Trolls World Tour Movie (2020)

Year: 2020
Сountry: USA
Language: English
Actors: Anderson .Paak, George Clinton, Gwen Stefani, J Balvin, James Corden, Jamie Dornan, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Kunal Nayyar, Mary J. Blige, Ozzy Osbourne, Rachel Bloom, Ron Funches
Director: David P. Smith, Walt Dohrn
Writers: Glenn Berger, Jonathan Aibel

In 2016, there were many premieres of interesting cartoons, among which was the cartoon “Trolls.” Many children have enjoyed this fascinating story. Few expected that the creators would film the continuation of the inhabitants in the kingdom of trolls. However, to the surprise and the great joy of the fans, it became known about the release of the cartoon “Trolls World Tour” in 2020.

If you want to know when does Trolls World Tour come out, then look through the topic below.


Jonathan Aibel, who wrote the script for “Kung Fu Panda”, will write the script for the continuation of “Trolls.” Walt Dohrn is the director of the movie. He is known for his work on the third “Shrek.” David P. Smith will help him. The premiere of the first part of the project took place in November 2016 and grossed about 346 million dollars. It is worth noting that the budget was $125 million.

For fans of this project, in 2018, an American television series based on the original story came out on American television. It started in January 2018 and consists of 52 episodes, which will be tentatively broadcast throughout the year on television. However, the second part of the movie will be ready no earlier than 2020.

When is Trolls World Tour 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.

Indonesia11 March 2020
Singapore12 March 2020
Spain19 March 2020
Russia19 March 2020
Saudi Arabia19 March 2020
UK20 March 2020
Latvia20 March 2020
Belgium25 March 2020
Australia26 March 2020
Germany26 March 2020
Denmark26 March 2020
Norway27 March 2020
Uruguay27 March 2020
France1 April 2020
Argentina2 April 2020
Israel2 April 2020
Italy2 April 2020
Finland3 April 2020
Iceland3 April 2020
Greece9 April 2020
Mexico10 April 2020
Sweden10 April 2020
Slovakia16 April 2020
Bulgaria17 April 2020
USA17 April 2020
Netherlands22 April 2020
Portugal23 April 2020
Poland29 May 2020


In the first part of a fascinating cartoon, viewers met with small creatures called trolls. They are usually in a good mood. They enjoy life, sing their favorite tunes, dance, and have fun throughout the day. However, once upon a time treacherous villains Bergens attacked small creatures in order to capture them. They caught trolls in the underground dungeons. Only the main troll Poppy and his neighbor Branch manage to escape from the dungeon of the Bergens. After King Gristle discovered that the trolls had disappeared, King Gristle Sr. chased away his chef, who was responsible for preparing for the important event. On this day, King Gristle was about to eat his first troll.

In the second part of the animated film, the main characters also have to save their race from a new misfortune. However, for this, they will first have to find a way to team up with another tribe of trolls who live outside their settlement.


The movie Trolls World Tour trailer is not available now. It will be released closer to the premiere of the animated cartoon.


Anna Kendrick will voice the main character in the project called poppy. It is also noted that the famous pop singer Justin Timberlake will once again voice his hero Branch. According to insider information, it became known that a contract has already been signed with Justin.

Sam Rockwell will voice Hickory

Jamie Dornan will voice Chaz

Rachel Bloom will voice Barb

Release date

Trolls World Tour 2020 movie release date is scheduled for April 17, 2020, in the United States.

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