When does come out Bunyan and Babe movie 2017


So 2016 is almost finished! And 2017 has a pleasant surprise! Bunyan and Babe is coming! But maybe you want to know who is Paul Bunyan? Why are many people waiting for this movie? And ask a question when does Bunyan and Babe movie come out?

The America’s Tall Tales of Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan is a huge growth lumberjack and he is accompanied by Babe the Blue Ox.

According to a legend when Paul Banyan was born five storks were required to bring him (in some stories storks bring babies and put them at houses of their parents). No one can give you an exact day of his birth. When his teeth began to grow he scratched gums by helve of axe. Since that time he does not leave his axe. When he got older he destroyed all the windows in the house because he clapped his hands and laughed.

Bunyan and Babe movie 2017

How tall was Paul? Someone says he was taller than the tallest tree. Others argue when Paul wanted to travel by railway the roof had to be removed from the rail car because he did not fit. Anyway, as you can see, he was not a baby.

Paul came in the camp of lumberjacks when he was still a boy. Paul friends with the seven woodcutters. They always called him with you when they went into the forest to fell trees. Paul had a habit to fell twenty or thirty trees before breakfast. And while he was having breakfast Babe dragged these trees to the sawmill.

Roads were only curves in the North at that time. And how could trees get straight on the curved roads? Paul thought long and hard and finally came up with. He harnessed Babe in the road and Babe straightened it. As a result the roads are straight in America. Paul tied Babe to the square mile and pulled up the trees to the sawmill. Then he returned miles to the place in the evening. One day they forgot to return the mile to the place. So the famous Square Mount and Square lake appeared.

Bunyan and Babe

Paul with his friend Babe created the Grand Canyon. It happened when Paul was traveling and dragging his axe. Babe is a large and very powerful animal. Where came Babe? Paul never told anyone. So he alone knows the truth. Anyway, when spring came after the Winter of the Blue Snow Paul brought Babe to the camp. Someone says that he was born blue and other people says that he turned blue after spending the night in the yard when it was blue snow. However, all people agree with one thing: Babe and Paul were simply created for each other.


The Bunyan and Babe trailer released in 2016.

The main character is young Travis Barclay with his younger sister Whitney having a great summer with grandparents in the picturesque village Delbert. Beautiful grounds and wonderful summer vacation stand out only one – neighbor Norm Blandsford is very unfriendly. He is greedy and his wealth is amassed only due to the hard work of the inhabitants of the village. Travis has a conflict with the employees of Blandsford and he runs away into the forest with an offense. But the kid even could not imagine that it is waiting for.

The boy finds a magical portal and gets into the fairy world. Paul Bunyan is here in exile a century. He helps the boy to go back home. Travis gets important information here which contains the plans of Blandsford. He bought all the land in the village and now intends to evict villagers from their houses.

Bunyan and Babe 2017

The kid decides to do everything to Blandsford’s evil plans has not found the real. He travels again to another world through the portal to ask Bunyan for help. Bunyan is forced to accept the offer. So he finds himself involved in an incredible adventure with his new friends, Travis and his younger sister.

Release date

Good news! Bunyan and Babe 2017 movie release date is the 12th of January, 2017 on Google Play to watch for free!

Cast (voice)

The voice cast looks pretty good though with John Goodman, Kelsey Grammar, Jeff Foxworthy, Johnny Orlando and more.

Bunyan and Babe in theaters

A lot of people around the world are waiting for the release of the movie in theaters. When will Bunyan and Babe come to theaters? The 3 of February, 2017 is a date of a theatrical release.

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