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When does The Boss Baby 2 Movie (2021)

The continuation of the animated picture, which gave many good moments to the audience, and has already managed to get fans. The release date of the second part will be in 2021. This became known at the end of May 2017 from official representatives of DreamWorks. Although some people suggest that because the premiere of the second part will take place in a few years, the exact release day may be changed.

If you want to know when does The Boss Baby 2 come out, then look through the topic below.


At the moment, almost nothing is known about the second part of the project. All that journalists managed to know is that the famous actor Alec Baldwin will again voice the main character. According to some reports, the actor has already confirmed it. The premiere of the first part of the picture took place on March 2017. The animation budget was $ 125 million, and the box office was five hundred million dollars. The story became successful, in connection with which, a few months later, it was officially announced the continuation of the adventures of a serious child. Moreover, as the audience noticed, the first part of the picture ended so that it became clear that the creators initially planned the possibility of creating the second part.

The end of the picture hints to the audience that there will be a continuation, but according to one of the creators, such an ending is nothing more than entertainment for the producers. According to him, at the time of the preparation of the “Boss Baby”, no one was thinking about the second part of this story, and therefore we can say that a good box office of the project decided the fate of the second part.

Tom McGrath is the director of the upcoming animation project.

When is The Boss Baby 2 2021 coming to theaters?

BelgiumMarch 2021
Russia18 March 2021
France24 March 2021
Brazil25 March 2021
Germany25 March 2021
Netherlands25 March 2021
Portugal25 March 2021
Slovakia25 March 2021
Sweden26 March 2021
Turkey26 March 2021
USA26 March 2021


The baby appeared in Tim’s family too unexpectedly, that is, parents expected the baby to appear in the house very much, but their 7-year-old son did not expect this new member of the family to draw all the parents’ attention to himself. Now the older brother has to fight for the attention of the parents, which previously belonged only to him alone.

After lengthy investigations, Tim finds out that it is a fake baby. He is an undercover agent who arrived on a special mission to this world. Gradually, the brothers penetrate each other with sympathy in order to achieve the common goal that they succeed at the end of the first part.

In the second part, the brothers’ adventures continue. At the end of the mission, Francis was supposed to go back to work and leave Tim’s family, but he liked living with a real family so much that he decides to stay.


The movie The Boss Baby 2 trailer is not available. It will be released closer to the release date of the movie.


Alec Baldwin will voice Theodore Templeton (The Boss Baby).

James McGrath will voice Wizzie.

Release date

The Boss Baby 2 2021 movie release date is planned for March 26, 2021, in the United States.

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Rugrats Movie (2021)

It is an American animated adventure comedy based on the popular animated series 1991 on Nickelodeon called “Rugrats.”

If you want to know when does Rugrats come out, then look through the topic below.


Sarah Levy, Viacom COO, spoke about the upcoming project that it is one of the most famous cartoons in the history of television, and she is very glad that a completely new audience will see these characters in completely new story. What was relevant in 1991, when the premiere of the original show took place, is relevant today: children are fascinated by the world of babies. She is eager to introduce today’s children to Tommy, Chuckie and his friends.

President of Paramount Players, Brian Robbins, noted that it is the perfect time to film a movie.

The first three cartoons received mixed reviews from reviewers, but they were all commercially successful and collectively raised nearly $300 million worldwide.

It is reported that the script for the future film is written by American producer David Goodman. The creators of the original show, A. Klasky, Gabor Chupo, and Paul Germain are involved in writing the script for the upcoming movie.

The series was broadcasted on Nickelodeon from 1991 to 2004. The main characters are toddlers and older children. At the same time, they always find themselves in unusual and sometimes dangerous situations from which they often have to leave without the help of their parents. From 2003 to 2008, fans could watch the spin-off show “All Grown Up” in which the characters  went to school. In total, 9 seasons were released.

David Bowers is the director of the upcoming movie.

When is Rugrats 2021 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.


