When does come out The Equalizer 2 movie 2018

Great news for fans of action-packed fighters – in theatres will release the continuation of the dramatic action “The Equalizer!” The main role in it will continue to play Denzel Washington. The script is based on the events of the same name of the series, remaining on the peak of glory in the 80-90-ies of the last century. Fun fact: the series was so popular that leading role artist on the streets is not treated as an actor but as a former agent. The new film will be shown on screens in September 2017 – exactly three years after the premiere of the first part. What twists and turns of the plot are expected from the new tape?

Have to wait:

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When is The Equalizer 2 2018 coming to theaters?

It is programmed to release movie on screens in the middle of September 14, 2017.

The Equalizer 2 movie 2018

Film Crew

The shooting of the sequel of Sony Pictures and Escape Artists Company was announced even before the release of the first film of the series. In 2015, this information has been officially confirmed. It is known that the producers of the film will be such renowned filmmakers as Todd Black and Jason Blumenthal (“The Pursuit of Happiness”, “Seven Pounds”).

The script for “Equalizer” will continue to write Richard Wenk, Richard Lindheim and Michael Sloan. Also is known the director of the movie. The first part of the “Equalizer” put Antoine Fuqua, known by the audience tense thriller “Training Day” and “Shooter”. In an interview with the director has repeatedly said the desire to withdraw the continuation of “Equalizer” and this contract is now signed. The exact director of the movie is Antoine Fuqua.


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The official movie The Equalizer 2 trailer you can watch on the YouTube.

The Equalizer 2


Robert McCall is a former secret agent. After leaving the service, he fakes his own death and promises himself never to use weapons. Robert now works in the hardware store and lives a quiet peaceful life. But seeing as the Russian mafia thugs beat his friend – a girl named Terry – McCall breaks his vow and take up arms.

Now he is Equalizer, a fighter with the criminal authorities and the defender of the weak. In the first film series McCall was able to defeat his chief opponent Pushkin – the head of a criminal group. But will be able the main character to restore universal justice and improve relations with Terry under the force if? We will see this only in September 2017.


Denzel Washington – the only actor whose involvement in the film surely know. Consent for continued filming he gave in 2015. In addition to the role of McCall, Washington praised roles in the film “The Hurricane”, “Remember the Titans” and “American Gangster”. For roles in “Valor” (1990) and “Training Day” (2002), the actor received the “Oscar” statuettes. Denzel was the first African American to win the award twice.

It is possible that the in the movie will appear who plays Terry – Chloe Moretz.

Release Date

The Equalizer 2 2018 movie release date is scheduled on 14th of September, 2017 in USA.

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