When does come out Pacific Rim 2 movie 2018


In the recent 2013 released a film about giant robots fighting with the evil aliens invading the human world from the depths of the sea. Many were skeptical about the release of the movie, thinking it would be another clone of “Godzilla”. But not so! Picture of Guillermo Del Toro amazed both the audience and critics for its ambiance, outstanding special effects, and most importantly – a strong script, which was carefully transferred to the big screen, taking the idea of the plot of the anime “Evangelion”. The film “Pacific Rim” has grossed 410 million dollars, recouping the budget (190 million dollars) more than 2 times. In the article below you will find all answer to the question, including the main one: “When does Pacific Rim 2 come out?”

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It is 2017 and “not far away” a continuation of the successful blockbuster. But there was a time when it seemed that the first part of the “Pacific Rim” remains the only one. In the autumn of 2015, “Pacific Rim 2” was removed from the release schedule, explaining the need to give the team more time to work on the film. Bosses of the company wanted a sequel has exceeded the original by quality, and in the stated date, it was impossible to cope with such a purpose. And the director, in addition to work on the blockbuster, had other projects. (One of them – “Crimson Peak” has already been in theaters). Therefore, the process of creating a sequel could take a long time. But now, there is exact information that the movie in production and in the next year we will see it on cinema screens.

Pacific Rim 2 movie 2018

Production and creators

The original director of “Pacific Rim 2” the film was appointed Guillermo del Toro – the director of the first part but later was replaced by director S. DeKnight who filmed the TV series “Daredevil” and “Spartacus: Blood and San” and Guillermo del Toro left in the film only as a producer. In an interview, the producer told a little about the production: “Several years are past after events of the first part. That is, it is not a direct sequel. The world is no longer “Kaiju” and we look at what is happening in this world. What happens to the ranger’s technology as “Kaiju” has ceased to be a threat.” According to Guillermo, in the movie remains C. Day in the role of Geiszler and B. Gorman as Gottlieb. Fit these characters in the script was a real pleasure. I love writing for Charlie and Bern. Because I really like to work with Burn, he was in the “Crimson Peak”. In general, there will be many. But the “Kaiju” there also will be, and they have undergone drastic changes. You’ll also see a very different type of robots and different kind of adventure”

  • J. Paesano is a composer of the film.
  • Dan Mindel is a cinematographer.
  • Z. Staenberg is a film editor.
  • S. Dechant is a production designer.
  • C. Revai is a supervising art director
  • L. Wolf is a costume designer.

When is Pacific Rim 2 2018 coming to theaters?

It is scheduled for February 2018.

Interesting Facts

  • In an interview with Collider in November 2014, Guillermo del Toro announced that thinks on the sequel of the film “Pacific Rim”.
  • Guillermo del Toro turned down the role of the film director in connection with a very busy schedule.
  • This is the first work as a director for Steven S. DeKnight in the world of full-length blockbuster movies. Prior to this, he worked only with the television series.
  • The release of the film has been postponed from August 4th, 2017 to February 23, 2018.
  • In 2016 it became known that Charlie Hunnam will not appear in the film.
  • Warner Bros. Pictures will distribute the film in the world market, while Universal – only within the United States.


The movie Pacific Rim 2 trailer is not available. Filming of it will be when ends filming of the movie.


The movie will focus on the global war in the ocean between earthlings and alien creatures. The previous part had impressive successes by gathering in the world more than four hundread million dollars. It can be considered a successful project innovator in the film by Guillermo who leave the second part of his role as a producer.


  • T. Jing as Liwen Shao
  • C. Day as Dr. Newton Geiszler
  • R. Perlman as Hannibal Chau
  • B. Gorman as Dr. Hermann Gottlieb

Release Date

Pacific Rim 2 2018 movie release date is planned for February 23, 2018, in the USA.

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