What does an ordinary little child do during the day? Everyone knows that in the first years of life, the main concern of the baby is to sleep, eat, play, and call for help if you urgently need to change the diaper.

The heroes of the movie are completely different. Although they look the way babies should look – relaxed, a little clumsy, and carefree, the brain of these babies works very differently. As if they were born not on planet Earth, but somewhere else – a more developed civilization.

The usual amusements of babies do not interest them. They think like adults, and sometimes draw conclusions much deeper than those who are ten times older than they are.


The movie Rugrats trailer is not available now. It will be released closer to the release date of the movie.


The information on the cast is not yet known.

Release date

Rugrats 2021 movie release date is planned for January 29, 2021, in the United States.

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The Croods 2 (2020)

In the prehistoric era, unknown creatures inhabited the planet, and wonderful plants freely grew in nature. A reasonable man was just starting a difficult and long journey along the evolutionary ladder. In a cave, in a secluded place, lives a family headed by an authoritative Grug. He established his own rules in a close-knit community. He makes sure that his requirements and instructions are strictly followed. Progress and novelty are prohibited here: everything that is unfamiliar and unusual is considered dangerous and is avoided. However, children do not want to live according to the strict laws of their parents; they seek to know the world outside of a safe and secure haven.

If you want to know when does The Croods 2 come out, the look through the topic below.


The director of the movie is Joel Crawford. It is his directorial debut but he is not a new person in the art department of the studio: he was directly involved in the creation of “Kung Fu Panda,” “Shrek” as a screenwriter.

Alan Silvestri is a composer.

James Ryan is a film editor.  

Paul Duncan is an art director.

The creators argue that the concept of the picture grew out of the fundamental philosophical message of authorship of the great thinker Plato in one of his parables about the Cave, as a metaphor for the restrictions within their consciousness that people themselves establish.

When is The Croods 2 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it very soon.

Netherlands17 December 2020
Indonesia23 December 2020
Sweden23 December 2020
USA23 December 2020
Brazil24 December 2020
Italy24 December 2020
Russia24 December 2020
Slovakia24 December 2020
Latvia25 December 2020
Turkey25 December 2020


Members of the large and friendly Croods family live during the Ice Age and are constantly faced with all possible difficulties and troubles. In the first film, they had to look for a new place to live and join forces to deal with unforeseen circumstances. The main characters made conclusions and decided not to change their lives radically anymore, but soon they were again drawn to adventure.

The search for a new home begins again, and this, as you know, requires great attention and concentration. The family is trying to solve the problems that arise, but the more they thinking, the more clearly they see the flaws in the developed plan. The main characters are well aware that this time they should use not only their mental potential but also resort to tricks. Living in an ancient world filled with mortal danger, the Croods are accustomed to defending their family well-being, but this time it will be much more difficult to achieve this goal than in the recent and filled with vivid events past.

A new story about the restless and so different family will tell us that it has competitors! Yes, the struggle for a place under the sun, the laws of evolution and all that. It is a kind of rap battle on a prehistoric setting with cavemen in the title role. Betterman family will act as opponents of the Croods.


The movie The Croods 2 trailer is not available now. It will come out closer to the release date of the movie itself.


Emma Stone voices Eep

Nicolas Cage voices Grug

Ryan Reynolds voices Guy

Peter Dinklage voices Phil Betterman

Release date

The Croods 2 2020 movie release date December 23, 2020, in the United States.

TOP Upcoming Children movies 2019-2020

List of best Children’s movies 2018

According to psychologists, Children’s movies allow for a while to forget about everyday worries and problems. That’s why we have prepared TOP 10 best Children’s movies of 2018 to watch.

Here we go!

List of best Children’s movies 2018

  1. Paddington 2

Paddington is a real little bear cub that was born in Peru and can talk. He is a very nice guy with a kind heart. He is a great dreamer and just dreams of distant travel. He read a lot of books. In his magical forest, all the animals talk, but only among them, he cannot find like-minded people. He really wants to meet real people and see their world. After all, he read a lot about them but never saw.

