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List of Hollywood Music movies 2018

Dancing, singing and having a good time is in our blood. We all want to have some fun and feel like we’re a part of what’s going on in the films. Our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Music movies 2018 are perfect for that. We’ve got just the right bunch for you to enjoy.

Dramas, comedies, remakes, documentaries – pick whatever’s closeto your heart and dive into the stories head-first. We collected the best titles exclusively for you and are happy to share the list with you. Alright, let’s get right to it!

  1. Anna and the Apocalypse

Anna, the main character of this highly unusual film, must fight a zombie army that infested her hometown. Together with her most trusted friends, she’ll have to beat them with her voice. That’s right – singing is one of the most effective tools in this apocalypse and the thing that will help her get to the school safe and sound. They say that it’s a fortified place where the monsters can’t reach the survivors. But what about their loved ones? Will Anna and her companions get to see them again before shit hits the fan?

  1. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

The original came out a decade ago – in 2008 – and next year seems like the perfect time to release the official sequel. If you’re a fan of musicals and would love to watch a fine mix of comedy, drama, and romance, make sure to mark the release date on the calendar. All the main characters from the first installment will be back in the second chapter.

So, you can go ahead right now and check out the Mamma Mia 1 to get ready for the new film. Of the TOP 10 new holly Music movies, this one’s going to be a commercial hit. And, considering the facts that it’s a big project by Universal and features some of the best actors/actresses of our time, that shouldn’t come as a surprise for you.

  1. Charming

If animated romantic cuts are your cup of tea, give Charming a chance. It’s got a modest budget of 20 million US dollars. But the incredibly talented team and a nice line-up of celebrities give us hope for an awesome movie. You’ve got beautiful Demi Lovato and the rebellious Avril Lavigne giving their voices to the heroines. The story follows some of the most famous female characters from our beloved fairytales – Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty – who realize that the three of them are in love with the same man…

Charming promo

  1. Nutcracker and the Four Realms

We all know this magical story about a girl who receives a gift from her grandfather and it changes her life in an instant. The little princess ends up in a magical kingdom where two species are fighting a meaningless war. She is the only living-breathing creature in the world that can make them stop. As one of the greatest ballets in the world, the Nutcracker will probably be incredibly successful commercially.

We would really love to see what Disney did with the classic tale. You’ve got Morgan Freeman as the narrator, one of the best teams working on the plot, and a mighty company to back it all up. So, let’s just put it on the list of Hollywood Music movies 2018 and check out the rest of the competition.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

  1. Step Up 6

There’s no dancing without singing, right? Or, at least, some kick-ass music to get us all grooving to the beat. This series has been around for more than a decade, and it’s finally time for it to move to Asia. In the 6th chapter, we’ll see China as the center of this huge movement. Gifted kids from all over the world will visit this great country to show their skills and prove they’re the best in the world. Bringing people together and sharing the passion for dancing is an amazing idea. It’s coming next year, and, judging by the previous chapters, we believe this one will be just as moving, engaging, and exciting.

  1. Sister Act

A drug lord wants a certain lounge singer six feet under the ground, and she has no other choice but to work with the local convent and turn into a nun. This is the only option for her at the moment. If the man’s goons find her, they won’t hesitate to pull the trigger. This is a remake of a classic cut and will be heavily inspired by the original story. The details are being kept under wraps, which means we’ll have to wait for further details. One thing is clear: as far as the TOP 10 best Hollywood Music movies of 2018 to watch go, Sister Act deserves a place on our list today.

A still from Sister Act

  1. Dogg Pound 4 Life

Straight Outta Compton was a huge hit last year. Initially, the producers thought that only the black communities would appreciate it. But, as it turned out, the life story of N.W.A. was interesting to a huge amount of folks in the US and around the world. The sequel is already in production, and will, allegedly, follow the great deeds of Tupac and Snoop Dogg, one of the finest MCs in the game.

