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No Time to Die Movie (2020)

In April 2020, a new movie about the adventures of the legendary agent James Bond, performed by British actor Daniel Craig, will be released.

It is still not known exactly what dizzy adventures the famous spy will be plunged into. However, there is information that Bond will have to confront the Russian terrorist who took possession of the secret of genetic weapons.

If you want to know when does No Time to Die come out, then look through the article below.


Work on the film began in the spring of 2016.

The jubilee twenty-fifth film about super spy was to be released in 2019. However, the producers had to spend a lot of energy in search of the director. For this reason, the premiere was postponed. S. Mendes refused to act as a director, despite the success of his latest Bond films.

Denis Villeneuve, who was invited to the project, was also unable to work on it because he accepted the proposal to shoot the fantastic film “Dune.”

As a result, D. Boyle became the director. However, after a while, he stated that he will not take part in the movie due to disagreements with Craig. Finally, in September 2018, it was announced that C. Fukunaga would become the new director.

The shooting should have started  in December 2018, but because it was not possible to immediately find the director, the work had to be postponed until the spring of 2019.

When is No Time to Die 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.

UK31 March 2020
Germany2 April 2020
Spain2 April 2020
UK2 April 2020
Greece2 April 2020
Netherlands2 April 2020
Saudi Arabia2 April 2020
Finland3 April 2020
India3 April 2020
Norway3 April 2020
Poland3 April 2020
Sweden3 April 2020
Turkey3 April 2020
Australia8 April 2020
Belgium8 April 2020
France8 April 2020
Hungary8 April 2020
Indonesia8 April 2020
Iceland8 April 2020
Latvia8 April 2020
Slovakia8 April 2020
Argentina9 April 2020
Brazil9 April 2020
Israel9 April 2020
Italy9 April 2020
South Korea9 April 2020
Malaysia9 April 2020
Portugal9 April 2020
Russia9 April 2020
Singapore9 April 2020
Bulgaria10 April 2020
Estonia10 April 2020
Lithuania10 April 2020
USA10 April 2020
Hong Kong30 April 2020


The protagonist of the movie finally decides to retire and get married. However, a friend of the agent asks for help in finding the missing scientist. At first glance, it seems that the task is not particularly difficult. However, it turns out that behind the scientist’s loss, there is a villain from Russia. He took control of the latest weapon technologies that could cause the death of humankind … And now Bond has to stop the cold-blooded, intelligent, unprincipled terrorist who took possession of the secret genetic weapon.

It should be noted that an alternative script is currently being written, which will be very different from the script by N. Purvis and R. Wade. In April 2019, P. Bridge joined the screenwriting team: she should add humor to the film and make it more realistic.



It was believed that the film “Spectre” would be the last in which Craig played the role of Bond. The actor said that he would rather kill himself than once again play the famous agent. However, in August 2017, he confirmed that he would play the chaaracter again. According to rumors, he agreed to this role due to the fact that the producers offered him about $15 million for this role.

Ana de Armas as Paloma

Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny

Léa Seydoux as Madeleine Swann

Release date

No Time to Die 2020 movie release date is planned for April 8, 2020, in the United States.

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Top Gun 2: Maverick Movie (2020)

No one had hoped to see the continuation of the cult film of the eighties with the loud name “Top Gun.” However, unexpectedly, it was reported that Joseph Kosinski is ready to reanimate the story of thirty years ago and present to the audience a sequel to the picture of the same name.

If you want to know when does Top Gun 2: Maverick come out, then look through the topic below.


In 2010, the director of the film “Top Gun” Tony Scott announced his intention to shoot a sequel to the picture. However, in 2012, Scott committed suicide, after which the project was officially closed. Sometime later, producer Jerry Bruckheimer officially announced that he did not intend to give up and was ready to revive the project.

Joseph Kosinski is the director of the movie.

In September 2014, screenwriter Justin Marks agreed to write a screenplay for the film. He was later joined by Peter Craig and Jack Epps Jr.

In May 2017, it became known that actor Tom Cruise, who played a major role in the first part, was ready to take part in the sequel. In addition, Harold Faltermeyer expressed his wish to act as a composer.

