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When does Sherlock Holmes 3 Movie (2021)

Two months before the premiere of the second part of Sherlock Holmes, inspired by the success of the first part and the very high excitement among the public about the second part, Warner Bros. announced plans to release the continuation of the movie about the outstanding detective Sherlock Holmes. However, three years later, in 2014, Susan Downey complained that this project has everything – agreements with the title actors, and the idea, but there is no script. It was possible to assemble a team of writers who were able to write a script only in 2016.

If you want to know when does Sherlock Holmes 3 come out, then look through the topic below.


In 2018, Robert Downey Jr. hinted that film production started by posting a picture of himself as a detective.

It became known that Guy Ritchie, who directed the first two films, will not return to the project. Dexter Fletcher will direct the new adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

In May 2018, information was received that the film production had not yet begun, but preparations for the filming of this project were in full swing. According to some data, the shooting should begin in 2019, and will last at least six months, and possibly more. However, this information is only preliminary. Since no one except the producers, actors, and employees, working on the production of the third part of Sherlock Holmes 3 knows the exact date of the film production and the rest of the production of the future picture.

The first part of the film premiered on December 24, 2009. It was preceded by a large-scale promotional campaign. The budget of the film amounted to 90 million dollars.

Filming of the first part took place during 2008 near London, and the locations closest to it. Part of the scenery for the picture was used from films about Harry Potter. Filming of the continuation was during October 2010, and then in early 2011. The script for the second part is written in such a way that it is not necessary to watch the first part of the project to understand it, and to delve into the plot. According to critics, Sherlock Holmes has many special effects in its production, and sometimes it is catching the eye.

Rideback studios and the producers spent $ 210 million on the creation of two films, in turn, two films collected more than 1 billion 150 million dollars. 

When is Sherlock Holmes 3 2021 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it soon.

Spain22 December 2021
Portugal22 December 2021
USA22 December 2021
Netherlands23 December 2021
UK24 December 2021
France29 December 2021


It is known that the action of the new film will unfold nine years after Sherlock Holmes 2. Details of the plot have not been disclosed, but the action will take place in the Wild West (presumably in San Francisco, California). However, the main villain of the main hero may be Arsène Lupin, the main character in the Maurice Leblanc book series. Arsène is a specialist in medicine, dermatology, law, and he has the skills of boxing and swordplay.


Interesting facts

At the end of 2016, the filming process of this movie was supposed to begin, but Robert Downey

  1. Jr. was unable to take part in it because of his huge work on Marvel films.
  2. It is rumored that Tom Hardy will play one of the key roles in the film.
  3. The third part of the franchise will be released in 2021 – 10 years after the release of the second part and 12 years after the premiere of the first Sherlock Holmes.


R. Downey Jr. as  Sherlock Holmes

R. McAdams as Irene Adler

J. Law as Dr. John Watson

Release date

Sherlock Holmes 3 2021 movie release date is scheduled for December 22, 2021, in the United States.

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When does The Batman Movie (2021)

The Batman solo film by Warner Bros and DC Comics has been developed for too long. Back in mid-2014, the first news appeared that the Warner Bros had planned a movie dedicated to the Dark Knight, which will be released in 2019. However, at the beginning of 2019, the picture was still at the stage of pre-production, but now, we can say with confidence that the film will be released in the next few years.

If you want to know when does The Batman come out, then look through the topic below.


June 2014

Warner Bros began to develop a solo project about Batman, which movie title was far from original – “The Batman.” It was assumed that filming would start immediately after Ben Affleck starred in the “Justice League” and presented his new directorial project – the film “Live by Night,” that is, they planned to start production in late 2016 and early 2017. Affleck was also responsible for the production.


The actor first appeared in the guise of the Dark Knight in May 2016 in the film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Note that the initial plan for the development of the universe from Zack Snyder did not contain confrontation between Superman and Batman. Snyder planned a phased introduction of characters, starting with the development of the Superman story in the upcoming sequels, as well as creating origins about other DC superheroes, for example, Flash, Green Lantern, and others.

However, movie studio bosses have changed the development vector. Eventually, “Man of Steel 2,” which had to be released in 2015, turned into “Batman v Superman.”

