Lights Out”. So, it is quite possible that a good horror film will be made from “Annabel”.

  1. Blade Runner 2049

Speaking of Ridley Scott in the context of science fiction, we cannot forget about the “Blade Runner” 1982. Moreover, now, almost 35 years later, there is a continuation. Ridley Scott has nothing to do with it, but there will be Harrison Ford. He will be joined by Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Dave Batista and other actors.

  1. xXx: Return of Xander Cage

The last film was released in 2005 and did not meet the hopes of the creators. At IMDb, he earned only 4.3 points and with 87 million budget collected only 78 million. But nevertheless, since then, Vin Diesel has become a star. So we have a chance to get just such a film as it could be if besides the tricks there will be more or less distinct plot.

  1. War for the Planet of the Apes

In 2011, director Rupert Wyatt did almost impossible: after replicating the “Planet of the Apes”, he completely washed away the unpleasant residue that remained from the misunderstanding that Tim Burton created. The continuation in 2014 was made by Matt Reeves. And in 2017 the premiere of continuation was appointed. The director is still the same Reeves. In the cast, there were interesting additions: there will be Judy Greer and Steve Zahn. And Anthony Serkis will again perform the role of Caesar.

  1. Thor: Ragnarök

Of all the films of the Marvel universe, the franchise about the Thor was taken by the audience the coolest, but the continuation, which will be released at the end of next year, has every chance to change public opinion. The main role is still on Chris Hemsworth, as well as his brother Loki – Tom Hiddleston. But this time in the film will be involved C. Blanchett, J. Goldblum, C. Urban and T. Thompson. Also, we will see the Hulk performed by M. Ruffalo. He will join the Thor to help him prevent Ragnarok, which, in the absence of his brother, set up the evil Loki in Asgard.

  1. Logan

Hugh Jackman has played the role of Wolverine since 2000. And now – the last tour! The aged superhero will have a chance to fight a new enemy, and prove that old age does not interfere with a good fight.

The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Sequel films 2017 because it was released in March 2017.

So our list of Hollywood Sequel movies 2017 ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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When does come out Personal Shopper movie 2017

The first movie “Personal Shopper” was shown at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, where it was nominated for the “Palme d’Or”. In an interview with actress K. Stewart, she shared her impressions about the shooting of the film: “I feel that I can no longer have an opportunity to work on the theme of the underworld. I think I just got lucky because the director has other projects and other stories that should be told. I’m going to help him to reveal the subject and I hope that we will find each other again.”


  • O. Assayas is a director of the movie. He is known for “Paris, I love you”, “Clouds of Sils Maria”, “Summer Hours”.
  • Y. Saux is a cinematographer.
  • M. Monnier is a film editor.
  • F. Labarthe is a production designer.
  • M. Kurel is a set decorator.
  • J. Doering is a costume designer.

Personal Shopper movie 2017

When is Personal Shopper 2017 coming to theaters?

The movie will come on screens in the beginning of March, 2017.


In fact, life after the physical death of the body continues soul of man, but the sight of her can be very different. The soul may look large and luminous, with huge white wings of Faith and can be compressed into a ball, imprisoned in a dark shell of the ego, with cut wings and a hole instead of a heart.

Most of all it depends on how the person has passed his earthly incarnation, worthy or not. Depending on this, the soul will either be blessed with the Forces of Light and God, if it is adequately implemented his earthly problems. Or fall into the slavery of the Dark Forces, and will suffer, if a man had fallen, evil.

Mankind has long decided the question of whether there is life after death. There is! – Say all religions, without exception, and most philosophies. However, with the spread of atheism, this question came up again, and scientists are divided into two opposing camps.

In the meantime, they argue, the news from the other side continues to come to the believers and the unbeliever, and hardly worth dismiss this fact, referring to the bad faith or abnormality of psychics with other world.

“Afterlife exists – says Wang, – the dead continue to live a new life in the spirit world. Their souls are with us. “There are a lot of evidences. For example, in her autobiography, Natalya Petrovna Bekhtereva, an academician, a neuroscientist with a world name, told how ghost after her husband’s death was to come to her, not only at night but during the day, sharing the important thoughts that have not managed to make in life.

Bechtereva says that was not scared at all because it does not doubt the reality of what is happening. The ghost was well aware of the life of Natalia Petrovna, all he predicted came true up to the fact that the lost document themselves in the place to which he pointed. “What was it – a product of the work of my mind caught in a state of stress, or something else – I do not know – she summarized. – One thing I know for sure – it is not imagination.”

