When does Micronauts Movie 2021

Year: 2021
Language: English

Very little time separates us from the 200th anniversary of an interesting historical event – the emergence of the Luddite movement. The first Uprising against the Machines in the history of mankind – albeit unconscious, doomed to failure and, by the way, immediately received the label of “industrial sabotage,” is directly related to the topic of our conversation today – robots. Today humanity has almost come close to the moment when robots will be everywhere. Latent, almost imperceptible in everyday life, the evolution of robots is about to spill over into a real revolution of robots. Alternatively, even the Great Revolution of the Automated Economy.

Already, robots have learned how to clean floors and stand behind a production conveyor. A little more, and they will perfectly learn how to babysit children, take care of the elderly, skillfully and flawlessly translate speech from one language to another, imitate a symphony orchestra, independently solve many production and engineering problems. We constantly repeat about what a wonderful time will come then. However, it is hard to believe in the idyll of the unity of the Robot and the Human. Nothing went smoothly when people were born.

If you want to know when does Micronauts come out, then look through the topic below.


The film is directed by Dean DeBlois, a three-time Academy Award-nominated for the “How to Train Your Dragon” cartoon series. “Micronauts” is the director’s debut movie project after several animated films.

The plot of the picture is based on the North American sci-fi line of toys “Micronauts” developed by Mego Corporation back in 1976. The toy company, in turn, acquired a license to manufacture the action figures from the Japanese manufacturer Takara.

When is Micronauts 2021 coming to theaters?

The date of the release of the movie in theatres is still unknown.


Humanity did not expect that the robots they created would suddenly rebel against people and become a real threat. In the modern world, no industry can do without mechanical machines, the latest developments are admirable, but now the world is on the verge of war, the consequences of which are difficult to predict. The strongest mechanisms rebelled against the representatives of humanity, who now have no idea how to overcome them.

At the head may be Baron Karz who staged a coup in the cosmic universe. The invader could not sit on the throne for a long time; he was overthrown by Micronauts who followed Baron to Earth. It is surprising for them to see what appears to their eyes, but the help of a teenager Cameron will come in handy. Together they will have to plunge into amazing adventures, overcome the most difficult trials, while people are trying to save them from raging machines.


A movie Micronauts trailer is not available on the Net, as it has not been released yet.


The cast is still unknown as the film is in development.

Release date

Micronauts 2021 movie release date has not been announced yet. We will update the article when the release date will be disclosed.

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