TOP Upcoming Teen movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Teen movies 2018

Teen films are suitable for young people. As a rule, this is a demonstration of party lifestyle – alcohol and dancing, fashionable guys and beautiful girls, first dates, and young love, cool cars, and other attributes. In addition, this TOP can include comic book heroes and other flashy movies.

If you ready to watch TOP 10 good Teen films 2018, let’s begin!

List of TOP 10 good Teen movies 2018

  1. Venom

The evilest and insidious enemy of the well-known spider-man is Venom. In this film, we will see the details of his story. By itself, Venom is a symbiosis of the body of an ordinary man with a parasite of extraterrestrial origin. Venom is Eddie Brock, the same hero who was created deliberately and eventually turned into one of the most irreconcilable and dangerous villains all over the planet. The primary goal of the parasite is to take control over the host.

  1. A Star Is Born

The plot of an exciting film introduces the audience to a young girl who one day firmly decided for herself to move to Hollywood in order to become a popular singer. Being very ambitious and talented, she still did not fully understand that these qualities are not enough to achieve glory. Most of all, efforts will have to be made in order for the audience to love the performer, then perhaps success will gradually come. Initially, her plan did not work, which is why she began to think about returning to her native town. Only once, she was lucky enough to meet the famous singer…

  1. Step Up 6

Dances, dances, dances are in the TOP 10 good english Teen movies 2018.

The world of dances is full of feelings, passions, and emotions. In addition, everyone here dreams to be the best. Las Vegas gathered talented dancers from all over the world. Heroes will have to go through many trials. However, the spirit of rivalry is strong and does not allow them to stand still, forcing to move forward. Sean and Andy took part in a dance fight. The person is self-taught and his favorite girl is professionally engaged in dancing. Sean collects his own team, which leads to the final.

  1. Deadpool 2

The protagonist shown in the film is a mercenary, that is, a person who, for a good money, is ready to deal with any person. His life was always connected with crime in one way or another, but it did not bother Wade Wilson. However, on one of the most ordinary days, his life completely changed and turned upside down after he learned about a deadly diagnosis. As it turned out he had lung cancer and he did not have more than a few months to live. At the same time, he receives a proposal from a strange secret government organization that offers him a medicine in exchange for becoming a test subject in a secret laboratory. The hero agrees.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

Over the years, a powerful titan named Thanos tried to find all six infinity stones that were located in different parts of the universe. Now, when he managed to find the particles of the artifact, he finally collected all six stones and put them into the gauntlet. Now he can calmly start to conquer the world because a stronger and more powerful creature simply did not exist. Since that time, a terrible threat has loomed over humanity, it is almost impossible to cope with it.

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

It is the midpoint of the TOP ten good Teen movies 2018 in theaters.

The movie centers on the battle for the Pacific Rim, upholding the independence of the Earth. Kaiju monsters are cruel and inexorable, they spread fear, ruin, death. All living things are subject to destruction, invaders need only natural resources. Terrible aliens cannot be stopped, so they are strong and modernized. However, the defenders of the Earth were well prepared for a battle with monsters. A new generation of manned robot-rangers, equipped with the latest information and technical progress, has been formed.

  1. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The main characters of the picture – a group of teenagers possessing unique abilities, attracted the attention of scientific workers of the secret organization WICKED. Young children were thrown into a complex labyrinth. Their task is to get out of the maze in order to survive and return to their relatives.

Having unraveled the secret of the mysterious construction, the team escaped from it, but the founders of the corporation do not want to let Thomas and his friends go.

In recent years, the WICKED has been fighting the new virus Flare. It carries a mortal threat to humanity. The best players can find the cure for the disease. Thomas is one of them.

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Chris Pratt is in the TOP 10 really good Teen movies.

The film tells an incredible story about the consequences of creating dinosaurs in the modern world. In the park, a failure occurs, and all dinosaurs run out. From the park, there are only ruins and dinosaurs in search of shelter and food have invaded the civilized world. They threaten not only the people who created these reptiles, but also ordinary people. Park brought a lot of income to its organizers. However, there were people who are interested in the war of monsters – reptiles against the human race.

  1. Midnight Sun

It’s no accident that Katy plays outside at night: she suffers from a rare disease – acute intolerance to sunlight, which can lead to bad consequences and even death. Feeling inferior, the girl finds solace in her hobby – watching passers-by, one of whom is the attractive sportsman Charlie. She really likes this young man. Communication between young people gradually flows into romantic feelings and the main character becomes happier than ever before. However, Katy decides to keep silent about her illness.

  1. Love, Simon

It is a story of Simon who is gay. He tries to hide this from all the people who know him. However, one day, one person learns about his secret. What will be next?

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TOP Upcoming Teen movies 2019-2020

List of Hollywood Teen movies 2018

Typical teenage movies are always different to the standard ones – these are the stories full of different astonishing emotions only teenage girl or young adult boy can experience before entering the world of adult life when the entire world and all the feelings are felt way different.

Today we are representing our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Teen movies 2018 showing the relationships between contemporary young teenagers and the problems they suffer from.