August-September 2016

On August 29, Ben Affleck uploaded a teaser that showed Deathstroke, the supervillain (sometimes antihero) of Batman and Green Arrow. Later, the studio confirmed that the footage was not fake. On September 8, Jeff Jones, the head of DC Entertainment at that time, announced that Deathstroke would be the villain of Batman in the upcoming movie, and Joe Manganiello will play the character. Note that Manganiello appeared in the scene after the Justice League 2017credits, and his participation in DCEU ended there.

January 2017

Ben Affleck refused to be a director of a movie about Batman, although he remained in the project as the leading actor and producer.

February 23, 2017, it was confirmed that Matt Reeves would be the new director and one of the producers of the film.

January 2019

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Reeves said that he is currently making the latest changes to the script, and announced audition for the role of Batman, which will begin shortly.

In turn, Ben Affleck confirmed in his Twitter that he would not appear in the film.

February 2019

Ben Affleck officially announced that he would no longer play Batman and participate in the development of the DCEU on February 14 at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, ABC’s late-night talk show.

May 2019

Robert Pattinson after lengthy negotiations joined the cast became new Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, in the upcoming movie about the Dark Knight by Matt Reeves.

When is The Batman 2021 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know very soon.

Argentina24 June 2021
Slovakia24 June 2021
Belgium25 June 2021
Brazil25 June 2021
Canada25 June 2021
UK25 June 2021
Lithuania25 June 2021
Portugal25 June 2021
Turkey25 June 2021
USA25 June 2021
British Virgin Islands25 June 2021
U.S. Virgin Islands25 June 2021
Japan26 June 2021
France30 June 2021


The story of the young Bruce Wayne, who, without a superpower, made himself a superhero and became a symbol of justice, internationally known as Batman.


Release date

The Batman 2021 movie release date is scheduled for June 25, 2021, in the United States.

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When does Fast & Furious 10 Movie (2021)

More recently, official information appeared on the exact release date of “Fast and the Furious 10.” This will happen in 2021. Every time the audience eagerly awaits the release of new parts of this franchise, because in each new picture we see the most popular actors. People just finished discussing the release of the 9th film, which was released on April 18, 2019, as it becomes known the release date of the 10th movie.

If you want to know when does Fast & Furious 10 come out, then look through the topic below.


The creators of the movie “Fast and the Furious” are very productive. The pictures are very saturated with dynamics and special effects. This is a very laborious work, but they successfully cope with it. The average break between the parts of the movie “Fast and the Furious” is about two years, only the gap between 2-3-4 was 3 years.

Justin Lin is the director of the upcoming movie.

When is Fast & Furious 10 2021 coming to theaters?

Germany1 April 2021
Netherlands1 April 2021
Portugal1 April 2021
Russia1 April 2021
Brazil2 April 2021
UK2 April 2021
Latvia2 April 2021
Norway2 April 2021
Sweden2 April 2021
Turkey2 April 2021
USA2 April 2021


Dominic Toretto is a racer, street racer, periodically experiencing problems with the law and organized crime. Once the hero himself was a robber, robbing wagons with household appliances. Dominic escaped arrest only thanks to his new friend Brian O’Conner. The man was a policeman, his infiltrating the gang of the protagonist is an undercover operation.

The friendship with the Toretto and the love of his sister make Brian reconsider his priorities. He does not give Dominic up, allowing him to leave escaping arrest. In the future, the paths of the heroes will intersect more than once, until Brian decides to retire, choosing a quiet life with his wife (Toretto’s sister).

It should be noted that the actor who played O’Conner Paul Walker died, and the studio did not consider it necessary to replace him.

Dominic continued his adventures. The team of both supporters of the racer and his opponents all grew. For some time, the hero’s girlfriend, Letty Ortiz, left the project. However, after some time the hero returned, albeit with a loss of memory. Soon she became the wife of a racer. The creators carefully keep the plot of the upcoming part in secret. Fans will have to wait for the release date of Fast and the Furious 10 to find out what will be next.


The movie Fast & Furious 10 trailer is not available.