The film was shot in the spring and summer of 2018 in San Diego and Washington.

It should be noted that three types of aircraft were used in the first film: F-14A Tomcat, A-4E Mongoose and Northrop F-5E.

When is Top Gun 2: Maverick 2020 coming to theaters?

Indonesia24 June 2020
Iceland24 June 2020
Argentina25 June 2020
Australia25 June 2020
Brazil25 June 2020
Greece25 June 2020
Hong Kong25 June 2020
Israel25 June 2020
Saudi Arabia25 June 2020
Singapore25 June 2020
India26 June 2020
Laos26 June 2020
Lithuania26 June 2020
Latvia26 June 2020
Turkey26 June 2020
Taiwan26 June 2020
USA26 June 2020
Vietnam26 June 2020
Japan10 July 2020
France15 July 2020
Germany16 July 2020
Italy16 July 2020
Netherlands16 July 2020
Portugal16 July 2020
Slovakia16 July 2020
Ukraine16 July 2020
Bulgaria17 July 2020
UK17 July 2020
Norway17 July 2020
Sweden17 July 2020


Lieutenant Pete Mitchell is a promising young cadet of elite US naval academy. Despite his young age, he has already managed to gain the respect of others. The young man established himself as an excellent pilot, an unsurpassed master of his craft. However, even such brilliant people sometimes have a complex character.

The young man did not allow anyone to claim the primacy, but soon cruelly paid for his vanity. Mitchell’s friend and partner, Nick Bradshaw, fell victim to Pete’s desire to win the competition. Pete allowed himself to ignore the rules and Bradshaw was crushed to death. Now Mitchell was deeply thinking about his own role in these sad events because the blame for what had happened lay almost entirely on him. He decided to leave the Academy forever. However, fate soon gives him a chance to feel him a better man. By helping classmates in a real battle against the Soviet Air Forces, Pete again earned the respect of his comrades and became the leading instructor of the U.S. Navy.

In the upcoming sequel, the plot will be concentrated around the events that took place after Mitchell’s brilliant victory.


The movie Top Gun 2: Maverick trailer is not available now. It will come out closer to the release date of the movie.


Val Kilmer as Iceman                    

Miles Teller as Bradley Bradshaw

Tom Cruise as Maverick

Release date

Top Gun 2: Maverick 2020 movie release date is planned for June 26, 2020, in the United States.

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Black Widow Movie (2020)

The long-awaited project about spy from Marvel will still be released. If you want to know when does Black Widow come out, then look through the topic below.


The director of the project is Cate Shortland. She is known for “Berlin Syndrome” and “Lore.”

However, initially, in search of the perfect director, Marvel considered 50 directors. Among them was Lucrecia Martel, who said that Marvel is trying to attract more women directors. They want to attract them but they do not believe that women can shoot action scenes better than men do. Also, Martel noted that she wants to try to shoot action movie and also meet with Scarlett Johansson.”

Ned Benson and Jac Schaeffer developed the script.

When is Black Widow 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.

France29 April 2020
Indonesia29 April 2020
Italy29 April 2020
Netherlands29 April 2020
Norway29 April 2020
Philippines29 April 2020
Australia30 April 2020
Brazil30 April 2020
Germany30 April 2020
Spain30 April 2020
Georgia30 April 2020
Greece30 April 2020
Hong Kong30 April 2020
Hungary30 April 2020
India30 April 2020
Iceland30 April 2020
Russia30 April 2020
Saudi Arabia30 April 2020
Singapore30 April 2020
Slovakia30 April 2020
Ukraine30 April 2020
Bulgaria1 May 2020
UK1 May 2020
India1 May 2020
Japan1 May 2020
Lithuania1 May 2020
Poland1 May 2020
Turkey1 May 2020
USA1 May 2020


Natasha Romanoff was born in the Soviet Union. During the Second World War, the family of the main character died. However, a caring mother managed to transfer her daughter to the safe hands of an experienced Soviet officer who raised a poor girl. At school, the girl was always different from her peers, standing out because she had excellent physical data. When a charming girl grew up, she decided to become a ballerina, while simultaneously studying martial arts. The first legal spouse of the girl becomes a talented pilot who turned out to be a mutant. At an unexpected moment, the noble husband dies, and the woman decides to continue his work by joining a special detachment.

