TOP 16 new good Adventure movies 2020 release

A good adventure movie is the best way to forget the everyday routine and imagine yourself onboard a spaceship or on a lonely raft in the vast ocean. Adventure films not only delight viewers with special effects but also allow you to look beyond the boundaries and make discoveries. Many movies of the adventure genre are simply created for family viewing.

Today we are going to present you TOP 16 best english Adventure movies 2020 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 16 best Adventure movies of 2020 to watch

16. The Lost Prince

The unusual stories that Djibi tells his little daughter before going to bed come to life in the world of her fantasies. Sofia, after her father’s stories, moves to the magical kingdom of the world of her fantasies, where she is a princess, and Djibi is a brave prince.

This continues until she goes to high school. A single father has to admit that his baby has already grown up and will soon go to college leaving the house. The hero is expected an epic adventure that will allow him to find his fate in two worlds at once – fictional and real.

15. Sonic the Hedgehog

A brave bright blue Sonic the Hedgehog along with a newfound best friend-man named Tom faces the complexities of life on Earth and confronts the villainous Dr.

Robotnik who wants to capture Sonic and use his boundless superpowers to gain world supremacy.

14. Dolittle

A well-known physician is in the TOP 16 best new Adventure movies 2020.

Dr. John Dolittle is a well-known and unusual physician who understands the language of animals. After his wife Lily tragically dies, he begins to lead a reclusive lifestyle, secluded in his own house. He practically does not make contact with people. Once a boy named Tommy runs to him and asks for help. He shot and accidentally wounded a squirrel.

On the same day, Queen asks Doolittle for help. She was fatally ill and was about to die, no one could either give her the correct diagnosis or prescribe treatment. Only he can bring her back to life. The doctor determines that the fruits of poisonous nightshade poisoned her. In this case, only an exotic fruit can help her, which can be found on a distant mythical island.

13. Jumanji: The Next Level

In the last part, the characters survived an incredible adventure. To return to the real world, they had to perform many feats. However, the fun adventure was left behind, and real-life gradually returned to normal. The guys again stopped communicating.

However, when Fridge, Martha, and Bethany receive a strange message from Spencer, they immediately go to visit him. Only his grandfather with his friend is at home. When they walked into a friend’s room, guys discover the very magical video game console, which again sends them to Jumanji.

12. Road to Red

A rescue mission is on the list of good english Adventure movies.

The film tells about a group of friends who love surfing and snowboarding and earn a living by selling drugs. After a tense situation at the bar, one of the friends – Paul – decides to be alone. As a result, he independently goes for a snowboard ride in caves located next to underground caves near a small alpine lake. When Paul does not pick up his phone, his friends understand that he may need their help. The heroes quickly organize a rescue mission.

11. The Call of the Wild

The movie tells the story of a dog named Buck – he lived with his owners in a spacious mansion but one day a tragedy happened – a neighbor decided to steal a dog and sell it for nothing. Subsequently, it became clear that the new owner of Buck was indifferent to his new pet, and once the dog fled from his house and ended up on the street.

He wandered for several days, and then came across two mail carriers who put him in a kennel with other dogs. Dogs had to do hard work delivering heavy loads in the snow.

10. Wonder Woman 1984

New adventures of Gal Gadot’s character is on the list of best english Adventure movies to watch.

A wealthy and influential businessman named Lord is working on a special goal. He wants to become a god among mortals, so he hunts for various artifacts that will help fulfill his desire. A faithful companion in the search is Barbara Ann Minerva, a specialist of the highest level in ancient history. She manages to find an artifact. It turns the owner into a bloodthirsty wild cat – The Cheetah. She is angry and begins to hunt for the Lord whom Barbara considers guilty for all the problems.

9. Bloodshot

The plot revolves around the ambitious and charismatic workers of a powerful corporation called RST that decide to run the con of the century. By fortune, the hardworking employees of a large company manage to resurrect a recently murdered guy named Ray Harrison.

During his lifetime, he served in the Marine Corps and was very responsible for fulfilling his duties. The brave soldier was not afraid to risk and readily rushed into battle against hated enemies.