Interesting facts

The release date of Fast and the Furious 10 is also interesting in that the film is the last in the franchise.

Fast and the Furious is the longest-running, profitable, and popular project of the Universal Pictures film company. Now it has 9 full-length and 2 short films that have been released for almost 20 years.

Fans knew about Fast and the Furious 10 release date long before the premiere of Part 9.

The director and screenwriters did not change only from the 3rd to 6th movies. In all the others, the screenwriters and the director were different.


Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto

Release date

Fast & Furious 10 2021 movie release date is planned for April 2, 2021, in the United States.

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Now You See Me 3 (2020)

The Four Horsemen, a team of ingenious illusionists who are in the secret society “The Eye,” made the best of the previous dangerous situation that threatened them with death. Now they are again ready to return to the screens, to the delight of fans. According to preliminary data, the release date of the movie should be expected next year.

If you want to know when does Now You See Me 3 come out, then look through the topic below.


French cinematographer Louis Leterrier directed the first film. The American director John M. Chu shot the second part. The third part will be directed by John M. Chu and David Gould. Previously, he worked mainly with films from the “Step Up” franchise, which is also famous for its dynamism and, not only in the plot but also in the filming.

When is Now You See Me 3 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.


The unknown man decides to hire four brilliant illusionists to carry out a daring fraud. As a result, the team in full view of a large audience commits not one, but a series of crimes. The team steals a huge amount of money from the bank vault, scattering them in the auditorium. Then – transfers money to the audience from the accounts of the insurance company. Dylan Rhodes follows the trail of the criminals, but they cannot be detained.

Thaddeus Bradley was an illusionist in the past, but now he prefers to run a program to expose them. Hired by the owner of the insurance company, he joins the pursuers. Agents try to prevent the next crime, but the Horsemen again turn their business. Money was stolen from a locked safe right under the nose of the FBI. Then the money is found in Bradley’s car. Already in prison, the former illusionist realizes that Rhodes is in league with criminals. He was the secret employer of the Four Horsemen.

Thus, Rhodes avenged his father and became members of the secret society “The Eye.” Heroes reduce activity and try not to stick out much. Now Walter, the son of the owner of the insurance company, is going to take revenge. The twin brother of one of the illusionists is involved in this case. Chase was already giving his brother trouble, but now he decided not only to stand in the way of his brother but also the whole team.

Having kidnapped the illusionists, Chase forces them to agree to work for Walter, who did not reveal his relationship with the owner of the insurance company. However, the assignment turns out to be a setup. In order to avoid death, the heroes have to use all their skills. New allies, the owners of the magic shop, Li and his grandmother, help the team. As it turns out, they also represent “The Eye.”


The movie Now You See Me 3 trailer is not available now.

Interesting facts

  • The first part of the project as a whole was successful, which allowed the creators to announce the release date of the third part one year before the release of the second film. However, the second part received much lower ratings, which may be the reason for changing the release date.
  • One of the new actors who joined the project should be Benedict Cumberbatch. The character he will perform is not yet known. Isla Fisher, who played in the first film, but refused to participate in the second, is unlikely to join the filming.


Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas

Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes

Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney

Dave Franco as Jack Wilder

Release date

Now You See Me 3 2020 movie release date is planned for 2020, in the United States.

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Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) 2020

“Birds of Prey” is a promising movie. This time the Warner Bros releases a quality action movie featuring sexy and extravagant superheroes. Beauties easily deal with criminals and villains.

If you want to know the answer to the question: “When does Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) come out?”, then look through the topic below.


The movie about Bond called “No Time To Die” is reportedly being released just a week after the release date of the movie about a crazy woman. The press says that the next film about Bond is always great competition for any films. However, since Warner Bros confidently placed the movie release on that date, it means that they fully trust the project script.

The official filming process started at the beginning of this year and lasted until July. The creators of the project promise the fans a truly great picture.

Earlier, producer and the main actor of the movie, Margot Robbie, said in an interview that she did not intend to indulge “male fantasies” anymore and that is why changes were made to the hero’s traditional appearance. The character performed by Robbie was presented to the audience in the film “Suicide Squad.” It is expected that she will appear in some promising adaptations of DC comics.