10. Everything Everything

This film is based on a contemporary book of the same name written by Nicola Yoon. This is a perfect story for teenagers as it follows young girl with a rare disease who later on falls in love with a next-door guy that has moved to the house quite recently. The girl, however, suffers from SCID which makes it impossible to her to go outside and interact with the things that have not been disinfected previously. The nurse takes care of her whilst the mother of the girl is out of the town.

One day she notices new family moving to the door next to hers and her eye catches a nice guy of her age. The same day the guy with his mother comes to their house in order to give a piece of cake but the mother of the girl rejects it. The girl, later on, herself, finds out the boy she is falling in love with has an aggressive father. Two begin texting after the boy writes his phone number on the window.

9. Fallen

Next contemporary movie from TOP 10 new holly Teen movies focuses on the story of a young girl being sent to the special school for young adults and is based on the novel with the same name release quite recently. Afterward, she finds out about fallen angels protecting her from the evil.

8. Before I Fall

17-year-old teenager Samantha keeps waking up on the same day – February the 12th. The first day passes as any usual school day – she is picked up by her best friend on the way to school, meet her other three best friends and together they head to the school on Cupid’s Day. There Samantha is given a beautiful rose from the guy in love with her that, afterward, invites her to the party at his. She decides to come there with her friends. During the party the girl named Juliet everyone at school makes fun of shows up at the party and Samantha’s friends abuse her so that she runs away. As the film unfolds its plot, the viewer finds out Juliet committed suicide after the party. When the girls left the event to go back home, their car was hit by something and all four died. Apparently, it was Juliet. Samantha wakes up again on the same day and everything repeats. In the end, she manages to save the life of Juliet by tossing her right in front of the track and killing herself. Juliet sees her body and whispers that she saved her life. Meanwhile, the spirit of Samantha sees that and replies “no, you saved me”.

7. Teen Spirit

This film on the list of Hollywood Teen movies 2018 follows a young teenager willing to leave her small town and family for better life prospects to become a pop star. With the unexpected assistance of a mentor, young girl, despite being very shy, manages to enter the singing competition on an international level that tests her as person revealing her ambitions, desires and an iron will.

6. Forever My Girl

This romantic film for teenagers follows a young guy – he is the one who used to be a superstar in his country. He is related to music and was known for creating astonishing music performances. One day, he makes a decision to return to his place – the home where he had left all the things behind before he went away, including the love of his entire life. This project is the brand new adaptation of the book of the same name and has been creating within a few years in a row.

5. The Darkest Minds

Another film from TOP 10 best Hollywood Teen movies of 2018 to watch follows young girl with extraordinary abilities. She runs away from the organization, a camp, to join the group of teenagers similar to her. They decide to use their abilities in order to prevent the government from the following actions.

4. On Chesil Beach

This film is also based on the novel by a British author in 2007. It is more a drama movie rather than romantic ones; however, it perfectly fits the potential expectation of modern teenagers looking for particular films for their age. The story follows a young couple who just got married and went on a honeymoon. The film represents what it would be like if we had not done something we thought would be the right decision or action. After getting married, the couple goes on a honeymoon on the seashore to stay in a small quiet hotel.

Afterward, the man finds out a little bit more about the past of his new wife who is terrified of sexual intimacy due to her being abused many years ago. That leads to the conflict as the woman rejects having sex with the man and disappears from his sight – this scene will follow him for the rest of his life.

A still from On Chesil Beach

3. Love, Simon

Another perfect teenage movie from TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Teen films 2018 – it follows young man Simon who is a gay and always sends the letters to his “boyfriend”. Suddenly, an unknown person finds out about their relationship and threatens their true sexual orientation to the whole school. Meanwhile, Simon is trying so hard to save his family and friends from that.

2. Midnight Sun

Two teenagers fall in love together but one of them dies. This is a story about a girl suffering from the rare skin disease making it impossible to put her skin under the sun. She unexpectedly falls in love with a guy that plays guitar and the girl is obsessed with music, too. Two experience real teenage love but the girl does not reveal she suffers from the rare disease. Her dream is to record a few songs she has written by herself which she manages to do before she dies.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun

1. Every Day

The first position on the list of best Hollywood Teen movies in 2018 belongs to typical film for modern teenagers starring former Disney Channel star Debby Rayan. Her character, being the antagonist of the film, falls in love with the guy who seems to change the personality every day which happens under his control.

Debby Ryan in Every Day

TOP Upcoming Teen movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Teen movies of 2017

A stand-alone genre variety in cinematography is a teen movie. It is not surprising that the main characters here are graduates of schools, students of colleges and higher education institutions. According to all the rules of the genre, in these films, there is just an abundance of scabrous jokes, and the interests of heroes do not go beyond love relationships, parties and the use of psychotropic substances. With all these crazy teens manage to solve difficult life situations with brilliance.

We are glad to present you a compilation of new Teen movies releases in 2017.

As stated, the teen movie is the category of films is primarily suitable for young people. As a rule, this is a demonstration of a rampant life – alcohol, and dancing, fashionable guys and beautiful girls, first dates and young love, cool cars and other attributes are so familiar to this age. These films must not look in order to find morals or deep speculations, although sometimes there are quite worthy creations ready to give food for the mind. And for the most part, this movie was created for fun and laughter.

