List of TOP 10 good Crime movies 2018

The crime movie opens up those aspects of life that we prefer not to see: graphic details of the crime world, fights, murders, gang warfare. Scary, sometimes disgusting, but interesting! Good crime films leave behind disturbing emotions.

If you wanna watch TOP 10 good Crime films 2018, then we start.

Before we start, TOP 10 new good Crime movies 2018 release dates of our TOP are already known and available on the Net.

  1. Bad Boys for Life

The movie is a continuation about tough police officers and loyal friends; Mike – family man, daddy, and a loving husband, and Marcus – a bachelor who is in no hurry to have children. These brave guys like to find drugs, tame the local bandits, and protect the inhabitants of Miami. Time goes by but the police officers do not age… In the third part, there will be new adventures, unusual situations, and crazy ways to solve them as well as jokes and much more.

  1. The Happytime Murders

In a crime plot, an amazing world is formed in which people and dolls are united by a single friendly community. The TV show “The Happytime Murders” are watched by all the inhabitants, especially the kids are delighted with the performances, admiring the acting skills. However, everything goes bad when series of murders of the actors of this popular show occur that begins to disturb the authorities, which sends skillful detectives to investigate the case.

  1. Den of Thieves

Big Nick’s team is in the TOP ten good Crime movies 2018 in theaters.

Big Nick – the head of the elite unit – daily proves that his team is more awesome than those they hunt. When Nick finds out that the legendary and very smart thief is planning a US Federal Reserve Bank robbery, he decides to prevent it in any way. In addition, he likes to play games where no rules.7. A Simple Favor

The movies will tell us about the mysterious missing of a person. In addition, the disappearance causes a huge number of questions. To date, in search of a person can help not only the police but also ordinary people. The action of the film takes place in a small town, where a woman-blogger decides to use her followers to find that person. After all, the life of her good friend is at stake, she cannot just wait. When the search involves a huge number of people at once, the chances of finding a person are much greater. Will such a decision help mom-blogger?

  1. Game Night

It is a story about Max and Annie, who together with other couples every week arrange the so-called “game night.” Then one day the charismatic Max’s brother Brooks organizes an evening to solve the “murderous” quest with thugs and FBI agents. It turns out that the kidnapping of Brooks that evening is a prank… or not?

As a result, as six players try to solve the prepared puzzles and win, they begin to realize that both the quest and Brooks are not what they seem. Throughout this night, friends tried to get out of this situation. There are no rules in the game, there are no points for it, and players have no idea who is against them. This night can become the last one.

  1. The Commuter

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Crime movies 2018.

Every morning he takes the same train. A businessman from a suburban house goes to work to the center of the city. He never paid attention to his fellow travelers. However, the pretty blonde forced him to break away from his reflections. An unobtrusive conversation ensued between them, during which the woman offered the passenger an interesting deal.

The business proposal guarantees a good profit and the financial specialist signs the contract. The risks of losing are very small, but this reckless act has jeopardized the life of his entire family.

  1. Gotti

John Gotti began his criminal career, performing the simplest assignments. Later, he rightfully became the key person in the criminal world. His family is the most influential and wealthy in New York, financial well-being and power come before the moral aspects. Once Gotti’s business must be transferred to the heir, but unexpectedly the father sees son’s refusal to be involved in the world of crime. However, what will Gotti, Jr. do when his family is in danger?

  1. Death Wish

Bruce Willis is in the TOP 10 really good Crime movies.

Dr. Paul Kersey works as a surgeon and every day his patients become victims of criminal gangs that covered the city. Once in his house, where his wife and daughter were, a gang of criminals broke in. Because of the attack, Paul’s wife dies. Because of the huge number of crimes, the police officers are overloaded and Paul’s case is not going. The thirst for revenge makes Paul take justice into his own hands. He buys a gun and goes in search of criminals that cruelly killed his loved one.

  1. Mute

The events of the film take place in the near future on the Berlin territory. The protagonist Leo Byler works as a barman in one of the nightclubs in the city. His life changes radically when his beloved girl disappears.

Starting a search for her, the guy is in the underground of the city, where he meets two American surgeons. Leo cannot figure out whether he should trust them because they offer to recover his voice or to run away from them.

  1. Entebbe

The film tells about the events that happened in 1976. Four terrorists, two of whom are in  PFLP, and the other two in the Revolutionary Cells (German group), seize the Air France flight 139, which follows from Tel Aviv (Israel) to Paris (France) via Athens (Greece). Upon the request of terrorists, the aircraft lands at Entebbe airport in Uganda. The terrorists decide to keep passengers and the crew of the plane in the old airport building. Separating Jews and Israelis from the rest, the invaders promise to kill them if the Israeli authorities do not fulfill their demands.

A list of TOP 10 good Crime movies 2018 ends now.

Thank you for being with us!

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