Test runs of the movie took place in July 2019. According to Stephen M. Colbert, the picture made a completely different impression on fans and critics.

According to him, the invited viewers liked the picture, while the bosses of Warner Bros. turned out not to be enthusiastic. “It remains to hope that Robbie will be able to defend her vision,” he concluded.

When is Birds of Prey 2020 coming to theaters?

Mexico25 January 2020
Spain2 February 2020
Belgium5 February 2020
Chile5 February 2020
Colombia5 February 2020
France5 February 2020
Indonesia5 February 2020
South Korea5 February 2020
Argentina6 February 2020
Austria6 February 2020
Australia6 February 2020
Brazil6 February 2020
Czech Republic6 February 2020
Germany6 February 2020
Denmark6 February 2020
Georgia6 February 2020
Greece6 February 2020
Hong Kong6 February 2020
Israel6 February 2020
Italy6 February 2020
Kuwait6 February 2020
Netherlands6 February 2020
New Zealand6 February 2020
Peru6 February 2020
Philippines6 February 2020
Portugal6 February 2020
Russia6 February 2020
Saudi Arabia6 February 2020
Singapore6 February 2020
Slovenia6 February 2020
Slovakia6 February 2020
Ukraine6 February 2020
Bulgaria7 February 2020
Canada7 February 2020
Estonia7 February 2020
Spain7 February 2020
Finland7 February 2020
UK7 February 2020
Ireland7 February 2020
India7 February 2020
Iceland7 February 2020
Lebanon7 February 2020
Lithuania7 February 2020
Mexico7 February 2020
Norway7 February 2020
Poland7 February 2020
Turkey7 February 2020
Taiwan7 February 2020
USA7 February 2020
Japan20 March 2020


According to official information, the heroes of the movie will be several superheroes who, in two seconds, can deal with crime and villains.

Harley Quinn is a criminal who is hard to imagine without the Joker. Their relationship was always very strange, and once their paths diverged. Now she acts alone and believes that she is quite capable of conquering Gotham. At this time, Cassandra Kane finds a diamond that belongs to a criminal authority nicknamed the Black Mask. This person always returns what belongs to him, and uses all possible means for this, not hesitating to break the law and take the lives of others.

After some time, they enter into an unequal battle with a powerful conqueror who is not going to leave anyone alive. He intends to do everything possible to destroy every person on earth and to achieve this goal he has every opportunity. Girls from the criminal group understand that they have come to extremely difficult times. Will Harley and her team be able to withstand a powerful enemy?


The movie Birds of Prey trailer is available now. You can watch it on the Net.


M. Robbie as Quinn

Release date

Birds of Prey 2020 movie release date is planned for February 7, 2020, in the USA.

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Death on the Nile Movie (2020)

Death on the Nile is another adaptation of one of Agatha Christie’s most famous novels, which is the cornerstone in her eastern cycle, where detective Hercule Poirot act. If you want to know when does Death on the Nile come out, then look through the topic below.

It should be noted that “Death on the Nile” is one of the most popular novels. It was written by Agatha Christie in 1937, and its first movie adaptation came out in 1978.

Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile” is simply saturated with a hot atmosphere – such a book will warm anyone in the cold season. Together with Poirot, you will go on a trip to Egypt – and this is hot sand, magnificent pyramids, and sacred temples, the beautiful Nile, and tall palm trees. And if you add to all this a murder, interesting characters – a good evening is guaranteed! In the novel, the main character is Hercule Poirot, a detective who is constantly trying to retire, but he does not succeed. This character is original, and his manic pedantry brings a smile. Even after years, he remains the same eccentric and incredibly smart detective.


The picture is directed by Kenneth Branagh. Recall that in Kenneth’s career, this is the second movie adaptation of Agatha Christie’s works. For the first time, he did this by shooting Murder on the Orient Express – no less iconic novels by an English writer, and in that project, he himself played the famous Belgian detective story.

Michael Green, who worked in the “Logan” project, writes the script.

When is Death on the Nile 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.