Let’s begin to watch list of TOP 10 recently released Teen movies of 2017.


  1. Alibi.com

Today, many young entrepreneurs are tormented by the search for a profitable business, and for this, it is necessary to look at what services are required by others. Gregory coped with this task and founded a firm. His team provides clients with alibis in unusual or sensitive situations. What will Gregory do when the father of his bride wants to use the services of the company?

If you want to hide from obsessive admirers, it’s plausible to refuse an unwanted meeting or simply skip school for a good reason – the Super “Alibi.com” will easily come up with and give a worthy excuse. The father of beloved Gregory needs a cover for the most standard thing – a meeting with his mistress. The guy needs to work not only for the sake of the family happiness of the client but also to save their relationship.

The whole situation is complicated by the fact that the girl Gregory is an ardent supporter of the truth and pathologically despises all liars. The comedy is full of fascinating and sometimes absurd Gregory’s attempts to get out of the situation.

  1. Mad Families

Crazy families are in the compilation of latest Teen movies in english 2017.

Independence Day is an important holiday for many Americans who prefer to spend this day surrounded by their closest and most loved people. American citizens go camping or a picnic, and try to celebrate this solemn day as much fun as possible. The same goal was pursued by the heroes of this picture – an ordinary American family, who decided to relax on Independence Day in a country camping.

However, it was not easy to get the desired last place, because young Latin American and African American families also want to relax here. In the institution, there is only one free space for which three families claim, but none of them is going to sacrifice their own rest in favor of competitors. Determine the winner in the struggle for the right to be at the camping rivals decided in a very unusual way. In the movie, they arranged a match, the triumphant of which will receive the last free place, and the losers will be forced to go home with nothing…

  1. Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

A new group of students as punishment was left on Saturday at the elite academy. After one of the students closest the teacher, who was left behind to look after them, strange events begin to happen…

  1. Drunk Parents

The family couple, suffering from alcoholism, is developing a “cunning” plan, which, they hope, will allow them to hide from their daughter and closest friends the true extent of their financial problems.

Drunk Parents

  1. Monster Trucks

The protagonist of the comedy film is a happy owner of an old car with a real monster under the hood. Being a typical teenager, Tripp dreamed of getting out of a small town and for this enthusiastically built a monster trail. However, his real meal ticket is a monster, getting out of the ground during an incident on a drilling rig. An unknown creature climbs into its old jeep and becomes the best engine for the car. Tripp’s life is changing rapidly, he has found a new friend. Monster Creech and Tripp seem to be created for each other, but there are people who want to separate them.

  1. Monster Calls

The fifth place of the list of TOP 10 Teen movies recently released in 2017.

Something incredible has happened to a talented boy named Connor. In appearance, he is the same as other children of his age, but sometimes the appearance is deceptive. When the soul is particularly hard for the boy, an old tree, growing under the window, comes to his aid. The monster’s voice supports Connor in difficult situations and tells stories that inspire confidence in his own abilities. After such support and attitude, all difficulties become surmountable, and sadness and longing go away forever.

  1. Take the 10

The history of this film is so interesting and incredible that it is impossible to imagine how fate will turn for the heroes at the next moment in time. The fact is that they are completely different from each other – one of them is an idle store manager, and the second is a real drug dealer, it is difficult enough to imagine what could have been in common between these two friends. The fact is that fate itself decided to tie the two heroes with strong enough ties and now the story is evolving, showing again and again how interesting the story of two completely different friends can be if they find themselves in an unexpected and critical situation.

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Wimpy Kid is again on screen in a compilation of newly released Teen movies 2017.

Convinced of the urgent need, of course, not without the help of Greg, on a long trip to their almost 90-year-old grandmother, the family goes to congratulate their beloved grandmother on the anniversary.

But “Wimpy Kid” has his own plans, and this time he will definitely become famous and he will get it right. However, as expected, family antics will go too far and everything will get out of control, bringing down grand hopes.

  1. Colossal

A funny and amazing story happened to the heroine of the film – a young girl named Gloria. Having lost her job and her boyfriend, she is forced to leave New York and return to her hometown to try to start a new life from scratch. Upon arrival, Gloria goes to the bar, where she meets Oscar.

New friends had a good walk, but in the morning the girl could not remember anything at all. While Gloria is trying to restore the memory, TV channels show the latest world events. Seoul was attacked by a giant monster, which destroys everything in its path. That’s only Gloria begins to notice that her actions are very similar to the actions of the monster, and therefore – they are related in an inexplicable way…

  1. Fist Fight

It is the leader of the TOP 10 modern Teen movies of 2017.

The main event in the secondary school is a conflict between the two teachers. Andy Campbell was used to doing everything by the rules, which led to the dismissal of his colleague Ron. This marked the beginning of a real war, which Ron announced to the meticulous teacher. Until the last moment, Andy was confident that their little misunderstanding could be settled by peace.

However, everything has gone too far and the battle of the teachers is inevitable. Andy is trying to prepare for the fight, but until the last moment hopes that the conflict will be resolved by peace, even though the passions are heating up.

