Scooby-Doo (2020)

Year: 2020
Сountry: USA
Actors: Amanda Seyfried, Frank Welker, Gina Rodriguez, Isla Fisher, Jason Isaacs, Kiersey Clemons, Linda Cardellini, Mark McGrath, Mark Wahlberg, Matthew Lillard, Mckenna Grace, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Rowan Atkinson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Steven Grives, Will Forte, Zac Efron
Director: Freddie Prinze Jr., Raja Gosnell, Tony Cervone
Writers: Craig Titley, James Gunn, Kelly Fremon Craig, Matt Lieberman

The kids and many adults are all waiting for the upcoming animation movies because here they can find the most amazing stories with exciting adventures, funny jokes, and tricks of the main characters.

New cartoons of 2020 will surely please both small and big audience. Among new animated cartoons will be the adventure comedy picture “Scooby-Doo,” which promises us amazing adventures with the participation of the main characters. If you want to know when does Scooby-Doo come out, then look through the article below.

Another film about a funny and tireless dog named Scooby-Doo promises to please fans of the famous Disney franchise! This animal not only knows how to bark at random passersby and protect the master’s house from uninvited visitors but also expertly uncover the loudest crimes! Who would have thought that such a smart and attentive detective dog lives in a small provincial town, noticing even the slightest discrepancies in the behavior of the suspects?


This full-length picture will be a logical continuation of the animated series and cartoons about the funny Scooby-Doo and the adventurous life of his friends. Tony Cervone is down to direct the movie. The Kelly Fremon Craig, who was remembered by the audience as the screenwriter of the picture “The Edge of Seventeen,” as well as Matt Lieberman will write the script for the cartoon.

When is Scooby-Doo 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it very soon.

France13 May 2020
Indonesia13 May 2020
Netherlands13 May 2020
Argentina14 May 2020
Brazil14 May 2020
Germany14 May 2020
Hong Kong14 May 2020
Hungary14 May 2020
Italy14 May 2020
Russia14 May 2020
Singapore14 May 2020
Slovakia14 May 2020
Ukraine14 May 2020
Bulgaria15 May 2020
Canada15 May 2020
UK15 May 2020
Iceland15 May 2020
Lithuania15 May 2020
Poland15 May 2020
USA15 May 2020
U.S. Virgin Islands15 May 2020
Japan16 May 2020
Turkey29 May 2020
Denmark3 June 2020
Australia18 June 2020
Spain19 June 2020


Scooby-Doo is back! As it is known, Scooby-Doo is a fascinating story about a group of friends who also have a little cowardly dog ​​Scooby. The task of friends is the disclosure of all sorts of crimes; they are investigating and trying to get to the truth, to find the criminals.

Together with the brave Fred, the beautiful Daphne, the clever Velma, and the fearful Shaggy, Scoob again takes on the investigation of mysterious crimes. Despite the fact that twenty years have passed, the team of detectives has not lost their step! We are waiting for fascinating stories, new heroes, including the children of the main characters, and ingenious villains.

Another adventure is associated with a mysterious treasure map, which by the will of fate was in the hands of friends. It carries enormous wealth hidden deep underground to its owners. The team, without thinking for a long time, goes in search of gold without even imagining what they have to go through.

Scooby-doo boldly rushes in search of the treasure, which promises him tons of all kinds of goodies. However, terrible accidents await a group of gold miners. They will have to face a bloodthirsty and merciless adversary.


The movie Scooby-Doo trailer is not available now. It will be released a little later.  


Zac Efron voices Fred Jones

Amanda Seyfried voices Daphne Blake

Gina Rodriguez voices Velma Dinkley

Will Forte voices Shaggy Rogers

Frank Welker voices Scooby-Doo

Release date

Scooby-Doo 2020 movie release date is expected on 15 May 2019 in the United States. Both children and adults are already looking forward to it.

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