JapanOctober 2020
Portugal1 October 2020
France7 October 2020
Indonesia7 October 2020
Argentina8 October 2020
Brazil8 October 2020
Hong Kong8 October 2020
Netherlands8 October 2020
UK9 October 2020
Lithuania9 October 2020
Poland9 October 2020
Sweden9 October 2020
Turkey9 October 2020
USA9 October 2020
Germany15 October 2020


The events in the film “Death on the Nile” take place in the confined space of a steamboat going along the Nile, on board of which a small society of British traveling around Egypt has gathered. Poirot has to take up the investigation of the murder, and as he plunges into the circumstances of this case, the detective begins to understand that this is not the only, albeit the most terrible crime that was committed within the ship. He finds out that among the passengers there are very ambiguous personalities that cause certain suspicions. There is a radical communist, a couple of thieves, a fraudster, and even an ideological terrorist…


The movie Death on the Nile trailer is not released yet.

Interesting Facts

  1. Annette Bening began negotiations on participation in the project in June 2019;
  2. The novel was filmed twice – in 1978 and in 2004 as part of the series.


G. Gadot as Linnet Ridgeway Doyle

A. Hammer  as Simon Doyle

K. Branagh as Hercule Poirot

A. Bening  as Euphemia

Release date

Death on the Nile 2020 movie release date is planned for October 9, 2020, in the United States.

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Bad Boys for Life (2020)

We just wanted to call the article: “They’re back” …or “Bad Boys for Life.” However, Columbia Pictures together with Jerry Bruckheimer Films have already done something similar, giving the pre-production title “Bad Boys for Life.” And, then, we are again waiting for the extremely funny adventures of the two cops. It will be a dark comedy, where we will live with the heroes through all the action moments, see their relationship, and other main features of the franchise.

Recall that this is the third film since the first part was released in 1995. Eight years later, the second part about police officers of the anti-drug department in Miami was released. Therefore, at the beginning of 2020, the creators promise to release the 3rd part.

If you want to know when does Bad Boys for Life come out, then look through the article below.


Rumors about the filming continuation began in 2009. At the Conan O’Brien show, M. Lawrence said that there will be a continuation.

Michael Bay does not see the window in his schedule to take on the continuation of the Bad Boys. Now the promising and very talented directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah replace him. Chris Bremner together with Anthony Tambakis wrote the script for this movie.

It is worth noting that the return of these guys is a rather unexpected phenomenon because the previous film of the series was released 16 years ago.

In early February 2019, Will Smith published the first shots from the filming of the movie, and the other day already announced its completion. He told about the enchanting finish on his Instagram page.

When is Bad Boys for Life 2020 coming to theaters?

Argentina16 January 2020
Australia16 January 2020
Germany16 January 2020
Hong Kong16 January 2020
Croatia16 January 2020
Hungary16 January 2020
Portugal16 January 2020
Saudi Arabia16 January 2020
Slovakia16 January 2020
Bulgaria17 January 2020
Spain17 January 2020
Finland17 January 2020
UK17 January 2020
Iceland17 January 2020
Lithuania17 January 2020
Mexico17 January 2020
Romania17 January 2020
Taiwan17 January 2020
USA17 January 2020
Belgium22 January 2020
France22 January 2020
Italy23 January 2020
Netherlands23 January 2020
Russia23 January 2020
Singapore23 January 2020
Japan31 January 2020
Turkey31 January 2020


The film tells the continuation of the friendship story of two cops who constantly fall into incredible adventures. In the previous series, the viewer met two desperate guys who serve in the police. Their names are Mike and Marcus. In the previous episodes, they were forced to search for criminals who stole heroin directly from the vault of the police station, as well as criminals who organized the delivery of an unknown drug to Miami. Reckless cops will stop at nothing to save the ordinary civilians.

Marcus Burnett broke up with his partner, Mike, and went on a private investigation. Lowry is depressed because of the midlife crisis: he decides to settle down and finally start a family. However, The Albanian mercenary begins to hunt them…


The movie Bad Boys for Life trailer is not released yet.

Interesting facts

  • The shooting of the 3rd part started on January 14, 2019.
  • In 2004, a video game was created based on the movie.
  • Information on the continuation appeared in 2013.