The company denies all the rumors out there, but it’s pretty safe to say that chapter #2 is coming in 2018. So, if you love rap music and the hip-hop culture, Dogg Pound 4 Life will be exactly what you’re looking for. More exceptional urban music, dedicated and gifted artist, gang wars, and everything else in between – that’s what you can expect from this banger.

  1. A Star Is Born

Cooper plays a rough-tough celebrity who’s been out of the game for a while. He used to be a star, but these days, nobody really remembers him anymore. At the same time, the man has enough skills, money, and connections to turn an unknown but talented girl into a megastar. When he watches her perform for the first time, she steals his heart. The two fall in love and build a career for the girl together. But sometimes, fame comes at a price. Of the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Music films 2018, At Star Is Born is a keeper.

  1. Mary Poppins Returns

Every single American boy/girl knows this character. So, rest assured that when the big-screen adaptation hits the theaters, it will be a commercially-strong release. Welcome to London: the city is going through a tough break, and Marry is there to help those in need. She has the magical tough that brings joy and happiness back in the hearts of those that have to struggle on a daily basis.

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen is one of the greatest rock bands in history. They had amazing songs, exceptional skills, and a strong message – the most important things when it comes to music. This documentary is focused on the 15 years between the band’s foundation and the grandiose concert in 1985. Without a doubt, Bohemian Rhapsody deserves the #1 spot on our list of best Hollywood Music movies in 2018.

TOP Upcoming Music movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Music movies 2017

Music is all about fun and excitement; it’s about us enjoying ourselves and diving into a beautiful world full of ardor, passion, and opportunities. Our TOP 10 new good Music movies 2017 release list comes with the best films of the year so that you won’t have to scroll through the countless titles that pop up on the Internet. These are the best of the best, and, if you appreciate music and everything that it stands for, make sure to check out at least a couple of the movies from our list.

  1. Song to Song

Music is about so much more than just pure art. True, that’s the most important thing, but when gifted artists try to make it on a commercial level, numerous obstacles stand in their way and force them to compromise. This is a fascinating story about a couple of talented musicians, a big shot in the industry, a waitress that he successfully lures into his trap and their mutual journey towards conquering Austin with their music. Lies, betrayals, big-time secrets, and seduction come into play in this fast-paced, no-BS drama slash musical about the modern-day Texas music scene and regular people that dream of becoming famous.

  1. Wheeler

Wheeler is a struggling country music singer with an exceptional voice and heart-warming songs who embarks on a journey from Texas to Tennessee (Nashville, to be exact) hoping to become the next big thing in music. He’s always dreamed of topping the international charts, and this is his best shot to date. On his way, he comes across great new friends, breath-taking recording studios, and monumental concert halls; at the same time, his path is full of dangers and threats, and he’ll have to fight through it all if he wants to make it in show business. Of the TOP 10 good English Music movies 2017, Wheeler is a must-see for the music fans.

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

It’s the 70s, the time when music was conquering more and more grounds on an international scale and giving people the opportunity and the freedom to express themselves. Vic and Enn are a couple of teenage lads who have never been in “close contact” with the opposite sex. One day, the friends decide to attend a party with lots of girls and work up the courage to talk to them. However, as it soon turns out, the ladies aren’t exactly wired the same way as they are, and this journey proves to be quite eye-opening and peculiar. How to Talk to Girls at Parties is one of those movies that come with the unmistakable vibe of the 70s.

  1. Rock Dog

A joyful, motivated and engaging Mastiff finds a radio one day and is fascinated with the magical sounds that come from it. The “fancy device” inspires him to leave everything he knows and loves, including his family and his home and follow his new dream of becoming a famous musician. The path towards greatness makes him realize that the journey itself is just as important as the final goal. Will this lovely dog find his true purpose in life and be happy with this new destiny that he’s picked for himself? If you’re planning to watch TOP 10 good Music films 2017, start with this uplifting animated movie.

  1. Pitch Perfect 3

Yes, we’ve all been waiting for the third chapter in this insanely popular series to come out, and it seems like we’ll finally get it this year. The old gang is back, and they’re about to climb to the very top of that musical mountain. Expect the same killer mix of funny jokes, awesome choreography, drama, love, hate, and, of course, lots of music and singing. The critics called the original movie a masterpiece, while the sequel was so-so. Will the Bellas be able to surprise us for the third time around, or are their days of glory over? Let’s wait and find out!