A promising student was noticed by KGB agents, and she joined their ranks. Romanoff was endowed with natural charm and a sharp mind. This fact allowed her to become a unique spy. Soon, a secret serum was used on the young lady, which was developed by the best scientists. The serum was supposed to give physical and mental superiority over ordinary people. After a while, she is recognized as a traitor, and KGB begins to hunt for her. The brave woman plans to clean her name and find the man who framed her.


The movie Black Widow trailer is not available now.

Interesting facts

1.      The age limit of the movie is still unknown. However, there are rumors that the movie will be R-rated.

2.      E. Watson was considered primarily to play Yelena Belova.


F. Pugh as Yelena Belova

S. Johansson as Natasha Romanoff

R. Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

R. Weisz as Melina Vostokoff

Despite the fact that the whole world has already said goodbye to Tony Stark, R. Downey Jr. not in a hurry to retire. Officially, it became known that Iron Man would appear in the movie “Black Widow.” Frankly, most likely, it will only be a cameo, since the shooting is already ended.

Release date

Black Widow 2020 movie release date is planned for May 1, 2020, in the United States.

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Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) 2020

“Birds of Prey” is a promising movie. This time the Warner Bros releases a quality action movie featuring sexy and extravagant superheroes. Beauties easily deal with criminals and villains.

If you want to know the answer to the question: “When does Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) come out?”, then look through the topic below.


The movie about Bond called “No Time To Die” is reportedly being released just a week after the release date of the movie about a crazy woman. The press says that the next film about Bond is always great competition for any films. However, since Warner Bros confidently placed the movie release on that date, it means that they fully trust the project script.

The official filming process started at the beginning of this year and lasted until July. The creators of the project promise the fans a truly great picture.

Earlier, producer and the main actor of the movie, Margot Robbie, said in an interview that she did not intend to indulge “male fantasies” anymore and that is why changes were made to the hero’s traditional appearance. The character performed by Robbie was presented to the audience in the film “Suicide Squad.” It is expected that she will appear in some promising adaptations of DC comics.

Test runs of the movie took place in July 2019. According to Stephen M. Colbert, the picture made a completely different impression on fans and critics.

According to him, the invited viewers liked the picture, while the bosses of Warner Bros. turned out not to be enthusiastic. “It remains to hope that Robbie will be able to defend her vision,” he concluded.

When is Birds of Prey 2020 coming to theaters?

Mexico25 January 2020
Spain2 February 2020
Belgium5 February 2020
Chile5 February 2020
Colombia5 February 2020
France5 February 2020
Indonesia5 February 2020
South Korea5 February 2020
Argentina6 February 2020
Austria6 February 2020
Australia6 February 2020
Brazil6 February 2020
Czech Republic6 February 2020
Germany6 February 2020
Denmark6 February 2020
Georgia6 February 2020
Greece6 February 2020
Hong Kong6 February 2020
Israel6 February 2020
Italy6 February 2020
Kuwait6 February 2020
Netherlands6 February 2020
New Zealand6 February 2020
Peru6 February 2020
Philippines6 February 2020
Portugal6 February 2020
Russia6 February 2020
Saudi Arabia6 February 2020
Singapore6 February 2020
Slovenia6 February 2020
Slovakia6 February 2020
Ukraine6 February 2020
Bulgaria7 February 2020
Canada7 February 2020
Estonia7 February 2020
Spain7 February 2020
Finland7 February 2020
UK7 February 2020
Ireland7 February 2020
India7 February 2020
Iceland7 February 2020
Lebanon7 February 2020
Lithuania7 February 2020
Mexico7 February 2020
Norway7 February 2020
Poland7 February 2020
Turkey7 February 2020
Taiwan7 February 2020
USA7 February 2020
Japan20 March 2020


According to official information, the heroes of the movie will be several superheroes who, in two seconds, can deal with crime and villains.

