When does come out Wreck It Ralph 2 movie 2018

It is the Continuation of the American full-length comic cartoon of 2012 “Wreck-It Ralph.” If you want to know all known information about the movie and also when does Wreck It Ralph 2 come out, then look through the topic below.


The director of the animated film “Ralph 2” is Rich Moore, who worked on the first part of the cartoon.

Rich Moore: “From the very beginning of the work on the creation of the film “Ralph” we knew that our characters have a lot of opportunities for development. This time, Ralph crushes everything in the network. Favorite characters from the first movie will appear in the sequel. We are incredibly happy to work with them again and with the actors who gave their voices to the heroes.”

Wreck It Ralph 2 movie 2018

The scriptwriter is Phil Johnston, who also wrote the script for the first cartoon about Ralph. The music for “Ralph 2” is written by the composer Henry Jackman, who previously worked on the film “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”:

  • Henry Jackman is an outstanding composer. He started with “Monsters vs. Aliens,” after which he wrote songs for “Kick-Ass” by Matthew Vaughn. Both composer and director later worked together and created a superheroic “X: First Class” and a spy comedy “Kingsman: The Secret Service.”
  • Jackman says: “I cannot tell you the details, but I am sure that I can officially confirm the production of the cartoon. In addition, I only know that now the work on the plot is being conducted. It would be very strange if the authors did not dare to continue the film – it was very well thought out.”
  • Also, Jackman wrote songs for the promising project of Chris Columbus called “Pixels,” Disney’s ” Big Hero 6.”

When is Wreck It Ralph 2 coming to theaters in 2018?

The animated cartoon will come out in November 2018.

Plot and Cast

The action of the cartoon “Ralph 2” is unfolding nowadays, six years after the events that took place in the first part of the cartoon. The main characters of the cartoon “Ralph 2” – the character of the computer game Ralph (John C. Riley) and his friends Felix (Jack McBrayer) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) are waiting for new and exciting adventures on the Internet.

Actor John C. Riley, the voice of Ralph, said: “Ralph and I are very close, and I really value our friendship with the character. I’m looking forward to meeting this bastard. The experience that I got while working on the first film about “Ralph” is priceless, and I’m glad to return to voicing this character. I’m sure viewers from all over the world will be happy to see Ralph on the screen again.”

Wreck It Ralph 2 movie


The movie Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer is not available. It will come closer to the release of the movie.

Interesting facts

  1. This is the second sequel to the animated film, created by the studio Disney Animated Feature Film.
  2. There are rumors that the voices of some of the film’s characters will be taken from a computer/console game instead of an arcade game.
  3. The film takes place six years after the events of the first part. The same time passed in reality, the first part was published in 2012.
  4. Disney postponed the release date of another film called “Gigantic” on November 21, 2018, for the sake of the film “Ralph 2.” They did the same with the first part, shifting the release of the movie “Monsters University” in 2013.
  5. It is the first Disney’s film for director Phil Johnston.
  6. Phil Johnston, whose voice belongs to one of the secondary characters, was the screenwriter of the first part and the film “Zootopia.” Now he is a co-director.
  7. Production of the film was delayed due to the fact that the director Rich Moore was engaged in filming another film – “Zootopia” along with Byron Howard and Jared Bush.

Release date

In the United States, Wreck It Ralph 2 movie release date in 2018 is scheduled for November 21.

Canada should wait for the same date.

In the UK, the movie will be first shown November 30, 2018.

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