When does come out Kung Fu Panda 4 movie 2018

Fans ask questions whether there will be a sequel and when the fourth part of the cartoon will be released. Together with you, we will try to answer the main question: “When does Kung Fu Panda 4 come out?” including all known information on the movie to date.

There were a lot of rumors about the continuation of the epic journeys of the panda Po. And in the topic below we will show you all details on movie and a lot of reasons why the panda have to have continuation. Also, here we will provide you all necessary information on cast and remind you what happened in the first three parts.

Brave masters have repeatedly rescued their fellow tribesmen or even the whole world from another enemy who wanted to gain full control over the planet. The legendary teachers of martial arts over the years have become even wiser and ready for the battle. New adventures of Po and his friends will come soon.

Kung Fu Panda 4 movie 2018

When is Kung Fu Panda 4 2018 coming to theaters?

Creators keep in secret the release date of the cartoon.

This is why we should wait for the continuation

January 29, 2016, in theaters premiered the third part of an animated film directed by J. Y. Nelson and the studios “China Film Co” and “DreamWorks.” The 3 part was no worse than the previous and brought to the creators big money.  Viewers, in the face of children and their parents, have come to contemplate the next story about the courageous panda – martial arts master of “Kung-Fu”.  So far, DreamWorks has not announced exact dates, but officially the cartoon has been extended, based on the chronology – the first part was published in 2008, the second in 2012, and 3 in 2016, then we can surely wait for the beginning of 2018-20.  It should be reminded that the third cartoon was joined by the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie who performed the role of “Tigress”, and Jackie Chan voiced “Monkey”.


The official movie Kung Fu Panda 4 trailer is not available. It will come soon.


In the center of the story is Po. He helps the adoptive father in cafe and wants to become a master of Kung Fu. Incredible luck allows Po to get to such school, he learns Kung Fu from a real professional.

Kung Fu Panda 4 movie

In the 3 part continued the shocking and flying journeys of the panda, he had to face two problems, the first with his adoptive father and the second with phenomena. Po has saved the whole world a lot of times, but the difficulty of establishing relations with 2 fathers was too bad. Finally, Po found his own father, and they together kept their way to a real Po’s home, where is just a paradise, there live only pandas.  But the happiness of meeting did not last long, the villain Kai want to destroy all masters, learning about this Po take up the teaching of all villagers to fight.

Unfortunately, the studio keeps the plot of the forth part in strictest secrecy, and what will be in the fourth part we do not know until the official trailer will be released. In the next movie about Panda we can wait new characters and incredible journeys of a bold and awkward protagonist. It remains only to wait for news about the next premiere of the cartoon.


  • J. Black as a voice of Po
  • B. Cranston as a voice of Li
  • A. Jolie as a voice of Tigress
  • J. Chan as a voice of Monkey

Release Date

Kung Fu Panda 4 2018 movie release date is scheduled for 2018, in the USA. Exact month and day are unknown.

Do not get to the tricks of fraudsters, before the official premiere, you will not find anything.

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