Harley Quinn is a criminal who is hard to imagine without the Joker. Their relationship was always very strange, and once their paths diverged. Now she acts alone and believes that she is quite capable of conquering Gotham. At this time, Cassandra Kane finds a diamond that belongs to a criminal authority nicknamed the Black Mask. This person always returns what belongs to him, and uses all possible means for this, not hesitating to break the law and take the lives of others.

After some time, they enter into an unequal battle with a powerful conqueror who is not going to leave anyone alive. He intends to do everything possible to destroy every person on earth and to achieve this goal he has every opportunity. Girls from the criminal group understand that they have come to extremely difficult times. Will Harley and her team be able to withstand a powerful enemy?


The movie Birds of Prey trailer is available now. You can watch it on the Net.


M. Robbie as Quinn

Release date

Birds of Prey 2020 movie release date is planned for February 7, 2020, in the USA.

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Dolittle Movie (2020)

The creators plan a fun family project in the near future. The atmosphere of this picture is transmitted even through the official poster, which makes us particularly look for the release date of the film “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle.” If you want to know when does Dolittle come out, then look through the topic below.


The director was Stephen Gaghan.

The first to be approved for the role was Robert Downey Jr., who got the role of the funny Dr. Dolittle. Six months later, Michael Sheen and Antonio Banderas replenished the cast. Selena Gomez, by the way, will voice one of the characters.

Filming started in the winter of last year and now has come to an end. The creators make the last adjustments and prepare the picture for the release. The release date, which is curious, is of interest not only to families with small children but also to adults in whose life there is so little miracle, magic and to adventure.

When is Dolittle 2020 coming to theaters?

New Zealand1 January 2020
Costa Rica2 January 2020
South Korea8 January 2020
Faroe Islands9 January 2020
Serbia9 January 2020
Ukraine9 January 2020
Indonesia15 January 2020
Australia16 January 2020
Chile16 January 2020
Colombia16 January 2020
Dominican Republic16 January 2020
Egypt16 January 2020
Fiji16 January 2020
Greece16 January 2020
Croatia16 January 2020
Hungary16 January 2020
Kuwait16 January 2020
Lebanon16 January 2020
Netherlands16 January 2020
Panama16 January 2020
Peru16 January 2020
Puerto Rico16 January 2020
Portugal16 January 2020
Saudi Arabia16 January 2020
Singapore16 January 2020
Slovenia16 January 2020
Slovakia16 January 2020
Uruguay16 January 2020
Bulgaria17 January 2020
Canada17 January 2020
Estonia17 January 2020
Finland17 January 2020
Israel17 January 2020
India17 January 2020
Iceland17 January 2020
Lithuania17 January 2020
Latvia17 January 2020
Norway17 January 2020
Poland17 January 2020
Romania17 January 2020
Slovakia17 January 2020
Turkey17 January 2020
USA17 January 2020
Argentina23 January 2020
Denmark23 January 2020
Malaysia23 January 2020
Spain24 January 2020
Sweden24 January 2020
Taiwan24 January 2020
Hong Kong25 January 2020
Belgium29 January 2020
Philippines29 January 2020
Austria30 January 2020
Bosnia and Herzegovina30 January 2020
Germany30 January 2020
Italy30 January 2020
Mexico31 January 2020
France5 February 2020
UK7 February 2020
Ireland7 February 2020
Brazil20 February 2020
Moldova20 February 2020
Russia20 February 2020
Japan20 March 2020


The movie will be a film adaptation of the famous novel by Hugh Lofting about the veterinarian. A very characteristic animal doctor lost his spouse. The thing, incidentally, was in Victorian England with its inherent romanticism.

Still suffering from the loss, the main character closes in the house, where now only outlandish animals make up his company. However, misfortune happens – the young queen is seriously ill and only a veterinarian can save her from a terrible fate. In order to get medicine, Dolittle goes on a dangerous journey to a distant island. On a journey, he takes a self-proclaimed student and animal friends, including a restless gorilla, a silly duck, a couple of cynical ostriches, a funny polar bear and a talkative parrot…

On the way, he will have to meet not only with new animals but also with old enemies. How it all ends and whether the hero can save the queen, we will see in a new film about Dr. Dolittle and his journey.

