Space Jam 2 Movie (2021)

Year: 2021
Сountry: USA
Language: English
Actors: Anna Sofie Christensen, Cassandra Starr, Daria Johns, Derrick Gilbert, Don Cheadle, Greice Santo, Harrison White, Hassan Said, Julyah Rose, Katie McCabe, LeBron James, Martin Klebba, Peter Cornell, Sonequa Martin-Green, Whitney Coleman
Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Writers: Alfredo Botello, Tex Avery

The second part of the animated project popular among viewers. This film is known for combining both real actors and animation. When the first part of the film was released in 1996, there were not many projects that combined animation and real people. Surely, for this reason, the film was remembered by the audience and done great at the box office.

If you want to know when does Space Jam 2 come out, then look through the topic below.


In February 2014, Warner Bros representatives announced that a possible sequel to the film could be released in 2016. The script for a future sequel was to be written by Charles Ebersol. However, the sequel was not released. No one knows the exact reasons why this happened. However, as an option, in various sources, the conflict among the crew was the reason.

At the end of 2016, one of the producers of the first part, who also participated in the development of the sequel, continued to assure the public that the project was in the process of filming. However, in the end, nothing came out even in 2017.

In summer 2019, the sequel for Space Jam, which has been under development for several years, has become one step closer to implementation. According to the portal Discussing Film, the shooting of the film started on June 17, 2019.

Malcolm D. Lee is the director of the second part.

Alfredo Botello and Andrew Dodge wrote the script for the upcoming movie.

When is Space Jam 2 2021 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.

Belgium14 July 2021
France14 July 2021
Argentina15 July 2021
Australia15 July 2021
Brazil15 July 2021
Netherlands15 July 2021
Canada16 July 2021
UK16 July 2021
Ireland16 July 2021
Turkey16 July 2021
USA16 July 2021
Japan17 July 2021

How the 1st part ended

In order not to live under the oppression of aliens, the rabbit begins to train hard with his friends, duck, pig, and others. They cannot fail their world. Michael Jordan also decides to play for them, because the opponents – the alien team are very strong players.

The game turned out to be truly spectacular. The rabbit with the team managed to win and free their world. In addition, Michael Jordan finally realizes that basketball is what he needs and remains in the sport.


Aliens attack the world where characters from Looney Tunes cartoons live. They want to capture all the cartoon characters and enslave them. Rabbit Bugs Bunny understands that they cannot win in a fight and decides to cheat. He persuades the aliens to play basketball, whoever wins will win in this fight. At stake is the freedom of the cartoons, so the rabbit turns to Michael Jordan for help. However, he had already quit basketball.


The movie Space Jam 2 trailer is not available now.

Interesting facts

  • The first film was released in 1996. The box office exceeded all expectations, and the picture became a hit. With a budget of 80 million, the picture raised more than $240 million.
  • The director was Joe Pytka.
  • In the second film, basketball player LeBron James, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers team, will play the main role.


Sonequa Martin-Green as Savannah James

LeBron James as LeBron James

Release date

Space Jam 2 2021 movie release date is scheduled for July 16, 2021, in the United States.

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