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When does come out Mulan movie 2018

October 2016, a new version of the Disney hit will appear in the world box office in two years. The leading role in it will play a Chinese actress.  Studio Walt Disney intends to restart the cartoon “Mulan”, released in 1998. The new picture will be shot in a live-action format with live actors. Producer functions will be taken by C. Bender and J. Spink, who worked on the tape “We are Millers”.

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When is Mulan 2018 coming to theaters?

A game remake of “Mulan” will be released on screens at the end of 2018.

Mulan movie 2018


Niki Caro is a director of the movie. She is known for “Whale Rider”, “North Country”, “Mcfarland”, “Vintner’s Luck”.

After “Maleficenta”  became real hit, Disney continued to bet on films based on the famous cartoons. Now when the tape “Beauty and the Beast” appears on the screens, company decided to move from the dead point work on one more ambitious blockbuster.  Disney bosses wanted to entrust the tape based on the poem about Mulan to the director with Asian roots but could not agree with Oscar-winning Ang Lee. Ultimately, the studio management decided that the story of a brave Chinese warrior is best able to tell a representative of the womanhood.

According to the insiders, the studio, Disney entrusted work on the adventure blockbuster to Niki Caro, which first loudly announced itself in 2002 when her ribbon “Riding a Whale” won a dozen of prestigious film awards. Niki already has an experience of successful cooperation with Disney: two years ago her sports drama “Mcfarland” received rave reviews in the press and successfully paid off its $ 17 million budget. In August last year, it also became known that Caro is considered one of the main contenders for the director’s chair of “Captain Marvel”.

The script of the new version was written by E. Martin and L. Hynek. For the production of the project are responsible J. Reed and J. Winer.

Mulan movie


The official movie Mulan trailer is not available now.


The fact that the company wants to remake its animation project in a game format became known in March 2015. It is assumed that the main role in the “Mulan” will play a Chinese actress.  Thus, Disney continues to re-invent its classic catalog for a new audience. The company has already filmed the game versions of “Alice in Wonderland”, and also prepares for the release of “Beauty and the Beast” with E. Watson and is developing a new “Lion King”. In addition, in 2016 on the screens there was a remake of the feature movie “Pete and his dragon”.

The plot of the cartoon was based on a Chinese poem of the 6th century, which survived various literary variations and many interpretations. The last feature film about Mulan came out in China eight years ago.  Animation tape based on the classic Chinese poem which came out in 1998 and only in the film distribution earned $ 304 million. Its action takes place during the attack on China by the warlike tribe of the Huns. Dressed in menswear, Mulan joins other soldiers. The original tape of 1998 won the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” awards.

Mulan movie


The film is about the warrior girl Hua Mulan who went to war instead of her elderly father. The heroine disguises herself in men’s armor and fights along with other soldiers. Although her comrades-in-arms ultimately turn out to be defeated and killed, Mulan herself manages to save her country from foreign invaders.


There is no exact information on cast.

Release Date

Mulan 2018 movie release date is scheduled for November 2, 2018, in the USA.

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