When does come out The Addams Family movie 2019


The American animation film “The Addams Family” is based on the eponymous comic book by American artist Charles Addams. There were made many film adaptations before. Creating the image of the Addams family, the artist Charles Addams was inspired by an old mansion, which stood near his childhood home. He also gave the heroes his own last name. If you want to know when does The Addams Family come out, then you should look through the article below.


The release in 1964 of the same-name series consisting of only 64 episodes made “The Addams Family” popular. However, in 1991, Barry Sonnenfeld decided to make a film adaptation of the series. The picture was warmly welcomed by the audience.

The picture was a success among both critics and viewers due to the excellent cast, as well as a completely new genre for that time – the dark comedy. This gave the director a reason for the second part, which, in turn, did not meet expectations. Now Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon want to make a new film adaptation and present the Addams Family in a new way.

Conrad Vernon, together with Greg Tiernan, is the director of the new film adaptation. Vernon is known for similar comedy animation movies: “Shrek 2” and “Sausage Party.” “Monster House” screenwriter Pamela Pettler developed the script. Matt Lieberman made the additional changes in the script. Note that the production of films began in October 2017.

Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna are composers of the film.             

Kevin Pavlovic and David Ian Salter are film editors.

Kyle McQueen is a production designer and art director.

When is The Addams Family 2019 coming to theaters?

You will know it very soon.


The movie The Addams Family trailer is already available. You can watch it on the Net or our website.


All members of the Addams family may seem strange to an outside observer. They live in a gloomy mansion, prefer to dress in black and do such things that could scare any ordinary person. At the same time, Addams is a classic ideal family, where parents adore each other, and children respect their elders and get along well with each other.

Morticia and Gomez live in peace and harmony for many years. They bring up two wonderful children, Pugsley and Wednesday; live in a huge mansion with a butler and a couple of other relatives. It would seem that we are talking about the ideal family.

However, if you look closely, you will notice that a severed hand is walking about the house, the butler suspiciously reminds of Frankenstein, and childish pranks can hardly be called harmless. For Addams, this state of affairs is a very ordinary matter. However, the restless journalist Margaux Needler wants to show the whole world how dangerous this family is. Will Adams be able to prove to Margo that their gloomy appearance and strange habits do not make them monsters? The task becomes almost impossible when all the relatives come to the house to get to the play in which Pugsley takes part.


  • C. Moretz voices Wednesday
  • C. Theron voices Morticia
  • F. Wolfhard voices Pugsley
  • O. Isaac voices Gomez
  • A. Janney voices Margaux Needler 

Release date

The Addams Family 2019 movie release date is planned for October 11, 2019, in the USA.

In Russia, the movie will be released on 19 December 2019.  

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