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When does come out How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie 2019

Do you know everything about training your own dragon? One of the most renowned franchises was successfully represented in 2010 being the initial part of famous series based on British books from Cressida Cowell with the very first one published in the early 2000s. It is also a huge part of short movies about the adventures of the same characters. Some of them were even on the screens of popular TV channel for kids – Cartoon Network. Since the talks about the third part of the adventurous story appeared, people have been asking and seeking for any kind of information – when does How To Train Your Dragon 3 come out?

Have to wait:

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Unfortunately, people still have to look forward for this film a little more than it was expected. It meant to be finished by the end of May 2018 but then the date of final release was changed. All we know today is that it was pushed to March the 1st in 2019. There is also some information about another upcoming film by Marvel going to theaters exactly one week after 3D animated action movie.

How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie 2019

When it comes to movie How To Train Your Dragon 3 trailer we can only predict what the adventures of Toothless and Hiccup we are about to see as it hasn’t been officially released yet. We only know that the third part of famous films will be following the story of our old beloved heroes that got their voices from famous Hollywood actors such as America Ferrera, and Gerard Butler.

When the How To Train Your Dragon 3 2019 movie release date is finally revealed to the public, the viewers may notice that the main characters are somewhat similar to the actors, giving them their voices, when it comes to outer look. Jay or Hiccup is a young red-haired boy and Butler having Scottish blood in veins plays main character’s father that represents everything to prove he is a Viking. Due to the deep plot, that gives people all the emotions human being can even feel, voices and breathtaking plot – these are the reasons why film series got positive feedbacks of viewers and critics that decided to nominate it for the best Animated Franchise. But how these two parts are even connected to the upcoming third one? Let’s take a look at the plot.

How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie


As we can see from the very first part of the franchise, the plot follows the son of Viking’s village chieftain, who is proud to be a Viking, – the name of that teenager is Hiccup and he likes inventing weird mechanical devices that, instead of being a groundbreaking, make local people laugh at him. The task of the cast was to show all the adventures that happened to awkward Hiccup that changed everything – just before he started training his own dragon – Toothless – the island where all the Vikings lived had had to face the difficulties caused by the dragons. They had been destroying houses and all the supplies necessary for living. But one day he accidentally finds Night Fury who, as the local people believes, is an extremely dangerous dragon. But instead of killing him, Hiccup notices the dragon is not able to fly and has no teeth (actually, his teeth were still inside his gum).

Later on, Hiccup and Toothless become best friends and young Viking even invents a prosthesis that gives the dragon a chance to fly. Meanwhile, Hiccup discovers lots of interesting things about wonderful creatures Vikings never heard before. This helps him to become a leader in his village and changes the relationships between dragons and Vikings forever. Apparently, when is How To Train Your Dragon 3 2019 coming to theaters we will be able to see another beautiful story of this young but very brave boy he will be sharing with his best friend Toothless.

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