  1. Kiss And Cry

This movie is heavily based on the fascinating true story of a young (18-year-old) and talented singer slash figure skater who had to fight with the rarest form of cancer at such a fragile age. Obviously, the battle against a horrible sickness wasn’t easy, but she had her loving boyfriend standing right there next to her, giving her hope and the right kind of motivation to keep going no matter what. She did eventually beat cancer and got back to professional skating. Include Kiss And Cry into the list of TOP 10 good Music movies 2017 – you won’t be disappointed with it.

  1. Sister Act

This is the official remake of the 1992 movie of the same name and follows a beauteous Reno lounge singer who witnesses a mob crime and becomes their most wanted woman. The cops promise to keep her safe (they put her in protective custody) and tell her to turn into a nun in order to escape the mobsters’ wrath. She’ll have to let go of her old habits and find new friends in this unfamiliar reality. The Superior is not exactly thrilled to have the young woman as a part of her community, but her magical voice does make a difference and attracts more and more mesmerized folks into the church.

Sister Act

  1. Oasis: Supersonic

It’s safe to say that Oasis is one of the GOATs of modern-day rock music, and they reached their peak back in the 90s with the hard-hitting bangers. The brothers did a brilliant job of combining beautiful melodies with blood-rushing rock drums and guitars. Even today, in 2017, these fellas and their music are just as relevant as ever. Supersonic is an overwhelming, all-consuming documentary movie about the band’s rise and fall. Oasis ceased to exist in 2009, but their art is timeless. If you’re a fan of this dynamic duo and pop-rock music in general, Supersonic will be one of the TOP 10 really good Music movies of the year, period.

  1. La La Land

Mia is a gifted young actress who’s forced to be a waitress and run around LA, hoping to land a life-changing gig. But, her big break isn’t happening, and it’s starting to frustrate and confuse her. Sebastian is a talented jazz pianist and is also waiting for that special someone to come into the bar and turn him into an international star. When these two meet, they fall in love – madly. However, when both their careers start to go up, everything changes for the worse. Is it possible to be successful and in love at the same time? Or will they have to choose between being famous and being committed to each other?

  1. The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

Another fine documentary for y’all. As the title suggests, this one is about the legendary Liverpool lads that took the world by storm. The Beatles weren’t big fans of cross-country tours, but they did create the foundation for the whole modern-day touring routine. Eight Days a Week chronicles the group’s triumphal march and the most memorable moments of their life on the road. And, it comes with exclusive, never-seen-before footage from their now-legendary Shea Stadium performance. Of the TOP ten good Music movies 2017 in theaters, this one is a must-see!

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

TOP Upcoming Music movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood Music movies in 2017

Music plays a vital role in our lives – always has, always will – and Hollywood is doing a great job of bringing music and movies together with the help of the best screenwriters, directors and, obviously, music producers/songwriters/singers. Music is about movement, and that is why our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Music movies 2017 are perfect if you want to “watch” the rhythm, the melody and the lyrics on the big screen. Let’s check out today’s nominees!

Song to Song

This is a breath-taking love story set in the modern-day world (Austin, to be exact). The movie follows 2 lovely entangled couples, Faye and her friend BV, two talented, yet struggling writers, and Cook, a big-time music producer. Welcome to the Texas music scene with all of its benefits, downsides, and everything else in between. The main characters are simply trying to make it in the industry and want to share their music with the fans, but this perilous road will test them with fast and easy money, big-time contracts and compelling offers. Will they be able to sort through all the lies, secrets and betrayals and find their way back to each other and the way they used to be before this rollercoaster?