  1. Smith as Lowrey
  2. Lawrence as Burnett
  3. Pantoliano as Captain Howard

Release date

Bad Boys for Life 2020 movie release date is planned for January 17, 2020, in the United States.

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When does come out Joker movie 2019

Joker is an upcoming movie about the main villain of Gotham. We are already familiar with him from numerous superhero film products and comics. This time, the psychopathic killer is promised to be presented in a solo project. It is interesting that creators want to show the audience the history of the formation of this unusual character. If you want to know when does Joker come out, then you should look through the article below.


The Joker character continues to lure the filmmakers, and one can safely say that this villain has long had its own storyline. If before the Joker acted as a free character in Batman movies, the filmmakers decided to correct this injustice and shoot the movie with clown-maniac in the title role.

Initially, Warner Bros. wanted to use the character only in “Suicide Squad,” but at some point, the concept changed dramatically and Jared Leto had to leave the project.

Warner Bros. assures that the new Joker 2019 has nothing to do with the DC movie world. The budget of the picture is relatively small and is about $55 million.

Despite the modest budget, Joker 2019 is among the ten most anticipated films of the year.

Todd Phillips is the director of the movie.

When is Joker 2019 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it soon.


The movie Joker trailer is already available. You can watch it on the Net.


“Joker” will tell a completely new story about a dangerous supervillain. The filmmakers will show us what made the unlucky comedian Arthur Fleck a mentally ill killer. The story takes place in the 80s in Gotham, where Fleck returns to look after a sick mother.

After returning to his hometown, he felt bullied and realized that it is impossible to repay evil with good. The audience will see all the stages of Joker transformation, which occurs under the influence of injustice and cruelty prevailing in Gotham.


After Heath Ledger performed the role of the Joker, his character became a real cliché. It is clear that after the Oscar-winning incarnation, the acting of all subsequent jokers will be put under a microscope. After Jared Leto in the “Suicide Squad” was subjected to criticism, the new Joker 2019 aroused genuine interest among the public.

This time the famous actor Joaquin Phoenix will appear in the role of the villain. The actor already has a good record of accomplishment. Moreover, critics perceive Joaquin as a good dramatic actor. Judging by the trailer of the movie, Phoenix managed to get into the character and it seems that we will see a completely new Joker.

Initially, there were many rumors about who would play the main role in the movie but in fact, Warner Bros. wanted to work only with Phoenix, while he ignored the offer for a long time. He did not immediately take the role in the movie. The film of 2019 could have come out without his participation in it since the actor prefers to play dramatic characters, not the standard. Only the efforts of the director of the film, who told Phoenix in detail what he was going to shoot, helped to change the actor’s mind.

As for other stars, we will see Robert De Niro and Frances Conroy who will play the mother of the villain.

Release date

Joker 2019 movie release date is planned for October 4, 2019, in the USA.

TOP Upcoming Crime movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Crime movies 2018

The crime movie opens up those aspects of life that we prefer not to see: graphic details of the crime world, fights, murders, gang warfare. Scary, sometimes disgusting, but interesting! Good crime films leave behind disturbing emotions.

If you wanna watch TOP 10 good Crime films 2018, then we start.

Before we start, TOP 10 new good Crime movies 2018 release dates of our TOP are already known and available on the Net.

  1. Bad Boys for Life

The movie is a continuation about tough police officers and loyal friends; Mike – family man, daddy, and a loving husband, and Marcus – a bachelor who is in no hurry to have children. These brave guys like to find drugs, tame the local bandits, and protect the inhabitants of Miami. Time goes by but the police officers do not age… In the third part, there will be new adventures, unusual situations, and crazy ways to solve them as well as jokes and much more.

  1. The Happytime Murders

In a crime plot, an amazing world is formed in which people and dolls are united by a single friendly community. The TV show “The Happytime Murders” are watched by all the inhabitants, especially the kids are delighted with the performances, admiring the acting skills. However, everything goes bad when series of murders of the actors of this popular show occur that begins to disturb the authorities, which sends skillful detectives to investigate the case.

  1. Den of Thieves

Big Nick’s team is in the TOP ten good Crime movies 2018 in theaters.

