When does come out Table 19 movie 2017


If you are an avid movie buff and a fan of really good films, then do not miss the premiere of the oddball film “Table 19”, in which you will be able to find your favorite actors. Waiting a long time is not necessary. When does Table 19 come out? The premiere of this film is scheduled for March 3, 2017. So get ready and this spring you will see the film in the country’s cinemas.

What is the movie about?


  • Anna Kendrick as Eloise McGarry
  • Amanda Crew
  • Stephen Merchant as Walter Thimble
  • Lisa Kudrow
  • Wyatt Russell

Table 19 movie 2017

Wedding is the most important event in the life of every person. When this day comes, anyone wants that everything will be perfect. And watching out for this order is given to the witnesses. These two should ensure that all proceeded as planned, the guests have fun and are satisfied with everything. Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but at the same time incredibly difficult.

The heroine of the movie “Table 19” Elioza happily greeted the news that she will be a bridesmaid because it is an opportunity for her the whole evening to be the center of attention. Especially because her boyfriend is the brother of the happy bride. The film “The table number 19” will tell us a fascinating story of the witness, which had happened to her before the wedding of her best friend. «You are the real modern Romeo and Juliet and we wish you the same happy marriage», is a joke like a refrain throughout a comedy in which it’s shined babe Anna Kendrick and a serious lady, but all the same Freaky Phoebe – Lisa Kudrow. And now you can see movie Table 19 trailer.

The story about six strangers

Table 19 2017 movie release date is 3 of March 2017.

The best friend of Elioza very soon gets married. However, a couple of days before the wedding, the guy, who plays the role of best man at the event, break up with her. In the midst of preparations for the upcoming celebration, he announced his desire to sever relations with her and made it by very ugly way – by telephone.

Table 19 movie

Lovely girl is very upset and does not know what to do because now another girl takes the place of the witness, and she becomes just a guest. Elioza is at a loss: the spontaneous separation deprived her desire to attend the wedding even more that refusing for her to be a bridesmaid. But the splendid dress is already bought, so the heroine forgets offense and goes to the festive event, where for her the place is prepared at a table for alone guests.

All guests have a number of the table on their invitations, on which they should sit. Since Elioza at the last moment left without the role of the witness, it was at the table number 19, and with five strangers.

The company that met behind the nineteenth table are very interesting: a couple of nerds, giggling at the word sex, grandma, two completely superfluous people and she, Elioza is the girl who was invited to the wedding as a bridesmaid, “made of honor”. But after breaking up with a guy who plays the role of the wedding groom’s witness (and in the life he is also the brother of the bride), Elioza was reduced to just a guest. Anyway, no one thought that she would come.

Table 19

The guests began to get acquainted and to tell everyone about themselves. The romantic atmosphere is not for Elioza: among the dancing and merry people she feels lonely. Talking with unwitting neighbors also has not turned, because with her at the same table were an eccentric old lady, a pervert, and a young Don Juan. They find it difficult to find common ground, but there is something to learn from each other.

When Elioza told about herself, she told her sad story, and yet she told everyone who sits at the table, that no one at the wedding thinks that they really come. As the mother of the bride said: “At this table, there are people who have been instead of himself to send gifts.”

But like her unwanted guests prepared the same ill-fated Nineteenth table. The word for word the guests that sat at table 19 understand that all of them, so different and unlike, brings together – they are not welcome here. This is a very shocked those who were at the table, and they decide to leave the wedding, and go to an unknown destination.

And we don’t want to be in the wedding – these thoughts run through each inhabitant table pariah, but so fate decreed that these six went out and brought on this wedding that the bride and groom did not even dream … What lies ahead of our heroes and Elioza? Perhaps it is no coincidence that she was at this table and maybe she will soon meet her true love.

When is Table 19 coming to theaters? Premiere will be on March 3, 2017.

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