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When does come out Mary Poppins 2 movie 2018

American adventure musical directed by Rob Marshall is a sequel to the popular 1964 musical “Mary Poppins”. The film is based on works of Pamela Travers. The main character of the movie is a legendary teacher Mary Poppins – returned to the Banks’ family, to help the family cope with life’s difficulties. In the topic, you will find all known information on the movie.

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The director of the film “Mary Poppins Returns” Rob Marshall says: “I am incredibly touched and flattered by the Disney’s proposal to become a director of a new film based on the works of Pamela. The legendary original film, released in 1964, means a lot to me personally and I hope to create a bright musical history which will give a new generation of children meet the unique Mary Poppins, confident in the fact that even in the most difficult times, there is a place for sincere delight and surprise.”

Mary Poppins 2 movie 2018

  • M. Shaiman and S. Wittman are composers of the movie.
  • D. Beebe is a cinematographer.
  • W. Smith is a film editor.
  • J. Myhre is a production designer.
  • N. Moroney is a supervising art director.
  • G. Sim is a set decorator.
  • S. Powell is a costume designer.

Musical film 1964 “Mary Poppins” became a hit, and the actors, Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, performing leading roles in the film had a huge success. The film itself won five awards “Oscar” and entered the “national register of the United States of America movie”

When is Mary Poppins 2 2018 coming to theaters?

It is scheduled for the end of 2018.

About the Book

To begin with, the books about Mary are extremely ambiguous and much deeper than just a good children’s literature.

Mary Poppins 2 2018

Well, of course, on the surface – extraordinary adventures of babysitting. But dig deeper – the relationship between characters is purely English. Inherent to this kind of country – dryish, stiffness, good manners on the outside and deep, not only love but also a concern for the future students, the desire to instill in them not only the external impeccable manners but also the humanity, kindness.

Remember countryman and colleague of Mary, Jeeves – they are very similar, but only Mary makes kids by their mind come to understanding “what is good and what is bad”. Jeeves does everything for Worcester, so just keeping the laziness and stupidity of the host. In other words – Jeeves is feeding the hungry fish, while Mary teaches her pupils to fish, to always be able to feed themselves most.

Of course, her methods are controversial and sometimes stiff and harsh. But nevertheless very effective they are – Mary loves everyone, not just kids. The nurse does not lisp and spoil, she is authoritarian, incorruptible and unwavering like life itself which will have to dip children. Her perfection prepares children for adulthood. And helps children understand the complexity of life the numerous relatives and friends nanny with whom she introduces them.

In short, the book is enjoyable and useful not only for children but for adults with an open mind will find this book helpful.


The movie Mary Poppins 2 trailer is not available.


The film “Mary Poppins Returns” takes place in London in the 1930s, during the Great Depression. The main character of the movie is a mysterious teacher Mary Poppins who appears on the threshold of the Banks’ family home – her grown-up pupils. Posing as a nurse of their children, Mary called to help Banks to survive hard times and regain the family fortune. New her friend Jack who helps her in so doing is the keeper of the streetlights.


  • E. Blunt as Mary Poppins
  • L. Miranda as Jack
  • E. Mortimer as Jane Banks
  • J. Walters as Ellen

Release Date

Mary Poppins 2 2018 movie release date is planned for December 25, 2018, In the USA.

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