Big Nick – the head of the elite unit – daily proves that his team is more awesome than those they hunt. When Nick finds out that the legendary and very smart thief is planning a US Federal Reserve Bank robbery, he decides to prevent it in any way. In addition, he likes to play games where no rules.7. A Simple Favor

The movies will tell us about the mysterious missing of a person. In addition, the disappearance causes a huge number of questions. To date, in search of a person can help not only the police but also ordinary people. The action of the film takes place in a small town, where a woman-blogger decides to use her followers to find that person. After all, the life of her good friend is at stake, she cannot just wait. When the search involves a huge number of people at once, the chances of finding a person are much greater. Will such a decision help mom-blogger?

  1. Game Night

It is a story about Max and Annie, who together with other couples every week arrange the so-called “game night.” Then one day the charismatic Max’s brother Brooks organizes an evening to solve the “murderous” quest with thugs and FBI agents. It turns out that the kidnapping of Brooks that evening is a prank… or not?

As a result, as six players try to solve the prepared puzzles and win, they begin to realize that both the quest and Brooks are not what they seem. Throughout this night, friends tried to get out of this situation. There are no rules in the game, there are no points for it, and players have no idea who is against them. This night can become the last one.

  1. The Commuter

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Crime movies 2018.

Every morning he takes the same train. A businessman from a suburban house goes to work to the center of the city. He never paid attention to his fellow travelers. However, the pretty blonde forced him to break away from his reflections. An unobtrusive conversation ensued between them, during which the woman offered the passenger an interesting deal.

The business proposal guarantees a good profit and the financial specialist signs the contract. The risks of losing are very small, but this reckless act has jeopardized the life of his entire family.

  1. Gotti

John Gotti began his criminal career, performing the simplest assignments. Later, he rightfully became the key person in the criminal world. His family is the most influential and wealthy in New York, financial well-being and power come before the moral aspects. Once Gotti’s business must be transferred to the heir, but unexpectedly the father sees son’s refusal to be involved in the world of crime. However, what will Gotti, Jr. do when his family is in danger?

  1. Death Wish

Bruce Willis is in the TOP 10 really good Crime movies.

Dr. Paul Kersey works as a surgeon and every day his patients become victims of criminal gangs that covered the city. Once in his house, where his wife and daughter were, a gang of criminals broke in. Because of the attack, Paul’s wife dies. Because of the huge number of crimes, the police officers are overloaded and Paul’s case is not going. The thirst for revenge makes Paul take justice into his own hands. He buys a gun and goes in search of criminals that cruelly killed his loved one.

  1. Mute

The events of the film take place in the near future on the Berlin territory. The protagonist Leo Byler works as a barman in one of the nightclubs in the city. His life changes radically when his beloved girl disappears.

Starting a search for her, the guy is in the underground of the city, where he meets two American surgeons. Leo cannot figure out whether he should trust them because they offer to recover his voice or to run away from them.

  1. Entebbe

The film tells about the events that happened in 1976. Four terrorists, two of whom are in  PFLP, and the other two in the Revolutionary Cells (German group), seize the Air France flight 139, which follows from Tel Aviv (Israel) to Paris (France) via Athens (Greece). Upon the request of terrorists, the aircraft lands at Entebbe airport in Uganda. The terrorists decide to keep passengers and the crew of the plane in the old airport building. Separating Jews and Israelis from the rest, the invaders promise to kill them if the Israeli authorities do not fulfill their demands.

A list of TOP 10 good Crime movies 2018 ends now.

Thank you for being with us!

TOP Upcoming Crime movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood Crime movies 2018

In the history of each state there were periods when human life did not cost anything, but for the sake of some ideas, tens of thousands of lives were sacrificed. Today we live in an age of democracy and freedom, when the well-being of an individual person, his desires, possibilities and success, is placed above all, but there are people who do not like such age. It is these people who become the main characters in the crime movies.

We are here to show TOP 10 best Hollywood Crime movies of 2018 to watch.

