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Black Widow Movie (2020)

The long-awaited project about spy from Marvel will still be released. If you want to know when does Black Widow come out, then look through the topic below.


The director of the project is Cate Shortland. She is known for “Berlin Syndrome” and “Lore.”

However, initially, in search of the perfect director, Marvel considered 50 directors. Among them was Lucrecia Martel, who said that Marvel is trying to attract more women directors. They want to attract them but they do not believe that women can shoot action scenes better than men do. Also, Martel noted that she wants to try to shoot action movie and also meet with Scarlett Johansson.”

Ned Benson and Jac Schaeffer developed the script.

When is Black Widow 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.

France29 April 2020
Indonesia29 April 2020
Italy29 April 2020
Netherlands29 April 2020
Norway29 April 2020
Philippines29 April 2020
Australia30 April 2020
Brazil30 April 2020
Germany30 April 2020
Spain30 April 2020
Georgia30 April 2020
Greece30 April 2020
Hong Kong30 April 2020
Hungary30 April 2020
India30 April 2020
Iceland30 April 2020
Russia30 April 2020
Saudi Arabia30 April 2020
Singapore30 April 2020
Slovakia30 April 2020
Ukraine30 April 2020
Bulgaria1 May 2020
UK1 May 2020
India1 May 2020
Japan1 May 2020
Lithuania1 May 2020
Poland1 May 2020
Turkey1 May 2020
USA1 May 2020


Natasha Romanoff was born in the Soviet Union. During the Second World War, the family of the main character died. However, a caring mother managed to transfer her daughter to the safe hands of an experienced Soviet officer who raised a poor girl. At school, the girl was always different from her peers, standing out because she had excellent physical data. When a charming girl grew up, she decided to become a ballerina, while simultaneously studying martial arts. The first legal spouse of the girl becomes a talented pilot who turned out to be a mutant. At an unexpected moment, the noble husband dies, and the woman decides to continue his work by joining a special detachment.

A promising student was noticed by KGB agents, and she joined their ranks. Romanoff was endowed with natural charm and a sharp mind. This fact allowed her to become a unique spy. Soon, a secret serum was used on the young lady, which was developed by the best scientists. The serum was supposed to give physical and mental superiority over ordinary people. After a while, she is recognized as a traitor, and KGB begins to hunt for her. The brave woman plans to clean her name and find the man who framed her.


The movie Black Widow trailer is not available now.

Interesting facts

1.      The age limit of the movie is still unknown. However, there are rumors that the movie will be R-rated.

2.      E. Watson was considered primarily to play Yelena Belova.


F. Pugh as Yelena Belova

S. Johansson as Natasha Romanoff

R. Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

R. Weisz as Melina Vostokoff

Despite the fact that the whole world has already said goodbye to Tony Stark, R. Downey Jr. not in a hurry to retire. Officially, it became known that Iron Man would appear in the movie “Black Widow.” Frankly, most likely, it will only be a cameo, since the shooting is already ended.

Release date

Black Widow 2020 movie release date is planned for May 1, 2020, in the United States.

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