And so, one fine day, he decides to go to the real city of human – London, to become there a true gentleman. Somehow Paddington persuades his family and goes on the main journey of his life.

There, on the platform, a young family approaches him, who, having learned that the baby has no place to spend the night, offer him their home as a shelter. So the talking bear cub becomes a part of the human society. However, not everything is so simple, not knowing how to deal with a variety of consumer goods, he repeatedly disgraces the entire family but adults forgive him everything. After all, he tries so hard to be like a man.

In the second part, Paddy awaits a fascinating detective investigation. On the anniversary of Aunt Lucy, the bear decides to give her an exclusive book. But when Paddington comes to the bookstore, he finds out that this book was stolen…

  1. Peter Rabbit

A film is about the adventures of a small and restless rabbit named Peter, who wants to get into the garden to a formidable farmer and steal some vegetables and fruits from him. Once in the garden, he found out that the farmer likes to cook rabbit pie… Here the action begins!

Peter Rabbit Ears

  1. Wrinkle in Time

Oprah Winfrey is in the TOP 10 best modern Children’s films 2018.

The protagonist – a girl named Meg – the daughter of a famous scientist, who once simply disappeared without a trace. Meg was very homesick for her father and once decided to go on her quest to space. Taking her younger brother and best friend, Meg went to meet incredible adventures in the hope that her father could make a real discovery on a journey through different galaxies.

  1. Early Man

This funny cartoon movie will open in front of the viewer a picture of long-ago days, when giant mammoths, bloodthirsty dinosaurs, and other eerie creatures walked on Earth. As everyone knows, in the first century BC people did not have a huge amount of technology, different weapons, cunning traps and other tools useful for living in the wild.  The main character of the film also got stuck in the same situation –he does not have anything that could help at least a little to cope with the enemy. Frankly, the eccentric character has a friend and a faithful helper – a boar that accompanies its owner everywhere.

The beauty of the picture is a heap of findings, skillfully used by the director during the creation of his masterpiece. So, in the process of fighting a prehistoric man against his formidable enemy, one of the most popular sports competitions was born – football.

  1. Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes

This story is a continuation of previous events, the main theme of which was the relationship between Gnomeo and Juliet. Now garden gnomes are going through hard times. The complete disappearance of little men across Britain is of great concern. The kidnapper acts extremely cautiously, so no one can find any traces of the crime. A complex investigation can be entrusted only to a true professional. Only Sherlock Gnomes is able to cope with the case. None of the little characters feel safe. The main characters will face great difficulties.

  1. The Incredibles 2

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best recent Child movies.

It is a continuation of the animation blockbuster about the large family of Mr. Incredible, which entirely consists of superheroes with superpowers. A restless, strong father, Bob is forced to sit in a family nest with his children, while his wife Helen turns into a star of a TV show.

The Incredibles 2 poster

  1. Hotel Transylvania 3

As is known from the previous part, the daughter of Count Dracula married an ordinary person. Their little son, the growing heir of his mother’s abilities and the kind heart of his father, is just beginning to show his skills. But who will he be in the future? Grandfather seriously insists that his grandson should choose a vampire path for himself, but life at night is not too impressive for the young man. Also, Mavis prepared for her father a gift – a cruise.

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

One day, Theodore Geisel, better known under the pseudonym Dr. Seuss, wrote an amazing tale about the evil green Grinch who lived in the invented town of Whoville and did not know such thing as happiness. He lived on a high mountain and his only friend was the dog named Max. Grinch always was irritated by the Christmas fun and the joyful laughter of the children, and so he planned to steal a wonderful holiday from people. To do this, he developed an insidious plan…

Benedict Cumberbatch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

The plot of the second film tells about the adventures of Ralph on the Internet when a Wi-Fi router connects to his slot machine.

  1. Mary Poppins Returns

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best new Children’s movies 2018.

