When does come out Zombieland 2: movie 2020


It is the second part of the comedy horror movie. The movie will come out 2019. Released in 2009, the first part of the film was warmly welcomed by moviegoers. Some of the movie critics noted the fact that this bold mix of comedy and horror gave the project a unique atmosphere that is not found in other films. Many praised the director R. Fleischer for his skills and innovation. If you want to know when does Zombieland 2: Double Tap come out, then you should read the topic below.

The production budget was $23 million. However, only in the United States, the movie grossed about $75 million. The project earned $102 million worldwide. In Russia, the film collected 3 million dollars. Despite the good box office, the critics and the public formed the opinion that it is a so-so movie. Although if the picture came out in 2017, then, in terms of its box office, it would be called a successful project.


They started talking about the continuation of the project almost immediately after the release of the original film. However, until recently, the studio was silent on this topic. Only recently, it was reported that development of the second part is in full swing.

The creators decided to gather all the cast of the first part again. Information about intentions to shoot a new part of Zombieland appeared in 2014 when Sony invited D. Callaham to write the script. After this, R. Fleischer was appointed as the director of the second part.

The film company really managed to surprise with its desire to shoot the new part. Information about the sequel turned out to be a balm for the soul for the fans, so all of them want to be sure that Zombieland 2 will be released and its storyline will not disappoint expectations.

When is Zombieland 2: Double Tap 2019 coming to theaters?

You will know it soon.


The movie Zombieland 2: Double Tap trailer is not available now. It will be released a little later.


The events of this story are developing in America, which suffered from a terrible zombie virus. Now, most of the population has become the walking dead, and the survivors are trying to live another day. If you think that you will see an exciting and sometimes heart touching story in the style of the TV series “The Walking Dead,” then you are mistaken. This picture will be insane with dark humor.

The main characters meet by chance but decide that it is better off standing together. Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock are the main heroes and survivors in the movie. Two man and two girls will become involuntary allies. However, they do not trust each other.

In the first part, the main characters were able to fight off the hordes of zombies and run away. However, the story does not end there, so now the main characters are waiting for new crazy adventures, as well as unsuccessful attempts to find a safe place.


  • E. Stone as Wichita
  • A. Breslin as Little Rock
  • W. Harrelson as Tallahassee
  • J. Eisenberg  as Columbus

Release date

Zombieland 2: Double Tap 2019 movie release date is planned for October 11, 2019, in the USA.

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