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List of best Hollywood Crime movies in 2018

  1. Scarface

In the center of the plot of the film events in Cuba – in 1980 a huge number of refugees left for the US in search of a better life. Among them was the ambitious criminal Tony Montana, who came to Miami to achieve fame, money, and influence. In the US, Tony faces a frankly hostile attitude of the authorities because of his conviction and conviction of his best friend Manolo Ribera. Initially, they are sent along with others to the refugee camp, because they do not have a “green card” – a residence permit in the United States. Then, having committed the murder of one of the people close to Fidel Castro, Tony and his companion receive this card and become citizens of the United States. So gradually, Tony and Manolo begin to engage in criminal business: first, friends unload drugs that they brought from Mexico, then start selling drugs by themselves. Tony Montana becomes the head of a major criminal clan. He achieves not only influence but also becomes a very rich man. The life of the criminal authority is full of danger and soon people close to Tony betray him…

  1. Mission: Impossible 6

In the new installment, Ethan will again show his power and survival skills.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

  1. Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Crime films 2018.

The film takes place in modern Russia. The main heroine of the movie – FSB officer Dominika Yegorova – in attempts to survive after the collapse of the Soviet Union became a professional seductress. Her new assignment is the seduction of the young American CIA agent Nathaniel Nash. Suddenly, a relationshipstarts between Dominica and Nathaniel, which threatens not only their lives. Yegorova begins to blame her boss for everything and decides to take revenge on him. So she becomes a double agent and agrees to cooperate with Washington.

  1. The Commuter

The protagonist of the film is insurance agent Michael, who every day is engaged in the insurance of someone else’s property. One day, returning from work on the train, Michael meets a strange passenger who does not remember who he is and how he happened to be on the train. Later, the protagonist realizes that he has become part of some criminal conspiracy, and now, in order to save himself and the other passengers of the train, he needs to find out who this mysterious stranger is.

  1. Werk ohne Autor

The idea of ​​a second world war can be different when you look at the events from the side of art and the culture of that period. The three periods of Germany are shown, where the secrets of the true German position during the Second World War were discovered. But everything described will be in the image of a young artist Kurt. This is a difficult life, where childhood and adolescence, will show the complexity of the whole future project of creation.

The plot will fully immerse itself in the historical and cultural values ​​of an entire era. After all, three periods of Germany will be shown, where the main character will be the image of the young artist Kurt. His idea and understanding of the whole universe is childhood and youth, which fell on the Nazi timeline.

  1. Suspiria

Here is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Crime movies 2018.

Susie, who comes to learn dance skills in ballet school, gradually discovers that behind the doors of a decent establishment something mystical happens … the school became a place for the coven.

Suspiria cast

  1. You Were Never Really Here

An influential European politician in the family had a terrible sorrow, his daughter was kidnapped. According to the data, she is in the hands of criminals involved in the slave trade. The girl is sold to work in a whorehouse. Father is not going to rely only on law enforcement; he hires a former FBI agent. A man is sure, only this guy can cope with an intricate, complicated business. The protagonist agrees to the conditions of the father and goes in search of the missing girl. However, the poor guy does not know what kind of tests he has to go through. During the years of service, he saw a lot of difficulties, but this will be his most risky one.

  1. A Quiet Place

A crime movie with elements of horror is in the TOP 10 new holly Crime movies.

Mystic thriller is about a family of farmers who lived in silence and seclusion – until they became a target for the invisible pursuer of the otherworldly nature.

  1. Abruptio

The plot of the picture is simple and confusing at the same time. In the center of the film is a middle-aged man Les Hackel. He is an ordinary person, does not differ in appearance from other people, but there is one circumstance that fundamentally distinguishes him from the world around him. At one point, Hakel discovered that the implant was inserted in his neck. And this is not a simple implant – it’s an explosive device that can explode at any moment. In order not to let this happen, the man will have to fulfill the terrible wishes of those who, without his knowledge and consent, implanted him with this deadly implant, and at the same time try to find out who did this and how to get rid of this device.

Abruptio promo

  1. The Girl in the Spider’s Web

The main characters of the film are a girl hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomqvist, who will investigate the murder of a famous scientist who specialized in working with artificial intelligence.

The list of Hollywood Crime movies 2018 draws to an end.

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