The events of the film take place in London. A wealthy Banks family is puzzled about finding a nanny, all efforts are being made to overcome financial troubles in the country and save their business. Thus, a quiet and peaceful life very soon turned into a nightmare, there is absolutely no time for children. Jane and Michael are very depressed; parents spend all their free time solving financial troubles, spending a lot of time at work. At this time, on the threshold of their house, a nurse named Mary appears…

TOP ends now!

Hope it helped find out the answer to the question – what is the best Child movies in 2018?

Thank you!

TOP Upcoming Children movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 english Child movies 2017

Joint viewing of the best films is a great opportunity for parents to introduce their children to the eternal moral values and culture of world cinema, and also to give them faith in miracle and magic. Useful and interesting are such films for adults themselves – in addition to warm memories, they always have something to learn. Not without reason many mothers and dads enjoy watching children’s films with their children, receiving the opportunity, at least for a while, to move to the past and leave their thoughts about affairs, problems and everyday worries.

We are glad to show you TOP 10 best english Children movies 2017 to watch. Here you will find best movies for children of 2017.

Power Rangers

Popular children’s cinema includes a variety of genres – adventures, fairy tales, science fiction, comedy. Depending on the age of the children, you can choose pictures for the youngest viewers, as well as for younger schoolchildren and teenagers. Remarkable stories always arouse the interest of viewers, and a happy ending sums up the fascinating history.

Let’s begin to watch TOP 10 english Children films 2017.

  1. Spark: A Space Tail

It is animation space-action odyssey, full of fun and warm humor. Spark will tell the story of how a very young teenager takes on a huge responsibility to protect vast territories.

  1. The Boss Baby

Seven years in the family of Tim reigned peace and harmony until a second child appeared in the house. The younger brother is not like ordinary babies. He prefers a business style in clothing and communication and considers himself the most important in the family, for which he receives the nickname “Boss”. Tim not without reason suspects that something is wrong with his brother. And he’s absolutely right because Boss is a secret agent of an infant company.

The competing corporation “Puppy Co”, which produces pets, is going to flood the market with a new version of puppies, which will lead to a drop in demand for children. The task of the boss-baby is to disrupt the competitor’s plans. To do this, he will need the help of his older brother.

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie

Lego Bruce Wayne is back in business in the list of TOP 10 english Child movies 2017.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, lives in a chic mansion with his butler Alfred. At first glance, he is a simple rich man and the owner of a powerful corporation, but in fact, he spends his strength and money solely to fight crime in his hometown of Gotham. Each time, the Dark Knight manages to deal with his enemies and protect people from danger. But, nevertheless, the enemies do not cease to amaze him with their new insane antics. This time, Batman will again face the real madman Joker, who again managed to escape from the psychiatric hospital Arkham, and his equally crazy lover Harley Quinn.

  1. Despicable Me 3

The protagonist of the cartoon – former villain Gru – now lives a happy family life with his wife Lucy and three adopted daughters. Finally, for the Gru family, quiet times have come, and they all enjoy it.

Harmony and peace continue until Gru’s twin brother Dru appears on the horizon. Dru, like his brother, is a real villain, but only with a chic blond hair on his head.

  1. Cars 3

Lightning McQueen – the most famous in the world racing car, which has repeatedly won the title of champion. In addition to dangerous racing contests, a red car with lightning gets into various situations, but friends always came to his aid. McQueen followed his goal, knowing that at the finish line he was expected not only by crowds of fans but also the most faithful and devoted friends.

This time the situation will be even more dangerous. During one of the races, Lightning will burst the wheel, as a result of which the accident will be inevitable. Will a famous rider find himself again on the track or maybe discover something new for himself? So far, only one thing is known – new adventures and new acquaintances are inevitable. Meet the legendary racer – Lightning McQueen.

  1. Dog’s Purpose

The middle of the TOP 10 popular english Children movies in 2017, list of which includes the best children movies of 2017.

