List of best Hollywood Horror movies in 2020

The horror movie is a specific category of cinema, although it is in demand and loved by film fans, movie critics are rarely generous with awards and rewards for such films. However, there are exceptions, and films of this genre are sometimes Oscar-awarded. Over the years, the movies that got this award: “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Exorcist,” “The Omen.”

Today we are going to show you TOP 10 best Hollywood Horror movies of 2020 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of best Hollywood Horror movies in 2020

10. The Grudge

The story develops around the difficult fate of an ordinary girl, who one day becomes a single mother. The main character tries not to give up and wants to make every effort so that soon the only heir can feel like a worthy member of society. Soon, the main character gets a job as a nurse on one old gloomy house, where extraordinary and unpredictable events took place. There is no other choice. She needs to earn a decent living.

The girl creature to the terms and conditions. She does not realize that in the near future she will encounter supernatural phenomena that could lead to the inevitable death.

9. Gretel & Hansel

Brother and sister, living on the outskirts of a small village, did not sleep for several nights, waiting for the return of their parents, who left home and did not return. On the third day, they suffered from hunger and decided to search for food on their own, choosing a local dense forest for hunting. There was a terrible legend about the forest they chose to hunt in. People whispered about the sorcerer who lived in the depths of the forest and kidnapped children. However, the children were no longer afraid of horror stories, and they bravely stepped on dangerous lands.

8. Underwater

Kristen Stewartis in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Horror movies 2020.

Norah dreamed of research activities, and at the earliest opportunity, she signed up for a team of volunteers who would be sent to the water column of the ocean. The girl managed to become a member of the team of the underwater laboratory, and soon they were immersed in a special bathyscaphe to a depth of thirteen kilometers. They had to make several experiments, observe changes in the underwater nature, and study the local inhabitants. For detailed analysis, they drilled a hole at the bottom.

The employees were engaged in usual business when a terrible accident occurred, several compartments broke down, letting seawater into the vessel. Hiding in the surviving department, the crew began to look for any options for salvation, and only special suits could help them. To contact the scientific station, they have to get to the surface, having a limited supply of oxygen. The devices are broken and they will not be able to see the oxygen supply, which means they will have to act quickly. Having got out of the shelter, they tried to establish a route when an unknown creature attacked the team, killing two of them.

7. A Quiet Place: Part II

The plot of this terrifying motion picture unfolds in a world on the verge of a real apocalypse, because cruel monsters have destroyed most of the human race. The main characters are an ordinary American family who wants to survive in this crazy and dangerous environment, where danger lurks in every shadow. This film will be a sequel to the previous part and tell the story of the appearance of these bloodthirsty creatures that can destroy the entire unfortunate population capturing the Earth.

6. The Invisible Man

One dark night a stranger arrives in the village and settles in to live in a small hotel. The local population was very curious about the appearance of a stranger in the village. His whole face was richly wrapped in bandages, and he was in a big dark glasses. After a noisy scandal, the hostess of the hotel asks her husband to expel an extraordinary tenant from the room. However, he did not intend to leave the apartment so simply and defending himself, he pushed the man from a steep staircase.

The law enforcement officers, who arrived at the crime scene, wishing to catch the offender, were very surprised because the guy in front of them began to take off his clothes and other attributes, becoming completely invisible.

5. The New Mutants

The middle of the TOP 10 new holly Horror movies.

For many decades, the X-Men team has stood guard over humanity, whose ranks include characters with incredible abilities. In those days when ordinary people can’t cope with any misfortunes, they have to turn to these mutants who will definitely fulfill their tasks. Now in the fraternity of heroes, there are new young participants who recently graduated from the University of Professor Xavier. Rahne, a young girl from Scotland, can turn into a wolf, Illyana is a master of the time-space continuum, but Sam is able to fly at amazing speed.

Having come together, the X-Men will have to defend ordinary citizens. However, society treats mutants with contempt, not even suspecting that these men and women have been guarding their lives for many years.

4. The Turning

The main character of this horror movie is a young charming girl working as a governess. Once a man hired her. He had were her nephew and niece. Their parents died, and the only close relative turned out to be an uncle who took them to live with him. Now a young girl hired to work will become a nanny for the guys. Her responsibilities include raising and spending time with children. All care for the children completely fell on the shoulders of the governess. The uncle of the kids was a very rich and wealthy man, but he practically did not devote time to the boy and girl.

Together, they decided to move to a large spacious mansion located outside the city. Suddenly, the main character finds out that the woman who worked before died in a tragic way in this mysterious house.

3. Morbius

The third place on the list of Hollywood Horror movies 2020.

One day, a genius biochemist learns that an incurable disease is developing in his body. He spends months hoping to find a cure, but all attempts to create an elixir fail. At the moment when his condition worsens, the patient agrees to try on himself the latest, but poorly studied treatment technique, which consists in using blood cells and bat DNA together with electroshock therapy. In the course of experiments, scientists face catastrophic consequences.

2. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The film will tell a chilling story of a horrific murder and an unknown evil that in real life struck even experienced paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren. One of their most sensational cases began with the struggle for the young man’s soul and led to what they had never seen in their practice when, for the first time in US history, a murder suspect claimed to be obsessed with a demon.

1. The Witches

Little Luke often heard scary fairy tales about witches from his grandmother, but he could not even imagine that they could be very close in real life. And at this time, the insidious witches are carrying out evil plans to capture humanity and they will have enough ways to turn their ideas into reality…

TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Horror films is coming to an end.

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