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The One and Only Ivan Movie (2020)

It is an upcoming movie shot by T. Sharrock based on the children’s novel of the same name. The book was written by K. A. Applegate.  If you want to know when does The One and Only Ivan come out, then look through the topic below.


In 2014, it was announced that Walt Disney Pictures plans to shoot a movie based on the book.

The script was written by Mike White.

In March 2017, T. Sharrock entered into negotiations for the production of the movie.

In October 2017, it became known that A. Jolie joined the movie and lent her voice for Stella.

When is The One and Only Ivan 2020 coming to theaters?

France12 August 2020
Netherlands12 August 2020
UK14 August 2020
Lithuania14 August 2020
Turkey14 August 2020
USA14 August 2020
Germany27 August 2020

Mutual assistance

A person cannot survive alone without communicating with other people. His social position is laid by nature and stretches from ancient times to the present day. Mutual assistance to each other has always been. It has changed over time, but its essence remains the same. Mutual assistance is manifested in difficult situations when not only a relative but also an outsider can come to the rescue.


Gorilla Ivan is a member of the great ape family. He spent a conscious life in a large shopping center. For 27 years, he has been entertaining visitors through glass walls and reflecting on everything in the world. He is used to people and gladly accepts custody from them. The animal watches TV shows, turned on by guards, watches chimpanzees, completely unlike gorillas, and thinks about the strange behavior of most people. He has a faithful friend – a dog named Bob, often sneaking into a cage to a friend and loving to sleep on his stomach. Ivan loves to paint paintings that are sold right there. He cares how to put on the canvas the rustle of a leaf, the sound of the wind or the taste of a banana.

But once, the ordinary life of a hero changes. An elephant cub appears in their zoo – little Ruby. It was brought from the wild and cannot get used to being in captivity. Looking at the baby, Ivan increasingly recalls his own childhood, spent in the jungle. The hero realizes that he does not want a repeat of his fate for a new friend. He realizes that the elephant is no place among people and decides to help it escape. Will animals be able to get out, and overcome many obstacles in their path?


The movie The One and Only Ivan trailer is not available, It will be released closer to the release date of the movie itself.


S. Rockwell voices Ivan

A. Jolie voices Stella

D. DeVito voices Bob

B. Prince voices Ruby

Release date

The One and Only Ivan 2020 movie release date is scheduled for August 14, 2020, in the United States.

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