We must say that the dangers await the hero not only in the jungle but also in the ordinary world. While he was hiding from people in the company of animals, everything around changed great. People have become more selfish; in the forefront, they now have money and other material wealth. Lonely Doolittle has to get comfortable in the new society and learn other laws.


The movie Dolittle trailer is available. You can watch it on the Net.


Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. John Dolittle

Tom Holland will voice Jip

Selena Gomez will voice Betsy

Release date

Dolittle 2020 movie release date is planned for January 17, 2020, in the United States.

Previously, the film was scheduled for May 2019, before it was postponed to April 2019, but the release date was shifted. The Wrap reports that Dr. Dolittle’s Journey has been delayed for eight months for January 2020. Universal seems to have changed the release date again to give the film a better chance abroad in countries like China, as well as hoping to attract an audience after the holidays.

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List of best Hollywood Action movies in 2020

Action movies are so real and exciting that you unwittingly become a participant in all the events that happen on the screen. Today we are going to present you TOP 10 best Hollywood Action movies of 2020 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of Hollywood Action movies 2020

10. Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

The events of the movie take place in Gotham City. The crime and devastation reign now in the city. People have to do everything possible to cope with all the difficulties that may get in the way. They have to hope only for a positive outcome and achieve the highest targets. The main characters are ordinary girls who do not have a superpower. All of them are criminals, and it is not surprising that they will have to save the city from all the horrors that will soon fall on everyone. The situation is very unusual and one has to believe that it will be possible to find a way out of this terrible situation.

9. No Time to Die

James Bond left the spy service and enjoys a peaceful life. Everything changes when his old friend asks him for help. The mission to rescue a scientist is more dangerous than originally thought. A villain, armed with dangerous technological weapons, traps Bond. Will the main hero be able to cope with the villain and safe the world?

8. Wonder Woman 1984

The continuation of the fantastic exploits of the Amazon warrior Diana, who left her secluded island to save humanity. Having overcome the tragedy of the First World War, Wonder Woman is drawn into the international battle of the 1980s. She encounters the seeker of magical artifacts, the Lord, who dreams of divine power. Through his fault, the British archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva turns into Cheetah – Diana’s new enemy.

7. Bad Boys for Life

Bad boys are in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Action movies 2020.

Burnett and Lowrey are former partners who slightly dislike each other. Burnett retired from the police force because of disagreements with Lowrey. He engages in private detective work. Although the hero’s life seemed to be getting better, he still holds a grudge against his former partner, because he liked the work in the police station more. As for Lowrey, he has a hard time. The midlife crisis makes itself felt: problems with a new partner, it seems that there is no way out of this vicious circle.

However, when a brutal Albanian mercenary suddenly starts a hunt for guys, they have no choice but to combine efforts and eliminate the enemy. Will the heroes in the struggle for survival find a common language and forgive each other?

6. Black Widow

The events of the movie “Black Widow” unfold a few years after the events of “Captain America: Civil War.” After the incident at Leipzig/Halle Airport, the main character Natasha Romanoff reflected on the mistake made. However, it turned out that the Red Room was not destroyed. The Red Room is a program to create Black Widows, like Natasha. This time, Natasha decides finally to deal with those people who turned her into a Black Widow. Another Red Room patient, professional killer Yelena Belova, who has long wanted to get even with a professional mercenary Taskmaster, will help her in this difficult task.

5. The King’s Man

A secret organization called Kingsman is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Action films.

The story of experienced special agents in a secret organization called Kingsman does not end there. Despite the fact that many heroes have decided on their future, created families and plunged into endless happiness, fate constantly throws unexpected surprises.

This time, the movie will focus on one of the spies who will come into conflict with his mentor, which will lead to unpleasant consequences. In addition, new characters should appear, one of which will be the teenager Conrad, who is the son of an influential Duke of Oxford. The young man is very impudent, self-confident and attractive. The main goal of the hero is to help his kingdom during the First World War. The guy does not know how to implement his plan, but he understands perfectly well that Kingsman agents can help him in this difficult mission.

4. Bloodshot

Angelo Mortalli is an experienced soldier who has dedicated his life to protecting his country. From an early age, his father raised a future soldier. Therefore, the boy had no choice but to become a true professional in military affairs. On the next mission, the man was mortally wounded. Physicians fought for his life for a long time, but it was not a survivable injury.