Wheeler is a brilliant country music singer and he strongly believes in his own success. He leaves Texas, his native state, and moves to Nashville, America’s center of music, to follow his dream of becoming one of the best musicians in the whole world. The movie does a great job of showing the audience the legendary town with its iconic auditoriums, concert halls and the amazing atmosphere that’s circling in the air 24/7. Recording studios, gifted musicians and awesome singers come together for this musical journey. Of the TOP 10 new holly Music movies, Wheeler is most definitely a must-see if you’re a big fan of country music and everything that it stands for these days.

Pitch Perfect 3

We all loved the first Pitch Perfect movie: it was fresh, exciting and highly entertaining. The second one was a bit of a drag, and that is exactly why the expectations for the third installment are kinda “blurry”. Unfortunately, no details have been revealed yet, except that Wilson and Kendrick will be the main characters and will lead their team to new victories. The Bellas aren’t going anywhere either, so, expect to see the “original gangsters” in Pitch Perfect 3. The girls are still growing up and learning how to sing, how to dance and how to stand strong on both feet with all the craziness that’s going on in their lives.

48 Hours to Live

This is a stand-out cut, ladies, and gentlemen, as it’s not just a musical-dance movie, but also quite a mighty thriller. Wyatt, an ambitious dancer, has been having all kinds of problems with the law, and now the DEA is forcing him to work for them as an undercover agent. He is to “infiltrate” a nightclub that is known for its notorious reputation. But when the guy meets and falls in love with the owner’s daughter, everything changes. The life of a double-agent is not what Wyatt has signed up for, but he can’t just leave it all and run away with the girl because there will be consequences. Put this film on the list of Hollywood Music movies 2017 if dancing is what you know and love.


For some reason, Miguel’s family forbids him to create music and/or listen to it. However, the boy’s passion is just too strong, and, despite their constant warnings, he sets out on a journey to make his dreams come true. He’s got an idol – De La Cruz – and he wants to be just as great as he is. Miguel’s path is both exhausting and confusing, but his love for music gives him the necessary strength to keep on going despite all odds. Eventually, he learns the real truth behind his family’s “hostile” attitude towards music and finds a couple of friends along the way that accompany him in this hazardous yet rewarding journey.

Kiss and Cry

If you love romantic dramas that are both heart-warming and heart-wrenching, make sure to check this one out. Carley, the main character of the movie, is an aspiring singer and figure skater. She’s just 18 years old, but she’s struggling with a very rare disease (malignant melanoma). However, the girl is never losing hope and keeps fighting her condition to the very end. Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Music movies of 2017 to watch, Kiss and Cry is the most powerful, moving and poignant one. Grab your hankies on your way to the theater!

Miles Ahead

Mr. Miles Davis was one of the greatest musicians of the previous century, and his legacy is simply enormous. Don Cheadle did a wonderful job of delivering an exceptional performance. If you love movies about life-defining and industry-changing people from the world of music, this fascinating film is a must-see for you. Davis was right at the forefront of the jazz movement, but in the late 70s, the man was going through a rough patch: he was having all kinds of problems with his health, the drugs were numbing his musical voice, and the horrors of the past were haunting him like never before. Yet, he got back on his feet.

La La Land

Mia is sick and tired of being a waitress – she wants to make it in the world of acting. The girl is rushing through LA, hoping to get a role that will change everything. She’s going to numerous auditions, but nothing works for her. The big break isn’t coming, and it’s starting to drive her crazy. Sebastian is a jazz pianist and also wants to break free from the life of an average man. Soon, the two meet and fall madly in love with each other. Yet, when the long-awaited success finally comes, it puts their relationship in danger. The list of TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Music films 2017 wouldn’t be complete without this blockbuster.

Sing Street

A 14-year-old bloke, Conner, is trying to find his place in a new school dominated by super-cool and “hip” kids. It’s 1985, and he’s doing everything in his power to impress a beautiful girl and to make some friends. He decides to start his own band, and when his older bruv gives him the thumbs up, that makes Conner believe in himself. But will his band give him a chance to win the heart of the young lady and to earn the respect of the local lads and lassies? Sing Street is an awesome romantic drama with a great cast of characters and lovely music.


