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When does come out The Shape of Water movie 2017

Here, a new creation of mysterious Guillermo del Toro. If you want to know information concerning the movie, including the answer to the main question “When does The Shape of Water come out?” then you should read the article below.

Production and creators

Mexican director Guillermo del Toro began to film a new movie. In addition to solving the director’s tasks, Guillermo will take part in the creation of the script – together with Vanessa Taylor, who contributed to the plot of “Divergent” and “Games of Thrones.”

Del Toro notes that he began work on a film in Toronto during the filming of the “Pacific Rim,” where the shooting of a new tape was also started. The upcoming cooperation with a talented creative team and a wonderful team of actors instills in him the courage and makes him happy. According to the director, creating the image of the protagonist – a kind of mystical being, about which so far nothing is known – made the film a deeply personal experience.

The Shape of Water movie 2017

Designing the external appearance and inner psychological portrait of the protagonist, played by Doug Jones, Guillermo and his colleagues devoted (ironically) nine months, and this period breaks the personal time records of the director for work on the cinematic character. But the result, he says, is worth it.

When is The Shape of Water coming to theaters in 2017?

The movie will come out in the part of December 2017.

Little is known about the plot of the picture: viewers will see the “mysterious supernatural journey into an alternative reality in the US of the 1963 “, the era of the Cold War. To similar historical exercises, Guillermo, however, is used to – the events described in the “El laberinto del fauno” occur in Spain during the Second World War, “Crimson Peak” immerses the viewer in England and the United States of the nineteenth century, and the “Pacific Rim” paints futurological ideas of life on Earth.

Movie Trailer

The movie The Shape of Water trailer is not available.  On the Internet, you can find details on the production of the movie.


All the events of the film unfold around one secret laboratory, where scientists conduct the most important experiments. This time their main goal is the development of a superman who will be able to stay in the water for a long time and not feel any discomfort at all. Gradually they manage to achieve a positive result. Now in this laboratory, there is a real man who differs only in the presence of gills. All that remains for the scientist is to show its creation on the board of directors and achieve recognition. In the same laboratory, there is a young cleaning woman who falls in love at first sight with a Superman. The guy also fall in love with her and the newly created couple makes a decision to escape. They manage to escape, but scientists do not want to let go lovers so easily and arrange a real hunt for them, the result of which may turn out to be unbelievable.


Doug Jones, a regular performer of the roles of strange creatures in the worlds of del Toro, told in an interview with Collider about a new film.

“This is a drama about 1963, not a Sci-Fi, but I’m playing a creature in it, I’ll be a man-fish. My character is a mystery, no one knows where it came from, and it’s the last of its kind, like a natural anomaly. He is studied by the American government organization in 1963, the Cold War is in full swing, the race for space began – and all this is a background for our history.”

The actor also added that the spectators are waiting for a romantic line with his character and cleaning lady performed by Sally Hawkins and that he will be surprised if the film does not compete for the Oscar.

Release date

The Shape of Water movie release date in 2017 is scheduled for December 8, 2017, in the USA.

In Canada, the movie will come out on the same date.

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When does come out Downsizing movie 2017

It is American drama directed by A. Payne with M. Damon in the title role. In the topic below, you will find all known information on the movie, including the answer to the question: “When does Downsizing come out?”


Director Alexander Payne will film for the Paramount Pictures fantastic drama. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter. This will be the third joint project of the director and studio. “Alexander will once again present the audience with a unique film in its originality, confirming his amazing talent as a storyteller. “We are honored to work with him again,” says Paramount CEO Brad Gray. The shooting of the pictures started in the spring of 2016 and release of the premiere is scheduled for mid-2017. Recall that Alexander Payne won two awards of the American Film Academy and other prestigious professional prizes.

Downsizing movie 2017

  • P. Papamichael is a cinematographer.
  • K. Tent is a film editor.
  • S. Cella is production designer.
  • K. Zaharko is supervising art director.
  • P. Larman is set decorator.
  • W. Chuck is a costume designer.

When is Downsizing coming to theaters in 2017?

The movie will come out in the December 2017.


At first, it seems unreal and an absurd decision, but later it turns out that this technology has every chance of success. The current, extremely unstable economic situation generates negative tendencies in society. The rapid economic slowdown and the food crisis lead to the fact that almost all are forced to save, well, except, the powerful and very wealthy citizens. One way or another, science is trying to somehow normalize the situation, and as a result, it offers all those wishing to undergo the very strange procedure.