However, doctors conduct a unique experiment and use modern technology to bring him back to life. Special agents from the FBI completely erase his memory. Special microcomputers were implanted in his DNA, which will help the soldier’s body quickly regenerate injuries and control various electronic devices. As a result, the former ordinary military became a real killing machine, which is almost invulnerable. He was called Bloodshot.

3. The Invisible Man

The third place on the list of best Hollywood Action movies in 2020.

Cecilia Kass did not get along well with her boyfriend – the rich and brilliant scientist turned out to be a notorious sociopath. At some point, the woman simply runs away from home and hides at her sister’s house. Soon she knew that her ex-boyfriend committed suicide and left her a fortune with only one condition – she will lose all money if there is reason to doubt her sanity. Now Cecilia always seems that someone invisible is pursuing her.

2. Mulan

The story of a fearless young girl who pretends to be a man in order to join the army opposing the Northern invaders approaching China. The eldest daughter of the brave warrior Hua, Mulan is an energetic and determined girl. When the Emperor issues a decree that one man from each family should join the ranks of the Imperial Army, Mulan takes the place of рук sick father.

1. Fast & Furious 9

Most recently, Dominic had to go against loved ones and relatives in order to save his son from the hands of the cyber-terrorist Cipher. A charming woman for a long time controlled Dominic, but the brave racer managed to outsmart and defeat the evil villain. However, Cipher managed to escape. After some time, Toretto again meets the former kidnapper of his son, which entails many consequences. In addition, the hero of the movie has to meet again with Mrs. Shaw – the mother of Deckard and Owen.

TOP 10 new holly Action movies ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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Bloodshot Movie (2020)

In addition to Marvel and DC comics, there are other interesting comics. The company “Valiant Comics” back in 1992 released a new super-hero. Almost 30 years have passed, and finally, the release date of “Bloodshot” has become known – a film about a man more like the T100 terminator.

If you want to know when does Bloodshot come out, then look through the article below.


Bloodshot is a movie adaptation of comics, the rights to which were acquired back in 2012. The directorial composition of the picture has changed several times, constantly losing renowned directors, for example, Chad Stahelski. In 2017, Dave Wilson was appointed and under his responsibility, the premiere of the new movie “Bloodshot” from the creators of Fast and the Furious will be released.

Initially, Jared Leto was considered the Badshot, but after a while, Vin Diesel was approved. Jared is an excellent actor, but Vin in this image will look more advantageous.

Given that Vin Diesel will be the main actor, many are eagerly awaiting the 2020 movie “Bloodshot.” The release date interests all his fans who have not forgotten the actor since the “Fast and the Furious” movie.

Preparation for the release date turned out to be long – the start of filming dates back to August 2018, and the end – October of the same year. Nevertheless, the world will only be able to see the result of work in 2020.

Scenes were shot in three locations and countries – Hungary, South Africa and the Czech Republic.

By the way, now we can talk about the future fate of the picture. The producers of the Bloodshot have planned at least three more films – one spin-off and two chapters of sequel. It is also planned to film the crossover.

When is Bloodshot 2020 coming to theaters?

Hong Kong20 February 2020
Bulgaria21 February 2020
Spain21 February 2020
UK21 February 2020
India21 February 2020
Iceland21 February 2020
Argentina27 February 2020
Greece27 February 2020
Saudi Arabia27 February 2020
France4 March 2020
Germany5 March 2020
Indonesia11 March 2020
Australia12 March 2020
Hungary12 March 2020
Netherlands12 March 2020
Singapore12 March 2020
Lithuania13 March 2020
Norway13 March 2020
Sweden13 March 2020
Turkey13 March 2020
USA13 March 2020
Italy26 March 2020


The movie “Bloodshot” will be a mixture of popular cinema genres – science fiction, action, and drama. The story begins with a fateful scientific discovery – a group of scientists manages to resurrect Ray Garrison, who was recently killed.