“If the assumptions of the materiality of the soul are true, – writes the American physicist David Sushett – that” guests from the past”- not a game disordered imagination, but a very real phenomenon.” According to the scientist, actually repeated the words Bechtereva, contact with the dead, is not available to all, but only to people staying in a particular state of altered consciousness that arises in severe stress or in an extreme situation.

Perhaps, however, it happens, and then, when the messenger of the “Otherworld” has an urgent need to get in touch with real people.

Personal Shopper 2017


The official movie Personal Shopper trailer is at the top of the page.


The main character of the film “Personal Shopper” is a young girl named Maureen (Kristen Stewart) – moved to Paris to become a personal buyer in a rich socialite. Maureen has to travel a lot in different European countries to buy beautiful and expensive things. During another trip to London, she receives a strange text message from an unknown caller. Initially, Morin believes that it is someone’s joke. But over time, messages are becoming a more mysterious character, and Maureen begins to seem that they come to her from the underworld by her late brother Lewis, who died of a heart attack.


  • K. Stewart as Maureen Cartwright
  • L. Eidinger as Ingo
  • S. Bouaziz as Lara

Release Date

Personal Shopper 2017 movie release date is scheduled on 2nd of March, 2017 in Russia.

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When does come out Rings movie 2017

It took 13 years … but the memories of horrific events are still alive and turned into a terrible urban legend. A lot of people want to learn the secret of sinister cassette, after watching that everyone was going to die in seven days. Many are willing to risk. One of these brave young man is Holt (Alex Rowe), enthusiastically engaged in the study developed around a mysterious subculture cassettes. Holt deadly obsession recording is worrying his girlfriend Julia (Anna Mathilde Ingrid Lutz), who is confident that both of them are in danger if Holt does not leave attempts to get to the truth. But when it’s too late, she sacrifices herself to save her lover and makes a horrifying discovery inside the nightmarish film, there is another, which nobody has ever seen.

Rings movie 2017


The Rings is the classic movie, the third part of the famous movie in the genre of horror and coming soon to cinemas in the big screens. This film is the third part of a series and is a sequel. History of this film began in August 2014. The Paramount studio offered screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to write the script for the third installment of the trilogy. Few month later appeared news and posters and the third part of Rings was confirmed officially. The biggest fans are waiting when does Rings come out!

The director the picture decided to be F. Javier Gutiérrez, known for his previous work in the genres of horror, thriller, and fantasy. His last work was the producer center horror movie “Tres días”. Filming process began in the spring of 2015. They were held in Atlanta, USA.


In the cast, we can notice such popular actors: Johnny Galecki as Gabriel, one of the main actors from the television series The Big Bang Theory,  Vincent D’Onofryo, who recent movies were “Jurassic World”, “The Magnificent Seven” and “Judge”. Also some actresses such as Laura Uyhhyns, Emmy Tyharden and quite a lot of other young actors.

Rings classic scenario tells the story of the “film in the film” in which events occur that will not leave no one indifferent connoisseur of horror. The film itself is already a standard rating for horror – PG-13, generally nothing special.The official slogan for this Rings movie is “Evil is reborn” what you can see on posters. Movie Rings trailer shows the most exciting moments!


From the first seconds of the trailer, we can spectate that story is in the classic canon of the horror genre and begins with a mysterious story about the strange video after wich strange things happens. Also this story was presented in all the past of the series. Besides, we know that the events that will be reflected in the film take place 13 years after the events of the last part of the trilogy – Rings 2. This fact makes us think that this is a sequel, but this time cast with the new circumstances. Rings 2017 movie release date is getting closer! Don’t miss!


Rings movie

New trends in cinematography and 3D technology which are actively used to make this film stand still and hold your breath everyone who will be able to see this tape. Also, we were able to see some of new special effects and moments from the movie in the trailer. Some of them are terrifying and creepy like true fans expected.  Unique emotions will feel the audience wich are going to watch Rings in cinemas. New 3D IMAX technology and high definition sound, which is used in the best tradition of filming complete take this old fashion story to the next level, and the additional graphics effects make this horror intimidating.

