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The next movie that we are going to discuss is called “Early Man”. The director of the film is N. Park. All known information on a movie you will find in the article below, including the answer to the main question: “When does Early Man come out?”

Ancient Man

How appeared ancient man? The answer to this question is wondered people at all times. There were interesting moments like what he was doing, what he ate, where he lived, and what he liked and what he was frightened. Some people growing up do not forget about their questions. The same applies to scientists and archaeologists who are engaged in research to learn more about the first ancient man, about his life.

Early Man movie 2018

If we talk about the first man, he was the Australopithecus, which lived about five-two million years ago. Perhaps some believe that he lived in Australia. But in fact, it is not, despite the name, which got the first man. His tracks were found in southern Africa. This happened in 1924 when it was made a major discovery by Professor Raymond Dart. This man excavated in Taung, where found the skull of a small size. The first thought of the professor was that the find belongs to ape. However, after a careful study, Dart found that the owner of the skull is not a monkey but the oldest child at the age of six.

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Because the found skull was very similar to the monkey, the archaeologist decided to call this way first man. If translate this name, it turns African Australopithecus. Later discovery became known as “Taung Baby”.

Then in 1935, the family from England interested in the remains of the first man. The head of the family was an archaeologist, Leakey. It is their discoveries expanded knowledge about the ancient man.

When is Early Man 2018 coming to theaters?

It is scheduled to out the movie on screens in 2018, in the USA. The exact month and day are unknown.

Early Man 2018


Between Australopithecus and monkey, there is no difference. Their only difference is that they have moved on two legs. We must say that in this case they are bent, and their hands hung below knees. They differed by very clumsy gait, kept uncertain since walked on bent legs. It should be noted that when it was possible they were based on all the limbs, and differed by the agility on trees, where they spent most of the time.

Knowledge of nature developed the observation of ancient man. This enabled him to make many wonderful discoveries. People gradually learned to understand their surrounding flora. They have learned to distinguish between the useful plants from those that may cause harm. Many plants they began to eat then learned the healing properties of some of them. Of the medicinal plants produced tinctures, ointments, herbal teas. Poisons have used for putting fish down but most of them used as a cover of the arrowheads.

Even in so distant past, people were able to identify certain diseases and use appropriate methods of treatment. If necessary, stopped the blood, even surgery was performed, such as opening the boil, removing the patient’s tooth. In exceptional cases, patients could amputate his limbs.

The hunting allowed to learn a lot about the life of wild animals. People are well versed in the habits of the animals; their tracks can determine the path of their movement. When hunting or engaged in gathering, people have the sense of direction. This he learned by observing the position of the sun and the stars in the sky.

Early Man 2018

The man was able to measure distances. Long distances were measured by the days of the way. This day is the period from sunrise to sunset. Smaller distances were measured by arrows or spears flight. The smallest – with the help of various parts of the human body: feet, elbows, fingers, nails.


The official movie Early Man trailer is not available. You can watch only teaser-trailer on the YouTube.


The movie is about the adventures of a brave caveman coupled with the best friend-boar combines his tribe to fight against the insolent but a powerful and progressive opponent. Their rivalry should be resolved at the first-ever football match.


  • T. Hiddleston as voice of Lord Nooth
  • E. Redmayne as voice of Dug
  • M. Williams as voice of Goona

Release Date

Early Man 2018 movie release date in the USA is unknown. But the premier will be in 2018. in In the UK premiere will be on January 26, 2018.

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