Downsizing poster

The main characters of the film are a married couple, on the verge of bankruptcy. To avoid this unpleasant procedure, they decide to become volunteers for a modern reduction procedure – their body will decrease by 10 centimeters. This experiment can improve their financial position, because, the smaller the body – the lower costs.

However, at the last moment, the wife of the protagonist unexpectedly refuses the forthcoming operation, because she is afraid of the upcoming changes.

Official Trailer

The movie Downsizing trailer is not available. It will come out closer to release of the movie.

Interesting Facts

  1. The film was the fifth joint project of director A. Payne and screenwriter J. Taylor after the films “Sideways”, “About Schmidt.
  2. Streep, R. Witherspoon, P. Giamatti and S. B. Cohen could take part in the film.
  3. Actors K. Wiig, M. Damon and J. Sudeikis previously starred in the series “Studio 30”.
  4. Damon and K. Wiig in 2014 also worked together on the set of the film “The Martian.”
  5. Filming took place in Toronto, Omaha.
  6. The film was shot at the school, where the director A. Paine studied at the time.
  7. The pre-production of the film started back in 2009, but the filming was not continued due to the director’s decision to concentrate on another project – “Descendants.”

Downsizing film frame


  • Matt Damon
  • Laura Dern
  • Jason Sudeikis
  • Kristen Wiig will perform the lead role in the movie. Rees Witherspoon used to be the wife of the protagonist, but because of the problems, the actress left the project, giving way to Wiig. In the film, according to the script of Payne and J. Taylor, who received an Oscar for the script of “Sideways,” Christophe Waltz will be shot.

Release date

Downsizing movie release date in 2017 is scheduled for December 22, 2017, in the USA.

In Canada, the movie is planned for the same date.

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When does come out The Croods 2 movie 2017

It is a continuation of the American full-length adventure cartoon 2013 “Croods”. The main characters in the animated cartoon “The Croods 2” -the family of cavemen, Croods are again ready for an exciting adventure. If you ready, we begin our narration about the adventures of the family. Here you will find all the answers concerning the movie, including the main one to the question: “When does The Croods 2 come out?”

Such charismatic heroes as the members of the Croods clan simply could not sit any longer and boldly go to meet the most dizzying adventures, ready to any challenge of fate.

Creator and Production

The full-length cartoon of “The Croods 2” – the sequel to the super success of the first part – is planned for 2017. The director of the movie is again Chris Sanders (Lilo and Stitch, Mulan). He was joined by Kirk De Micco (Casper: School of Fear), who also created more than one successful cartoon.

The Croods 2 movie 2017

In spite of the fact that one more person was added to the director’s staff, the atmosphere of the picture remained the same. It tightens, makes you happy and smiles. A good script, in the creation of which the directors themselves actively participated, keeps the viewer interested from beginning to end. Humor cartoon is also on top: both the kids and their parents will be happy. The previous part has collected in the world of 400 million dollars. From the second part expects a similar profit. And although the cartoon is commercial, it still remains very original and unusual. The creators did not just make a profitable project but also thought about the viewer. High-quality animation, bright characters, excellent musical background and dynamic plot – all this allows you to watch a cartoon with great pleasure.

Official trailer

The movie The Croods 2 trailer is not available. It will come closer to the release of the picture.

Other Crew

  • A. Silvestri is the composer of the movie.
  • D. T. Holmes is a film editor.
  • C. Lautrette is production designer.
  • D. Louis and P. Duncan are art directors.

When is The Croods 2 coming to theaters in 2017?

The movie will come in the end of 2017.


It is a continuation of the life and adventures of those fantastic creatures that always ready to open new lands and cope with new problems.

The Croods 2 2017

The plot of the cartoon tells about the life of the same crazy family of primitive people. Those who saw the previous part, know that the restless Croods have escaped from climate change and have entered a new world: beautiful, but completely alien and unfamiliar.

Funny Croods cannot live peacefully, so they go in search of new adventures that will help them to experience their own strength and endurance. Despite all the disagreements, native people should always stick together, because this is the guarantee of their success and safety. Heroes never have to be bored, but none of the Croods does seek a quiet life. The world of primitive nomads and fantastic animals can disappear, but the Croods are ready to cope with new troubles.