Another feature of this film was much smaller budget than in previous installments. Total fees for filming and the actors spent 33 million dollars. But given the experience of the director in the genre and not big Hollywood budgets, we can be sure that this does not sport the picture. Expectations for the film are quite high. The main reason of this is that Rings is the classic remake of the story, which like all horror and thriller genre. Also, the film was held promotional campaign and withdrawn cool trailer and posters.

When is Rings coming to theaters? It scheduled for February, 2017. Looking forward we hope this movie will be great.

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When does come out Insidious: Chapter 4 movie 2017

In the new year everyone can see the continuation of the trilogy mystical horror film «Insidious: Chapter 4». Previous films have had great success, they collect more cash charges, such as the second part of the collected 116 million dollars with a budget of only 5 million. Fans of the trilogy “Astral” want to know: «when does «Insidious: Chapter 4» come out?» When will the premiere of this film? What will be a plot of this movie? All this information can be found in this article.

Insidious: Chapter 4 movie 2017


At the moment, there is no trailer of the movie «Insidious: Chapter 4» on the internet  , but it will coming very soon. The plot of the film, as in the previous parts, is based on the struggle between the mystical psychic Alice Rainer and demons of long dead people. As the creators say that this part is the most terrible of all. Given that, and the other parts were very eerie and scary, the “Astral: Chapter 4” will be a very interesting and breathtaking. The film is sure to appeal to all lovers of this genre.

Have to wait:

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Release date and forecasts

The premiere date of the movie « Insidious: Chapter 4» assigned to 2017 year. Standby rating is 97 percent in favor of those who will go to the premiere of the film. Forecasts for fees is also quite optimistic, this movie should collect at the box office huge amount of money like the previous parts. The exact answer to the question: « Insidious: Chapter 4 2017 coming to theaters?» is already known. The movie premiere will take place on October 20, 2017 all over the world, but in Russia the premiere date is October 26. If you are a lover a horror movie, be sure to visit the cinema to watch a movie « Insidious: Chapter 4 ». At the moment the film is in post-production stage with September 2016.


The cast is very large and full of great actors.

  • As in the previous parts of the role of the psychologist psychic Alice Rayner takes an American actress Lynn Shane, who in addition to participating in the trilogy of «Insidious» is famous in films: «Dumb and Dumber», «Detroit: City of Rock», «There’s Something About Mary» and others. The actress is very talented and perfectly fulfills its role fully live in the character;
  • Also in the film he attended the Australian actor Angus Sampson, who also took part in previous parts of the trilogy. The actor famous for the films «Mad Max: Fury Road» and the TV series «Wilfred»;
  • One of the main female role performed American actress Spencer Locke, who participated in the shooting of the series «The Vampire Diaries» and «Resident Evil» films;
  • The role of one of the central characters will perform Spanish actor Javier Boteti, the actor also starred in the films «Survivor», «Crimson Peak», as well as in the horror film «Spell 2»;

Insidious: Chapter 4 movie

  • Also in the film she attended the famous American actor Josh Stewart, who starred in the films of legendary director Christopher Nolan’s «Interstellar» and «The Dark Knight Rises», as well as in the film «Sound of the storm», the TV series «The Walking Dead». It is possible that Josh will play the villain in this film.

The film is Adam Robitel, who was a writer of the previous parts, but this time decided to fully engage in the process of filming.

The fourth part of the film «Insidious» must be very frightening and scary, it will appeal to all lovers of thrills. The film once again plunge viewers into the world of mysticism and demons, which are able to reach a person anywhere.

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When does come out Friend Request movie 2017

Social media – they appeared in our lives quite recently but have already conquered the internet and our free time. Using them people all around the world still aware of the situations that can appear while being online – there are lots of fake accounts with unreal people. But the Hollywood movie production companies have gone a little bit more far than usual starting making the horror films about the internet. So, what is the new in this movie industry?

Friend Request movie

The lovers of horror movies already asking – when does Friend Request come out? There is the good news. Friend Request was already released at the very beginning of 2016 in Germany and today can be easily watched online on the website the auditory prefers. However, it is still expected to be showed and released in Canada and also in the USA only in 2017.

Movie Friend Request trailer or, as the original name of the film says “Unfriend” in the German language, mixes up all the best horror movie moments that can attract the attention of the viewers. What can add a strange person without any friends on social media cause? Warner Brothers production is a new view on European cinematography and young people lives in general. However, the German director decided to film the movie in South Africa with the actors mostly speaking the English language so it required the new project to be filmed in English. It doesn’t take so long to make it and the shooting was finished in 2014 so Friend Request 2017 movie release date was planned for the January of 2016 in Europe and 2017 in the USA.