After the resurrection, Ray is no longer the Marine he used to be. Now he is a real killing machine – Bloodshot. The protagonist practically does not remember anything and unquestioningly obeys the orders of local scientists who train him along with other soldiers like him. Gradually, he begins to see images from the past, and with them the faces of the murderers who slaughtered him and his wife. To take revenge on the criminals, Bloodshot breaks out of the laboratory and discovers with horror that everything is much more complicated than he thought it is.


The movie Bloodshot trailer is available. You can watch it on the Net.


T. Kebbell as Axe

S. Heughan as Jimmy Dalton                      

V. Diesel as Bloodshot

Release date

Bloodshot 2020 movie release date is planned for February 21, 2020, in the United States.

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G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant (2020)

It is American science fiction film directed by D.J. Caruso is based on the Hasbro series of toys. If you want to know more and also answer to the question when does G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant come out, then look through the topic below.


The film “G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant,” like the previous parts of the franchise, is based on Hasbro’s popular toy series called” G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.” At one time, the first part made a splash on moviegoers, and many of them are looking forward to continuing. The third part is planned backed by good box office of the first two films. Recall that the first part of the film collected 302 million dollars at the box office, with a budget of 175 million, and the second part collected about 372 million dollars at the box office with the budget of 130 million.

In April 2013, it became known about the continuation of the films “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” and “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.” Jon M. Chu, the director of the second part of the film, expressed a desire to film the third part of the picture in 3D. At the annual Comic-Con Festival, John M. Chu showed interest in returning the characters of Scarlett and Baroness to the film, and actor Dwayne Johnson wished the return of his hero Roadblock.

Initially, the premiere of the film “G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant” was planned for 2016, but was temporarily delayed due to the search for a new director, since John M. Chu. preferred to take part in the production of the film “Jem and the Holograms” and left the project.

Before the producers appointed D.J. Caruso as a director of the film, Martin Campbell occupied his place. In one interview, franchise producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said he was hoping for the return of the characters of Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis, and also showed a desire to add another main character. In addition, the producer plans to add a hero named Matt Trekker from the animated series “MASK” to the film.

When is G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it very soon.


A group of professional fighters is once again in complete readiness to embark on a new business. Team members saw many dangerous and powerful personalities associated with gangs. Each time, the guys helped ordinary people and defeated the villains. Agents eliminated one enemy, but his supporters resumed activity. They recruit well-known politicians into their ranks in order to penetrate into all structures related to politics. The opposition will be exciting. This fight will be decisive, because after it will become clear who is stronger.


The movie G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant trailer is not available now. It will be released a little later.


Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock

Rachel Nichols as Scarlett

Sienna Miller as Ana / Baroness

Release date

G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant 2020 movie release date Is planned for October 16, 2020, in the United States.

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James Bond 25 (2020)

The world of cinema on the eve of the amazing anniversary – the appearance on the screens of the 25th part of the James Bond movie. It is difficult to find a person who would not want to watch the movie “ No Time to Die ,” because this premiere is one of the most anticipated in 2020. A rare film boasts as many sequels as the James Bond film, a secret intelligence agent for Great Britain, which is almost impossible to defeat. If you want to know when does James Bond 25 come out, then look through the topic below.


James Bond movie is such a thing for which serious competition is taking place among the directors. After all, the name in the credits of the picture of this franchise automatically means registration in the news of all publications and the increased interest of the studios in your personality. However, Cary Fukunaga, who is the director of “Bond 25,” was clearly not pursuing this. His personal Oscar, of course, is yet to come, but his films such as “Jane Eyre” and the television series “True Detective” have already made a name for him. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade write the script for the picture.

When is James Bond 25 2020 coming to theaters?

UK31 March 2020
Germany2 April 2020
Spain2 April 2020
UK2 April 2020
Greece2 April 2020
Netherlands2 April 2020
Saudi Arabia2 April 2020
Finland3 April 2020
India3 April 2020
Norway3 April 2020
Poland3 April 2020
Sweden3 April 2020
Turkey3 April 2020
Australia8 April 2020
Belgium8 April 2020
France8 April 2020
Hungary8 April 2020
Indonesia8 April 2020
Iceland8 April 2020
Latvia8 April 2020
Argentina9 April 2020
Brazil9 April 2020
Israel9 April 2020
Italy9 April 2020
South Korea9 April 2020
Malaysia9 April 2020
Portugal9 April 2020
Russia9 April 2020
Singapore9 April 2020
Bulgaria10 April 2020
Estonia10 April 2020
Lithuania10 April 2020
USA10 April 2020
Hong Kong30 April 2020


Nothing human is alien to superagents. After the wedding, James Bond is immersed in the joys of quiet family life and forgets about his glorious past. However, not for long. Bond’s wife will be the heroine of the previous part – Madeleine Swann. Her role was successfully played by the French actress Léa Seydoux.