A dog is the most faithful being in the whole world. It is capable of loving its master, not depending on its status in the social environment. It will gladly meet you on the doorstep of the house. It will love you in spite of everything that is happening simply because you are his friend…

Our history is extraordinary. It leads its story on behalf of a dog named Bailey. For the first time, he was destined to be born a golden retriever and make friends with the cheerful little boy Ethan. Over time, Ethan grew up and even fell in love for the first time, but despite his new hobbies, he was always affectionate and affable with Bailey. It must have happened that the dog died. However, this was not due to an accident, but because of old age.

After this, Bailey begins her new journey. He is reborn and this time becomes a German shepherd. Now it serves the good of the local police, protecting the peace of peaceful citizens.

  1. Smurfs: The Lost Village

Blue funny little men in white caps will not leave indifferent any little viewer. This time, the small heroes of the cartoon are waiting for another funny adventure.

  1. Coco

Family’s secret that will be revealed is in the TOP 10 new english Children’s movies 2017.

12-year-old Miguel lives in a Mexican village and secretly dreams of becoming a musician. Secretly – because in his family clan music is considered a curse.

  1. The LEGO Ninjago Movie

The plot of the film revolves around six young ninjas, who have to defend their house on an island called “Ninjago”. At night they are talented warriors fighting with different monsters and perfectly mastering the skill of martial arts but in the morning they are ordinary teenagers.

  1. Power Rangers

It is a new fantastic, adventure film about 5 superheroes. Five teenagers, with indescribable events for them, acquire superpowers. Today they have to withstand the old evil, awakened after a long sleep.

TOP 10 latest english Children movies 2017 release dates, you can find o Internet.

Thank you for being with us!

TOP Upcoming Children movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 recently released Children movies of 2017

Created mainly for the children and youth audience, the work of cinematographic art (series, animated and feature films) in the process of creating pay special attention to the characteristics of children’s thinking and perception, and the main actors are children. Such genre called children’s films or films for Children. Despite the fact that compilation of new Children movies releases in 2017 may not be interesting for adults, watching novelties of the genre is recommended together with children in order to explain to them incomprehensible moments or motivation of character’s actions.

Both good films for preschool children and films for older children often contain, in addition to entertainment, an educational component. But unlike films for preschoolers, the best children’s films of the year 2017, which are intended for children, are likely to be of interest to an adult audience.

Let’s begin to observe the list of TOP 10 recently released Children movies of 2017.

A Stork's Journey

  1. My Life as a Zucchini

The plot of the animated film revolves around a nine-year-old boy, whose childhood cannot be called happy. After the death of the alcoholic mother, he is on his own. He has no father. The image of his father, the boy draws on the surface of a kite, portraying him as a superhero, but he never saw his dad.

On duty, the police officer Raymond takes the kid to a shelter for orphans and soon becomes his close friend, because the sad story of a young boy’s life touched his soul. In the children’s home, he is introduced to other children not by his own name, but by a nickname – Zucchini. So begins a new life of the Zucchini in a completely unfamiliar place with the same children. It would seem that the general situation should help children to get closer and unite, but not all are friendly with the newcomer.

  1. Sing

A cheerful and bright cartoon takes the viewer into the world of animals, which have their own problems and joys, just like people do. Koala Buster Moon is experiencing some financial difficulties that threaten him with the closure of the theater. Buster Moon is struggling to do everything possible to prevent closure. An excellent idea is the holding of a musical talent contest, where everyone is invited, who can play musical instruments and sing.

Many animals like to sing and dream of glory. Among the contestants is the gorilla Johnny. He loves music and absolutely does not want to become a gangster, like all his relatives. Johnny dreams of fame, like the timid elephant Mina, who is afraid of performances on stage, as well as the rocker-porcupine Ash.

  1. The Red Turtle

The only movie without dialogues is in the compilation of latest Children’s movies in english 2017.

It is animation film without dialogue, narrating about the life of the man who finds himself on an uninhabited tropical island.