Buster is a koala, and he dreams of restoring his movie theater and bringing the old days back. Along with Eddie, his good buddy, he hopes that a singing competition will be enough to raise that much-needed money. To his surprise, pretty much the whole town finds his idea interesting enough to audition. But will that be enough for the koala to fulfill his dream? Alright, that concludes our list of best Hollywood Music movies in 2017!


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When does come out Gigantic movie 2018

All the beloved company Disney, which many associate with childhood and its cartoons, does not get tired to revive the good old tales. So, at the D23 festival, which was held in Anaheim in 2015, the company’s leaders announced that they intend to give a new life to the fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”. June 30, 2016, Disney also announced the official date of the premiere of the animated cartoon “Gigantic” in 2018.

Have to wait:

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It is worth noting that this is not the first message from Disney to the tale of Jack and the beanstalk. In the distant 1947, the company has already created a variation on the topic of all familiar history, only the main characters were Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck. The cartoon is known to the world under the name “Mickey and the Beanstalk”.

Gigantic movie 2018


Disney does not change traditions and appreciates the successful cooperation, so the director Nathan Greno was attracted to the new project. He was already engaged in the adaptation of the tale “Tangled”, so the company easily trusted him with his new offspring. As the leaders of the company stated in an interview with one authoritative publication, “Gigantic” is a new look at all familiar history. Together with Greno, they hope to get a more recent version, where they will be able to get on deep feelings and light humor. Among other things, the directors opened the secret and said that the same team will work on the musical accompaniment of the cartoon, which gave amazing melodies and songs to the “Frozen”.

When is Gigantic 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will come out closer to the end of 2018.


The official movie Gigantic trailer is also not yet available. Therefore, one can only guess how funny or touching the old story will be in a new way. Nevertheless, the presented concept art promises a colorful and typical “Disney’s” picture which already pleased fans of the animation company’s products.


Despite the fact that Walt Disney Animation Studios wants to give a new life to the work of Joseph Jacobs, the plot will remain classical without any global changes. So, history will transfer the viewer to medieval Spain. These were the times of great discoveries, famous travelers, and mad scientists. Here, in a small town lives the main character named Jack.

Residents of the city once long concluded an oral agreement with the Giants who live far beyond the clouds. If the townspeople pay regularly to huge creatures, they will protect people from various misfortunes and robbers. However, the years went by, the treaty lost its force and the Giants themselves became a problem for the local population. When they go down to earth, the huge “defenders” themselves become barbarians. They rob people and ruin what was built so long. And now the peace treaty has grown into a constant extortion of payment of tribute otherwise, the Giants will tear the little town to shreds.

Here, the story of Adventure Jack begins.

Gigantic 2018

Cast, restrictions

It is not known who will take part in the voice acting of the novelty, whether there will be any age restrictions and the like.

Release Date

Gigantic 2018 movie release date is planned for November 21, 2018, in the USA.

Those, who are waiting for the cartoon in 2018 from Disney, are confident that a film company with a century-long history will be able to give the old tale an entirely new shade. By creating cute characters, adding a touch of humor, Walt Disney will be able to attract adults and children to view. Moreover, many critics predict the success of the “Gigantic” and call the cartoon one of the high-profile premieres of the autumn of 2018.

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When does come out Mary Poppins 2 movie 2018

American adventure musical directed by Rob Marshall is a sequel to the popular 1964 musical “Mary Poppins”. The film is based on works of Pamela Travers. The main character of the movie is a legendary teacher Mary Poppins – returned to the Banks’ family, to help the family cope with life’s difficulties. In the topic, you will find all known information on the movie.

Have to wait:

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The director of the film “Mary Poppins Returns” Rob Marshall says: “I am incredibly touched and flattered by the Disney’s proposal to become a director of a new film based on the works of Pamela. The legendary original film, released in 1964, means a lot to me personally and I hope to create a bright musical history which will give a new generation of children meet the unique Mary Poppins, confident in the fact that even in the most difficult times, there is a place for sincere delight and surprise.”

