Gigantic movie trailer 2018

Luckily in 2020 Walt Disney Studios will represent their brand new animated movie that includes musical parts, lots of comedy and adventurous characters according to old traditions of the company. There were lots of conflicts around the project, its production and, more specifically, release date of the film itself, as well as Gigantic movie trailer 2020.


You have seen lots of spoiler pictures on the Internet – we can say that the graphics have much improved and what Disney decided to use in order to create another beautiful story for kids and adults. In summer 2013 it was finally announced who will be the director of the upcoming project. Moreover, the project should have been shown in American theaters in 2017 but was suddenly canceled.

The brand new title of the animated film was changed to Gigantic in 2015 – more specifically, filmmakers announced who will create the whole music line of the story. Those people have previously worked on the music background of such contemporary animated stories as Frozen, as well as Winnie The Pooh.

Alongside making the first announcement about Gigantic teaser trailer, at the beginning of October 2016, it was said that the screenwriter of another animated project called “Inside Out”, which is even watched in school as a part of psychology class, would probably take the participation as the director.

Jack and giant girl

Interesting facts

  • It was originally scheduled to come out at the beginning of March 2018, but the premiere was canceled and pushed to November 2018. Later on, it was changed again – according to the latest news, the movie will be released at the end of November 2020.
  • The film is actually based on an English fairy tale and appears to be the second fairy tale that is adapted by this well-known company.
  • The brand new animated film follows the plot of Jack and the Beanstalk which can be shown in new Gigantic official trailer 2018. It was also adopted by Disney many years ago in 1947.
  • The first movie of the popular Disney Studios that will be rated G which means that people of any ages can watch this story

Short storyline details

According to the short details we know about the movie, it follows the Age of Exploration details being in Spain. It represents the adventures and nice friendship story of Jack and his new companion – nice 10 years old girl living in a hidden world of Giants on big white clouds.

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