  1. The Boss Baby

Incredibly businesslike, almost never parting with his suitcase, a baby in a strict suit joins his seven-year-old brother to prevent the “insidious” plans of the executive director of the children’s toy company…

  1. Spark: A Space Tail

Once upon the planet of Bana was peaceful. It lasted until the evil tyrant Zhong captured this beautiful kingdom. He destroyed the royal family, and the entire population of Bana enslaved. The young Spark monkey does not like this state of affairs. He dreams that everything on his home planet will be fine again. The monkey finds new friends of Chunk and Vix. While Spark became more courageous and better, he finds out that he is the son of the destroyed king and queen.

  1. Moana

The middle of the list of TOP 10 Children movies recently released in 2017.

Maui is the hero for the miniature dark-skinned Moana. The dreamy Islander is a daughter of the warrior leader of the tribe. In the bowels of the immature girlish consciousness, a terrific dream is born – to go on a long journey to a magical island. A tiny woman wants to find a magic piece of land and meet her relatives.

  1. Monster Trucks

A creature that loves speed is in TOP 10 modern Children movies of 2017.

The plot of the movie revolves around high school student Tripp, who was born and grew up in the American outback. Most of all, the guy is dreaming of leaving a small and boring town in order to arrange his life better. After classes at Tripp’s school, he devotes all his spare time to assembling monster-tracks from parts of old, useless cars, because he loves this kind of entertainment. Being a skilled mechanic, the guy manages to construct excellent off-road cars, but a bunch of problems in life does not give the chance to change a life for the better.

But one day, by chance, Tripp’s life changes very much. From the depths of the earth, a unique creature is tearing to the surface, whose energy easily replaces the engine that is so necessary for completing the monster truck. A strange monster both scares and helps Tripp. Now Tripp has to do a serious job to help his new friend return home.

  1. Monster Calls

The monster that tries to help a little child is in the compilation of newly released Children movies 2017.

The fantastic drama tells a story about the unfortunate boy, who feels himself defeated and guilty but wants to change his life.

  1. A Stork’s Journey

As a child adopted by storks and always considered himself one of them, the young sparrow Richie finds out that’s not true. His family, believing that the forthcoming long flight to Africa is beyond his power, is forced to open the truth to him and leave him alone. Wishing to prove to others and, first of all, to himself, that he is a real stork, our hero decides to go on this uneasy but fascinating journey.

  1. Deep

The three best friends (the last in the world deep-water octopus, angler fish, and deep-sea shrimp), having lost their home, go to the incredible discoveries, exciting adventures and dangers of a long journey in search of a new home.

We trust that you have enjoyed our TOP 10 Children’s latest movies 2017. It is coming to an end.

Thank you for being with us!

TOP Upcoming Children movies 2019-2020

List of TOP 10 good Children’s movies 2017

Childhood is a golden time for fun, leaving thousands of pleasant memories. What a pity that while you are in a wonderful country called childhood you do not notice when it ends. And maybe it does not end there? Children grow up and to appear big and serious wear masks of adults? Maybe that’s why 87% of adult viewers like to watch teenage movies? According to psychologists, the main reasons lay in the fact that cinema for children before school age allows for a while to forget about everyday worries and problems, and also gives the opportunity to stay with their child.

Welcome new TOP ten good Children’s movies 2017 in theaters.

Children’s movie is a great opportunity to introduce your children to the best films. These are good films that teach to be sympathetic, hardworking, loyal to their friends. You enjoy yourself watching children’s movies with your baby.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Children’s films 2017.

A Dogs Purpose

  1. Monster Calls

Connor did not consider himself a little boy, he realized that he became an adult after he learned that his mother was terminally ill. The hero knew perfectly well that he could not help her, he often thought about what would happen to him when she leave him, and when he went to bed, he could not sleep for a long time, because he was afraid that he would again have the same nightmare, which tortured him for a long time.