Mary Poppins 2 movie 2018

  • M. Shaiman and S. Wittman are composers of the movie.
  • D. Beebe is a cinematographer.
  • W. Smith is a film editor.
  • J. Myhre is a production designer.
  • N. Moroney is a supervising art director.
  • G. Sim is a set decorator.
  • S. Powell is a costume designer.

Musical film 1964 “Mary Poppins” became a hit, and the actors, Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, performing leading roles in the film had a huge success. The film itself won five awards “Oscar” and entered the “national register of the United States of America movie”

When is Mary Poppins 2 2018 coming to theaters?

It is scheduled for the end of 2018.

About the Book

To begin with, the books about Mary are extremely ambiguous and much deeper than just a good children’s literature.

Mary Poppins 2 2018

Well, of course, on the surface – extraordinary adventures of babysitting. But dig deeper – the relationship between characters is purely English. Inherent to this kind of country – dryish, stiffness, good manners on the outside and deep, not only love but also a concern for the future students, the desire to instill in them not only the external impeccable manners but also the humanity, kindness.

Remember countryman and colleague of Mary, Jeeves – they are very similar, but only Mary makes kids by their mind come to understanding “what is good and what is bad”. Jeeves does everything for Worcester, so just keeping the laziness and stupidity of the host. In other words – Jeeves is feeding the hungry fish, while Mary teaches her pupils to fish, to always be able to feed themselves most.

Of course, her methods are controversial and sometimes stiff and harsh. But nevertheless very effective they are – Mary loves everyone, not just kids. The nurse does not lisp and spoil, she is authoritarian, incorruptible and unwavering like life itself which will have to dip children. Her perfection prepares children for adulthood. And helps children understand the complexity of life the numerous relatives and friends nanny with whom she introduces them.

In short, the book is enjoyable and useful not only for children but for adults with an open mind will find this book helpful.


The movie Mary Poppins 2 trailer is not available.


The film “Mary Poppins Returns” takes place in London in the 1930s, during the Great Depression. The main character of the movie is a mysterious teacher Mary Poppins who appears on the threshold of the Banks’ family home – her grown-up pupils. Posing as a nurse of their children, Mary called to help Banks to survive hard times and regain the family fortune. New her friend Jack who helps her in so doing is the keeper of the streetlights.


  • E. Blunt as Mary Poppins
  • L. Miranda as Jack
  • E. Mortimer as Jane Banks
  • J. Walters as Ellen

Release Date

Mary Poppins 2 2018 movie release date is planned for December 25, 2018, In the USA.

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When does come out Midnight Sun movie 2017

Sometimes film directors really have some talent to give the main roles to the particular actors who have grown up in public. People can clearly see their achievements and that cannot stop them from admiring. Such actors often start their career on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. And they always stay a part of it even whilst filming in other projects. So when does Midnight Sun come out to the world’s cinemas and theaters?

Have to wait:

[ujicountdown id=”Release Date in:” expire=”2017/07/14 00:00″ hide=”true” url=”” subscr=”” recurring=”” rectype=”second” repeats=””]

First of all, the production of this romantic drama started in 2015. During that year it was announced who was going to direct and what actors were invited to play main roles. However, even if it is the new upcoming movie, this is actually a remake of Japanese movie filmed in 2006 with the same name. The photography started right after the future film stars were announced to the public on the Internet at the beginning of October 2015. The actual filming began in British Columbia.

Midnight Sun movie 2017

However, movie Midnight Sun trailer hasn’t been released yet but people already know the plot due to the Japanese project “Taiyō no Uta”. It is also known that the movie premiere is scheduled for 14th of July in 2017 in American cinemas. The whole film was filmed in Vancouver with featuring popular local rock band. They appear on the screen just a few times playing and performing in the background of Vancouver nightclub. What are the actors and actresses that got the main leading roles in the upcoming film project?

