When does come out Meg movie 2018


American fantasy horror film directed by John Turteltaub, based on Steve Alten’s novel “Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror”.  The protagonist of the film – Professor Jonas Taylor is forced to plunge to the depth of the ocean in order to save the members of the international underwater mission from the huge shark attacking them. More detailed information, you can find on the topic below.

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Production and Creators

Work on the film began in 2000 but was suspended because of problems with the financing of the studio. Filming took place in New Zealand. Initially, the director’s chair was taken by Eli Roth but later he was replaced by J. Turteltaub. In 1997, studio “Disney” planned to launch a project with a similar storyline but was frightened by competition with the film “Deep Blue Sea”.

Meg movie 2018

  • T. Stern is a cinematographer.
  • S. Kemper is a film editor.
  • G. Major is a production designer.
  • A. McLaren is an art director.
  • A. Richards is a set decorator.
  • A. Neale is a costume designer.

About the Book

This is an exciting and horrific narrative about trying to catch a prehistoric predator living in the deepest canyon of the world’s oceans. The terrible shark managed to kill not only people but also the first American submarine “Nautilus”.

When is Meg 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will appear on the screen in 2018.

Warner Bros. postponed the premiere of the film “Meg” with Statham

Film studio Warner Bros. has once again audited the rolling schedules of its promising film projects. This time, the changes have touched a fantastic thriller, in which the main role should be played by J. Statham.

Meg movie

According to The Wrap, instead of March 2, 2018, as planned earlier, the film will be presented to viewers on August 2018. The reason for moving the premiere is not specified.

It is noteworthy that Warner Bros. having declared the date of the premiere on March 2, 2018, actually put “Meg” against another fantastic film “Predator”. It is possible that, after evaluating the potential of the project, its creators still decided not to enter into direct competition for the attention of viewers with the alien hunter. Something similar happened at one time and another studio film – Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” which was first put up against the “Captain America 3”, and then its premiere was postponed to March.

In August 2018, “Meg” has no direct competitors at the box office.


The movie Meg trailer is not available to date. On the YouTube, you will find a lot of fanmade trailers on the movie.

Meg 2018


The protagonist of the film – professor of paleontology Jonas Taylor – once sinks to the bottom of the ocean for research missions. The last dive of Jonas ended with the death of half of the team after a collision with Megalodon – a representative of the most dangerous sharks, which was considered extinct in the Pliocene era. The professor rescued by a miracle still cannot forget what happened. But one day he again has to plunge into the depths of the Mariana Trench, where members of the international underwater program were attacked by a huge prehistoric creature. After assembling a team of oceanographers, Jonas Taylor leads a rescue mission, which, most likely, will end in ruin for everyone.


Jason Statham will play one of the main roles in the fantastic movie, which is about to shoot studio Warner Bros. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The project will be based on the bestseller, released in 1997.

  • R. Rose as Jaxx
  • R. Wilson as Jack Morris
  • J. McNamee as Celeste
  • B. Li as Suyin
  • R. Taylor as Dr. Heller

Release Date

Meg 2018 movie release date is scheduled for August 10, 2018, in the USA.

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