When does come out Robin Hood: Origins movie 2018

American adventure film by O. Bathurst is based on the world-famous ballad about the adventures of the “noble robber”, fighting corruption. The main character of the movie “Robin Hood: Origins” – Robin Hood – returning home reveals that corruption rules in his native village. He decides to restore justice and, breaking the law, begins to rob the rich to give their money to the poor. If you want to know full information on the movie, you should read the topic below.

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The role of the film’s director will perform O. Bathurst who is known on the TV series “The Black Mirror” and “Sharp Peaks”. The script for the film will be written by J. Harold, who in 2007 became director and screenwriter of the film “Anesthesia”. Harold will also appear in the film as one of the producers. Production of the film will be taken by Lionsgate, Safehouse Pictures, and Appian Way, founded by the famous actor L. DiCaprio. DiCaprio will also appear in the film as a producer.

Robin Hood: Origins movie 2018

When is Robin Hood: Origins 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will come out only at the end of March 2018.

Interesting Facts

It is worth noting that many film companies together with eminent directors are trying to produce films about this legendary historical figure. It is like they want the name of a brave hero not to be forgotten by people. Last time, we could watch the adventures of a fair man in 2010, when Ridley Scott showed us how he sees this character. True, the film never gained popularity, so the director did not even think about continuing. And after 6 years, which by the standards of the film industry are considered quite a significant period, the studio Lionsgate conceived to release another remake to the delight of the audience. Let’s remind that this company was engaged in developing of “Hunger games”.


The official movie Robin Hood: Origins trailer is not available. On the YouTube, you will find a lot of videos on the movie making.


The main character of the film is Robin Hood – returning from the crusade, discovers that in his native village near the Sherwood Forest, evil and corruption are ruled. By collecting a team of daredevils, Robin Hood decides to end this and challenges the rich. Deftly using his bow and arrows, Robin and his team return justice, giving the poor people money which was robbed from the rich, he does not afraid to transgress the law. But not always everything goes smoothly, and soon Robin Hood faces great difficulties.


  • T. Egerton as Robin Hood

The actor who has several successful films in his filmography. Spectators could watch his flamboyant play in such films as “Lewis”, “Legend”. In addition, in 2016, the “Eddie Eagle” picture was released, where he was shot hand in hand with H. Jackman. In 2017, the release of the continuation of the “Kingsman” is planned. Millions of fans are waiting for its release, so Theron, literally, is torn between the filming processes.

Robin Hood: Origins 2018

  • J. Dornan as Will Scarlet
  • E. Hewson as Maid Marian

Eve Hewson will reincarnate in the charming friend of Hood. Lady Marian is ready to support a brave young man in any situation, so later she becomes his best friend. Creators for a long time could not find a suitable girl for this role but soon settled on the Irish Hewson who is the daughter of singer Bono. The game of this actress could be observed in the films: “Spy Bridge” and “This Must Be the Place”.

  • B. Mendelsohn as Sheriff of Nottingham
  • J. Foxx as Little John

Jamie Fox will play the role of faithful assistant Robin Hood, who was ready to help him out of any trouble. This actor you could see in such works as “Django Unchained” and “Ray”. Note that the last picture brought Fox the prestigious “Oscar” award.

Release Date

Robin Hood: Origins 2018 movie release date is scheduled for March 23, 2018, in the USA.

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