TOP 10 Teen latest movies 2017 is over.

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TOP Upcoming Teen movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Teen movies 2017

Teenagers these days are more educated in some matters than the grown-ups and it’s getting harder and harder to surprise them. All those social media outlets, crazy YouTube videos and early access to tech have turned them into a bunch of smart-asses. However, our TOP 10 best English Teen movies 2017 to watch list is packed with just the right films that will make them say “Wow!” even if they think they’ve seen and experienced it all. We’ve got action, sci-fi, drama and adventure for the kiddos to enjoy!

Don't Hang Up

  1. Get Out

It’s safe to say that every guy out there feels obligated to meet his girl’s parents when things get serious. Chris, a black fella living in America, has been dating his lovely white girlfriend for a while, and now it’s time for him to meet her big family for the first time. Rose’s moms and pops have a gorgeous mansion and lots of powerful and influential friends. They all try too hard to be open-minded and respect his skin color, but Chris still feels like an outsider.  It’s not news to him, and he’s already used to handling racial tension. But he could never imagine what kind of atrocities these people are involved in. Could Rose be luring him into a trap? And what is her family doing behind those stone walls?

  1. Collide

Casey is lost: his girl, Juliette, needs urgent medical help, and he doesn’t have that kind of money on him. They’re Americans in Germany, on a trip to enjoy their time together, but now Casey is racing against time, trying to escape the cops and the local drug lords to save his girl’s life. With no other option on the table, he teams up with a local thug and together they steal some drugs from a brutal crime boss. So now he’s forced to maneuver through the harsh Munich streets and use every last bit of wits, intelligence, experience and luck to make it through the day and help Julie. Of the TOP 10 new English Teen movies 2017, this one’s a fast-paced and action-packed masterpiece.

  1. Transformers: The Last Knight

Michael Bay sure does know how to wreak havoc in the most pleasing way. The Transformers are back, and this time around, the humans are in quite a lot of trouble. Prime has gone rogue, and with only a few Autobots still on our side, the world governments will have to do everything in their power to prevent our Blue Planet from total Annihilation. The machines are ruthless, and they won’t stop until every single human is dead. Yeager had more than enough drama with his last interaction with the robots, but America is calling on himself once again to save the day. The fate of both Cybertron and Earth are in his hands…

  1. Don’t Hang Up

Sam and his friends, a bunch of slackers, have nothing better to do that call people in the middle of the day (or night) and prank them harshly. They don’t have a single care in the world and enjoy messing around with other people’s lives. Furthermore, they put it all on YouTube and let the cruel audience from all over the world to laugh at the poor souls. But you can’t go on without a proper punishment for too long, and when they attempt to prank the wrong individual, the bastards find themselves right in the middle of a gruesome prank. Fun instantly turns into horror, and there’s no telling whether any of them will make it to the end of the day. Put Don’t Hang Up on the list of TOP 10 English Teen movies 2017 if blood-chilling thrillers/horrors are your cup of tea.

  1. Friend Request

Laura is a super-popular girl in college and is equally loved both by her real and virtual friends. Over 800 people follow her life on Facebook and give her all kinds of praise. But, when she makes the mistake of accepting Marina’s friend request, her carefree existence turns into a real nightmare. Who is this mysterious girl and why does she want to hurt Laura and her friends? Is there a way to beat the curse, or is she already doomed to die? The girl is terrified and doesn’t know what to do next: run away, or stay at home and fight?

  1. Atomic Blonde

Welcome to the Cold War, ladies and gentlemen: the Soviets and the Americans are grappling for world domination, and the life of a spy is full of dangers and sacrifices. A gifted MI6 agent, a gorgeous woman, has a new mission: to arrive in Berlin and figure out what happened to another operative who’s gone missing. If she wants to be successful in this highly perilous assignment, she’ll have to get her hands on a precious list of double agents. The clock is ticking, and every second counts. You want to watch TOP 10 English Teen films 2017? Why don’t you start with this awesome thriller?

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

The teenagers of all ages and nationalities are big fans of sci-fi, and the Guardians are, without a doubt, one of the best series in the genre right now. The team was successful in beating Ronan, an intergalactic villain, and now they’re just roaming the endless Cosmos, trying to find a clue as to where Starlord’s father is. On their journey, the meet all kinds of friendly and not-so-much creatures, but the real challenge comes from deep within the galaxy, and if the heroes fail, the lives of millions, if not billions will be in great danger.

  1. The Space Between Us

Romantic sci-fi is something the kiddos really love as well, and The Space Between Us is a near-perfect story that follows the first human being born on Mars and his bumpy experience on Earth. Gardner is a 16-year-old kid, and all he’s ever known is his life on the Red Planet. He’s been talking to a beautiful girl from Earth, and when they finally let him visit the planet, he is overwhelmed with everything that it has to offer. Gardner really wants to learn who he is and where he comes from, but time is of the essence, and he can’t pick between his family and the girl. The Space Between Us is one of the TOP 10 latest English Teen movies 2017 release list champions, no doubt about that.