  • Grug will be vocied by N. Cage
  • Eep will be voiced by E. Stone
  • Guy will be voiced by R. Reynolds
  • Ugga will be voiced by C. Keener
  • Gran will be vocied by C. Leachman
  • Thunk will be voiced by C. Duke
  • Randy Thom as voice of Sandy

Release date

The Croods 2 movie release date in 2017 is scheduled for December 22, 2017, in the USA.

The world premier (Canada, India, the UK, and others) is planned for the same date.

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When does come out Saw: Legacy movie 2017

It is hard to say who does not really enjoy watching horror movies, but year 2017 brings us brand new franchises that are truly believed to be one of the most unusual ones. Can you survive? Well, you will have to, just like all the characters of the upcoming movie we are discussing today. To be able to properly answer the question frequently asked by the fans of scary movies – when does Saw: Legacy come out – let’s go deeper entering into more details about the brand new project of Lionsgate Films.

This is an upcoming movie created by American cinematography which actually represents the eighth installment in the franchise that is also known as “Saw”. According to the information, these films were created by two Australians – James Wan and Leigh Whannell. They have also successfully produced one short film with the same name, as well as taken the participation in making video games based on the stories shown in the original movies. The brand new story brings us to the new murder and never seen before horrible modus operandi (Latin term often used to describe a crime and methods the murderer used to kill the victim).

Saw: Legacy movie 2017

New story line – plot

Even if there were short videos about the eight part of a franchise that is already scheduled to be released, official movie Saw: Legacy trailer hasn’t been represented yet. Surprisingly, but when it comes to the release date of the film, it is planned to come out on Halloween – the end of October 2017 – and it is not a coincidence. According to the rumors that are not yet confirmed by the company distributing the project, this installment seems to be following the events from the previous one. Moreover, the new story line is set many years after the death of the main killer, also known as Jigsaw.

New times bring new problems – even if Jigsaw killer is finally dead, a group of people starts their own investigation caused by the appearing of new series of murders. Apparently, it looks like the new killer finds himself using the same ways – modus operandi – of murdering his victims. When it comes to Saw: Legacy movie release date in 2017, American premiere is promised to be one of the biggest one in the history of the franchise. The fans are expecting to see what the synopsis is supposed to bring them – main characters are struggling with dead bodies that appear in different areas of the city, each of them turns out to have the track of dead John Kramer.

Interesting facts about upcoming film

  • This installment is supposed to be the first movie that will be released a little bit more than a year after the previous one.
  • This part of the franchise, unlikely to the other ones, is directed by two directors at the same time.
  • When it comes to the cast of the movie, the eighth installment is the only one that includes the actor appearing in the previous one.
  • Upcoming Saw is the only one that does not have a number in the original title unlikely to the other parts of the whole franchise.
  • According to the rumors, the movie, as well as Saw 7, were shot in anamorphic unlikely to the other six parts of the film series.
  • Surprisingly, but movie’s script was successfully finished in February – almost ten months before the actual premiere.
  • Filming for brand new installment started at the very end of September 2016. Their first location was Toronto, Canada.

According to the previous rumors, Lionsgate studio was supposed to end the project after Saw3D which came out in 2010. However, they showed their interest in continuing the series and in 2016 have successfully confirmed working for the eight installment. So, when is Saw: Legacy coming to theater in 2017 we’ll probably see totally unexpected never shown before the story.

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When does come out Bright movie 2017

Welcome to a world where otherworldly creatures are living side by side with mankind. A human being, a black fella, has no other choice but to join forces with an Orc to locate and secure a weapon that every single species out there is hunting for. When does Bright come out, you might ask? It’s slated for a December release, ladies, and gentlemen, which is half-a-year from now. The United States, the UK, Canada, France, Russia and the rest of the world will get to see this movie at the end of the year. And, with no exact dates set yet, it’s safe to presume that it will be a “fair” international release, meaning no country will get to enjoy it sooner or later than the others (given the fact that it’s a Netflix movie and all).

Bright movie 2017

A Fast-Paced, Action-Charged Trailer? Check!

