When does come out Fast and Furious 9 movie 2019

It is another part of the thrilling franchise about street racers, one of the main roles in which plays Vin Diesel.

And although the franchise lost one of the main characters after the death of Paul Walker, Universal decided not dwell on it and will continue the stories of cool chases on class cars and shootouts of desperate friends.

Have to wait:

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The first “Fast and Furious” appeared on the screens in 2001, and since that time every subsequent franchise film has always been a success with the audience. That’s understandable, because “Fast and Furious” – it’s always spectacular racing and exciting tricks, a dynamic soundtrack, as well as the participation of the populace actors.

Fast and Furious 9 movie 2019


At the moment, preparations are being made for the filming of the eighth part of the car racers – it will be held in the US, Russia, Iceland and Cuba. Director F. Gary Gray said that in the scene, which will be shot in the Icelandic resort town, the creators of the movie will arrange the biggest explosion in the history of this country. In addition, the eighth part will be the first Hollywood picture which will be filmed on the Island of Freedom.

When is Fast and Furious 9 2019 coming to theaters?

The movie will appear on the screen in 2019.

Dwayne Johnson called Vin Diesel a coward and a jerk

August 9, 2016, Dwayne in his Facebook account published a post in which he called some male actors from the eighth “Fast and the Furious” cowards and jerks. The actor did not specify who he meant but details have already become known. It turns out that Johnson’s dissatisfaction was caused by the lead actor Vin Diesel.

This post caused a stir in the press and among the crew – all actors condemned the act of Dwayne Johnson. As a result, Johnson and Diesel held a conversation, during which they discussed the contradictions that had arisen. It is not known what the conversation was about. The filmmakers involved in the shooting of the eighth “Fast and the Furious” say that, in part, the reason for the actors’ conflict is that Diesel is also the co-producer of the film, and Johnson is not always satisfied with his decisions.

Fast and Furious 9


The official movie Fast and Furious 9 trailer is not available now.

Walker will back

According to foreign press reports, in the action movie will appear the character of the actor Paul Walker, who died in a car crash. The hero he played, Brian O’Connor, will be reproduced by using computer graphics and frames from previous franchise films involving Walker. It is possible that the shooting will also attract one of the two brothers of the actor. Nevertheless, Universal Pictures studio has not yet confirmed this information.

Paul Walker played in six of the seven parts of the film, including the last film, as the creators of the movie managed to shoot some scenes before the death of the actor (he died in an accident in November 2013).


In addition to Vin Diesel there will participate J. Statham, D. Johnson, and K. Russell.

  • L. Black as Sean Boswell
  • T. Gibson as Roman

Release Date

Fast and Furious 9 2019 movie release date is scheduled for April 19, 2019, in the USA. Actor Vin Diesel on his page in the social network Instagram named the dates of the 9th and 10th parts of the criminal movie “Fast and the Furious”.

Universal has officially confirmed this information to the portal Variety. It should be reminded that “Fast and Furious 7″seventh part became the highest grossing movie of the series, collecting $ 1.5 billion in the world box office. The picture takes the sixth place in the list of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinematography.

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