  • Bella Thorne. American actress best known for playing in Disney series Shake It Up. She also took a part in many Hollywood projects such as the film The Duff and appeared in Disney series as a popular Disney Channel stars among Zendaya, Selena Gomez etc.
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger. Son of Austrian-born actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and author of popular books Maria Shriver. He has some experience in filming but this film is his first debut role.
  • Rob Riggle. American actor and former US Marine officer. Nowadays it is known that he took a part in Kosovo War and retired in 2013. He is best known for getting main roles in comedies and different American shows.

Story line – American adaptation of Japanese drama

After getting the information about Midnight Sun 2017 movie release date, it is time to tell more about the story line of the upcoming American movie. This is a story about 17-years-old girl Katie who has a Xeroderma pigmentosum (very rare recessive that caused genetically). Because of her illness, she is not allowed to go outside so she usually sleeps during the day and goes outside only when the sun goes down. Katie is also obsessed with singing and playing the guitar. One night, she sees the boy, whose name is Charlie, who used to be an athlete in high school and she admires him.

One night they accidently meet each other and later on fall in love. However, the main female protagonist tries too hard to hide her condition which doesn’t work and at the end of the film Charlie finds out about her disease. The rest of the cast also plays the main role in the life of a girl who likes music and finishes recording some songs she wrote by herself on the nights. At the time the disease started progressing more and more so Katie is no longer able to play guitar. However, Charlie helps her with recording album and right after that, she passes away.

Midnight Sun 2017

Before the recording, the family of the main female character made a decision to be in the studio to support their daughter. But she asks them to leave until the CD disk with her personal songs is not ready. So when is Midnight Sun 2017 coming to the theaters the audience will be able to the final scenes that will touch their hearts. The songs of Katie will be played on the radio and her boyfriend’s mind will be replaying her voice, her songs, and music that she played over and over again. This film is not just a story about love, as it has always been in the films.

This is a story about struggling, playing music that is being a huge part of some people who are creative and talented, and finding a power to go ahead no matter happens. There was also a quote that people often connect to this film that is being translated from the Croatian language. It says: unusually creative people often have the genes that are nowadays associated with severe disorders, but they live and enjoy life a lot more than the persons who are not diseased.

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When does come out Get Out movie 2017

Thriller entitled «Get Out»  will come to the cinemas very soon. This film has a very interesting story, and after watching the trailer as soon as there is a desire to go to this movie in the cinema. All lovers of good and interesting thriller want to know: «when does «Get Out» come out?» and «what will be the plot of the movie?» All this information you can find in this text.


Trailer of the movie «Get Out» has been available online since 24 November 2016, since the release of the trailer number of people willing to see the film increased with each passing day, the film’s plot is really quite interesting and new.

Get Out movie 2017

The trailer begins, as is often the case with horror films, with quiet music, a young couple, Chris and Rose want to go out from the city to the girl’s parents countryhouse, her boyfriend asked her if she had said her parents, that he is a black. But she just laughed and said, that’s ridiculous. At the entrance to the house a couple accidentally knocks wild deer, police inspector arrives and requests documents from Chris, though he did not even drive the car. After becoming acquainted with her parents Rose Chris notes that all workers in the home, a gardener, a maid dark-skinned people, the result is that all black people were under the terrible hypnosis and do not understand what they are doing. When Chris finds out that large number of dark-skinned people get lost near the parents’ house, and begins the hunt for Chris.

Release date and forecasts

The release date of the movie «Get Out» will be in February, 2017. Standby rating is 99 percent in favor of those who will go to the premiere of the film. Forecasts for fees are also quite optimistic, the movie should collect at the box office a big amount of money. The exact answer to the question: « When is Get Out 2017 coming to theaters?» is already known. The movie premiere will take place on February 24, 2017 all over the world.