  1. Justice League

Batman used to be one of the biggest Superman haters, but, after the Man of Steel sacrificed himself for the Greater Good, Bruce got really inspired and decided to become the new superhero that his city and the rest of the world desperately needed. However, even the Dark Knight can’t handle what’s coming on his own, so, with the help of Diana, aka Wonder Woman, he embarks on a journey towards finding the greatest heroes of our time and creating a lethal force to confront the villains. The Apocalypse is near, and only Batman can lead his new friends to victory.

  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

We’ve all been waiting for the new Spidey to finally come out, and it feels great to say that the movie is right around the corner. This is yet another take on the legendary superhero’s tale and follows the young Peter who’s just learning how to use his extraordinary powers. The kid is living with his aunt in the heart of Queens and looks up to Stark, the leader of the Avengers. The aspiring hero has a lot of ground to cover, but, with the help of the Ironman, he’ll find his true calling and defeat the Vulture in an epic battle.

And that’s it for our TOP 10 popular English Teen movies in 2017, list!

TOP Upcoming Teen movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Teen movies 2017

Teen movies are a non-standard category in the cinema which produced primarily for the younger generation. You ask why? Is it not interesting for older people to watch such films? Not at all! Teen comedies differ from other genres only that they tell about a fun student life, study in a college or university, first love… and of course a lot of jokes that are associated with these events. Therefore this genre will be interesting for people of all ages. Youth comedy about love will charge you positive energy for the day!

The theme of love in such films deserves special attention. After all, the most amazing, and sometimes unconventional situations happen with young people. Student years in hostel generate a large number of absurd situations, filled with positive. And, of course, it is worthy to capture such moments in the cinema. The youth comedy about love not only can improve moods but also prolong your life through laughter.

Fist Fight

In our TOP ten good Teen movies 2017 in theaters you will find a large selection of such films that will help you and your friends to have fun and carefree time.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Teen films 2017.

  1. Drunk Parents

The main characters of the movie are the Frank and Nancy who are proud of their financial situation. They have a big house, expensive cars and a clever daughter who just graduated from school. But, having spent the daughter in college, the spouses understand that they do not have to money to pay the college. At night, they decide, secretly from friends, to arrange a pretty drunk garage sale.

Drunk Parents

  1. Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

The events of the dynamic film take us to a suburban elite school, where children of politicians and wealthy entrepreneurs study. The main heroes of the comic thriller have been used behave badly since childhood because their parents are able to solve any problems. This is why many of them fell into a suburban academy resembling a boarding school. Most of the year, children spend in the walls of the school, going home only for the holidays.

At the beginning of the narrative comes another holiday, which means that the children must leave the school in order to spend time with their parents. But a strong storm begins, blocking the way out of the building. Realizing that they will not be able to get home again, the heroes decide to find entertainment. The choice falls on the ancient rite, which allows summoning demons and ghosts. Initially, the guys just fooling around, but when they perform the rite, terrible and incomprehensible events begin to occur in the building. The situation is only complicated when the students learn that in the past there was a damned Indian village on the school site.

  1. Alibi.com

It is how to make an alibi is in our list of TOP 10 good Teen movies 2017

Each person at least once in his life needed an alibi. The purposeful Greg took this idea as the basis for developing his own business. His company quickly became successful, because it did not have competitors on the market. Greg’s clients were very different people: from a simple worker who needed an excuse for his next delay to a traitor husband or an official. At the same time, while the affairs of the young businessman went uphill, he took care of his beloved girl, who soon became his wife. Greg was absolutely satisfied with all his achievements until one day…

  1. Mad Families

On Independence Day, three families were given tickets to the same place. As a result, the insane families decided to arrange a series of competitions among themselves, the winner of which will get the cherished place. Contests came up with a variety of things, from verbal battles to battles in the mud.

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Greg convinces members of his family that they all need to go on a trip to personally attend the grandmother’s 90th birthday. This serves as a cover for his own plans: the boy expects to get at the game convention, passing nearby.

  1. Colossal

It is the middle of the TOP 10 really good Teen movies.

The life of Gloria is on a black streak. Almost at one time she parted with the guy and loses her job. These events lead to the fact that the girl falls into depression and begins to abuse alcohol. Deciding that the change of scenery will help to cope with the trouble, Gloria leaves New York for the city where she grew up. Already on the road, she learns that at this time on the other side of the world there is a catastrophe. In distant Seoul, a huge monster rages and destroys everything in its path. Gradually, Gloria understands that there is an inexplicable connection between her and the monster. Somehow the girl controls all the actions of the supernatural being, and it is her negative emotions that give him vitality.

  1. Snatched

Crazy girls in the TOP 10 good english Teen movies 2017.

Emily breaks up with the guy. Then, wanting to take a rest, she persuades her mother to go on vacation to Ecuador in search of adventure. At the place of their arrival they are kidnapped, and women are trapped in the jungle.

  1. Take the 10

While Chester works on double shifts at the grocery store and dreams of saving money for a trip to Brazil, his friend Chris spends whole days getting into debt and dreaming of attending another concert.