Unusual way of showing social networks – film plot

So the plot of the movie is a little bit complicated but has a good base due to the English-speaking cast that has been carefully chosen before filming. The main character is called Laura and she is the popular one in her college having nearly thousand Facebook friends. However, one day she receives a friend request from the person who is totally her opposite – she is not that popular and looks like a shadow but has a big talent in drawing animated sketches. But for Laura they don’t look very attractive what makes her feel uncomfortable while communicating with her.

On the Birthday Laura posts the picture of her and her close friends on Facebook and her new companion sees it and gets angry because she wasn’t invited to that party thinking and hoping she can be the best friend of Laura. After that, Marina has a conflict with Laura, what made Laura angry and she pushed the girl in front of the students. Accidently, the hat Marina was wearing took off showing her hairless head to the students watching the girls’ fight. After that Laura decides to unfriend her but it appears to be impossible. But the next day she receives the very unusual and terrifying video that is later somehow being posted on the main character’s page without her permission and not being able to be deleted.

Friend Request

The next day after an unsuccessful deleting strange girl with black fake hair from friends Laura went to the college and got the information from one of the professors that Marina Mills committed suicide. This new made her scary. And then the most terrifying nights and days start for the main character. At the end of the movie she becomes a lonely weirdo, without any friends neither in college nor on the social network.

When is Friend Request coming to the theaters you may ask? After the film was released in Germany in 2016 it was then scheduled for American premiere in 2017 in the winter.

Interesting facts

  • Original name of the film should have been “Unknown Error” but then was changed to avoid coincidences.
  • The horror movie was filmed in Cape Town.
  • Even it is all about using Facebook it wasn’t mentioned and shown properly.
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When does come out Ghost in the Shell movie 2017

Very soon fiction film «Ghost in the Shell» will release. This movie is based on the eponymous Japanese graphic novel. Fans of science fiction thrillers and anime want to know: when does Ghost in the Shell come out? What will be the plot of the movie? The answers to these questions can be found in this article.

Ghost in the Shell


First full trailer of the movie «Ghost in the Shell» was available for viewing on the Internet November 13, 2016. Trailer made a great impression on people and acquired a very good forecasts.

As mentioned above, the film is based on the graphic novel by Japanese writer Manasamune Siro, which was written long ago in 1991. During this time, there were several full-length anime movies, the TV series, which included 2 seasons. In 2008, the film company DreamWorks has acquired the rights to this manga, preparing for the filming began actively in early 2014.

Action of the film will unfold in Japan in 2029. In the future, technology has evolved so much that people become to implant in their body a variety of neural devices for a different purposes. On the one hand, it seems like a good invention, however, it became possible to “hack” the human brain like a computer. The main villain hacker, whom everyone called puppeteers, is engaged in such things, and interfere in politics, which is why special squad number 9 (MIA Japanese) is assigned to his capture.

Release date and forecasts

The release date of the movie «Ghost in the Shell» is assigned to 2017 year. According to forecasts, the film will be interesting and exciting. Standby rating is 95 percent in favor of those who want to see it. There are a lot of fans of manga and anime all over the world, so that the fees of the film should be very large. Also a very talented cast and director on charges affect on the fees and movie rating. The film should be very interesting, it will appeal to all lovers of science fiction such as «Star Wars», «Terminator», and etc. The exact answer to the question «When is Ghost in the Shell 2017 coming to theaters?» is already known. The movie premiere will take place on March 30, 2017 worldwide.


Cast of the movie includes big number of talented actors. The main roles are played by:

  • The main role is played by the charming Scarlett Johansson, who is widely known around the world as the Black Widow of «Marvel» movie universe, also known by the films «Lucy», «Island» and «Prestige». The actress plays the role of a cyborg Motoko Kusanagi Motoko, Major of squad number 9. After watching the trailer it becomes clear that she does not know who she is, it can be found only after watching the movie «Ghost in the Shell». Initially, the Australian actress Margot Robbie was to play the main role, but then everything changed and the lead role has been appointed to Scarlett Johansson;

Ghost in the Shell movie

  • Danish actor Saw Asbek also took part in this film, he has already work with Scarlett Johansson in the Luc Besson’s film «Lucy». The actor is famous through participation in the very popular TV series: «Game of Thrones»;
  • French actress Juliette Binush will perform the role of the doctor-engineer, who is engaged in the design and development of various implants. Juliette Binush is a winner of an Oscar 1991 for the film «The English Patient»;
  • Japanese actress and model Rila Fukushima, who played in movie “Wolverine”, also starred in the film.