8. Black Widow

An extraordinary warrior is on the list of best modern Adventure films.

The movie tells the story of a talented girl with super abilities. Few could compare with her in speed, flexibility, and agility. Her story is tragic, she faced difficult trials of fate. She was born in Stalingrad. During the bloody battles between the Red Army and German troops, her house was destroyed. Mother, having lost hope, gave her daughter to a Russian soldier. So Natasha was left an orphan.

She vowed that she would become a super agent. Therefore, she joined the KGB. The bold and decisive young lady easily and simply carried out all the instructions. Soon it was decided to try a unique serum. This serum turned her into an extraordinary warrior able to stop even the worst enemy.

7. Mulan

The current Chinese emperor obliges his people to execute a decree to protect the country from attacking enemies from the north. The essence of the decree is that each family is obliged to send at least one person to military service. The daughter of an outstanding warrior, a girl named Mulan, knowing that her father is sick, sees no other choice but to join the ranks of the soldiers instead of her father.

She is courageous, quick, energetic and full of determination. The hero consciously introduces herself as a man and takes the name of her father.

6. Top Gun: Maverick

A fearless pilot is on the list of TOP 16 good Adventure films.

For more than 30 years, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell remains one of Maverick of the Navy: a fearless pilot, he expands the boundaries of the possible and carefully avoids the promotion in the rank that would force him to leave his job forever. Having started preparing the new squad for a special mission, Maverick meets Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw, the son of his late friend, Lieutenant Nick Bradshaw. Maverick is forced to confront his deepest fears, which threaten to come to life as part of a mission that requires exceptional dedication.

5. Artemis Fowl

A con man is on the list of really good Adventure films.

Artemis has always believed in a fairy-tale world where elves, gnomes, leprechauns, and other fantastic creatures live. Therefore he intends to find it at all costs. Moreover, the hero is sure that the disappearance of his father in some way can be connected with this magical world.

Meanwhile, the magical creatures themselves decided to take refuge in a dungeon, away from people. They do not want to contact the world of people to secure their existence. However, this does not stop the young explorer and he finds a magical world.

4. The King’s Man

The spy agency is dangerous and unpredictable, and it carries many dangers. This time, fans of the franchise will go back to the time of the First World War and look at the actions of Mata Hari and Grigori Rasputin. A super-secret spy organization called “Kingsman” was created for the benefit of humankind and the protection of world interests.

One of the first participants in the secret brotherhood was the offspring of the Duke of Oxford – Conrad. He was very young and insolent, so he managed to become fantastically talented.

3. Fantasy Island

The mysterious Mr. Roarke is on the list of best modern Adventure movies.

A group of people wins the contest and ends up on the mysterious Fantasy Island, where a certain Mr. Roark realizes all the dreams of his guests. Soon they will find out why you need to be careful in their desires.

2. Free Guy

Guy is the most ordinary guy working in a bank. He did not achieve success in life but he was completely satisfied with his boring existence. Every day he goes to work, lends money to clients, and in the evening he drinks with friends and goes to bed to sleep. He dreams of promotion but management does not notice an employee.

However, once, everything changes dramatically. On one of the ordinary days, several strange events take place in their department prompting the hero to overthink everything. Unknown attackers commit as many as 17 robberies that look identical. Guy understands that the entire environment is nothing more than a video game in which a bug occurred.

1. The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

The first place of the TOP sixteen good Adventure movies in theaters.

Sometimes people do crazy things. They do not care about the opinions of others. They live in the present, not thinking about the future. The main character was just such a person. Because he did not think about the consequences of the committed acts, fate pushed him on a dangerous path. After a while, the road led him to the headquarters of the killers, and he became a professional killer. The killing of people disliked by the leadership was his only mean of survival.

Soon, the two former enemies – the indestructible killer dreaming of retirement and first-class bodyguard Michael again intersect and team up with the charming Sonia to protect her.

TOP ends now.

By the way, you can find TOP 16 new good Adventure movies 2020 release dates on the Net. They are already available. 

Thank you for watching TOP 16 good Adventure films 2020!

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