As you could’ve already guessed, this is a work of fiction, a fantasy film. The story follows the LA officer’s ups and downs and the “friendship” that he develops with the Orc along the way.  There are some dark forces that threaten the very existence of our world, and it’s up to this dynamic duo to protect the Universe and keep the fragile balance intact. As expected, the folks behind the movie Bright trailer decided to go all in and deliver a breath-taking mix of action and drama to “lure” the potential audience to the December premiere. And, the trailer is also quite atmospheric, which is a rare thing these days. We can see that this future world is not all bright and beautiful but rather chaotic and explosive, ready to go out at any second. Ward, the cop, is doing everything in his power to make the planet right again, but he’s up against a pretty strong enemy that will not go down without a fight. True, it’s more of a teaser than an official trailer; yet, it is exciting and entertaining.

Bright 2017

The Cast

Ok, what about the cast – do we have any famous folks in the movie? Yes, sir! First of all, Ward is portrayed by the now-legendary and highly talented Will Smith, which automatically means there’s going to be a lot of dynamic and fun in Bright. Second, Joel Edgerton is playing the Orc, and then you’ve got Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry and other gifted actors/actresses in the leading roles. So, yeah, the line-up of celebrities in Bright is pretty impressive. Again, this movie is about the unknown, about an imminent threat to our survival, and for a man like Will Smith, it’s not gonna be hard to do exactly what the audience will expect of him: to be a hero with a strong moral compass and a lot of that bad-ass attitude. This guy has decades of experience behind his back, and in a science fiction movie about mystical creatures and centuries-old powers, the right cast can make it or break it. Let’s hope Mr. Smith makes it, right?

Bright movie

Netflix Is The New Hollywood?

With the Bright movie release date in 2017 six months away, all we can do is wait for the official release. One thing is clear, though: with it being a Netflix production, you can rest assured that the final product will be more than worth your while. This company is slowly but steadily turning into THE place to watch good-quality movies. David Ayer, a world-famous director (End Of Watch, Fury, and the recent Suicide Squad) has, once again, teamed up with Roman Vasyanov, an exceptionally talented DOP from Russia, to deliver the best experience for the viewers. A team of top-notch professionals, a mighty cast, and a good sci-fi story with great CGI effects, and a strong plot? Count us in! Alright, that’s pretty much it, ladies and gents! We know when is Bright coming to theaters in 2017, we know the cast and the people behind the cameras. The only thing we can do now is wait and appreciate the movie when it’s out.

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When does come out To the Bone movie 2017

Marti Noxon, the woman behind the legendary Buffy, is back with a brand-new movie, a drama slash comedy. To The Bone is a modern-day story that follows Ellen, a young woman who’s desperately trying to win her battle with anorexia. She’s quite desperate and doesn’t really know what to do, but, thankfully, the girl soon comes across a rather peculiar doc who makes her embrace who she truly is. Ok, when does To the Bone come out, can we expect it to hit the theaters in 2017? Absolutely! Well, not quite: Netflix, the big-bad TV/movie giant, acquired exclusive distribution rights back in January, which means this film will not be available at the movie theaters – only online. The release date is July 14th, which is like a month away from now. To The Bone will be available on an international scale, and that includes – obviously – America, Canada, the United Kingdom, India (yep, it’s available there) and pretty much every other country on planet Earth.

To the Bone movie 2017

No Trailers – Only An Eating Disorder Video

So, even though July 14th is right upon us, Netflix didn’t provide any officials trailers, which means they probably never will. It’s actually a pity because the movie To the Bone trailer could’ve been awesome, judging by the facts that we already know about it. However, there is an educational video where the main actors/actresses (we’ll check them out next) talk about the importance of fighting eating disorder and the gruesome consequences of going on with your life without putting out a proper fight. This is a health crisis and needs to be dealt with accordingly. As for the movie, it’s focused on the challenges and misfortunes of a young actress whose ups and downs in life lead her to anorexia and the struggles that made a great impact on her well-being. So, who’s the actress who was lucky enough to get this career-defining role?

The Cast

Lily Collins, dear friends, the lovely actress that we’ve seen in numerous movies, the dashing girl with a beautiful smile and a lovely attitude. True, she’s the daughter of the legendary Phil Collins but that doesn’t make her achievements any less impressive. The cast also includes the iconic Keanu Reeves, who’s playing the doctor who shows the girl how to love herself and how to handle the dire situation that she’s in. Kathryn Prescott, Carrie Preston, and many other talented actors/actresses are also a part of the movie. But, of course, Collins is the start of this film and her acting is of huge importance, as you can’t expect a character-based movie to be successful when the lead role is lacking expression, and, let’s say, truthfulness. Yet, fortunately, Lily did an awesome job with this one and delivered an Oscar-worthy performance; as did Mr. Reeves, by the way.

