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When does come out The Lovers movie 2017

What could be better than watching a lovely comedy with the family late in the evening in the warm house? Especially, if such genre of film is about happiness and family values. Nothing brings people back together like such projects where the director wants to represent someone’s story – the life full of problems with wife or husband that can lead to divorce. New upcoming comedy movie made by A24 tells the long story about how people who had been loving each for years found new partners but then understood they actually loved each other. So, the question is, when does The Lovers come out?

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The rumors about the production of the film appeared on the Internet in 2016. At the end of April, it was officially announced that entertainment company A24, which was mentioned before, had made a decision to finance upcoming comedy. Later on, there was information on the Internet that famous American film director, best famous for creating a movie called Terri in 2011, Azazel Jacobs was going to head the project. After some time of planning it was decided to choose Debra Winger and Tracy Letts to play the main characters.

The Lovers movie 2017

At the very end of May in the same year, the filming was officially started in Santa Clarita Valley in California and also around that area. The main shooting took a little bit more than a month. Afterward, movie The Lovers trailer was uploaded on the Internet so people from all around the world who are obsessed with such movie genre started searching for more information about the release date of the American project. Later on, director and company A24 decided to make an official announcement. So, the USA film premiere planned to be on May 5th in 2017.

Plot of the film – touchable and funny story about a couple that is about to divorce after a long time of being married together

Due to the story line of the movie, it will be a great opportunity for those couples who started feeling cold feelings between each other to relive them. On the other hand, this comedy can be watched by a big family just for fun and finding something useful. When The Lovers 2017 movie release date was finally announced people also got the information about its plot.

Debra and Tracy play a couple who has been married for a very long time. And that is one of the reasons why they don’t attract and like each other anymore. However, the everyday routine makes them be in constant contact. One day, the main female protagonist Mary starts thinking about his husband Michael as she accidentally finds out he might have a lover. He comes back home late in the evening and has no desire to talk to his wife as it was just a few years ago.

The Lovers 2017

Nothing is that clear as it seems to be at the very beginning of the movie. The viewer finds out that both Mary and Michael fall in love with their lovers. Michael starts dating with a ballet teacher but she feels that he still loves his wife. At the same time, disappointed and sad Mary meets a guy in a pub and after some time of having a conversation together, they catch some feelings to each other. However, even if each and every one of them comes home late and has fun with another person, it is not about love – deep inside their souls Mary and her husband love each other.

Due to the cast of the upcoming film, people have the opportunity to see a funny and breath-taking story about a long-married couple that lost their passion. However, despite the fact, each of them has a person that helped them to feel that energy and passion again, a spark between Mary and Michael appears again as it was when they first fell in love. The couple experiences and discovers new feelings that are the key to avoiding the divorce.

When is The Lovers 2017 coming to theaters this will be definitely one of the best divorce comedies that have ever been made my American cinematography. An impulsive and never experienced before romance will appear between two people that previously discover they don’t love each other anymore. Or maybe they just needed to refresh their relationship? Each of them has a strong desire to stop having romantic relationships with their other partners who don’t understand what happened and why, after a long time of feeling nothing, they fell in love like teenagers.

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When does come out The Space Between Us

If you have not heard about this movie, you have to know when does The Space Between Us come out and everything else right now. Not a remake, but unusual story being prepared for release in the cinemas. The story is based on a relationship of lovers, who are from different planets. How could this happen and how they are going to meet? He must experience the journey from Mars? So he opens the love in his heart, the joy of moments of life on Earth, as well as all that is associated with these problems.

The Story

Based on the movie The Space Between Us trailer of interplanetary events, we can find the beginning of the story, but not its end. And it all begins with the fact that an astronaut was pregnant. But this fact only managed to have started during a space mission. And it is very dangerous in weightless conditions, and it is not allowed to have a baby on board. But we shall see in the film not only the one reckless act. Let’s not get too far away – all in good time. After a long journey, a woman gives birth on the red planet (Mars). Unfortunately, she died due to medical complications. The Martian-born boy was forced to grow up to 16 years with the hope that his health will be able to allow his flight back home. After all, he can find his father in the new world, but does not know exactly who his father is.

The Space Between Us trailer

It is interesting to observe the extraordinary development of a very intelligent boy, as he was brought up by the 14 astronauts. Of course, the main character wanted to talk more with someone else, so he struck up a friendship with a girl, pretty and smart Tulsa. She lives in Colorado, and they saw each other only through digital technology. One day this changes when a chance to return to Earth materialized.

a guy and a girl in space

What does it mean to live in the world? How is it to live among a large number of people? The audience will be very curious to see his earthly life in a new way. How many extraordinary and beautiful is available on our planet! How simple but no less powerful places and experiences are here! Already adult Gardner Elliot is going to experience it for himself. All that he studied on Mars can occur and fill his life, although his health is not adjusted for the normal terrestrial gravity and atmospheric pressure of the third planet. All that he knows is life in special circumstances on the fourth planet, and he does not give up. So it will be a story about the courage to reveal secrets, one in which he was interested all his life.

Some Facts

The story is not based on the book, and it’s a big plus. We are used to comparing the book with adaptation, forgetting that there are originally different categories. In this case we see the original idea written at the beginning as a script. The director Peter Chelsom has created a common vision and the atmosphere. He knew how to depict the world that emerged from a solid idea. So we’ll see what happens to the first person to be born and grow up on Mars in secrecy. So there will not be many views and opinions on the story connected under one name of the movie.

young people look to the mountains

It is interesting that the film genre is not science fiction or metaphysics. The events described in the film may occur in the future. Of course, there are movie blooper or unrealistic impressive effects in any film. But more important is psychological theme of the affected – to find oneself by means of exploration of the world and one’s attitude toward it. The film will be more easily understood by modern teens. But Day which will get on The Space Between Us 2017 movie release date will be interesting to all other people.

You know, on our planet there are places where the landscape seems like it is Martian. There are such places in America: Nevada and Utah, New Mexico. The filming took place in these states.


There are Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson , Janet Montgomery gathered in cast. Incidentally Elon Musk was the inspiration for the next character: the role of Gary Oldman – the biological father of the boy born on Mars. When is The Space Between Us coming to theaters? At the beginning of February 2017. By then we can again hear about the new space program from Elon Musk.