In a dream, Connor often saw his mother, she was ready to break into the abyss, and he was the last to hold her with one hand. This dream always ended in the same way, the hero did not save his mother, she fell, and Connor woke up in a cold sweat. He had not seen his father for a long time, this boy had heard that his father had gone somewhere to make money, he knew nothing more about his parent.

One night the hero once again began to paint, suddenly the objects in the room began to live their lives. And when Connor looked out the window, he saw that the tree growing next to the house turned into a monster that grabbed the hero and said, that it will tell him three stories, and then the boy will have to tell it about his worst nightmare. Connor tried to convince himself that the monster was not real, but the next night this terrible creature again appeared to the boy.

  1. Jumanji

Who would have guessed that the most common board game found in a dilapidated old chest could be dangerous for the life and mental state of not only those who decided to leave the magic cubes but also to the world around them? Each turn made by the player can lead to irreparable consequences. And to change anything will not be easy at all because there is no possibility of quitting the game. The game has to be brought to completion, otherwise, the forces that have burst out can destroy our world and bring chaos to everything that we are used to.


  1. Sing

Singing animals are in the list of TOP 10 good Children’s movies 2017.

Every animal dreams of becoming a star. Elephant, ram, bull, and even pig, almost all are striving for fame. Who knows who will get luck and whose portrait will decorate tomorrow the covers of glossy magazines.

  1. Cars 3

Colorful cartoon Cars 3 continues to talk about the incredible adventures of the car Lightning McQueen. He repeatedly took part in different competitions and received prizes in them. During the tests, his life taught him to share his victory with friends, whom he has plenty of. His girlfriend is Sally, the 2002 Blue Porsche. His faithful assistant is the passenger car, Doc Hudson. But one of his best friends was the truck tow Mater, who accompanied an old friend around the world.

  1. Despicable Me 3

Gru decided to become a good father, although he had never been interested in the lives of his daughters before. Now he is a loving and caring parent, and his former lazy and slow-witted wife Lucy became the real mistress of the house. But here Gru’s brother appears…

  1. Boss Baby

It is the middle of the TOP 10 good english Child movies 2017.

The fascinating cartoon tells about the life of the baby Tim, who eventually had a brother. Tim very much on this occasion began to be jealous of his parents because they spend a little time with him. That’s why he declared war on his younger brother. However, the words could not develop into the phase of actions precisely because Tim found out information about the kid that was kept in great secret.

  1. Dog’s Purpose

The film tells about a little boy Eaton and a donated dog. He wanted to call him Bailey. From the very childhood, they loved spending time together. But the years passed, and they grew together. Bailey helped Eton to get acquainted with the girl in different other situations. He liked to be with a man, play with him and walk. But one day the dog grew old and died. His soul was reborn in another dog, near which there was also a man.

  1. The Croods 2

A prehistoric world is in the TOP 10 really good Child movies.

The fascinating cartoon tells of the life of cavemen who are trying to survive in the difficult conditions of the prehistoric world. The head of the Croods family is Grug, who sets his own rules for his family. When the day becomes night, no one has the right to leave the cave, since this is very dangerous for life. However, the daughter of Grug once saw a shining light through the crevice, which moved somewhere.

The Croods 2

  1. La tortue rouge

Cartoon tells how a man gets to one uninhabited island. He is trying hard to return home. That’s why he builds a raft, on which he tries to swim away. All his attempts become in vain, as the red tortoise crosses the path and brakes the raft. Later, he realizes that there is no way home. That’s why he builds housing for himself and arranges his life.

  1. Coco

The protagonist of the cartoon was able to do what many adults could not. A little boy of twelve years old from Mexico accidentally found out that in his family there is a terrible secret that nobody should know. On the eve of his favorite holiday, Coco wants to do everything but to understand the secret, which does not give anyone peace.

TOP 10 new good Children’s movies 2017 release dates, you can find on the Internet.

TOP is coming to and end.

Thank you for watching!