Speedy Gonzales movie trailer 2018

In the network, Speedy Gonzales movie trailer 2018 appeared. In the article below, we are glad to show you all known information about the cartoon movie. Let’s go!


According to the information of the portal The Tracking Board, Warner Bros. began production of a full-length cartoon movie about Speedy.

The executive producers of the new project will be E. Derbez, who conquered the world with a dramatic picture “Instructions Not Included” and D. Sellers – the producer of “Southpaw.”

Accodring to Deadline, Eugenio Derbez explains that in Mexico in 60’s the fast little mouse was the main hero and compared with Pancho Villa. He has courage, he can protect weak people, and also he likes women…

The new picture will reboot of the original cartoon movie about Speedy, a famous little Mexican mouse from Looney Tunes.

This character was first shown in the cartoon movie “Cat-Tails for Two,” where his image was angrier, slimmer with a red tie and a red shirt. After the Speedy appeared in other animated films but in episodic roles.

Speedy Gonzales movie

The popularity of the mouse was brought by F. Freleng, who redesigned his image and made him the way he is now known. In 1955, the cartoon movie “Speedy” won an Oscar. Together with Speedy in the cartoons appeared Slowpoke (his cousin).

Note that in 1999, the Cartoon Network channel stopped broadcasting the animated series about Speedy and his cousin, explaining this by the fact that he is too full of ethnic stereotypes against Mexicans. According to representatives of Warner Bros., the company will manage to avoid this.

The cartoon is called “Speedy” and is described as a crime-comedy about the robbery. The script is written by Hank Nelken, the author of the film “Saving Silverman.”


According to Speedy Gonzales teaser trailer, Speedy is known for running away from the Sylvester the cat, who hunted after him, setting traps on the roads. Speedy has a cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez.

Release date

The release of the film is scheduled for 2018, in the United States.

The world premier is planned for the same date.

We hope that the cartoon movie will be funny and fascinating as new Speedy Gonzales official trailer 2018.

Thank you for your attention!

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