To the Bone 2017

An Important Movie For The Modern-Day Generations

To the Bone movie release date in 2017 is, again, July 14th, and that means you gotta buy a monthly subscription to Netflix in the beginning of the next month to be able to check it out the day it becomes available. Hands down, the fans of thought-provoking, educational, touching and moving dramas will find Noxon’s new masterpiece well worth their while. Despite the fact that the problem of anorexia is quite serious and resonating, she still managed to turn To The Bone into a fun, exciting story. And that, in our opinion, is the biggest achievement for the whole crew. By the way, the director herself has experienced eating disorder in the past, so this is kinda like a personal movie for her. Ok, we know when is To the Bone coming to theaters in 2017, who will play the lead role, and what the movie is going to be about. And that’s more than enough to get us hyped up!

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When does come out Cult of Chucky movie 2017

Have you missed the evil doll-killer Chucky? Very soon, the famous character of the horror franchise “Child’s Play” will return to the screens in the movie “The Cult of Chucky”, the seventh part, to which Universal released a teaser and reported the first details of the plot.  In the topic below, you will find all necessary information on the movie, including the answer to the question: “When does Cult of Chucky come out?”

For those who does not know who is it, we explain: Chucky is a serial killer and Satanist Charles Leigh Ray, who, after performing the ritual, transferred his own black soul to one of the dolls of “good guy” series (the events of the first film). In the future, Chucky for many years in the form of a damned doll killed and from time to time tried to find flesh, transferring his soul from the doll to the human body. Over these decades, Chucky has acquired a doll friend and even a puppet child, but he never stopped killing.

Cult of Chucky movie 2017


The duties of the director and screenwriter will be taken over by Don Mancini – the creator of Chucky, who wrote scripts for all parts of the franchise. Mancini – the creator of the thriller Child’s Play, began work on preparing a script for the horror film Chucky 7. This information is reported by Bloody-Disgusting.

The very news about the development of the seventh part of the horrors came from the same Mancini, where he confirmed the spreading rumors on his Twitter page but did not tell about the plot of the future film.

Recall that the first movie thriller-franchise came out in 1988. The picture was able to earn at the global box office more than 44 million dollars with a production budget of 9 million. The original picture became the basis for five sequels.

The Curse of Chucky, the last movie of the franchise at the moment, was released in 2013. Horror earned enthusiastic reviews from critics, especially noted the successful shift of emphasis from comedy to horror.

The shooting officially began on January 9, 2017, in Winnipeg (Canada).

Official Trailer

The movie Cult of Chucky trailer is available. You can watch right now.

Other crew

  • R. Bricker is a film editor.
  • C. Sandells is production designer.
  • P. J. Henderson is a costume designer.
  • G. Oldroyd is visual effects supervisor.

Cult of Chucky 2017

When is Cult of Chucky coming to theaters in 2017?

The movie will come out closer to Halloween 2017.


It is a return of the famous doll-killer Chucky, in which the spirit of Ray’s maniac invaded. His past victim, Nica, who lost all relatives, spent four years in a mental hospital and even believed that she herself had killed her loved ones. But when a new therapy is being conducted in the hospital – using the “Good Guy” doll – a series of mysterious murders is continued. To the aid comes Andy Barclay, the old master and the enemy of Chucky. However, the killer himself acquires a zealous companion – maniac Tiffany, who is in love with him.


The of Chucky once again will be voiced by Brad Dourif, his daughter Fiona Dourif will return to the role of Nicky, and Alex Vincent will again play Andy. The Tiffany doll will speak with the voice of actress Jennifer Tilly.

Release date

Cult of Chucky movie release date in 2017 is scheduled for October 20, 2017, in the USA.

In Canada, the movie will appear on screen on the same date.

In the UK, the movie will be presented on October 23, 2017.

Of course, Chucky cannot be compared in popularity with such guys as Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees, but still, he remains a cult character.

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When does come out The Disaster Artist movie 2017

This is a biographical comedy, an American movie. Mr. James Franco, the highly successful and internationally-loved actor, is also the director and producer, which makes it that much more awesome for the celebrity’s fans. Yep, you can call him the one-man-band now! The movie is heavily based on the bestselling (non-fiction) book by Greg Sestero and follows all the key folks involved with the production of The Room – a “legendary” film that saw the light of day in 2003. Alright, now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with the production “crew”, let’s see when does The Disaster Artist come out: in the United States, Franco’s brand-new masterpiece will be available in limited areas on December 1st and hit the theaters on a national scale a week later – on December 8th. No information has been released concerning the UK and Canadian release, but it’s safe to say that the whole world will get to see it in 2017, including India, Brazil, Germany, and the rest of the world.