Naturally, the scriptwriters will not let the hero rest on its laurels for a long time in the arms of a lovely wife. Happiness cannot be eternal, especially if new heroic deeds with tricks and incredible scenes of survival on the verge of fantasy are expected from the hero. And the conflict will begin with the death of the wife of a brave hero. Eager for revenge, Bond will again demonstrate his skills in the difficult role of an intelligence agent. Nothing is known about the villain who killed the wife of the main hero. Initially, the director wanted to make the evil Russian a leading antagonist, but then the script was changed. The hero’s revenge for the sudden death of his beloved wife will be the only link with the anti-hero.


The movie No Time to Die trailer is not available now but it will come out a little later.


Daniel Craig as James Bond

Léa Seydoux as Madeleine Swann

Ana de Armas as Paloma

Christoph Waltz as Blofeld

It is possible that this will be the fifth and final film with Craig in the main role since he himself said that he is already becoming too old for the role of Bond. He’s been playing Agent-007 for 14 years. In “Spectre,” Craig was seriously injured, so in this part, there will not be a lot of his stunt and all the shootings will be much easier for the actor.

Release date

James Bond 25 2020 movie release date is planned for April 8, 2020, in the United States.

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Green Lantern Corps (2020)

It is an American action-adventure thriller based on DC Comics. The plot of the film “Green Lantern Corps” tells the story of a fictional intergalactic organization called the Green Lantern Corps, which patrols and guards the farthest corners of the universe.

The world of superheroes has long attracted young viewers who watched with great interest the adventures of their favorite characters. The main character of this movie is a young guy named Hal Jordan. At first glance, he may seem like an ordinary person who lives an unremarkable life and does the same thing every day. However, in reality, everything turns out to be completely different from what one might think.

If you want to know when does Green Lantern Corps come out, then look through the topic below.


Geoff Johns, DC Comics creative director and the author of almost all DC comic book comics in the last decade, as well as several episodes of “Smallville” and “Blade,” is working on the script for the picture.

He talked about the idea of ​​the film: “Soon we will go down to the bottom of the ocean, remember the myths of ancient Greece, and go on a journey in time. We also want to give viewers the opportunity to go into space. The Green Lantern Corps will help us realize this idea.”

When is Green Lantern Corps 2020 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it a little later.


For many years, a secret organization of intergalactic forces called the Green Lantern Corps patrolled and guarded the farthest corners of our universe. The organization itself is subject to the Guardians of the Universe, whose base is on the planet Oa. Currently, the organization has about 7200 members, which are divided into 3600 sections.

Throughout its long existence, the Green Lantern Corps experienced many external and internal conflicts, but each time it coped with all the difficulties. Each of the members of the Corps, called the Green Lanterns, has no fear and is always ready to fight. Each of them also has a power ring, which gives opportunities and power, limited only by the imagination of its owner.

One day, members of the Green Light Corps Hal Jordan and John Stewart learn about the threat of destruction of the Corps. Forgetting all the differences, they are in a hurry to stop the enemy.


The movie Green Lantern Corps trailer is not available now.


Rumors are actively circulating that in the upcoming picture Mark Wahlberg will play one of the main roles. At the same time, Warner Bros. leaves no hope that Tom Cruise will take part in the movie. Tom discourages either that he does not like the script, or makes up some other arguments…

Release date

Unfortunately for fans of superhero films, the Green Lantern Corps will be released only in 2020. However, the release date of the film is already known. Green Lantern Corps 2020 movie release date will take place on June 19, 2020, in the United States. One can only hope that the picture will exceed all expectations.