Get Out 2017


Cast of the movie includes big number of talented actors. The main roles are played by:

  • English actor Daniel Kalu played the main male role, who masterfully played in one of the fantastic episode of «Black Mirror». The actor also took part in the shooting of films like “Johnny English Reborn”, «Kick-Ass 2» and others;
  • American actress Allison Williams takes the role of the the girlfriend of protagonist, which is more famous in the television format;
  • Also American actress Catherine Keener attended in the film attended, she was awarded the entire two Oscars for the films «Being John Malkovich» and «Capote», both awards were presented for Supporting Actress. Catherine in the film played the mother of the heroine and main antagonist of the film, which hypnotized the people;
  • American actor Bradley Whitford played the Rose’s father, who is also a villain. The actor is also famous for a large number of series. For the mini-series «The West Wing» actor was awarded three golden globes;
  • the actor Lake Stanfield attended in the film, that is famous for the films «Snowden», «Voice of the streets» and the thriller «Judgment Night 2»;

Thus, every lover of good detective thriller with elements of horror movies is to watch the film «Get out». The film will keep on their toes every spectator until the end of the session. So it is not known whether the unfortunate Chris is escaped from the trap or the same will be another puppet in the hands of madmen.

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When does come out Rock Dog movie 2017

Many children and their parents are waiting for a new cartoon. The title of this animation movie is “Rock Dog”! And it will be ROCK!!!

So, many people (and children, and adults) are asking: “When does Rock Dog come out?”

And while they are waiting, they can watch a movie Rock Dog trailer, because it is already available.

This is very bright, positive and interesting story. You can watch this animation movie with you family and you will have a wonderful weekend (you can be sure on 100%)!!!

All heroes in this movie are anthropomorphic animals, who live, talk, work and have a rest just like real people.

Rock Dog movie 2017

What is this cartoon about?

The main hero in “Rock Dog” animation movie is Tibetan Mastiff. His name is Bodi. He lives in the small village situated on the big high in the mountains.

Many years ago he lost his family and he was wandered. For a long time he was looking for a shelter. And then he came in the monastery and stayed there. There is peace in the temple and its inhabitants practice the sacred science of possibilities of body and meditate.

After his wandering life in the temple for the hero is like a heaven and monastery is the best place in the world.

He find a new family and he is very happy!!! He also ties to meditate, open his mind and looking for consciousness with the world. He is not ideal and cannot do everything perfect, because he is very energetic and curious dog. He just can’t sit quiet for hours… Even for insight.

But… One day… The real radio just… falls from the sky! Just on his head.

What is this?.. – wondered he. And our brave hero decides to research this thing, this stuff. He turned the button left… then right… and switched the radio on. And after that he heard music. And these sounds were wonderful for our hero. He decided it was the best thing in the world. And the life of the Mastiff was changed forever. He can’t imagine how he lived before this moment.

And Bodi begins dreaming about music. He want to become a great musician. He made a guitar by his own hands. Bodi decides go to a big city, where (as he hopes) he can learn to play Rock. His foster family was not very happy from this idea, but later they decided to let go Bodi and blessed him.

And the most interesting thing – the teacher of Rock music for Bodi became… Cat! Britich Cat!

What is this animation movie about? Ti’s about how dreams come true!!!

And the good news is that Rock Dog 2017 movie release date is very close! It’s February 24th 2017.

Who are creators and cast this cartoon?

The animation movie “Rock Dog” is the result of the common work of creators from China and USA.

Ash Brannon became the director of the “Rock Dog”. And he works with cartoons not often, but his animation movies became very popular and well-known.

Rock Dog 2017

Luke Wilson gave his voice for Bodi in cartoon, Eddie Izzard became that British Cat, who will teach Bodi and who is a Rock legend. And Angus has many, many… really many guitars!!!

It’s very interesting!

  1. The animation movie “Rock Dog” was directed by Reel FX Company, which also created such movies as exciting The Book of Life” and also popular “Free Birds”.
  2. The cost of the “Rock Dog” is 60 millions of US dollars.
  3. The animation part was fully funded by Chinese company.
  4. this project became the most costly investment in the animated movie in the history of the film industry of China.
  5. The main idea of the “Rock Dog” was taken from the story written by Chinese rock-star Zheng Jun. He also is the author of the illustrations for this book.
  6. There are no Chinese actors in the cast, starring of the movie.

Did you ask you already: “When is Rock Dog coming to theaters?”. Remember this date – is February 24th in 2017.