  1. Monster Trucks

It is a fantastic comic thriller, telling about the unusual friendship of a young man who loves speed and dreams of participating in steep races, and a certain monster that emerged from the depths of the earth as a result of the accident on the rig. This friendship turned out to be beneficial for both. Tripp wants to have his own car, a monster is about returning home. They have the opportunity to help each other.

  1. Fist Fight

When one schoolteacher achieves the dismissal of another, the latter wants to beat him.

TOP 10 new good Teen movies 2017 release date, you can find on the Internet.

Thank you for watching!

TOP Upcoming Teen movies 2019-2020

List of best Hollywood Teen movies in 2017

When you have a bad mood or want to distract from sad thoughts, there is nothing better than watching teen comedies. This subgenre was developed in the late 60’s and since then firmly established in the industry, as one of the most successful. It’s interesting that youth comedy looks not only by young people, as it may seem, but people of all ages and interests. True friendship, first love, unforgettable adventures – this is familiar and understandable to everyone. How easy it is to remember your own youth and recharge with positive for the next day! To do this, just look at our TOP 10 best Hollywood Teen movies of 2017 to watch.

List of best Hollywood Teen movies in 2017

  1. Fist Fight

Everyone used to see school fights between children, but no one could imagine that the disagreements between the two teachers would lead to the fact that they would be going to fight in the backyard of the school. It all started with the fact that a gentle and insecure English teacher Andy Campbell, because of a series of funny accidents, became a sworn enemy for one of his colleagues – a great teacher with the harsh face of Ron Strickland. Andy is firmly convinced that the pedagogical methods of his colleague are not only meaningless, but they can also pose a real threat to children. Because of this, Ron is on the verge of dismissal.

Ron, being a quick-tempered and aggressive person, wants to take revenge on the offender and offers Andy to sort out the masculine after the lessons. But Campbell is not too happy about this idea because he is not used to solving disputes by violence, besides, there is no doubt that he will lose the fight. The teacher of English does his best to avoid the bloody massacre, while the whole school held its breath in anticipation of the battle of the teachers.

  1. Monster Trucks

Tripp is a high school student living in a small provincial town. Most of all in life he dreams of getting out of this backwoods, in which nothing interesting awaits him. He is pretty well versed in technology and almost all his free time devotes to building a monster truck, using the wreckage of old cars. Once on the rig, there is an accident that frees a strange creature. Nobody has ever seen such creatures before, so there are people who are starting to hunt for him. He manages to get away from the pursuit and take cover in Trip’s garage. So the guy finds a true friend, who, like him, loves speed. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Teen movies 2017 because it came out recently.

  1. Take the 10

Chris and Chester are best friends and colleagues at work in the grocery store. They, in spite of completely different characters, spend a lot of time together and dream that in the future they will be able to achieve something more than the picking up of goods on the supermarket shelves. Recently, some disagreements began to arise between them, and the reason is the desire of the hardworking Chester to save up some money and go on a trip to Brazil. Chris tries to persuade the friend to go to a rock concert at which they can pass on fake tickets.

One day Chester gets off work early and goes to a meeting with a potential buyer of his vintage car. With this deal, he will be able to earn the missing amount of money and, finally, fly to Brazil. That’s just the deal ends in a complete failure, and the guy is in the very epicenter of the showdown for the territory between the two warring gangs. Chris at the same time associated with a brutal drug dealer, from whom he, without thinking, stole the goods. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the hero’s boss learned about their machinations in the store, and now they not only owe him money, but they may well be behind bars. The day for Chester and Chris promises to be very difficult, but at stake is their friendship.

  1. Snatched

Crazy mother and daughter, having gone on holiday to South America, fall into a very unpleasant situation, from which they will have to get out, counting only on their own strength.

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Greg urges his family to go to celebrate the 90th anniversary of his beloved grandmother. But this is a cover, his main goal is the largest annual computer games show that runs near the grandmother’s house. But how will he combine these two activities? The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Teen films 2017 because it was already released.

  1. Alibi.com

The ingenious protagonist, who earns a living by creating a lime alibi for those who want to hide something from their soul mate, finds himself in a difficult situation when he starts to need this alibi himself.

  1. Mad Families

To have a good rest of the weekend on Independence Day, three families go to the camp: white, African-American and Hispanic. At the same time arriving at the site, they are disappointed – there was only one place. But they are not ready to give up, so they decide to compete. And the best family will get this place. All’s fair in achieving the goal.

  1. Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

As punishment, a group of elite academy students is left locked in the walls of the institution, after they closed their teacher who was supposed to watch them. But left alone, there begin to happen terrible and frightening events.

  1. Drunk Parents

Alcohol-stricken family couple is developing a “cunning” plan, which they hope will enable them to hide from their daughter and close the true extent of their financial problems.

Drunk Parents

  1. Colossal

It is the leader of the list of Hollywood Teen movies 2017.

In the center of the plot of the film is a young girl named Gloria. Because of the addiction to alcohol and noisy parties, her life flies out. Gloria throws a guy, and she loses her job in New York. As a result, the heroine goes to her native town in the hope of starting a new life. However, moving does not change the way of life of Gloria – now she just hangs every evening in the bar of her old friend. At this time, a huge monster attacks Seoul and soon Gloria realizes that these events are somehow fantastically associated with her.