Talented Rupert Sanders is a film’s director. He directed a very successful film: «Snow White and the Huntsman».

Thus, the film “Ghost in the Shell” with Scarlet Johansson in the lead role should be one of the most popular spring film premieres. The film contains an interesting story and a lot of action scenes of fights, shootings and etc., so a lot of people will like it. If you’re a fan of science fiction and anime, then you should see this film.

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When does come out It movie 2017

“It” is one of the most famous and strong works of the master of horror Stephen King. A complex novel about fears, influence of childhood experiences on the entire adult life and the relationship between child and parent, written in 1986, was already a movie once. Now he is once again preparing to enter the big screen: After many vicissitudes, in 2017 a new film adaptation of “It” would have to appear before the fans of horror. When does “It” come out? So, in 2017 the picture will come out, that will show all occasions of the novel. Will the creators to embody on the screen all the ideas of the author and will the audience like this work?

 It movie 2017

The plot of the movie

As already known, the plot of the movie “It” in 2017 will be based on a story taken from the homonymous novel by Stephen King. Fans of the American writer’s works knows that this book and movie will be about the seven friends. All of them live in the town Derry, which the author specifically created. Readers could watch their adventures, and once the main characters at various times meet with very terrible and incomprehensible evil. The peculiarity of this evil monster that it can take different forms. Of course, the guys want to defeat a terrible monster that they call “it”. But kids don’t know how to do it quickly and correctly. One day, they find a solution and create a “Club of losers”. Will these defenseless kids beat a terrible evil? Which ways they will figure out and how they will make them real?

Have to wait:

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Or maybe “IT” will be able to subdue these kids? The answers to these questions, of course, know all the readers. But what will happen in this adaptation? It is clear that the storyline will be based on the novel, but the filmmakers will adapt it? And whether they will be able to do it at the highest level, the audience will be able to learn only after the picture will come up. Even movie “It” trailer didn’t come yet, that make everyone curious. When is It 2017 coming to theaters? The audience can expect movie just in September.


Appreciate his game actor Bill Skarsgård, who remembered the audience because of its game in the film “Anna Karenina”, “Victoria”, “Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the wall.” Currently, Bill is busy with the “Emperor” projects, “Battle Creek” and “Divergent, Chapter 4”.

One of the main roles in the movie “It” in 2017 will play a young actor Jaeden Lieberher. Despite his young age, he has already managed to play in such projects as “Aloha”, “Saint Vincent” and “Confirmation”. Now parallel acted in the movie “The Book of Henry.”

Finn Wolfhard joined the acting team, who played on such series as “Stranger Things,” “Supernatural” and “The 100”.


Spanish actor Javier Botet also pleased his fans. His most successful films are “The Revenant “, “Magical Girl”, “The Last Circus” and “Diamond Flash”.

Soon we will see him in a few more pictures, in which Javier has played a vivid role, including “The Mummy,” “Do not knock twice,” “The Crucifixion”.

It movie

Another young actor Nicholas Hamilton has agreed to join the cast. He works in the movies more than five years and during that time, Nicholas had time to play in such projects as “Strangerland”, “Captain Fantastic” and “Mako Mermaids.”

Beautiful Megan Charpentier also joined the acting team. She managed to play in more than thirty films, including “The Games Maker”, “He loves me,” “The Mrs. Clause”, “A Trace of Danger” and “Resident Evil: Retribution.”

Interesting facts about the movie

The project is an adaptation of the novel by the famous American writer Stephen King. Thus, it was first published in the late twentieth century, namely in the 1986 year. As you know, this novel has been nominated for several prestigious movie awards, as well as entered into the rankings of the best works of the century.

It should be noted that this film is not the only film adaptation. So, in 1990, viewers were able to see the mini-series in the plot, which was the story of the novel. The director’s ideas embodied in the movie Tommy Lee Wallace.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that the world, as well as in Russia picture premiere will take place at one and the same time. Thus, “It” 2017 movie release date is scheduled for September 7, 2017. So, we look forward to a long-awaited premiere.