The Disaster Artist movie 2017

No Trailer To Judge The Movie By

So, Mr. Franco hasn’t released a movie The Disaster Artist trailer yet, which means we can’t really share our opinion about it with you. Thankfully, there are some videos with folks talking about the March SXSW show where several critics had the privilege of checking it out. They’re calling it a smart, witty, super-funny and engaging movie that will get your mood up right from the very first minutes. Now, the thing is – The Room grossed about 1.2K dollars back when it premiered in two theaters, and that’s pretty much a record-breaking result in the industry. As for The Disaster Artist, people claim Franco did a great job both with the directing and the acting, and that means the fans of good old (and a bit crazy) “I’ll shoot, direct and play it myself” individuals will probably have a great time with this movie. Ok, with that said, let’s see who else James managed to persuade to play in this epic blockbuster.

The Cast – Two Francos At Once!

The cast is pretty awesome, to say the least, and Dave, the other famous Franco (and the man’s brother), is playing Greg, a striving actor who starts a weird friendship with Wiseau, an insane ex-rock-star portrayed by James. The dynamic duo turns a chance encounter into a brick-strong “bro love” and together they try to make it in the big, fancy world that doesn’t really want to accept them. Big-time Hollywood celebrities like Zac Efron, Sharon Stone, and Seth Rogen are also a part of The Disaster Artist. With a line-up of actors/actresses like that, James Franco simply HAD to deliver a modern-day classic, right? Besides, the film includes several big-time movie stars who played small roles of themselves, like Bryan Cranston. Should be fun!

The Disaster Artist 2017

Too Cool To Fail

As we told you in the beginning, The Disaster Artist movie release date in 2017 is December 8th, which is 6 months away from now. Therefore, you should wait for the official trailers to come around and decide for yourself whether a crazy comedy slash drama is what you need right before Christmas. One thing is certain: this is going to be a pretty peculiar and fun movie. And with a cast like that and a weird-yet-engaging story, rest assured Franco’s endeavor will be appreciated. The critics have called The Room the worst movie out there, the exact opposite of Citizen Kane and have said many other offensive things about it. So, what’s gonna be Franco’s take on it? Will he manage to turn this “idyllic work of art” into a chill, fun and entertaining film, or maybe all the fuss about it is just a part of the big marketing machine? Well, you already know when is The Disaster Artist coming to theaters in 2017 – on December 8th. Wait for the premiere and see what it’s really all about. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check our other reviews!

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When does come out Marshall movie 2017

Marshall is a brand-new biographical movie slash thriller, an American production. This is the highly resonating and life-defining story of the first-ever black (African-American, that is) Supreme Court Justice in the US, Mr. Marshall. The focus is on one of the man’s first cases back when he was just getting ready to leave his mark on the world and wasn’t appointed as the SCJ. Got you hyped up for the movie? Ok, now let’s see when does Marshall come out. It’s actually just around the corner and will hit the theaters in America on October 13th, 2017. It will be a nation-wide release, meaning every single state will get to enjoy this movie on the same day. As for the rest of the world, there’s no information about the international release date, and we’ll just have to wait for the official announcement. But, given the common practice, it will probably arrive in Canada, the UK, India, Germany and the rest of the European/Asian countries +/- one week later/earlier.

Marshall movie 2017

A Mighty Trailer To Get Us Excited?

Unfortunately, for some reason, the official trailer is not available yet, even though it is customary in Hollywood to release it a couple of months before the film becomes available at the movie theaters. On the other hand, it’s safe to say that the movie Marshall trailer is not going to be something mind-blowing and breathtaking, simply because we’re dealing with a historical drama and CGI effects slash bad jokes are not really its strong suits. Marshall is based on a true story, one that will most certainly be appreciated by the black communities in the United States and all across the world. This man did a lot to ensure his fellow African-Americans had equal rights and were treated like the fine citizens that they truly were. That’s what is important here, dear friends. So, with that said, we expect the trailer to drop soon, but don’t expect it to be a “ticket seller”.

What About The Cast?