Our TOP 10 new holly Teen movies ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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When does come out Midnight Sun movie 2017

Sometimes film directors really have some talent to give the main roles to the particular actors who have grown up in public. People can clearly see their achievements and that cannot stop them from admiring. Such actors often start their career on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. And they always stay a part of it even whilst filming in other projects. So when does Midnight Sun come out to the world’s cinemas and theaters?

Have to wait:

[ujicountdown id=”Release Date in:” expire=”2017/07/14 00:00″ hide=”true” url=”” subscr=”” recurring=”” rectype=”second” repeats=””]

First of all, the production of this romantic drama started in 2015. During that year it was announced who was going to direct and what actors were invited to play main roles. However, even if it is the new upcoming movie, this is actually a remake of Japanese movie filmed in 2006 with the same name. The photography started right after the future film stars were announced to the public on the Internet at the beginning of October 2015. The actual filming began in British Columbia.

Midnight Sun movie 2017

However, movie Midnight Sun trailer hasn’t been released yet but people already know the plot due to the Japanese project “Taiyō no Uta”. It is also known that the movie premiere is scheduled for 14th of July in 2017 in American cinemas. The whole film was filmed in Vancouver with featuring popular local rock band. They appear on the screen just a few times playing and performing in the background of Vancouver nightclub. What are the actors and actresses that got the main leading roles in the upcoming film project?

  • Bella Thorne. American actress best known for playing in Disney series Shake It Up. She also took a part in many Hollywood projects such as the film The Duff and appeared in Disney series as a popular Disney Channel stars among Zendaya, Selena Gomez etc.
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger. Son of Austrian-born actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and author of popular books Maria Shriver. He has some experience in filming but this film is his first debut role.
  • Rob Riggle. American actor and former US Marine officer. Nowadays it is known that he took a part in Kosovo War and retired in 2013. He is best known for getting main roles in comedies and different American shows.

Story line – American adaptation of Japanese drama

After getting the information about Midnight Sun 2017 movie release date, it is time to tell more about the story line of the upcoming American movie. This is a story about 17-years-old girl Katie who has a Xeroderma pigmentosum (very rare recessive that caused genetically). Because of her illness, she is not allowed to go outside so she usually sleeps during the day and goes outside only when the sun goes down. Katie is also obsessed with singing and playing the guitar. One night, she sees the boy, whose name is Charlie, who used to be an athlete in high school and she admires him.

One night they accidently meet each other and later on fall in love. However, the main female protagonist tries too hard to hide her condition which doesn’t work and at the end of the film Charlie finds out about her disease. The rest of the cast also plays the main role in the life of a girl who likes music and finishes recording some songs she wrote by herself on the nights. At the time the disease started progressing more and more so Katie is no longer able to play guitar. However, Charlie helps her with recording album and right after that, she passes away.

Midnight Sun 2017

Before the recording, the family of the main female character made a decision to be in the studio to support their daughter. But she asks them to leave until the CD disk with her personal songs is not ready. So when is Midnight Sun 2017 coming to the theaters the audience will be able to the final scenes that will touch their hearts. The songs of Katie will be played on the radio and her boyfriend’s mind will be replaying her voice, her songs, and music that she played over and over again. This film is not just a story about love, as it has always been in the films.

This is a story about struggling, playing music that is being a huge part of some people who are creative and talented, and finding a power to go ahead no matter happens. There was also a quote that people often connect to this film that is being translated from the Croatian language. It says: unusually creative people often have the genes that are nowadays associated with severe disorders, but they live and enjoy life a lot more than the persons who are not diseased.

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When does come out Before I Fall movie 2017

Suppose, that you have done something very bad, but realized it too late, when nothing can be changed. Suppose you really have a chance to fix your actions, and you try to fix it again and again, but every time something does not work, and it leads you into despair.

Before I fall. What you gonna do, if you have just one day to change everything?

In this situation was Samantha Kingston, who was successful, and who did not know any serious problems. She had many friends, cool boyfriend, and bright future. After the fatal night, Sam wakes up in the morning and has no life or future at all. Friday, February 12, was supposed to be just another day in her life. But it happens that on that day she died. But something keeps Samantha among the living, and she is forced to live that day over and over again, painfully trying to understand how she can save her life, and revealing the true value of all that it is in danger of losing. A Girl started to hesitate about how correct, in reality, she was living.


Before I fall is based on the novel by American author Lauren Oliver. It was her debut novel, but it immediately becomes in 2010 one of the most popular book of the year. What about the plot? First of all, this book is targeted at teenagers 16-17 years. When does Before I Fall come out, we’ll reveal in this article.

The famous actress Zoey Deutch, who played in the «Vampire Academy», «Everybody Wants some», will be present in the adaptation of the famous book «Before I fall». She will have a difficult test to experience the same bad day many times. She’s caught in a mysterious time loop for a few days. And before the girl gets out of this fatal trap she will have to obtain and understand important life lesson.

Below, watch movie “Before I Fall” trailer.

