When does come out Joker movie 2019


Joker is an upcoming movie about the main villain of Gotham. We are already familiar with him from numerous superhero film products and comics. This time, the psychopathic killer is promised to be presented in a solo project. It is interesting that creators want to show the audience the history of the formation of this unusual character. If you want to know when does Joker come out, then you should look through the article below.


The Joker character continues to lure the filmmakers, and one can safely say that this villain has long had its own storyline. If before the Joker acted as a free character in Batman movies, the filmmakers decided to correct this injustice and shoot the movie with clown-maniac in the title role.

Initially, Warner Bros. wanted to use the character only in “Suicide Squad,” but at some point, the concept changed dramatically and Jared Leto had to leave the project.

Warner Bros. assures that the new Joker 2019 has nothing to do with the DC movie world. The budget of the picture is relatively small and is about $55 million.

Despite the modest budget, Joker 2019 is among the ten most anticipated films of the year.

Todd Phillips is the director of the movie.

When is Joker 2019 coming to theaters?

Be patient, you will know it soon.


The movie Joker trailer is already available. You can watch it on the Net.


“Joker” will tell a completely new story about a dangerous supervillain. The filmmakers will show us what made the unlucky comedian Arthur Fleck a mentally ill killer. The story takes place in the 80s in Gotham, where Fleck returns to look after a sick mother.

After returning to his hometown, he felt bullied and realized that it is impossible to repay evil with good. The audience will see all the stages of Joker transformation, which occurs under the influence of injustice and cruelty prevailing in Gotham.


After Heath Ledger performed the role of the Joker, his character became a real cliché. It is clear that after the Oscar-winning incarnation, the acting of all subsequent jokers will be put under a microscope. After Jared Leto in the “Suicide Squad” was subjected to criticism, the new Joker 2019 aroused genuine interest among the public.

This time the famous actor Joaquin Phoenix will appear in the role of the villain. The actor already has a good record of accomplishment. Moreover, critics perceive Joaquin as a good dramatic actor. Judging by the trailer of the movie, Phoenix managed to get into the character and it seems that we will see a completely new Joker.

Initially, there were many rumors about who would play the main role in the movie but in fact, Warner Bros. wanted to work only with Phoenix, while he ignored the offer for a long time. He did not immediately take the role in the movie. The film of 2019 could have come out without his participation in it since the actor prefers to play dramatic characters, not the standard. Only the efforts of the director of the film, who told Phoenix in detail what he was going to shoot, helped to change the actor’s mind.

As for other stars, we will see Robert De Niro and Frances Conroy who will play the mother of the villain.

Release date

Joker 2019 movie release date is planned for October 4, 2019, in the USA.

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