In a movie like this one, the cast is just as defining as the story. Alright, let’s see who the director/producers decided to trust with the lead role. The lucky man is Chadwick Boseman, a highly talented 40-year-old actor, born in South Carolina.

Marshall 2017

This charming fella became an international superstar after he portrayed the Black Panther in the latest Captain America movie. And, he’s officially confirmed to play the same character in the 2018 blockbuster called – yep, that’s right – Black Panther. Will he be able to portray someone as grandiose as Marshall? We believe so, yes. Plus, we’ll get to see Kate Hudson, Dan Stevens, Jussie Smollett and Sophia Bush on the big screen. Seems like a pretty awesome line-up of actors/actresses, right?

An Inspiration To The Black Folks, Or Just A Historical Drama?

The Marshall movie release date in 2017 is upon us, and every single person will have to decide for themselves whether they want to spend their money on it or not. As mentioned in the beginning, the story is centered on Marshall’s early years as a lawyer. America is about to join the Soviets in the fight against the Nazis, and Thurgood is sent to Connecticut, one of the most conservative states, to defend a black-skinned driver against his rich and influential employer in an epic sexual assault/attempted murder trial that quickly turns into a nation-wide scandal. Together with Samuel, a young and inexperienced lawyer, Marshall tries to break through a storm of prejudice, hate, distrust, and fear. If you want to follow this man’s journey towards becoming one of the most influential African-American men in history, make sure to check it out. And to remind you one last time: October 13th, ladies, and gentlemen, that’s when is Marshall coming to theaters in 2017.

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When does come out Samson movie 2017

According to the information about this upcoming movie, this one is supposed to be the fifth Bible project that has been ever created by Pure Flix – American television studio that produces the movies connected to religion. However, this upcoming film will be the first film in genre drama that is planned to have a big success among viewers all over the world. So, the question is when it does Samson come out? The film is scheduled to be released at the very end of September in 2017.

According to the company making a brand new project, they started filming in South Africa, using the best local sights and interior. The press has also announced that the only actor from the whole team who already had an experience filming in such projects is Billy Zane. Even if the fresh information about principal photographing has appeared only at the beginning of April and has been successfully confirmed by the company producing and financing the whole project, we are able to see lots of behind-the-scenes pictures posted on Instagram by the actors themselves. However, we might still have less information about its plot.

Samson poster

What is it all about – film synopsis

Even if movie Samson trailer has not been released on the Internet yet as the shooting is still going on, we have managed to catch some pieces about the film synopsis. According to the Internet resources, this is supposed to be a dramatic adaptation of a man called Samson. He has the special unusual strength that people always connect to supernatural creatures and the world they know nothing about. Despite the fact that it is a story about extremely difficult times, Samson starts his own fighting against powerful Philistine Empire. His strength and the desire to have a freedom lead him and the whole enslaved nation to rise above the people who have once taken what he always wanted to have.

You may have probably noticed that the plot of the movie sounds a little bit like Samson is going to have a huge triumph and acceptance from other people. In fact, the one who have once been introduced to Bible and are aware what it is all about, will notice that Biblical Samson, unlikely to the one in the upcoming movie, is, what modern people would call them, more an outsider and the one not willing to be a slave to someone else. We already know about Samson movie release date in 2017, but have you ever thought about that character being the biggest dangerous man for Moses as he was violating and ignoring his laws? Samson – what was also shown in the film – allows his emotions to lead him so that the whole story turns out to have an unexpected end. The main character commits public suicide that also kills lots of local Philistine people and slaves.

Behind the scenes – the atmosphere on the set

The cast of the movie includes next famous actors and actresses:

  • Jackson Rathbone.
  • Taylor James. According to the rumors, this British actor will be playing Samson in an upcoming film he already appeared in such movies as “Mamma Mia!” and “Christmas Eve” in 2008 and 2015 respectively.
  • Billy Zane. You will definitely recognize this actor once you see him on the screen – he is the one who played Caledon Hockley in American movie Titanic.
  • Lindsay Wagner. This American actress is well-known for taking the participation in such films as the old version of “The Six Million Dollar Man” (1973-1978) and “The Bionic Woman” which is actually a spin-off to the previous project.
  • Rutger Hauer.

All in all, when is Samson coming to theaters in 2017, it is expected to be a huge release as the company and the whole team of producers promise that this movie will have unbelievable success among the lovers of Samson’s story.