Before I Fall is different from other films and is an interesting picture for young people. The screenwriter is Gina Prince-Bythewood. She is the main writer of Love & Basketball, Beyond the Lights.

Trailer of the movie from the first seconds captivates and compels to watch it until the end. Those who watched the movie Groundhog Day obviously will enjoy this picture. The main hero seems smart and kind, but like every young person, she has some mistakes that should be fixed. This movie teaches that we don’t know if we have tomorrow to fix everything. Every morning she wakes up and she’s trying to figure out what was wrong In her life. The first part of the movie is in strong contrast with the second part. Drama getting more serious with every minute of the movie.

girl friends

The meaning of the movie is that each person should live a full life with dignity, without any regrets, because nobody knows what will happen tomorrow or in the near future.


Before I Fall 2017 movie release date is planned for March 2017.

Since the film is intended for a young audience, the actors well chosen for this purpose. Charming main character Zoey Deutch shone earlier «Vampire Academy» project and «Everybody Wants some».

Elena Kampouris took part in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, TV series “American Odyssey”, Labor Day and even Gossip Girl.

Jennifer Beals is an amazing and beloved star of great series “The L word”. She will play in this movie the mother of Samantha (Zoey Deutch). Just her presence makes the movie so exciting and intriguing.

Logan Miller is famous with TV series “The Walking Dead”, Ultimate Spider-Man, movie Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.


When is Before I Fall coming to theaters? The date is already released – for USA 3 march 2017.

Main ideas

  • “A moment of death is full of sounds, heat, and light in it as much light rushes forward, arching higher and higher, and higher, and if the singing was a feeling that this rise is reminiscent of laughter, would they”
  • “Try not to judge. Do not forget that between you and me, no difference.”
  • “People live in hope. Even after the death of hope, the only thing that does not completely die.”
  • “Maybe you will live another day. Maybe even a thousand days, three thousand, or ten days so that they can swim, lie, to pass through his fingers as coins. So many days that you can spend in vain. But some of has no tomorrow.”
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When does come out The Space Between Us

If you have not heard about this movie, you have to know when does The Space Between Us come out and everything else right now. Not a remake, but unusual story being prepared for release in the cinemas. The story is based on a relationship of lovers, who are from different planets. How could this happen and how they are going to meet? He must experience the journey from Mars? So he opens the love in his heart, the joy of moments of life on Earth, as well as all that is associated with these problems.

The Story

Based on the movie The Space Between Us trailer of interplanetary events, we can find the beginning of the story, but not its end. And it all begins with the fact that an astronaut was pregnant. But this fact only managed to have started during a space mission. And it is very dangerous in weightless conditions, and it is not allowed to have a baby on board. But we shall see in the film not only the one reckless act. Let’s not get too far away – all in good time. After a long journey, a woman gives birth on the red planet (Mars). Unfortunately, she died due to medical complications. The Martian-born boy was forced to grow up to 16 years with the hope that his health will be able to allow his flight back home. After all, he can find his father in the new world, but does not know exactly who his father is.

The Space Between Us trailer

It is interesting to observe the extraordinary development of a very intelligent boy, as he was brought up by the 14 astronauts. Of course, the main character wanted to talk more with someone else, so he struck up a friendship with a girl, pretty and smart Tulsa. She lives in Colorado, and they saw each other only through digital technology. One day this changes when a chance to return to Earth materialized.

a guy and a girl in space

What does it mean to live in the world? How is it to live among a large number of people? The audience will be very curious to see his earthly life in a new way. How many extraordinary and beautiful is available on our planet! How simple but no less powerful places and experiences are here! Already adult Gardner Elliot is going to experience it for himself. All that he studied on Mars can occur and fill his life, although his health is not adjusted for the normal terrestrial gravity and atmospheric pressure of the third planet. All that he knows is life in special circumstances on the fourth planet, and he does not give up. So it will be a story about the courage to reveal secrets, one in which he was interested all his life.

Some Facts

The story is not based on the book, and it’s a big plus. We are used to comparing the book with adaptation, forgetting that there are originally different categories. In this case we see the original idea written at the beginning as a script. The director Peter Chelsom has created a common vision and the atmosphere. He knew how to depict the world that emerged from a solid idea. So we’ll see what happens to the first person to be born and grow up on Mars in secrecy. So there will not be many views and opinions on the story connected under one name of the movie.

young people look to the mountains

It is interesting that the film genre is not science fiction or metaphysics. The events described in the film may occur in the future. Of course, there are movie blooper or unrealistic impressive effects in any film. But more important is psychological theme of the affected – to find oneself by means of exploration of the world and one’s attitude toward it. The film will be more easily understood by modern teens. But Day which will get on The Space Between Us 2017 movie release date will be interesting to all other people.

You know, on our planet there are places where the landscape seems like it is Martian. There are such places in America: Nevada and Utah, New Mexico. The filming took place in these states.


There are Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson , Janet Montgomery gathered in cast. Incidentally Elon Musk was the inspiration for the next character: the role of Gary Oldman – the biological father of the boy born on Mars. When is The Space Between Us coming to theaters? At the beginning of February 2017. By then we can again hear about the new space program from Elon Musk.