When does come out Sonic the Hedgehog movie 2019


Sonic the Hedgehog) is a US-Japan adventure film with a combination of live actors and animation. In the article below, you will find the answer to the question: “When does Sonic the Hedgehog come out?” and much more…


Jeff Fowler is the director of the picture. He worked on such projects as Gopher Broke (director) and Where the Wild Things Are (Visual Effects).

  • P. Casey and Josh Miller are screenwriters.
  • The composer of the movie is Junkie XL
  • S. Windon is a cinematographer
  • Stacey Schroeder is a film editor.

When is Sonic the Hedgehog 2019 coming to theaters?

The answer to this question you will know at the end of the article.


Dr. Eggman (Ivo Robotnik) has been Sonic’s main enemy for a long time. Insidious Dr. Eggman constantly comes up with plans to enslave the world. This time, Sonic will again have to fight against his opponent. The fact is that Dr. Eggman is a very tricky and sophisticated rival. He constantly wins victories over his enemies, but he has not yet managed to beat Sonic.

Fortunately, this time, the sheriff Tom Wachowski will accompany the main hero. Together with such a strong comrade, it is not difficult to resist Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The action takes place in San Francisco, where Sonic and Tom go along with a team of people who want to help. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that Sonic is pursued by the secret services.

Will the main hero be able to cope the difficult task and save the planet from villain in the face of Dr. Eggman?


Paramount Pictures published movie Sonic the Hedgehog trailer on its YouTube channel. Now you can watch it!

It should be noted that after the video was posted, the fans of the main hero began to write angry messages on the Internet that the creators of the film “spoiled” the design of the hedgehog. They were not satisfied with the fact that Sonic has “human” teeth and legs.

Jeff Fowler said on his Twitter that he with his team had heard the criticism of users and they are going to change the design of the hedgehod before the the release date.

At the moment, the trailer has 446 thousand dislikes against 270 thousand likes! It’s nice to see that the team listened to the criticism. Let’s hope that everything will be ok!

Interesting facts

The picture is based on the video game developed by SEGA Corporation.

The development of the movie began in 1994.

Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Ed Helms auditioned for the part of Tom Wachowski. First, Paul Rudd got the part of the hero, but later he refused to participate in the project because of the filming in “Avengers 4.” As a result, James Marsden replaced him.

Actors Jim Carrey and James Marsden had previously starred together in “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” directed by Adam McKay.

It is a third video game-based movie, which will be released in 2019 after Pokémon and the second part of the Angry Birds .

Jim Carrey had previously voiced characters from the “Horton Hears a Who!” and “A Christmas Carol” animation movies.


  • J. Marsden  as Tom Wachowski
  • J. Carrey as Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Release date

Sonic the Hedgehog 2019 movie release date is planned for February 14, 2020, in the USA.

In other countries (Ireland, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, China), the movie will be released from March 13, 2020, to August 13, 2020.

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